Why A Belorussian Jew Doesn’t Want You To See T-34

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece from the Russian press, by reporter Anton Krylov.  The Russian headline translates as:

Ukrainians Stole the Anti-T-34 Campaign From a Belorussian Jew

So, in the U.S. Ukrainian Nationalists are attempting to censor and prevent the showing of a new Russian action film called T-34.  The movie (which, full disclosure, I have not seen), is very popular in Russia and gets rave reviews everywhere it is shown.  Directed by Alexei Sidorov, this is a WWII movie, about a group of Soviet POWs who use a makeshift tank to escape from German captivity.  The movie has racked up tons of money in Russia and also shown internationally, with great success.

Unfortunately, people whom Krylov calls “telephone terrorists” are trying to bust up the showings of this film in the U.S.  Where it was never scheduled for mass distribution anyhow, just a few showings in select cinemas across the nation.

The “telephone terrorism” campaign is being managed directly from the Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S.

Now, the Ukrainian Nazis have proved to be no slouches when it comes to tactics of intimidation.  Recall their Mirotvorec (laughingly translated as “Peacekeeper”) web site maintained by their Minister of Interior (Secret Police), which publishes the names and home addresses of people inconvenient to the Kiev regime.  Some of whom subsequently find themselves being assassinated.  Similarly, these terrorists have published the telephone numbers and email addresses of American cinema owners and managers who had the gall to schedule the film for showing.  The intent is clear:  To make these people feel vulnerable and threatened by physical violence, should they not heed the warnings.  It’s sheer Mafia tactics, but for Ukrainian Nationalists, that’s just normal now.  Violence and intimidation is the only thing they have going for them.

Anyhow, Krylov notes that the Ukrainian Embassy Facebook page is leading the charge against that hardy tank T-34.  The movie itself is pretty much a remake of an old Soviet classic (1965) called “Zhavoronok” (“Lark”).  With just the twist that the hero of the remake is the tank itself.  This is why it is called a “Tank Action Film”.  Ironically, the original tank was built in Kharkov, a (technically) Ukrainian city, during an era when the Ukraine was still an industrial powerhouse, and not the pathetic de-industrialized pauper state that it has become today.

Why do the Ukrainian Nationalists hate this movie?

To ask the question, is to answer it.  The violent criminals running the Ukraine today trace their political heritage back to Stepan Bandera and his Nazi pals.  Those guys lost the war and got chased out by Soviet troops.  But now they are back, put back into power by the American State Department and its European allies.  In essence, the current Ukrainian government pines for the losing side — the Nazis, and they can’t stand being reminded, over and over, that their side lost the war.

Ukrainian Nationalists root for scar-face Nazis, like the guy on the right.

Of course, they can’t come out and say this, as bluntly as I just did, on their Facebook page.  Their official reason for opposing this film is, because “it openly disseminates and popularizes the contemporary aggression of the Russian Federation through the world; whose victim has been the Ukraine…”  [boo hoo]

Since the Ukrainian junta is in favor with the American government (hell, they are a complete marionette of the American government), they enjoy more clout than they otherwise would, if the world were based on a simple merit system.  Hence, their censorship campaign has actually enjoyed some success:  For example, the San Francisco showing of the movie was cancelled.

The Bad Guys also attempted to thwart the showing of the movie in Boston, but were not successful.  In fact, their campaign there boomeranged:  Their telephone and email threats against the owner of a small mom-and-pop cinema, forced him to move the movie to a large chain instead.  One of those chains that is so big, it doesn’t even have a specific owner to target.

Meanwhile, the movie has also been shown successfully in such American cities as Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Houston and Chicago; and even in Canadian Toronto, one of the world headquarters of Ukrainian Banderite gangs.  According to Alexander Belyakov, the Russian distributor, each showing of the film ended in a mass audience reaction:  “People would stand and applaud, the film caused a major emotional response.”  In some cities tickets sold out instantaneously, and it was impossible to get a ticket.  [In which case, they need to have more showings, so everybody gets a chance?]

Who Is Behind the Telephone Threats?

Another representative of the Russian distribution company, Alexei Pervushin. did some digging into the telephone intimidation campaign, and discovered a strange fact.  Albeit the campaign is coordinated at the level of the Ukrainian Embassy, it was actually started by one single private individual:  A Belorussian Jew named Dmitry Smelyansky.

Gergiev: “I will hypnotize you to love Putin!”

Smelyansky resides in Boston and runs a one-man movement called “Arts Against Aggression”.  Smelyansky, albeit a Jew, is ideologically devoted to the Ukrainian Nazis; he was so outraged when Crimea joined Russia is 2014, that he started his one-man crusade to ban Russian art and artists.  For example, he attempted to organize a boycott of concerts involving the famous Russian conductor Valery Gergiev.  Gergiev is a frequent target of Russia-haters because he is said to be a supporter of the “Putin regime”.  He probably even voted for Putin in the last election — boo!

So, basically, this guy Smelyansky started the anti-T-34 campaign in his Facebook account called “Arts Against Aggression”, and then the baton was picked up by the Ukrainian Embassy.  It was in fact Smelyansky who published the email address and telephone number of the Boston movie theater owner, even though technically Facebook forbids this, without the person’s consent.  But we all know that Zuckerberg and his Facebook went over to the Dark Side a couple of years ago, so no surprise there.

Krylov rates Smelyansky to be a “typical anti-Soviet émigré of the fourth (sausage) wave”.  In other words, he emigrated from Soviet Belorussia to the U.S. during that time when Soviet Jews left to follow their new Moses to the Promised Land (and beyond).  In search of artistic freedom (and more sausages).

Dmitry Smelyansky: Came to the U.S. in search of sausages…

A few months back, September of 2018, Smelyansky suddenly became more politically active.  Apparently what boiled his grits at that time, was when Soviet symbolica started becoming cool again; hammer and sickle tee-shirts were even being sold at Walmart.  At that time Smelyansky suddenly discovered that his grandfather had suffered badly in Stalin’s Gulag, so he couldn’t tolerate this neo-Soviet nostalgia.  So he started a one-man campaign on Change.org to petition Walmart not to carry the hated symbolica.

And now he is back at it, this time campaigning against the T-34 movie.  As Krylov points out, these anti-Soviet emigres of the 1970’s or thereabouts, are convinced that modern Russia is evil too, because it never formally renounced its 70-year Soviet history.  They hate Soviet Russia, and they hate “Putin’s Russia” as well, the successor state.  The imaginary ghost of Smelyansky’s imaginary grandfather cries out to him from the Gulag!

Smelyansky’s importance is not that great in the scheme of things, except for the fact that the Ukrainian Embassy noticed his campaign and decided to hitch their wagon to his star.  Krylov notes ironically:  “It would be fruitless to try to convince the Jew Smelyansky that, by coming out against T-34, he is, in effect, solidarizing with the Hitlerites and Banderites who murdered his Belorussian ancestors.”  Fruitless, indeed.  Trying to reason with people like Smelyansky is pointless.  As for the Ukrainian Nationalists and their junta, one can only dream, that some day they will wake up and see a giant T-34, chock full of good guys, and coming right at them!

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13 Responses to Why A Belorussian Jew Doesn’t Want You To See T-34

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    An excellent and beautifully sardonic piece; well done. Just the right touch of mockery mixed with the realism. I am growing to realize, more and more, that any sort of rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia becomes increasingly unlikely, even after this State-Department-inspired enabling of extremists fades away, as eventually all things must. But in their petty meanness, the Ukrainian nationalists and their ideologues abroad have brought about what they imagine to be a stunning success – Russians and Ukrainians will never feel the same again about one another.

    Then, of course, they have apparently not forecast what happens to ‘your country’ (considering many do not live there, but cheer from the international sidelines) when there is no longer a brotherly relationship between it and its largest investor by a wide margin. Then, I guess, the relationship becomes “just business”, the way free-market worshipers like it. The kind of relationship where if you have nothing to sell that anyone wants at the price you’re charging, you don’t sell anything.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for your appreciation, Mark, I admire your writing, so your opinion means a lot to me!
      I still think that one must remain hopeful about the Russo-Ukrainian situation — like that parable in the Bible about the virgin and the 10 bridegrooms … “for they know neither the hour nor the minute when they need to buy more oil for their lamps…” or something like that…


  2. So you mock the fact that mister Smelyansky is a Jew and that he hates the regime of Putin and his oligarchs (many of them are Jews as well) – the cynical bandits who destroyed the Russian Nature, Russian Culture, Russian Education, Russian Medicine, imposing the Stalinism and Kleptorcacy? Very shallow position! So for you that fact that Smelyansky’s Grand Dad died in GULAG is so funny? I think Smelyansky is brave and great Person. If you denied the fact of the genocide of the multinational Russian People – BTW the bests of the bests – since 1917 in the Soviet concentration camps and prisons, – according Dmitry Likhachov there are more than 60 millions of the people were killed and perished – and that fact that Putin is successfully continuing this disaster now – then you are not honest with yourself I guess. Read the books of Yuri Bessonov “MY 26 PRISONS AND MY ESCAPE FROM SOLOBKI” and Malsagov “THE ISLAND OF HELL. THE SOVIET PRISON ON THE FAR EAST”. I hope you will change your point of view after that on the Russian current reality and understand the roots of the rats (like Putin and his crew). https://www.underminers.info/publications/blavatnikputinsoligarch


    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      Post more like this please, I adore hysterical Russian liberal women.


    • Patient Observer says:

      Wow! However, I will not allow some commie country to beat American in ANYTHING! During the presidency of Bill Clinton over 32 million Americans died! Not to be outdone, Trump will likely exceed that figure if he serves a 2nd term. As a rough estimate, it takes about 15 years for the US government and its lackeys to kill 60 million Americans. You commies are losers!


    • Sid Finster says:

      Wanna tork off a Jewish emigre from BY?
      Wanna tork off a Pole? Wanna send a Malgorzata or Wawrzyniec into a spitting mad Donald Duck meltdown?
      Remind them that whatever bad things the Soviet Union may have done (and I am not saying that these things did not happen, or that these things were not as bad as are claimed), the only reason that these people are alive today is thanks to the Red Army.
      For Nazi Germany was ready, willing and able to exterminate them entirely, and was well on the way to doing so, before the Red Army brought Nazism to its knees.
      For the record, I am not opposed to Polish people. I am NO anti-Semite.


      • yalensis says:

        I get you. Some of these people just don’t understand basic human concepts, like gratitude.
        As in: “Thanks, Soviet Union, for saving my ancestors from extermination!”
        “Oh, you’re very welcome. Any time. Hope it doesn’t happen again…”


        • Sid Finster says:

          I forget who it was, a Rabbi in Russia that complained that Russia never got the Protestant Reformation and therefore would never be like those nice polite mild-mannered western Europeans with their high-flown rhetoric about tolerance and The Rule of Law(R).

          Some ill-mannered individual took to reminding the Rabbi that what saved his life and the lives of his relatives in 1944-45 from those very western Europeans he so idolizes wasn’t a spirit of rational inquiry and flowery speeches about Shared Values(tm) but the liberal application of T-34 and Il-2.


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