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Statue of Olena Teliha Desecrated at Babiy Yar

Dear Readers: Today I am doing something that I have not done before:  I am interrupting one of my multi-part stories for BREAKING NEWS!!!!  Namely, the statue of Olena Teliha at Babiy Yar got itself splattered with red paint.  This … Continue reading

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Russian Old Believers Seek Rehabilitation – Part I

Dear Readers: Today I found a story which will be of interest to those studying Russian history.  The authors are Yury Zainashev, Mikhail Moshkin, and Marina Baltacheva. The lede is that a historic meeting took place between Russian President Vladimir … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Parliamentarian Blackmails American Independent Filmmaker!

Dear Readers: Here is a juicy scandal which broke in the Russian press just yesterday, I believe. The source:  Russian hackers.  (Of course.)  Or maybe not Russian, who knows?  They call themselves “Anonymous“, so you’re not supposed to know who they … Continue reading

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Farewell, Givi!

Dear Readers: Today a very sad day for many Russians:  In the city of Donetsk, people are saying goodbye to Givi.  Hundreds of mourners attended the ceremony; and thousands more have arrived to the viewing to part with Givi forever; … Continue reading

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Why Joe Biden Is Flying To Kiev, and Will His Arms Get Tired?

Dear Readers: Happy Friday the 13th – booooh [scary noises]!    Anyhow, I saw this story in the Navigator this morning.  Here is the headline and a straight translation without additional commentary on my part: Biden Is Flying To Kiev To Save His … Continue reading

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Russian Right Sektor Volunteer Accidentally Blows Self Up In Odessa

Dear Readers: This is Doctor Zaius speaking here, just temporarily taking over for yalensis, who is incapacitated today, for reasons which are none of your business. Once upon a time there were these brainy creatures called “Chess Masters” who battled … Continue reading

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Margarita Simonyan Responds to Clapper’s Accusations

Dear Readers: American news and blogosphere are teeming with the story about out-going Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper, and his lurid accusations against the Russian newsite RT.  Clapper was put into his office by President Obama in 2010.  … Continue reading

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