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Ukraine War Day #382: Zelensky Will Not Be Hosting The Oscars This Year

Dear Readers: In America, tonight is Oscar Night. To find out what was going on, I googled this. In truth, I have not seen a single one of these movies, I have no time to watch movies any more. So … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #329: Two-Timing Bulgars

Dear Readers: Today I have two related pieces, both on the theme of Bulgaria’s nefarious role in the Ukraine war. Her role being that of the loyal NATO puppet. I know that many Russians, especially religious ones, feel a sense … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #6

Dear Readers: Some highlights that I have gleaned from the past 24 hours of the war. Can Ukraine Rebuild Its Air Force With NATO’s Scrap? I am starting with the most troubling story (for the pro-Russian side), the reporter is … Continue reading

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