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Kadyrov to France: “It’s your own damn fault!”

Dear Readers: So, this past Saturday night (May 12), a knife-wielding assailant screaming “Allahu Akbar!” went on a rampage in the center of Paris, stabbing people at random.  He murdered one person and injured four others.  French police are investigating … Continue reading

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Mark Feigin – Worst Lawyer In the World?

Dear Readers: I have heard of an American competition called “Ugliest Dog In the World”.  This is a great concept, and by the same token, there should be prizes for Worst or Ugliest [insert anything].  In the case of Russian … Continue reading

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Syrian Boy Tells Of His Acting Gig in White Helmets Propaganda Reel

Dear Readers: Syria is an ancient land full of history dating back many millenia, yea even unto the Bronze Age of Man.  In the 10th-century B.C. the Assyrians built a ruthless but effective Empire, from which the current nation derives … Continue reading

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Another Syrian Victory Against Crusaders

Dear Readers: This post is basically a collage of soundbites from the Russian press celebrating Syrian victory over last night’s rocket attack. The morning after three Crusader nations (the United States, Great Britain and France) launched over 100 rockets onto … Continue reading

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Free Julia Skripal!

Dear Readers: A Russian citizen named Julia Skripal is currently being held hostage by terrorists at an unknown location, probably in or around London.  Or possibly at an American military base.  She needs to be liberated, so that she can … Continue reading

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Zakharova Reacts to Callous Liquidation of Skripal Animals

Dear Readers: It is no secret that I am a fan of feisty Russian Foreign Office spokesperson Maria Zakharova.  I don’t always agree with her statements, but she appears to be a normal human being, a normal woman, with actual … Continue reading

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OPCW Executive Council Vote: Does 14=23?

Dear Readers: My starting point for today’s post is this piece from KP.   The reporter is named Abbas Djuma.  The story is about something that happened just yesterday:  A vote of the OPCW Executive Council in the Hague, concerning … Continue reading

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