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Genocidal Schimasmatics and Nazi-Jews: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Part II

Грозы не чуя между тем,
Неужасаемый ничем,
Мазепа козни продолжает.
С ним полномощный езуит
Мятеж народный учреждает
И шаткой трон ему сулит.
Во тьме ночной они как воры
Ведут свои переговоры,
Измену ценят меж собой,
Слагают цифр универсалов,
Торгуют царской головой,
Торгуют клятвами вассалов.

(Pushkin, fragment from “Poltava”)

Dear Readers:

Continuing with these “Amazing But True” stories from this piece by Alexander Ashurov.

“I find that hard to believe…”

Would you believe: A practicing Jew who is best friends with a Nazi and wants to hang all Donbass residents? Even the little kiddies?

No, it’s true.  The previous story about Archimandrite Daniel Pamphilon re-gifting Nazi books to Dmitry Yarosh — that story was told on his Facebook by a pro-Nazi Jew name of Boris Filatov.  Who, as far as I know, does not have any aliases, but then he is not a priest.

Just a quick recap of some of this cast of characters:  Dmitry Yarosh is a Nazi bully-boy who serves in the Ukrainian Parliament.  He used to head Right Sektor, until he left to form his own party, called Government Initiative of Yarosh.  Either way, he holds strictly to the sanctity of the so-called “14 words” of the White Supremacist movement.  But he is a Jeffersonian Democrat, by American standards.  Yarosh is good friends and soul mates with Schismatic Archimandrite Daniel Pamphilon, aka Volodimir Zelinsky.  (The Slavic names don’t sound quite as self-important as the Greek ones, do they?)

Filatov takes aim at Putin

So, who is Boris Filatov?  He is the Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk (which the Ukies as part of their de-Russification campaign just renamed simply Dnipro, because they did not like the –petrovsk part of the name; too Peter-the-Great-ish, too Poltava-ish perhaps?)

But anyhow, last April Filatov visited the United States and met with many influential (and wealthy) members of the Ukrainian Diaspora.  Just like Mazepa stirring up the base for the next campaign!  In the state of New Jersey Boris visited a town called South Bound Brook, population of 4,563.  It is in this humble hamlet that Archbishop Daniel Pamphilon makes his residence, as President of the Consistory of the American Orthodox Church, which is subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople.  During the friendly visit, Pamphilon showed off his book collection to Boris:  “I love books.  We have a big collection here, in South Bound Brook, tens of thousands of books.  Take any that you like.”  Knowing that Filatov was particularly attracted to the works of Fascist Ideologue Dmitry Dontsov, Pamphilon offered a couple of first editions, and also suggested to give a couple of copies to their mutual friend Dmitry Yarosh.

“I find that hard to believe…

Filatov and Yarosh have been friends for a long time.  When Yarosh was still the leader of Right Sektor, Filatov helped him barrack his troops there.  Later, Yarosh left Right Sektor to form his own political party, in which Boris Filatov is also on the executive committee.  After his New Jersey trip, Filatov was in Seventh Heaven about his meeting with Exarch Pamphilon of the Constantinople branch of the Church:  “It was precisely him [Pamphilon] whom the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appointed Exarch on the eve of the (Ukrainian) Autocephaly.  He is a very cool guy:  young, progressive, decisive, an encyclopedic education.  The best choice that one could imagine!”

Filatov himself is Jewish and even positions himself as a practicing Jew, demonstratively lighting his Menora on the Sabbath, for all to see.  Among Ukrainians, Filatov is known as “The Hanger” because of his threats about hanging all of the Donbass population.  This came about when somebody once asked him what the Kiev government should do about the pro-Russian population of Donbass.  Filatov’s response was the curt:  “We’ll hang them later.”  For the time being not having the possibility of such Nazi-style mass reprisals, Filatov limits himself to the banning of Russian books and songs in the administrative area under his control.

Would you believe:  That Ukrainian Autocephaly has been an American project ever since the year 1919?

[to be continued]

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Genocidal Schimasmatics and Nazi-Jews: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Part I

Exhibit A:

In a previous post on this topic, commenter Nat posted this youtube video of Kiev “Patriarch” Filaret opining on the sins of the people of Donbass.  “They must purge their sins with blood and suffering,” Filaret declaims, while Jesus looks on passively.  After a quick reading of the Old Testament, Filaret decided that the Donbassians deserve the fate of the people of Gomorrha and her twin-city.  Not for the same set of sins, I hasted to add, but for an even worse crime:  Holding a referendum.  And voting for Federalization, i.e., a similar system to the American one.  Also a human right which has been sort of a thing ever since the First World War.  In the UN Charter it’s called the “right to self-determination”.  However, both God and Caesar agree, that people are only allowed to express this right when they are the “right sort of people”.  Albanians, for example, are “the right sort of people” — Russians, not so much.

And this humble shepherd, with his jeweled cap and silver staff, and genocidal views, is set to be the next Patriarch of the Ukrainian Autocephalic Church.

Exhibit B:  To prove I am not making this s**t up, I have this piece from EurAsia Daily, written by Alexander Ashurov.

See, when talking or posting about Ukrainian religion and politics, one sometimes runs into the situation, whereby normal people (not Ukrainian nationalists, who are a different breed altogether) think you just gotta be making this s**t up!  It’s just too far-fetched to be true.  Especially when you start talking about all these Nazis running around egregiously like it’s still 1933 Berlin.

“I find that hard to believe…”

Would you believe:  An Orthodox Archbishop who collects first editions of fascist books?

No, it’s true.  The Exarch who represents the Constantinople Patriarch in Kiev, man by the name of Archbishop Pamfiliysky (aka Daniil Zelinsky)  — and, by the way, has anybody other than myself noticed, that these Orthodox priests have more alias than Al Capone’s gang all put together, which makes it that much harder to keep track of who is who in this religious mafia! — regifted some rare books to his pal Dmitry Yarosh, the neo-Nazi ex-leader of Right Sektor.  Books written by another Ukrainian Nazi name of Dmitry Dontsov from the early part of the 20th century, he’s the guy who translated Hitler’s Mein Kampf into Ukrainiain.

Volodimir Zelinsky

Here is the scoop on these two shady characters:  Volodimir Zelinsky was born in the Ternopil region of Ukraine.  He studied in the Ivano-Frankovsk Seminary, then emigrated to the U.S. in 1996, where he was ordained as a Catholic Deacon.  [See, Ukrainian Uniates are actually Catholics!]  Volodimir then seems to have bopped around seamlessly between Catholic and Orthodox worlds, ending up in Antioch.  Antioch is one of those cities very important in the New Testament, but now located in modern-day Turkey.  [See, when it comes to Ukrainian schismatics, all roads lead to Istanbul!]

Settling down somewhat in New Jersey, Volodimir was tonsured in 2002.  “Tonsured” means getting a haircut, but apparently not a beard-cut.  Well, maybe a trim.  Skipping over a lot of biography (which you can read at the link), Volodimir took on the alias of Daniel when he was in Florida.  One should also mention that he serves in the U.S. army as a chaplain.  In 2008 Daniel was promoted to Archimandrite and given still another alias, the surname Pamphilon.  This happened in Ohio — the guy gets around!  Then in 2012 a Metropolitan in Constantinople apparently died [or was it MURDER???] leaving vacant a post that Pamphilon seamlessly slid into.  And now he is not only in charge of the American Tomos, but also in a position to effect the Ukrainian Tomos.  This is the guy who gifted a stack of fascist first editions to his ideological soul-mate Right Sektor neo-Nazi Dmitry Yarosh.

As to author of said first editions:  Dmitry Ivanovich Dontsov was born in 1883 in Melitopol, then a city of the Russian Empire.  Dmitry studied Law at the St. Petersburg University.  In the revolutionary years 1905-1907 he joined a group called the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Workers Party (USDWP).  He was arrested and sent to prison in Kiev, but soon released on amnesty.

In 1908 Dontsov moved to Lvov, where he became acquainted with the theory of “Integral Nationalism” propounded by  Vyacheslav Lipinsky.  Dontsov became one of Lipinsky’s disciples.  At that time the ideology was more “socialist” than “nationalist” and rejected xenophobia.  However, just like Hitler’s “National Socialism” it was slated to evolve away from the proletariat as the subject of change to a more nationalistic tilt.  Eventually, by 1913 Dontsov had evolved to a hatred of all things Russian.  He quit the USDWP, and by 1914 had joined a movement called the Union To Liberate the Ukraine, which had the amusing initials SBU.  They called upon Ukrainians to fight FOR Austria AGAINST Russia.  When Tsar Nikolai’s troops appeared in Galicia, Dontsov was forced to flee to Germany.  Actually, up to this point Dontsov had not done anything that, say, Lenin would have disapproved of.  But where he went terribly wrong was in the inter-war years.  Living in Lvov, he fell under the influence of the Western European fascist ideology and wrote a book called “Nationalism”.  His theory of “integral nationalism” had by now evolved into a fully fascist doctrine, and became the guiding theory of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).  As mentioned above, he translated Hitler’s opus Mein Kampf into Ukrainian.  Which is an okay thing to do, in and of itself, it’s just that Dontsov did it with tremendous enthusiasm.

“I find that hard to believe…”

When the Great Patriotic War broke out, Dontsov returned to Berlin, and from there to Riga.  Due to his propagandistic activities, Dontsov was declared a war criminal by the Soviet authorities, and they would have given anything to get their hands on him.  But he escaped, via the usual rat-lines set up by the American occupation forces, and ended up in Paris.  Then to Great Britain.  And then to the United States.  And then to Montreal, Canada, where he died in 1973.

Would you believe:  A Jewish politician who is best friends with a Nazi and wants to hang all Donbass residents?  Even the little kiddies?

[to be continued]

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Ukrainian Health Crisis — Is Music The Cure? – Part III

Dear Readers:

Finishing up with this piece by Viktoria Fedotova, on the crisis of the Ukrainian healthcare situation.  It is the story (or extended metaphor) of a patient, a little girl named Ukraina, born with several genetic defects and badly in need of treatment, who was given exactly the wrong kind of treatment, assigned to the wrong kind of doctor, and hence got worse instead of better.  This patient needed, maybe Doctor Aybolit, and was assigned to Doctor Death, instead.  As her 15-minute PCP.

According to Fedotova, the number of infectious diseases is growing, in the Ukraine, at an alarming rate.  Including an untreatable version of Hepatitis A.  Last January, for the first time in 10 years, a case if diphtheria was discovered.  Ukraine has also seen a recent breakout of measles, with 11,700 cases, the majority of which, children, of course.

British epidemiologists studying the Ukrainian situation, are predicting a rise in HIV infections, which they ascribe to the worsening medical situation, plus an inflow of refugees (into Ukraine proper) from the Donbass region.  [That last factor, I suspect, a politically motivated prognosis, since Donetsk, for example, certainly has a better medical system in place than many parts of the central Ukraine — namely, the old Soviet medical system.  Although it is certainly true that people migrating from the war zone in Donbass to, say, Kiev, are not given much in the way of housing and medical support.]

What is the Ukrainian word for Clostridium Botulinum?

Rate of HIV infection is considered a key indicator of health care excellence (or lack thereof) in European countries.  In this regard, the Ukraine rates poorly, with 220,000 HIV+ citizens.  Out of a population of (officially, but probably several millions less) 45 million.

In 2017 nine regions of Ukraine showed outbreaks of botulism.  Which always proved to be fatal.  Up until 2014 Ukraine imported a botulism vaccine from Russia, but these imports have stopped.  So there is no more vaccine.

Many of these infectious diseases could be avoided altogether — this is actually old science — but in the Ukraine there is a political factor which gets in the way.  About a month ago, Ukraine’s agency for Medicine and Control of Narcotics put a ban on importing a French wonder-drug vaccine that innoculates for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and poliomyelitis, all with one shot.  Why was the French import banned?  Because the line prepared for the Ukrainian market was labelled in Russian, and Ukrainian law forbids purchasing anything that has Russian labels.   They would have purchased the vaccine if anybody in France knew enough Ukrainian to write Ukrainian labels.  I suppose it would be too much work to repackage the stuff with new labels.

This ridiculous ideologically-motivated ban extends to an additional 40 products manufactured in Russia and previously imported into the Ukraine.  These products also, presumably, have Russian-language labels.

Olga Bogomolets: If you wish it, it shall be so…

This sort of idiocy and nationalist fanaticism is harming Ukrainian children, destroying an entire generation, and laying waste a nation, in a fashion almost Biblical in its extent and absurdity.  Yet the Ukrainian politicians  experience no shame in spinning this situation to their own advantage.  The head of the Healthcare Committee of the Upper Rada is a woman aptly named Olga Bogomolets (=”She who prays to God”) because she is right up there with the faith-based approach to modern medicine.  While the attractive blonde parliamentarian spoke against the “reforms” proposed by Suprun, she herself had no better ideas to offer, other than empty words:  “I believe in changes for the better.  And I extend all my efforts in that direction.  And I believe that we, Ukrainians, will become a nation of people who live long lives — healthy, joyful, and successful lives!”  Thus showing off what has become one of the primary traits of the modern Ukrainian patriot:  Substituting words for actions.  Or, as the Russians say, passing off the desired as the actual.

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Ukrainian Health Crisis — Is Music The Cure? – Part II

(Old Russian folk song, collected by Kirsha Danilov)

А и горя, горе-гореваньица!
А в горе жить – некручинну быть,
Нагому ходить – не стыдитися,
А и денег нету – перед деньгами,
Появилась гривна – перед злыми дни,
Не бывать плешатому кудрявому,
Не бывать гулящему богатому,
Не отростить дерева суховерхова,
Не откормить коня сухопарова,
Не утешити дитя без матери,
Не скроить атласу без мастера.

“You play, I’ll dance, we’ see who tires first!”

А горя, горе-гореваньица!
А и лыком горе подпоясалась,
Мочалами ноги изапутаны!
А я от горя – в темны леса,
А горя прежде век зашол;
А я от горя – в поче[ст]ной пир,
А горя зашел, впереди сидит;
А я от горя – на царев кабак,
А горя встречает, уж пива тащит,
Как я наг-та стал, насмеялся он

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this piece by Viktoria Fedotova, on the crisis of the Ukrainian healthcare situation.

Putting aside the controversial and (in my view) odious personality of Ulana Suprun and the other American carpetbaggers who run the Ukrainian government like a Willa Wonka factory that feeds candy only to themselves, Fedotova addresses more important and larger issues about the crisis as a whole.  Meanwhile, real Ukrainian doctors and medical professionals, the soldiers in the trenches, attempt valiantly to deal with this actual tsunami of Misfortune that has come crashing down on them.

Oh Grief!  Grief!  We have no money!
The bald man cannot grow hair.
The dead tree cannot be resurrected.
The motherless child cannot be comforted…

The Coming Of the Carpetbaggers

Ulana Suprun was born in the United States.  Her pro-Nazi parents raised her to be a true Ukrainian patriot, in the Banderite sense.  She attended a Ukrainian church (of the Uniate brand, of course), and joined the Ukrainian/Banderite girl-scout organization “Plast” which promulgates the un-democratic Banderite political ideology to youth and maintains affiliates all over Canada and the U.S.  [In a nutshell:  The Banderite political ideology dismisses inclusive and multi-ethnic democracy in favor of a national/ethnic authoritarian Leader who will get rid of other ethnic groups and lead the remaining nation to military glory.]

When she grew up, Ulana received her medical training at the University of Michigan and (according to Fedotova) is an actual Doctor of Medicine, who served her residency in Oakwood.  She worked in New York for a time, but her career only took off when she moved to the Ukraine in 2013 (with her husband, both eager to help out with the Maidan revolution).

Suprun orating at the neo-Nazi “Bandershtat” annual festival in Kiev

After arriving in Kiev, Suprun created the organization “Defense of Patriots”, which was meant to give medical aid to Ukrainian soldiers (fighting against the Separatists).  Her ideological fanaticism and (dubious) credentials earned her the prize job:  She was selected by the American curators of the Maidan to reform Ukrainian health care.

Not that it wasn’t badly in need of reforms, after 20 years of disintegrating statehood and rampant corruption.  Medical standards had dropped behind those of the civilized world.  Providers received miserably low salaries.  Hospitals were lacking in modern equipment.

But Ukrainian doctors, blunt like all post-Soviet people, openly call the healthcare reforms “chaos”.  With the reforms are in the hands of American state-builders, these guys don’t know any better than to build an American-type system that resembles a poorly-run and very sharkey HMO.  For example, every patient is required to have a Primary Care Provider (PCP), one of the requirements, I might add, which has driven many employed Americans, including myself, to choose the more expensive POS (Point of Service) type plan instead.  On the other hand, American docs are at least pretty good about observing HIPAA (privacy) rules, but not so much in the Ukraine, where the concept of medical privacy is unknown.  In fact, Fedotova reports, the doctors of the Lvov Oblast are so disgusted with the reforms, that they have declared a medical boycott, and will continue to operate under the old rules.

According to the reforms, each patient only gets 15 minutes with their PCP.  Doctors are no longer allowed to visit patients in their homes.  A right that was taken away from patients, is the right (as was common in Soviet times) to walk into a free clinic for a preliminary check-up and diagnosis.  Removing this right makes it harder to catch problems ahead of time, since the patient now has to wait for their official (15-minute) PCP visit.  The end result of all of these “reforms” is to reduce medical services available to the population, while candy-coating this anti-human process as a “reform” that will bring bliss to each and all — hmm, this really does sound like an American HMO!

But even more scandalous is the way that the Ukrainian government has decided to deal with patients stricken by cancer.  In a word, it might have been more humane to simply toss these people out on the street and call for hay truck to cart them away.  Which, by the way, is what it will come to, mark my words, even in “advanced” capitalist countries, if something isn’t done to curb the greed of the Medical-Industrial-Insurance complex.  Bottom line:  Neither governments nor insurance companies want to pay a dime to keep you healthy, nor to cure you of a disease.  Not if you are just an ordinary working person.  Not unless you are a member of the blessed elite!

[to be continued]

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Ukrainian Health Crisis — Is Music The Cure? – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece by Viktoria Fedotova, on the current crisis of the Ukrainian healthcare situation.

There is much that has been written about Ulana Suprun, Ukraine’s Minister of Healthcare.  Ulana’s English-language wiki page is rather glowing about her credentials and her achivements, but that’s because – pssst I’ll tell you a secret — Wikipedia is one of those internet tools that is policed for political content.  By The Powers That Be.  And TPTB believe that Ulana is doing a great job pillaging taking care of the Ukraine for Uncle Sam.  In fact, Ulana is Uncle Sam’s most beloved daughter, in addition to being a Bride of Bandera.

“By eliminating Medication Purchasing altogether!”

In various other places on the blogosphere, Ulana is not treated with such kid gloves:  Her Banderite relatives, her fascist political views, her incompetence and overall lack of credentials have been discussed and taken apart.  I myself took a crack at her in an earlier post.  At the time it was thought that she was about to be dismissed because of her dual American-Ukrainian citizenship.  Instead, an exception was made for her, and she hung on to her position.  Well, she has powerful curators, what can I say?  Also Fedotova does not seem to share the view of some in the blogosphere that Ulana is a confidence trickster, a type of Doctor Dulcamara or perhaps just an X-ray technician posing as a medical doctor; Fedotova writes that Suprun does indeed have a valid medical degree and even practiced some back in New York, but that her career never really took off until she found her niche in the Ukrainian homeland.

But for now I am just focusing on the issues described in Fedotova’s piece.  The lede of which is that Ulana suggests music-therapy as a way of treating cancer.  Not as an ancillary treatment to, say chemotherapy.  But as, actually, the only way.  Since the money for purchasing medications is all gone, and if you live in the Ukraine and have cancer, then, my friend, you are s**t out of luck.  Alexander Linchevsky of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health even declared last June, that it is a pointless waste of money allowing cancer patients to be treated abroad, “since they are going to die anyway.”

The Health of the Ukrainian People Is In the Hands of a Music-Lover Carrying a Fly-Swatter

The fly-swatter reference in Viktoria’s headline alludes to one of Ulana’s previous howlers, in which, in her twitter feed, she addressed the “important” issue of flies alighting on food.  To put in perspective:  It would be the like the Surgeon General of the United States opining on the issue of the “5-second rule” for food falling on the floor; when his actual mandate is to deal with big issues like pharmaceuticals, robotic surgery equipment, and health insurance, etc.

In civilized countries, cancer patients have a shot at getting better.

Suprun’s latest howler is her suggestion to treat cancer by having the stricken listen to pleasant music.  Not a bad idea in itself, while the patients are, for example, receiving their infusions of chemotherapy in the oncology clinic!  Which they are not, because the Ukrainian Health Care system is no longer paying for said infusions.  Why not?  Because they have no money, and no medications.

Instead, Ulana suggests hiring “certified musical therapists” to perform for the patients.  “Music can work to alleviate pain and illness, bring down the heart rate, blood pressure, and even has a positive effect on the immune and endocrine system.”

All true statements, but what music cannot do is kill cancer cells.  Nor even cure deafness, as Ludwig van Beethoven learned, to his distress.  For that, you need modern medicine.

Ulana enjoys a low rating among the Ukrainian population:  Only 46% approve of the work she is doing in her job.  Her vacuous posts and tweets on health issues summon the ire of, say, the parents of cancer kids who need real solutions to help their families, not trivial information that anybody can get from Google.

But what is the root cause of the current Ukrainian health crisis?  The same as the root cause of poverty — namely, a lack of money.  That, plus reprehensible politicians and a fascist elitist ideology that, at its core, despises ordinary people and their problems.

[to be continued]

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Russian Holy War Heats Up – Again!

Dear Readers:

Are Russia and the Ukraine on the brink of an actual Religious War, like in the Middle Ages?  I have 3 short reviews today on the Ukrainian topic:

Poroshenko brags that Ukrainian Autocephaly is close to the “Finish Line”

In this piece by Anna Insarova, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko bragged, in his annual speech to the Rada, that Autocephaly is practically a done deal.  He is in closing talks with Exarchs from the Constantinople Patriarchate, who have arrived in Kiev to finish the process of splitting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarachate.  Once this happens (if it does happen), then the Leader of the Ukrainian Church will be “Patriarch” Filaret.

Russia faces a new “Time Of Troubles”

Filaret is already flouncing about in his big-boy robes, boasting that under his benign rule, the “Kiev Patriarchate” will become the largest patriarchate in the world.  Even bigger than the Moscow one — so take that, Vatniki!  In response to this taunt, official Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Ilarion Volokamsky has warned, that in the event of the “legalization” of Filaret’s Schismatic Sect, a full-on war might just erupt.  And he did not specify what kind of war he had in mind:   No country for old men Byzantine old men tugging on each others beards?  Or is he talking tanks in the streets?

To official Russian ears, the whole concept of a “Patriarch” Filaret is as ludicrous as the notion of wart-faced monk Grigory Otrepyev becoming Tsar of All Russia.  But there you have it, folks.  A new “Time of Troubles” is close at hand!  Can Russia survive this ghastly ordeal?  Recall that during the earlier Time of Troubles, there were so many False Dmitrys (at least 11, by last count) running around, that you couldn’t stand in Red Square and wave a dead cat without hitting one of them.  But only the second of the series of False Dmitrys had the honor of being ground into ashes, stuffed into Tsar Cannon and shot off in the general direction of Poland.  Can the exact same thing happen in our day and age?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Filaret Visits His Reptilian Overlords in Washington DC

In this piece, also by Anna Insarova, who seems to be the gal on the beat, we learn that our friend Filaret made an important religious pilgrimage just yesterday (Sep 20) — to the holy city of Washington D.C..  There he met with Under-Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell, who deals with European and Eurasian affairs.

Wess: “I sense that there is some higher power up there in the sky….”

Everybody who knows Wess, knows that this guy is deeply interested in all the finer nuances of theology; he can literally cite chapter and verse from any page of the Bible, discuss the mystical nature of the Trinity, decode all of the hidden symbology on any ikonostasis in the Orthodox world better than even Professor Langdon ever could; and even wrote his doctoral thesis on the true meaning of the phrase “burning inside for God”.  [This whole last paragraph a joke, I hastily add, in case anybody didn’t get that.]

No joke, but also present at the meeting was Valeriy Chaly, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the U.S.  Chaly reported back from the meeting that he, Filaret and Wess had discussed “issues of supporting Ukraine in the areas of freedom, democracy, freedom of religion, and defense of its territorial integrity” — now we’re talking turkey, Pindos!

Even Makarevich Has A Craw

And to end these little vignettes I have this bit of cultural news by … you guessed it!  Anna Insarova.  One wonders when this “Girl Friday” ever gets any sleep!

Anna Insarova on her beat [approximate visualization]

Anna reports that Andrey Makarevich has expressed disapproval for something that his beloved Ukrainian government did.  That fact in itself can be reckoned a divine miracle and proof that the Almighty does indeed exist.  What did the Ukrainians do to tick off their most loyal crooner?  Well, the officials of Lvov just passed a law that bans the Russian language altogether.  You can’t even print books in Russian any more, nor speak it in public.  You would be arrested if you even tried!

Who is this Andrei Makarevich, you might ask?  And why is his opinion important?  Well, to answer the second question first, it’s not important, just interesting.  As to the first question, Makarevich is one of those Russian “liberals” who swore such total allegiance to the Ukrainian junta that they practically committed themselves to unconditional acceptance of anything the Banderite government chose to undertake.  As a flawed analogy which might resonate with some American readers:  Remember when American leftists who opposed their own government, felt that they could not utter any criticisms of America’s enemy governments, be it Cuba or Vietnam, or whatever?  I say “flawed analogy” because, of course, the class forces and overall politics are completely different in these two cases.  But the point of similarity is that a section of the “intelligentsia” adopts an unwavering loyalty to somebody else’s government and becomes psychologically committed to this enthrallment.  In this particular case, Makarevich and his co-thinkers among the Russian “kreakle” class keep it as an axiom that the Ukrainian Maidan government is above all reproach and above criticism.  They typically mouth the Kiev line that “Crimea belongs to the Ukraine”, blah blah blah.  They are entitled to their opinions, of course; but the rest of us are also entitled to mock them for their voluntary servitude to a ludicrous and dangerous ideology.

Makarevich sang for the Kiev junta

Hence it is highly interesting to learn that Makarevich, a has-been rock star who militantly supported Kiev against Moscow at every turn, finally found something coming out of Banderstan that even he could not swallow.  Namely, the ultra-draconian language law.  Makarevich:  “In my opinion, this is a dumb idea – to deprive half the population of the language which they historically speak.  These things should not be imposed by force.”

Our Gal Friday speculates that Makarevich might be especially troubled by the fact, that his concerts (he still gives concerts, mostly in the Ukraine) might be affected by this new law.  Since the old dog sings for his supper in Russian.  Well, even an old dog can learn new tricks, it’s never too late to learn a new language, and Ukrainian isn’t really that hard, Andrey, especially if you already know Russian!

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Autocephalic Ukraine And The Big-Ass Schism – Part IV

Dear Readers:

Since I started posting this (supposedly boring) story, it has grown more legs than a millipede hopped up on counterfeit Novichok!  I can’t even keep up any more.  For example, yesterday we had this explosive ball-buster of a breaking news with the headline:

Putin And Erdoğan Have Delineated A New “Russian-Turkish” Line Of Demarcation In Idlib

The story is written by reporters Oleg Moskvin and Yury Zainashev, and it’s about the Russian decision not to dive into Idlib after all to clean up that nest of 10,000 terrorists.  (Er, I reckon the Syrian army does not get a vote in this big decision??)  Anyhow, the first sentence starts off with a bang, tying the Idlib events with Ukrainian religion and thus vindicating my hunch that Autocephaly is more than just a fancy Greek word:

The intrigue surrounding the (planned) offensive against Idlib has been resolved in a (highly) unexpected fashion:  There will be no offensive.  Russia promised Turkey as much.  [yalensis:  Recall that a certain section of the Idlib terrorists are clients of Turkey.]  For the time being it is unclear what Russia got in return.  Some kind of financial deal — maybe the Turkish market will open up to Russian goods?  Maybe a spiritual reward — Patriarch Bartholomew [yalensis:  Recall that Bart makes his home in Istanbul] will give up his attempts to split the Ukrainian Church away from the Russian Orthodox Church?  In short:  We trade Idlib for Constantinople?

Putin and Erdoğan just cut the deal of a century.

Recall that Russian President Putin just concluded a big huge summit in Sochi with several world leaders including Erdoğan — one can only imagine the level of horse trading that went on there!  It’s not exactly at the level of the Molotov-Ribbentrop “horrid betrayal” of Poland, but the bottom line is that Putin and Erdoğan appear to have partitioned the Syrian province of Idlib.  Flies and all, literally.  Along with its infestations of terrorist cells, Unhappy Idlib will be partitioned into two spheres of influence (Russia and Turkey), separated by a demilitarized zone.  The line is to be drawn “in place”, on the current front lines where Russian and Syrian soldiers stand.  This demilitarized zone is scheduled to be put into place on 15 October.  The neutral zone will have a width of 15-20 kilometers.  Russian and Turkish soldiers will patrol jointly.  Experts postulate that the highway from Aleppo to Latakia will serve as the DMZ borderline.

Putin statement:  “By October 10, according to the proposition made by Turkey’s President, all heavy weapons and artillery will be removed from this zone, along with tanks, rockets,  and mine lauchers held by the oppositionist grouplets.  Control of the demilitarized zone will be organized as mobile patrols of the Turkish units and units of the Russian Military Police.”

Putin also announced that he and Erdoğan had concluded some economic agreements, and that Turkey will buy more Russian products.  Yay!  According to this, Turkey’s top 10 imports from Russia consist of 1) oil, 2) iron and steel, 3) cereals, 4) copper, 5) aluminum, 6) fats and oils, 7) food waste and animal fodder, hopefully not the same thing, 8) organic chemicals, 9) oil seed, and 10) inorganic chemicals.

Semyon Bagdasarov

The VZGLIAD reporters spoke with an expert named Semyon Bagdasarov, who directs the Center of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies.  He is also a Duma member (=Parliamentarian).  Bagdasarov believes that the Putin-Erdoğan deal most likely includes a secret provision about Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew:  “Bartholomew is completely under the control of the Turkish secret services.  Hence they have some influence over him.”  Well, duh!  That is what “control” means, it means “influence”.  The Russian hope that is Brother Bart will do as he is told by his Turkish Overlords and stop making up theology as he goes along.  We shall have to wait and see how this all pans out.

Meanwhile, on the military front, experts who were interviewed, expressed some concerns about the proposed demilitarized zone.  Pointing out that the Al-Nusra type terrorists not under Turkey’s control might have their own opinions about shelling the DMZ.  Not to mention some disgruntled elements of the Syrian army, who might get ticked off that they were denied their prize.  It is most certainly not in the interests of Damascus to procrastinate with the cleansing of Idlib, especially with such momentum as was gathered up to this point.  It does not serve them to leave such a festering nest of violent jihadis, now “frozen” in place, thanks to Brother Putin’s Bismarckian Realpolitik!

“I love myself!”

On the other hand, the deal between Russia and Turkey is bound to upset the Kurds.  And everybody else is happy when Kurds are upset.  In fact, right after the deal was cut, Erdoğan paused from his incessant selfies to brag to the press:  “We have managed to avert a humanitarian tragedy…. ”  And then went on to state that Turkey’s main goal in this ferfuffle, aside from averting a humanitarian tragedy, is to “physically annihilate” the remaining Kurdish “terrorist” units.  Translation:  Kurds get thrown under the bus.  Once again.  This time by Russia!  But one reckons they had it coming, since they bet on the wrong horse (=Uncle Sam).

In summary, as a final tally, if all goes as planned, on this giant 4-dimensional chess board, then Russia may still avert a Ukrainian Autocephaly.  Some disgusting terrorists may live to see another day, but Bartholomew will be silenced.  The price for all this horse-trading will be paid in full — by the Kurds!

And with that, Dear Readers, I end this somewhat chaotic series without completing anything that I started.  But look for more on this important story, as it develops.

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