Ukraine War Day #382: Zelensky Will Not Be Hosting The Oscars This Year

Dear Readers:

In America, tonight is Oscar Night. To find out what was going on, I googled this. In truth, I have not seen a single one of these movies, I have no time to watch movies any more. So I have no idea what’s going on.

I am upset, though, to see that, under the “International Features” category, there is not a single Ukrainian movie. I would have expected the Ukrainians to sweep this category. Insiders say that the German film “All Quiet on the Western Front” is the favorite to win this category. Well, I did read the book at least.

Sean Penn awards Oscar to Zelensky.

In still another slap in the face to Ukraine, we learn that Zelensky was not invited to speak at the Oscars, despite his own insistence in inviting himself. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba was incensed at the stub to his boss, and went on quite a nice rant against the Hollywood hypocrites.

Kuleba complained to a correspondent from the German Bild magazine: “Something is just not right with these organizers of the Oscars. They don’t get it. They are planning to give an award to a film about war. They drink champagne, while wearing beautiful dresses and diamond necklaces. And meanwhile they don’t want to hear a story about an actual war.”

Zelensky is clearly bitter at the snub. Mostly likely he was bucking for the hosting role, which usually goes to a stand-up comedian; but they picked Jimmy Kimmel instead. In truth, Zelensky was pining, not just to host, but also to sweep the board in every category: Best Actor, Best Costume, Best Make-up, etc. He doesn’t get it: the American public, not to mention the Hollywood hoi polloi, has the attention span of a flea, and they are already sick of him.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova agree that Zelensky should have been awarded an Oscar himself, for playing the main role in an American horror film. But maybe they have to wait until next year, to see how this documentary serial ends.

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17 Responses to Ukraine War Day #382: Zelensky Will Not Be Hosting The Oscars This Year

  1. Gerald says:

    That was so funny. Because it’s good to remember that Zelensky is just an actor. He reads what he’s told to say, and dresses in those stupid green t-shirts like he’s told to do. (I read somewhere, that he wears a new one every day. no repeats.) Even if he did win an oscar, they’d probably sell it on the black market anyway.

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    • Liborio Guaso says:

      The strangest thing is that they do not give him an Oscar for the film work of his entire life.

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      • yalensis says:

        Maybe when the war is over, they will give him a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. For all that he has done…


      • Gerald says:

        I think that the top honchos at the Oscars couldn’t decide whether they should give the best actor award to Zelensky and the best supporting actor award to Prigozhin; or maybe visa versa. But if they gave one to Prigozhin, they would get sanctioned by the westies and the glitteratis. So maybe they decided to just wimp out, and stay neutral.


  2. the pair says:

    “They drink champagne, while wearing beautiful dresses and diamond necklaces.”

    i think he mistook hollywood for olena. easy mistake as they probably have equal savings stored in offshore accounts.


    • yalensis says:

      Haha! A part of me was nodding at Kuleba’s rant. He may be a nazi, but he is absolutely correct about the nature of the Hollywood elite. Those people are soulless animals. He is right that they wanted to gush about a cinematic war while sipping their champagne and slurping their caviar; and not be rudely bothered by the ugly truth of an actual war taking place in the real world!


  3. countrumford says:

    What would Ze say to the Academy and his fellow actors? “I like my fellow actor Ronald Reagan have responded to our counties call to make trouble for Russia. Although times change the eternal struggle to marginalize a people and a culture goes on. Sacirfices have to be made. I learned to speak Ukrainian by forgetting my native Russian. I preserved my son’s foreskin by forgetting he was jewish. I sent my wife to shop in Paris to celebrate Christmas on the wrong day. All these sacrifices were made in my service to the people. Now I’d like to play the piano for you with my dear fellow actor Sean Penn.”


  4. I am terribly upset also that in the recently concluded World Cup the trophy wasn’t granted right away to Ukranazistan, with the other participants left to play for the runners up position.

    FIFA is obviously controlled by Putin!


  5. james says:

    how to win an oscar? write something to poke russia in the eye with… that still holds true..


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