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Shoigu’s Warning May HaveAverted Chemical Attack

Dear Readers: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu may have (hopefully) averted a possible chemical attack on certain Donbass towns (namely Avdeevka and Krasny Liman) that was planned (possibly) for this Christmas/New Year season. How did Shoigu avert this? By speaking … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Ukrainian Drones Attack Donetsk Town

Dear Readers: I saw this piece, this event happened earlier this morning (November 25) in Donetsk. The reporter is Rafael Fakhrutdinov. The town in question is called Yasinovataya, which is located in the center of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Founded … Continue reading

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Russia Introduces Covid Vaccine Passports

Dear Readers: Today I review this piece from Komsomolskaya Pravda, the author is Elena Odintsova. The Russian Parliament is in the process of passing some rather strict measures designed to mitigate the Covid pandemic. In essence, this legislation amounts to … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Zelensky Drones His Own People

Dear Readers: I interrupt my Tukhachevsky series (with only ONE episode left, I promise!) to bring you this breaking news from the Ukraine. This past week, Monday and Tuesday, 25-26 October, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a few towns in … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Russian Prison Sex-Abuse Scandal

Dear Readers: I am interrupting my current Voroshilov vs Tukhachevsky series for some breaking news. This news is actually a couple of weeks old, but there are new developments. My source material is this article from RIA Novosti. The basic … Continue reading

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Donbass Separatists To Come Together? (Finally!)

Игорь рече: «О, Донче! Не мало ти величія, лелѣявшу князя на влънах, стлавшу ему зелѣну траву на своихъ сребреныхъ брезѣхъ, одѣвавшу его теплыми мъглами подъ сѣнію зелену древу, стрежаше его гоголемъ на водѣ, чайцами на струяхъ, чрьнядьми на ветрѣхъ». [Igor … Continue reading

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Zelensky Gets Golden Ticket – But Needs To Have Head Examined!

Dear Readers: Today I have this piece from RIA, by reporter Valery Mikhailov. The headline reads: It’s Really Happend: The West Has Started To Flood Ukraine With Cash It seems like Zelensky’s trip to the U.S., so mocked by the … Continue reading

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Russian Government Sets Limits On Free Speech

Dear Readers: Interrupting the Uborevich saga for some BREAKING NEWS, this in the arena of modern Russian politics. The reporters are Elena Leksina and Natalia Makarova. The story raises all kinds of important issues about free speech, the limits of … Continue reading

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Breaking News/Juicy Catfight In Culture War

Dear Readers: I still have a couple of Uboreviches left to go, but I needed to take a quick time-out for this breaking story. The Culture War never sleeps, and neither do its soldiers, on either side. I saw this … Continue reading

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Zelensky Too Uppity? Winken And Blinken Arrive In Town! – Part III

Dear Readers: Continuing with the political analysis of the Blinken-Nuland one-day trip to Kiev, that was the Lydia Misnik piece that I started with, which has the Russian word porka (“flogging”) in the title. But first one housekeeping point, followed … Continue reading

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