Ukrainian Hero Pilot Lands Plane, Saves Passengers, Becomes Enemy Of The People

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This story, I believe, encapsulates everything that is wrong with Ukrainian Nationalists.  People who are so dogmatic in their misbegotten ideology, that they are only capable of appreciating those who agree with their political views.

The saga of the Hero-Pilot is one of those amazing stories involving a real, not action-movie hero.  The name of the hero is Alexander Akopov.  This youtube video shows the feat that he accomplished, under almost impossible conditions landing a plane (Atlasglobal Airlines) blindly; with his years of experience, technical competence and determination (also kudos to the whole crew), saving the lives of all onboard – 121 passengers and 6 crew members.

The plane had been badly damaged by a hailstorm, and all the electrical systems and autopilot knocked out in the course of a split second.  You can see in the vid how the hail just completely and suddenly bombarded the whole airport.  A frantic voice is heard (in Ukrainian) warning the pilot not to land (on the icy runway).  By then it was too late, the pilot had to just go for it.  Akopov couldn’t even see through the front window of the cockpit, he had to peer out through the side window, and rely on just his keen instincts as he guided the craft to a safe landing.

People on the ground at Atatürk Airport (Istanbul, Turkey) were expecting the worst, as rescue crews rushed to the scene.  When they saw that Akopov had landed smoothly, the entire airport broke out in applause.  In the last few seconds of the video, you can hear Akopov calmly reporting over his radio (in Russian):  “Hey, guys, I’ve been flying for 31 years.  We landed normally.  All the passengers are okay.”

This Daily Mail piece gives more information about Akopov’s feat, for those interested in reading about it in English.  The entire world celebrated.  But neither the Daily Mail nor the rest of Westie media knew, at that time, about the Skeleton in Akopov’s closet!

From Hero To Goat

And then the hail hit the fan, so to speak.

It was only after Ukrainian faux-President Poroshenko had awarded Akopov the “Ukrainian Order of Courage” on behalf of a troubled nation very much in need of true heroes, that Ukrainian Nationalists discovered Akopov’s little secret.

Actually, they didn’t have to root very far in his closet.  These ever-vigilant defenders of the Ukrainian nation, checked out Akopov’s Facebook page.  And discovered that he is pro-Russian – gasp!

Akopov: A man that Hail had better not mess with!

Well, actually we don’t know Akopov’s political views.  All the Nationalists discovered is that (1) Akopov was born in Donetsk;  (2)  A few years ago he worked as a pilot for a now-defunct airline called DonbassAero; (3) his Facebook avatar is a photo of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov [yalensis:  which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, people sometimes use photos of real people just as jokes]; and (4) among his Facebook “friends” are some soldiers in the Donetsk Peoples Republic militias.

In an instant Akopov went from Hero to Goat in the eyes of the Ukrainian Nationalists.  Svidomites started to slime him on Twitter, mean-spirited people posted things like, “He’s not a real hero, he was just trying to save his own skin…”  Ah yes – a true hero would kill himself and everyone else on board just to prove a point…

Even uglier, if you read some of the comments on the youtube video, Ukrainian Nationalists suddenly discovered that Akopov is actually of Armenian ancestry, and that his “real” name is Akopyan.  See, for those not in the know, Ukrainian Nationalists are actually horrid racists, of the purest Nazi breed.  And they actually believe that they themselves are racially pure Aryans – yuk yuk.

Now, I don’t know if Akopov is an Armenian or a Slav, and I personally don’t care.  It’s highly plausible that he is of the Armenian persuasion, given the ethnic melting pot that was the Soviet Union.  And if you look at Akopov’s face, he certainly has that strong “ethnic” look about him.  He could have been an Armenian Centurion back in the days of the Roman Empire.  He has the look of a man who knows how to do his job, and will not let a touch of hail (or Banderite bullshit) get in his way!

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2 Responses to Ukrainian Hero Pilot Lands Plane, Saves Passengers, Becomes Enemy Of The People

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    It’s no secret that Armenians are the real Ukrainians.


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