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Ukraine War Day #441: How To Create Collective Guilt For Future Generations

Dear Readers: Today I have this piece, in which the indomitable Maria Zakharova (Spokesperson for Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) engages in her usual practice of telling it like it is. No sugar-coating here! The reporter is Olga Nikitina. Initially … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #394: Salting The Earth Of Donbass

“And Abimelech fought against the city all that day; and he took the city, and slew the people that was therein, and beat down the city, and sowed it with salt.” (Judges 9:45) Dear Readers: Thus doth Biblical mythology record the story … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #280: Pope Says Racist Sh*t

Dear Readers: Yesterday we were discussing the propaganda war against Russia, and various Western-funded organizations such as Tsipso, which carry out this war. But in reality, this Informational War against Russia has been going on for literally centuries. Be it … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #157: Africa Supports Russia

Dear Readers: Although Ukrainian President Zelenskys like to claim that “The world is with us!” we see that such claims are not entirely true. Most of the world, what used to be called “The Third World” is not with Zelensky … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #60: Whatever You Do, Don’t Kill Blinken!

Dear Readers: Today’s topic is a scary one: Possible provocations and false flags from the Ukrainian side. I’ll start with this piece, in which Maria Zakharova warns: Ukraine might try something really dirty (like using weapons of mass destruction) and … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #39 – A Couple Of Conspiracy Theories

Dear Readers: Let’s get started: April Fools Day Belgorod Bombing No Joke Readers may have heard about the big story involving Ukrainians bombing an oil facility in Belgorod, Russia. This happened in the early hours of April 1, but it … Continue reading

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Caucasian Catfight: Maria Bitch-Slaps Salome

Dear Readers: You may have heard of the anti-Russian riots (over the last couple of days) in Tbilisi, Gruzia.  To help elucidate what is going on, I have this piece, by reporter Darya Rynochnova.  Quick backstory:  On Thursday highly organized … Continue reading

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Zakharova: USA Is No Superman

Dear Readers: Russia’s feisty spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, zinged the U.S. in a speech before a pro-Russian youth group. As reported by Mikhail Tereshchenko from the TASS News Agency, Maria appeared in the Baltic coastal … Continue reading

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Zakharova Reacts to Callous Liquidation of Skripal Animals

Dear Readers: It is no secret that I am a fan of feisty Russian Foreign Office spokesperson Maria Zakharova.  I don’t always agree with her statements, but she appears to be a normal human being, a normal woman, with actual … Continue reading

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Zakharova Promises London “A Big Surprise” On March 29

Dear Readers: I have this piece today from VZGLIAD, by Dmitry Zubarev, reporting on an utterance emitted by Maria Zakharova yesterday on Vladimir Soloviev’s Sunday talk show.  Regular Russia watchers know that Maria is the official spokesperson for the Russian … Continue reading

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