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Boycott Bing Bang!

Dear Sir: The Russian people are devastated by your cavalier expressions of contempt for them.  If you want to hate Trump, that is your right as a red-blooded American.  But please leave foreign affairs to more seasoned diplomats.  And please … Continue reading

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“Life” – a movie with a positive Russian character!

Dear Readers: This is a movie review, if you will induge me. WARNING:  There are tons of SPOILERS ALERTS, so don’t continue reading one more word if you don’t want to know!  First go see the movie, and then y’all come … Continue reading

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Movie Review: I don’t know nuthin bout birthin no Nation!

Dear Readers: As “Black History Month” winds down in the Anglo-speaking world, I decided to write a review of a fairly engaging movie which I watched a couple of nights ago, it’s called “Birth Of A Nation“.  The title is … Continue reading

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Comic Book Teaches Migrants How To Behave In Moscow

Dear Readers: I saw this piece in VESTI.   The Mayor of Moscow has come up with a new way of addressing the problem of migrants.  Like many capital cities of the world, Moscow has a migrant problem.  People flock there, … Continue reading

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Ukraine Tosses Russia A Bone: Will Allow Panayotov To Sing In Eurovision

Some of my readers have criticized me for writing too many blogposts about Eurovision.  But, to my mind, there is NO SUCH THING as too much Eurovision!  The glitz, the stars, the scandals, even the political controversies — it’s all … Continue reading

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Best Wishes From Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka

Dear Readers: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  (Well, better late than never.) Besides, yesterday (Saturday January 7) was in fact the official Russian Orthodox Christmas.  Russians tend to celebrate the entire couple of weeks between Western Christmas and Orthodox … Continue reading

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Did Russian Channel 1 Break Pedophilia Law?

Dear Readers: The Culture Wars continue in force, especially in Russia.  I saw this piece in PolitNavigator and the sensationalist headline reads: On New Year’s Eve Channel 1 showed underage prostitutes from the Ukraine. Every year Russian TV Channel 1 … Continue reading

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