This is what you need to know about me:  I blog under the nik “yalensis”.  I am NOT a robot, spambot, or any other kind of bot, I am a real person, I have a real life and a normal job.  (No, that is NOT me on the horse, that’s Peter the Great, I don’t even know how to ride horses).

Anyhow, I don’t get paid for blogging, translating, or any of the other things that I do.  (Except for my real job.)

I hope you enjoy my blog, I intend to provide interesting content for this small but growing niche of readers.


26 Responses to About

  1. marknesop says:

    How do you blog when you’re…like…carved out of stone, dude?


  2. Takinitin says:

    Yalensus- are you Russian?


  3. Maximilian says:

    Respect man!!! Much love from Germany!


  4. I have NO IDEA how your BLOG ended up on my desk. But this is a good thing. Just know this. The Spiders that run the place are NOT the same people who live peacefully under its flag. I extend the hand of friendship to my Russian (private citizen) enemy. No collusion please?

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  5. Paola C. says:

    I love Russia and I love your blog, it’s so interesting! I’m so glad I found it!


  6. MrEnigmatis says:

    Interesting site. Can you give me links to some Russian blogs written in English like yours. Unfortunately Cyrillic alphabet isn’t easy to read so I’m looking for blogs like yours, where Russians are writing about they culture and history in English, and they are NOT editors of big magazines, but ordinary citizens like you (I believe) with moderate/central point of view. Thank you.


  7. James Wade says:

    Did you get my comment I emailed to you? I have read about the outright criminality under Yeltsin and hos Union dissolution was so that assets could be stolen.


  8. Richard Beesen says:

    My diploma says that I am a graduate of UNIVERSITAS YALENSIS…..YALENSIS is either an adjective describing « University » or the genitive « of Yale »

    So may I presume you are a graduate of Yale?


  9. Fall Fernweh says:

    Cool blog, would love to read more about the different ethnic groups.


  10. Jan says:

    It feels good to read your comments, between serious and ironic, both empathic and distanced. Please continue, and thank you!
    Jan, from Germany


  11. John Jennings says:

    I’ve been lurking here for a few years now. Discovered your blog via Prof Robinson and Patrick Armstrong. I’m sick to death of our Empire of Lies and its official gaslighting, sick of being ruled by neoprogressicon oligarchs – a flock of human vultures who start wars just so they can feast on the carrion.
    Like our Democrats used to chant when Bush was in office, ‘Regime change begins at home.’ Your daily updates on the SMO have been priceless! Please keep up the good work.


  12. Aaron says:

    I am not sure how I found your blog but its on the top of my list. I enjoy your coverage of smaller places that get missed and how life is returning to the liberated provinces. Thanks for finding the time to write!


  13. Holly Hall says:

    Ooh Mr Yalensis, I think you are wonderful. I’m sure you hear from people ad nauseum about what an incredibly uplifting and oh so necessary antidote your site is for those of us who cannot bare to absorb even so much as one more MSM headline. I was just reflecting that I have not seen or read a single truthful MSM report on the situation in the Ukraine since the special military operation began. The term neo Nazis ( I prefer the more accurate term of Nazis) appears only in parentheses in the MSM, a good 8 years worth of alarming reports across the board from every major media outlet in the west, about the rise of ultra right wing nationalism & nazism in Ukraine suddenly forgotten , as we are now told that “Nazism” is just a pejorative term used by Putin for anyone he perceives as the enemy. Thank you so much for brightening my day.. my night here in Wales, U.K. I wish that I could apologise to all of Russia for the crimes of my government.


  14. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    You’re possibly aware due to increased traffic (although I don’t know if that has happened) but you’ve come onto the radar of a moderately well-known econoblog, Naked Capitalism. Amongst their many daily posts, they have one called “Links” where they have, as you might guess, links to a lot of stories around the whirled weed weeble. I noticed the Avalance was one, a few days ago, because that link came up in blue (indicating I had already read it) instead of the usual orange font colpur. NC leans slightly to the left, in American terms, but its eminences grise are no fans of the Dem power structure. They’re sceptical to a fault, and riposte the conventional wisdom when it’s wrong. (As it usually is.) Congrats, Yalensis, on your increasing acclaim. You’re obviously doing something right. Which means you could be in for the Gonzalo Lira treatment if you do it too well. Hppefully not the full Anwar al-Awlaki…

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  15. God bless you for everything you’re doing here! I celebrated the discovery of your blog with two glasses of Famous Grouse, neat. The United States will never return to being a free country until it shakes off the oppressive burdens of empire.

    God bless Comrade Putin, too!



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