Ukraine War Day #60: Whatever You Do, Don’t Kill Blinken!

Hitler: “You can’t keep a good man down – NYAH!”

Dear Readers:

Today’s topic is a scary one: Possible provocations and false flags from the Ukrainian side. I’ll start with this piece, in which Maria Zakharova warns: Ukraine might try something really dirty (like using weapons of mass destruction) and then try to blame it on Russia. The reporter is Liudmila Plotnikova.

Zakharova, who is the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Office, Tweeted that the U.S., along with its Western allies and the Zelensky regime, are preparing some kind of monstrous provocation. They would (this is the theory) employ biological or chemical weapons in some part of the Ukraine; then they would blame Russia; and whip up Western public opinion (even more than currently whipped up) to support full-on NATO intervention in this war: Obviously Zakharova’s game move is: If Russia lets on that they already got wind of this, and warn in advance, maybe the bad guys will step down and not do it after all.

Washington already started to prepare,” Zakharova tweeted. “They have already placed so-called investigators and observers into position (controlled by the West, of course), and these organizations will be designated to investigate [the incidents and cough up the needed conclusions].”

Zakharova only hinted and didn’t come out and name the “organizations” she is alluding to, but she notes that, in the past, “they have proved their reliability in carrying out the instructions of their American masters.”

A determined and cunning enemy stealthily sneaks up behind…

Zakharova also pointed out how the White House already started to cultivate public opinion, days and even weeks ago, when they used Court Reporters to plant questions to President Biden, on the order of, “What is America prepared to do, should the Russians use bioweapons?”

Which, to me, is like asking Biden, “What is America provided to do if a giant Easter Bunny kidnapped the President just as he was about to answer a reporter’s question?” Oh wait! that actually happened, so it’s not a good example of a crazy question. But nonetheless, the Court Media want to put it out there, so that low-IQ American people will start thinking, “Hm… what if Russia was to use a bioweapon in the Ukraine?” The correct answer is, of course, They wouldn’t. It might not seem like it at times, but believe it or not, Russia is winning this war and is destined to win. As Gonzalo Lira pointed out in one of his podcasts: If he, Gonzo, were to step into the ring for a Cage Match with Conor McGregor, the outcome is not actually in any doubt. Unless Conor were to throw the fight. In other words, only the side that is badly losing, would have a motive to resort to some desperado trick like using bio-weapons to kill their own people.

They Saved Hitler’s Plan!

Speaking of which, Zakharova also revealed, in this other piece from a week ago, how the German government has been working merrily, alongside the U.S. in developing bioweapons in the Ukraine. Zakharova: “According to confirmed information, the German side very closely coordinated its work in bioweapons security, with their American allies. Together they created in the Ukraine a network of at least 30 biological laboratories which were involved in very dangerous research.”

Invoking Godwin’s Law: Hitler would be proud of his descendants! From his brain jar he mentally claps his hands and intones, “Kill ’em all!”

Bio Or Chemical, Which is Nastier?

Which is the better way to kill a lot of people in a horrible way? Biological or chemical? Personally, if I had to pick my own death, I’d choose the former over the latter. Chemicals are just nasty. From yesterday I have this piece by reporter Alexander Boiko. He quotes Russian Lieutenant-General Mikhail Mizintsev, who worries that the Zelensky regime will use ammonia to try to poison the citizens of Odessa, and then blame it on Russia. Like Zakharova’s warning, this can probably be filed in the genre of “Our spies heard about this crazy plan, so we’re letting you know that we know. So, don’t do it.” According to Mizintsev, the Russian Security forces picked up Intel about a possible terrorist attack in Odessa, which would be organized by the Ukrainian SBU:

Michael Mizintsev: “This really has me worried.”

In the region of the Odessa Port called Yuzhny (“Southern”), the special services of the Ukraine are planning a provocation employing poisonous chemical substances against some civilian infrastructure, and then would place the blame on Russian troops. The most likely scenario for the staging of this event would be an imitation of a Russian rocket attack against the Ukrainian naval base, as a result of which the freezing plant, located 500 meters from the military object, would be blown up. [Russian Intel noticed] on April 18 a cistern filled with 10 tons of ammonia was moved here from Odessa. [Intel also noted that] police and security forces in the Odessa Oblast were issued with Personal Protective devices and gear.

Mizintsev is also worried about a possible provocation planned in the Luhansk city of Lisichansk. Russian Intel noted some British operatives there, along with some of the same media actors who prepared the Bucha Atrocity fake. He believes they are going to stage something nasty, and then do a photo shoot. Minzintsev concluded his interview by reiterating that “Russian soldiers do not war against the peaceful civilian population, nor do we attack objects of civilian infrastructure.”

Well, except maybe for railroads (dual use, as the Americans say?). I’ll have a post maybe later this week, how Ukrainians are thinking about using passenger trains to move those big howitzers from Lvov to the Donbass front. It sounds like a crazy idea, but it might just work! Stay tuned…

The Ultimate Provocation?

And then moving on to what would be the Ultimate Provocation of the Zelensky regime. Anybody who is a believing Christian on this day, Orthodox Easter, please pray for the safety of American Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken who are slated to fly [presumably] into Kiev today. As Tony Soprano might say, “Would be a shame if somethin’ was to happen to dem…”

Please allow me to explain: Yesterday (Saturday) Zelensky held a press conference inside the Kiev subway station. During his standup comedy routine, Zelensky let his mouth get ahead of his brain and let slip a rather important state secret: Namely, that America’s beloved comedy duo of Austin & Blinken are coming to town! On Orthodox Easter Sunday!

Lemme set you up for the punchline, dude… What does Zelensky say when Russia annexes Kherson?
Crimea River… Haha! Get it!?

Austin, who seamlessly transitioned from the Military Industrial Complex (=Raytheon) to the Pentagon, is known as the straight man in this duo; whereas Blinken, who also has the funnier name, is the funny one who gets to deliver the punchlines.

Both men were probably flummoxed beyond belief, to hear their names bandied about in Zel’s press conference. I mean, they have to fly into the Ukraine, where planes are being shot down on a daily basis. Are they not afraid something might happen to them, now that the whole world knows their schedule? Or, even scarier: Might they not worry that Zelensky and his inner circle might be preparing a false flag against their plane, along the same genre as MH-17? Their violent deaths at the hands of Russian anti-air would surely trigger World War III. That horrible thought suddenly occurred to me last night, just as I was getting ready to go to bed. Being sleepy, I was too lazy to run to the phone and call Putin to warn him, even though I have Putin on speed-dial, it goes without saying.

Zelensky: [answering a question from a loyal Ukrainian citizen]: I cannot imagine any variant, under which our partners will not hand over to us the weapons that they have promised. We won’t even consider that possibility. There is no alternative. [Without those weapons] we will not have a country left. But don’t worry: After we win this war, we will have the strongest and most experienced army [in the world]. And we will become one of the most powerful states in Europe. Besides, we are expecting [important] visitors: Secretary of State Blinken and Defense Secretary Austin are arriving in Kiev tomorrow!”

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20 Responses to Ukraine War Day #60: Whatever You Do, Don’t Kill Blinken!

  1. Ben says:

    I actually think there might be a growing gulf between DC and Kiev, and that the escalating series of false flags is entirely down to Kiev going rogue. They’re trying to engineer overt NATO intervention, while NATO keeps holding back. ‘elensky has been desperately whining for weapons for weeks now. I think he correctly senses that he’s being abandoned.

    The train station attack, where Kiev contrived to murder scores of its own people (and it’s impossible to come to any other conclusion: it was a missile Russian no longer uses, fitted with a warhead whose only purpose is human casualties, fired from a direction where Russia had no troops) was emblematic of how desperate they are and how far they’re willing to go to try to get Western support. And it still failed.

    Also, no amount of weapons is going to change things. Almost the entirety of the Western aid so far has been in the form of man-portable AT and AA systems. These are useful supplements, but they can’t win a war. Their purpose is to provide extra utility and last ditch punch to infantry units, but they can never be replacements for heavy vehicle-based systems. Ukraine doesn’t need more rocket launchers; it needs tanks, artillery, and AA systems. And trucks. Lots and lots of trucks. And its getting almost none of any of those. Even a hundred Czech tanks is just a drop in the bucket, even if they weren’t hugely outdated (which they are).

    And anything heavy has to be transported by rail. And Russia has all the tracks on complete lockdown. Nothing Ukraine actually needs east of the Dnieper is ever going to get over the Dnieper (and probably won’t even get that far, as the ill-fated Slovakian S-300 platform attests). Also, Ukraine has no fuel left to run any vehicles even if it could get them to the fight. And there’s no reason to think that even if Ukraine somehow managed to instantly replenish its entire vehicle pool that anything about the current dynamics would change: they would just lose everything again in a few weeks.

    Oh, finally, there isn’t much evidence that many of the huge number of portable weapons ‘donated’ (watch as Kiev ultimately still gets a bill) in the last two months have actually gotten to the front lines. What is being used (and frequently not used and left unfired to be captured by Russian and the Donbass militias) are the huge stockpiles Ukraine already had. A lot of the newer stuff seems to be crossing the Polish border and being stored in big collections, presumably to be shipped east later in big batches. And Russia keeps bombing those stockpiles.


    • yalensis says:

      “I actually think there might be a growing gulf between DC and Kiev…”

      Ben, you are talking “real world facts”, red pill facts (if I may). But you have to remember whom you are dealing with: brain-rotted idiots like Biden who still live in the blue-pill bubble of the Matrix — Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. “Whom God wants to destroy, he first makes him demented.”

      Well, maybe I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. Maybe people like Austin and Blinken are smarter than I think they are, and travelled all the way to Kiev to tell Zelensky that he is kaput.
      Or maybe not. Maybe they went there to give him a pat on the back and tell him what a great job he is doing, and urge him that he will surely win the war if he just keeps on doing what he is doing…

      Insert original quote from Sophocles play Antigone: τὸ κακὸν δοκεῖν ποτ᾽ ἐσθλὸν τῷδ᾽ ἔμμεν’ ὅτῳ φρένας θεὸς ἄγει πρὸς ἄταν – “whom the gods would destroy, they make evil appear as good inside their minds.”


      • yalensis says:

        Musical Interlude: “The Great Gate Of Kiev”, by Modest Mussorgsky:


      • moon says:

        Report: Ukraine says it hit Russian command post. The Ukrainian military says it destroyed a Russian command post in Kherson, a southern city that fell to Russian forces early in the war

        Pat Lang:
        Comment: It could be that the Ukrainians did this piece of targeting all by themselves. It could be. It is more likely that a DIA task force is supporting them from DC with a liaison team forward somewhere to pass the Ukies the poop.” pl


        • Eric says:

          They made this claim and said 2 Generals were killed and 1 seriously injured, together with about 50 officers killed.

          Since then not a single photograph or video of this “event ( unless I am mistaken) or video. Seems like BS.


          • moon says:

            Yep, Eric: Over here it wasn’t picked up. Not even with the standard line: “could not be independently verified.” 😉

            In times of war I expect a lot of verbal war drums and don’t trust any side:
            Source via NYT:In a separate statement, Oleksiy Arestovych, a former Ukrainian military intelligence officer who is now an adviser to the Ukrainian president’s office, said that about 50 senior Russian officers were in the command center at the time of the attack.

            “Their fate is unknown, but I think it must be miserable,” he said in an interview with a well-known Russian human rights activist. The Ukrainian military claimed later that two Russian generals were killed and another critically injured and had to be evacuated.

            Reports of success might be helpful to get more military support? Pat (a former military intelligence officer, too) while celebrating the Ukrainian victories seems to be clearly celebrating the US. As being on the right side of history, vs the US wars of the last two decades? Even Trump calls it a genocide.

            From Defensive to Offensive????

            PL: Now, the situation has changed dramatically. Major Russian maneuver units have been all but destroyed, The Russians are reduced to employing second or third-rate troops and leaders as well as foreign auxiliaries acquired in earlier campaigns and outright mercenaries who are presumably the household troops of some warlord.

            The objective and psychological situations cry out for a decisive assumption of the offensive by Ukraine.

            For that to occur successively the Ukies need a lot of artillery. The M-777s will fulfil that need along with an adequate supply of ammunition. Brave infantry riding in good quality APCs will be necessary. They have good quality Ukie “grunts.” Tanks, the modern heavy cavalry, are the third component needed. How many to they have? I do not know. They keep asking for more.

            Yes, yes. an ability to contest the sky is needed as well. pl


            • yalensis says:

              Oho! They are talking about Arestovich, about whom I consider myself a specialist. Now I understand this “command center attack” MUST be a lie (or at least an exaggeration), because Lusya Arestovich is incapable of even moving his lips without lying. And he admits it himself: He prides himself on being a “psychological propagandist and influencer”, just like Goebbels.
              Why am I a specialist? Because I watch Arestovich/Feigin livestream more often than I should, like watching a train wreck, it’s just to torture myself masochistically. I know their game and how they play.

              The odious Feigin is the “well-known Russian human rights activist” about whom the NYT alludes. That man is a pure hater and a traitor to the Jewish people, there is no other way to put it. He supports Ukrainian Nazis out of pure projected hatred that he nurses for Putin. He hates Putin so much, that he would even root for Hitler if the latter promised to destroy Putin.


  2. Fern says:

    Are these guys actually visiting Kiev, though? That’s the actual Kiev, located in Ukraine rather than another ‘Kiev’ created in Poland for photo opportunities. Surely any flight in Ukrainian airspace would need Russian permission and why would they give it? And for all the solidarity/standing shoulder-to-shoulder/waving the blue & yellow/Azov are the good guys/ narrative, I’m sure western leaders know how treacherous their Ukrainian buddies can be. Would top-ranking US officials trust their safety to these folk when they know how many of the ‘Russian atrocity’ stories are false flags?


    • Eric F says:

      Yes, I had that same thought.
      Surely someone in their office has a little of the straight dope on MH17.

      Maybe this will alert some of the internet flight trackers to follow where the official plane actually goes.

      And thanks yalensis for all the good work!


      • yalensis says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Eric!
        Yeah guys, I have no idea if these men actually physically went to Kiev. In their shoes, I would prefer to “work from home”, as they say nowadays, via Zoom meeting!


    • yalensis says:

      I mean, I looked at this photo of the talks, and it looks a bit too symmetrical to me, almost like they photographed one side of the table, and then took its mirror image and pasted the two images together (split-screen style) to make it look like all these people are in the same room at the same time.

      Using a split-screen for an effect, like in those Hollywood movies where Superman is fighting against his own double, and then are both played by the same actor?

      I mean, the room is evenly split down the middle, there is a line exactly down the center of the table, those thingies hanging from the ceiling are perfectly symmetrical (except for one light being out on the Zelensky side). The flags at the end are symmetrical, the flag panels on the side are symmetrical, the vents on the end of the room are symmetrical.

      The only non-symmetrical exception is that on the Austin/Blinken side there appears to be some kind of wooden picture frame (just past the guy with the camera) which is lacking on the Zelensky side. It’s not full-length, so it can’t be a door, has to be either a picture frame or a window, possibly.

      Well, I dunno. Maybe these conference rooms are designed to be this symmetrical for the purposes of diplomacy. Or maybe this alleged meeting in Kiev was just a big fat giant fake.


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  4. James lake says:

    Great article Yalensis!

    The music by Mussorgsky is truly magical.
    It is the west’s loss if they continue with this policy to “cancel everything Russian”

    I wonder who came up with such an offensive strategy ?


    • yalensis says:

      The “cancel Russia” thing comes from the Ukrainian Nationalists, of course. They are demanding that the West cancel Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, etc etc. From what I hear, the Germans are obeying in a frenzy. This is a turn of events: usually Germans give the orders and Ukrainians obey; but now it’s the other way around.

      The “cancel” thing is not working in the U.S. fortunately, from what I can see. People here just love Tchaikovsky too much, in spite of everything. They are not able to do July 4 holiday without his cannons from the 1812 Overture; not to mention Christmas ballet season can’t be without the Nutcracker! Otherwise those cute little girls would be crying in their tutus.


      • moon says:

        What century is on your mind here?
        This is a turn of events: usually Germans give the orders and Ukrainians obey; but now it’s the other way around.
        Rechts, Links. Achtung! Gewehr bei Fuß?

        The updated complaint typically is, they are only interested in business and in exploiting the other European nations. Like the Greek? Like in the above article, not sending enough military aid and money to Ukraine? Versus the US?

        But yes. It’s interesting how well-informed the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany, Andriy Melnyk. is. He know how many heavy weapons the Bundeswehr possesses and thus how many they could send to Ukraine. Very, very effective coercive diplomacy by the Ukraine indeed. Not only by the Servant of the people. Much in our news and a regular hawk in political talk shows lately.


        Why isn’t Germany supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons?

        The criticism against German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been unrelenting. He’s been accused of stalling and breaking his promises over sending heavy weapons to Ukraine. DW looks at some of the main points of contention.


        Good luck to the Russian vs the American Empire. More luck to Russians not least to Russian soldiers. Yes, the hawks are back in town or the argumentative seats of power. Why should I like it???


        • moon says:

          Bad proofreading:
          Like in the above article [below], not sending enough military aid and money to Ukraine?


        • yalensis says:

          It just seems astonishing to me that ordinary Germans would take the side of Zelensky against their own elected government. What kind of magnetic hold over people does this little cockroach have? I see a lot of Americans who are also hypnotized by this man. What do they see in him? I can’t figure it out… But then, I also never understood why Germans of the 1930’s adored Hitler. I mean, the man was super ugly and had a nasty voice and even smelled bad, what was the appeal?


          • moon says:

            The government red/green/yellow tried a delicate balance. Fact is, a large majority of Germans support weapons delivery to Ukraine. AND now we are delivering heavy weapons too. Tanks, I think. What do you think the meeting in Ramstein was about? Pressure on Germany too?

            Are we a war party now? That is the real paradox for me, considering that Ukraine isn’t a member of the EU or NATO. So sad, Paul has decided to spend his time more efficiently, instead of feeding nitwits like me. Or us? 😉


          • moon says:

            My brother seems impressed by Zelensky, and you have to admit he is doing a very, very good job for Ukraine. Personally, I may not like the idea that a war* helps him to heavily improve his support in Ukraine too. But there you go.

            We’ll see where this ends.

            * And it is a war against an independent country. Isn’t it?


            • yalensis says:

              This is true. Zelensky is the greatest leader the Ukraine has ever had, since the days of Mazepa. He is cruel, but fair. Under his stern fist, Ukrainians will flourish as never before. They will win the war on the battlefield, drive Russia out of Crimea and Donbass, consolidate the nation around this charismatic figure; force the Europeans to pay off all their debts and pay their governmental salaries for decades to come.
              Defeated and humbled, Russia will also be forced to pay reparations. Every year, just as in the days of the Tatar Yoke, the Kremlin leader will be obliged to crawl all the way to Kiev, on his hands and knees, to pay off the yarlyk to his victorious master, Khan Zelensky. After which ceremony, all the animals in the jungle will bow down to their natural leader: the jumbo cockroach.


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