Ukraine War Day #450: The Burden Of Hatred

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. ” (Romans 9:13)

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love,
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkess, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.  (St. Francis of Assisi)

Dear Readers:

Signs and portents show that the psychological stress of the war is causing certain members of Zelensky’s inner circle to break down and literally go insane, right before our eyes. Because they are starting to say things out loud that nobody should ever say out loud. Especially not public figures.

It started with Kirill Budanov (Zelensky’s chief spy) practically admitting to the assassinations of Russian [civilian] public figures such as Darya Dugina. In an interview with Yahoo News, Budanov not only did not deny it, but promised to continue “killing Russians wherever we find them, in any part of the world.” Although Budanov used the term “Rossiyane” (=Russian citizens) and not “russkie” (=ethnic Russians), it was still crystal clear what he meant. And that he meant Russian civilians, not even soldiers.

In response, the Russian diplomatic corps went through the motions of filing a complaint with the UN. Which is pointless, because top UN officials always follow the American Party Line and excuse everything the Ukrainians say or do. UN official Stéphane Dujarric even questioned whether Budanov had made such an utterance, even though Budanov was on record, not just on Yahoo, but also his own Twitter feed. But UN were like the 3 monkeys: No see, no hear, no say.

Then, just yesterday, Zelensky’s top advisor, Mikhail Podolyak, also erupted in a weird display of raging hatred. At the start of the war, Podolyak seemed to be the more human of those in Zelensky’s camarilla, youngish, nice looking, cheerful and even humorous at times. But that has changed: In the course of this past year, he has physically aged 10 years and become a really nasty person. Like Dorian Gray without his portrait, his dark soul exposed for all the world to see. This is what he typed, on his Twitter, in response to the statement made by Russia’s representative at the UN:

“Ukraine hates you. Yes, we will pursue you. Always and everywhere. There is nothing for us to discuss with the likes of you. Yes, every single one of you will be found and destroyed by Ukraine. It doesn’t matter how, whether juridically or physically.”

Podolyak: “I hate you! No really, I hate your guts!”

Podolyak’s words ring with all the madness of a Captain Ahab. The only difference being that Ahab only hated one single creature on the planet (Guess Who?) whereas Podolyak’s hatred extends to something like millions of people. He hates these millions of people more than God even hated Esau. And he can’t rest or sleep at night until every last one of them is dead. That’s a tall order. A man with such darkness in his heart, carrying such a vast weight on his shoulders, cannot possibly have a bright future.

And speaking of futures, or lack of, I also have this piece by Nikolai Storozhenko. The title is:

The Kiev Regime Has No Future

Storozhenko: The actors in the Kiev regime, full of panic, are counting their deficits. Millions of people have left the country. But this emigration flow, and even the military losses, are just the tip of the iceberg; just a small part of the catastrophe which is currently unfolding in the Ukraine. Whatever remains of Ukraine after the completion of the Special Military Operation — it will look nothing like the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Minus 5.5 million able-bodied workers: This figure was announced was Ukrainian Parliamentarian Nina Yuzhanina. Of these, 1 million have been mobilized into the army, which means temporarily removed from the work force. Outside the borders of Ukraine – 3.2 million women of working age. And another 1.3 million able-bodied Ukrainians remain on those territories which the Kiev government no longer controls. (Yuzhanina does not specify whether these are territories that departed from Kiev control in 2014 or in 2022. Either way, one stipulates to 5.5 million.) Yuzhanina compares this figure to the losses suffered by Germany in WWII. They lost 4.7 million workers, or 16% of the labor force. For Ukraine the number of 5.5 million is almost 30%.

And Yuzhanina, of course, is understating the problem. For example, it is not just women, but also men, who have emigrated abroad. Factoring this in, we can add an additional 500-700K workers lost to the Ukrainian labor force. And Yuzhanina never even mentioned the millions of Ukrainians who emigrated to Russia, she is only looking at those who emigrated to the West.

Next: The econony is ruined…

[to be continued]

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30 Responses to Ukraine War Day #450: The Burden Of Hatred

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    And the bad thing is not that these Nazis are full of hate, in the end that their doctrine is full of hate.
    The fact is that with their criminal behavior they intend to please the West so that they increase money and gifts of weapons to continue killing.
    And with their crimes they achieve the applause of the so-called free world, together with millions of dollars of money and more weapons to continue killing.

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  2. Montmorency says:

    One thing that is rarely mentioned: when this is over there will be at least tens of thousands of radicalised Ukrainians in Europe and Russia, in the U.S. too. They’ll have money and weapons and military experience. We already know what the middle east and sub-Saharan immigration brought us (even if some dream of multi racial paradises, right Yalensis?).
    I’m sure, though, that in the Kremlin and Russian HQ this is being considered.

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    • yalensis says:

      For crying out loud, just go away. Please!


      • Montmorency says:

        I could say I enjoy arguing with you but unfortunately you can’t argue. That’s something I noticed since I started reading your blog; the articles are interesting (they’re mostly not yours) but in the comments section you reveal your limitations. No wonder I bother you, I have that effect on simple intellects.


        • S Brennan says:

          Montmorency, on your best day, your arguments could “fill a Lilliputian’s thimble”…people are laughing at your pathetic attempts at being this blog’s resident 3LA step’in-fetch-it.

          Spoiler alert, our resident 3LA step’in-fetch-it will report to his masters that “racism” was spotted at this site…sans the admission that it he, a 3LA plant who panted the racist comments.


        • Beluga says:

          Montmorency reminds me more like being a member of the Proud Boys, the sniggering racist twits who unfortunately originated in my own country of Canada before migrating across the free trade border to the grand ole USA. I witnessed a couple of these turds disrupt a Mik Maw ceremony in my city six years ago. Racist freaks, the two of ’em, both “gainfully” employed in the Navy. They were caught dead-to-rights being arseholes on camera and referred to the military authorities for punishment. They got, maybe, a dressing down, but the Rear Admiral whined that the Navy was short-staffed and couldn’t afford to fire their sorry asses. Right. A committed flag officer there.

          Not five miles away from here, other white supremacist racists formed Diagolon, and seemed to be basically Hells Angels rejects. For a decade, I supported a blog called Anti-Racist Canada, who documented the tweets of the white supremacists in the country, and their meetings and nazi salutes/rituals as they themselves published them on Twitter. But they found out who he was and threatened him with violence, so he had to quit after a decade of exposing these freaks. Now guess who the leaders were of the trucker’s convoy that encamped in Ottawa and made life a sh!thole for 30,000 local residents 15 months ago? You got it — some of these delightful nazi racist sniggerers I’d read about on the blog over the years. Three got arrested and charged but essentially got off scot-free, while the general mass of greaseball truck drivers caroused and partied and honked truck airhorns 24/7, while police looked on — for weeks.

          Remember that disrespect of your fellow citizens by the truckers when you read Trudeau was first a pansy, then a dictatorish thug when he invoked the Emergencies Act. All I ever read from dumbo Americans commenting out of the vast depths of their ignorance, together with that of a lot of right wing Canadians who should have known better, was that Trudeau was an autocrat. Bullsh!te. And I’m not an admirer of his at all. There is a civil lawsuit of tort on those truckers by the highly inconvenienced citizens who had to put up with apes shitting on their doorsteps and carrying on nonstop like fools for three weeks. I hope they get crucified. And many people wondered why the Ottawa City police just didn’t end the truckers’ harassment of the locals — draw your own conclusions as to the political persuasions of our “law” persons who stood around chatting. It was a right wing shitshow all around, then polished up as a shining beacon of Freedumb by American media artistes all ostensibly over forced Covid jabs. Before the convoy, the trucker types and fellow travellers had attacked nurses and doctors going to and leaving hospitals all across the country — before the convoy. Just wonderful Class A citizens, physically attacking medical personnel of all folk.

          The current leader of the opposition in Parliament, a little rat of a weasel by the name of Pepe Poilievre MP, used to bring coffee out to some of the truckers as they honked. Photo op time for the hairy-armpit brigade to celebrate. Anything for a vote — I regard him as a traitor to the country and totally untrustworthy. There’s a man who’ll sell the souls of peons to big business for a buck. Never had anything but a government job in his life and inherited money. That’s been a Conservative Pary of Canada leitmotif for two decades. Have a leader and hangers-on who never had a real job but “working” as a politician and sponging off the taxpayer, while continually moaning about excessive government budgets. Worthy of Monty Python. We’ve had four of these scoundrels in a row, with but one who ever had a real job. Got zero time for Canadian Conservatives. All out to make a buck and screw the people.

          Meanwhile, in the governing party, we have a senior Ukie as Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister of Finance, who could scarce bring herself to fine the trucker convoy leaders. And a PM, Trudeau, so thick and stupid, he apparently doesn’t realize a Galician is raiding our Treasury to send money and arms to Zelensky. I weep for my country. There’s not a soul in power who isn’t a full-on neoliberal or neocon. Not one of them, they all voted for Bill Browder’s Magnitsky Act like trained seals. Uanimous.

          Anyway, there’s your Montmorency type of white supremacist. A racist dolt who thinks he’s a genius, and gloats that people he calls simple-minded find him offensive. Draw your own conclusions as to his motives. Then look at the title of this post today, and the topic — hatred by nazis. Of course Montmorency was going to turn up and disgorge his nonsense. Perhaps Ze can give him a job, that is if Ze ever returns to Kiev — he’s got a Kinzhal target painted on his forehead and he’s running scared. “Tokyo? I like sushi!”


          • Australian lady says:

            Oh dear, the burden of hatred.


          • yalensis says:

            Thanks for the rant, Beluga, very informative! It gives a different side of the whole “truckers strike” thing, which I didn’t know, not being all that conversant in Canadian politics. Previously I was more influenced by the Jimmy Dore view of the strike, which was more positive towards the truckers.
            Allude to Bukko’s theory’s of “parallel universes” !
            The side I had heard was they were honest proletarians just trying to bring down the Trudeau government and install a socialist workers paradise [a soupçon of sarcasm there, but nonetheless…] !

            Which sounds like a worthy goal in and of itself. Your description makes it sound more like a Walpurgisnacht of right-wing debauchery and shitting on other peoples lawns, which I most certainly do NOT support. One of my strongest beliefs is that people need to clean up after themselves.

            Having said that, when analyzing a, say, strike, and deciding which side to take (whether to support the strikers, or those trying to break the strike), I don’t usually judge by the amount of inconvenience the strikers cause to the public. I mean, real honest proletarian strikes, like the classic coal miners strikes of the 1930’s, that sort of thing, the whole PURPOSE is to cause inconvenience to the bourgeoisie. So that the bourgeoisie will admit defeat, and then the strikers can win. A strike is like a war, and things get ugly. So I don’t necessarily factor that in and wouldn’t oppose a strike just because, for example, people were honking horns. I once participated in a big strike myself (lasted 8 weeks). We didn’t honk horns or shit on other peoples lawns; but we do a lot of chanting and singing some silly ditties, so I am sure we annoyed a lot of people, especially the scabs!
            However, what you describe does not sound like an honorable working-man’s strike for a good cause, sounds like your classic right-wing Vendee kind of strike, which I would not support. Unless it was specifically directed against that Banderite woman in the Canadian government. And, by the way, similar things in the U.S., you can almost guarantee that the ringleaders are FBI agents. As was also the case with a lot of the BLM movement. So, one has to watch out for that too!

            All of that aside, and thank you for your comment and description of Canadian politics, I appreciate that.

            “…gloats that people he calls simple-minded find him offensive…

            Oh, and just for the record, this Montmoracist-fellow, I just have to clarify: I don’t want people to think I find him offensive. Please don’t think I am some snowflake who faints at the n-word, I’ve heard a lot worse and more racist shit than what he spouts. I find him.. what is the word I am looking for…. tiresome! As tiresome as Bertie Wooster found Roderick Spode.


            • S Brennan says:

              Yes…a bit of bore.

              On “inconvenience”. As somebody who learned the mechanics early unionization and the great relief it brought workers, living in slums, improperly fed, ragged clothes, no medical treatment out of their poverty I can tell you; meaningful strikes ain’t a protest of conditions, they are an economic bludgeon…the larger the “inconvenience” the more effective they are, one that don’t cause any inconvenience also don’t cause any effect.

              On immigration. It’s a demonstrable fact that until the US closed the door on unlimited immigration, workers conditions were appalling. The 1964 Civil rights bill was a direct result of almost four decades of limited immigration, the erosion of worker’s rights, standard of living, the rise of the cost of housing and medical treatment is a direct consequence of population growth fueled primarily through unlimited immigration all occurring after the 1965 immigration bill. One last detail on immigration, unbeknown to most younger people, anti-mass-immigration was a “left” view, being pro-immigration marked a person as corporate right wing. The racism thing is a MacGuffen meant to distract the poorly trained liberal mind and cover for the maniacal machinations of the financial elite. Long before economics was developed, it was known that abundance reduces value/compensation.


              • yalensis says:

                Very well stated, S. Believe it or not (for those trolls out there who still think I am some kind of “liberal”, ugh) I don’t believe in unlimited immigration at all. Not for the U.S., not for England, not for any country. You are absolutely right that managing immigration used to be, and should be, a left-wing issue. It was a major plank of the Labor movement, and it has nothing to do with racism. (For sure, there might be some individual anti-immigration politicians who are personally racists, but that’s not the point, we are talking about systemic issues here, not ethnicity). Restricting immigration and protecting jobs is just as fundamental to the working class of a given nation, as tariffs are to protecting local farmers, for example. It’s the global elites and their propaganda organs who have gotten all of this stuff mixed up and confused in people’s brains.

                Time for a new labor movement to arise and disambiguate all these important issues. And, by the way, I do see the irony of myself, from an immigrant family, not supporting unlimited immigration. But that’s a typical American irony, so nothing out of the ordinary here.


  3. MrDomingo says:

    Just tonight, down here in Australia, Kiril Budanov’s admission that various Russian personalities have been assassinated by Ukraine was sanitised by simply referring to victims as Putin’s supporters and propagandists, including referring to Aleksandr Dugin as Putin’s ally. This is despite there being not a shred of evidence that they have ever met. Sure, when challenged these pushing this line will roll out a picture of Putin meeting Dugin in Kremlin except that its a picture of Putin meeting Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Putin is a president of a multiethnic country and cannot allow himself to be associated with a Russian Nationalist such as Aleksandr Dugin. 20 years back Putin even banned a new Russian Nationalist party that Dugin got involved with.

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    • C.F. Gauss says:

      Putin meeting with Solzhenitsyn is ten times worse than if he had met with Dugin. Dugin’s “fourth political theory” is some silly nonsense, but overall he is fairly harmless, and i would not describe him as a Russian nationalist today, even if he was associated with such a party in the past. Solzhenitsyn on the other hand was a rabid anti-Semite, a Nazi sympathizer and an anti-Soviet propagandist. I would call him an ultra-nationalist but he was worse than that, he actively worked against his own nation, he was a traitor.


      • MrDomingo says:

        If I am not mistaken, Putin’s meeting with Solzhenitsyn was in his early days in government and he had to play nice in regards to certain segments of national and Western populace. I am fairly sure that Putin has no liking for Solzhenitsyn nowadays, if he ever had any, and that goes for possibly vast majority of Russians, particularly the older generations. My personal view of Solzhenitsyn is that he like some others sought to make his name in the west at the expense of his own country. He is deemed a great writer in the West precisely because he seemed to be opposing the USSR political hierarchy and not necessarily on account of quality of his writing. In that way, I see him as compromised. Reminds me of some in ‘artistic’ community that seek to make a name for them selves by being outrageous, such as a case a few years back when someone publicly slaughtered a cow in name of Art, or those Russian singers that invaded the Moscow Orthodox Cathedral and created a scene. Presumably they think is a short-cut to fame and fortune. No need to be slaving away in some dark corner for decades before you are recognised as a great artist.


      • yalensis says:

        Totally agree, Gauss! Solzhenitsyn was a pro-NATO traitor for his time. Along with all the other things you mentioned about him.


  4. Gareth says:

    The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.


  5. John Kane says:

    but also men, who have emigrated abroad

    It could just be coincidence but a very pleasant young man with a somewhat Slavic sounding accent and a Ukrainian name appeared in my local bank branch in Canada about a year ago.

    Canada has had a lot of ethnic Ukrainian immigration since before World War I—there is a Ukrainian Catholic Church about 500/600 metres from me— so he could just have arrived as a regular immigrant any time in the last 10 years or so.


  6. therealrightway says:

    Meanwhile Zelensky has showed up in Riyadh to gatecrash the Arab Summit. Maybe he’ll remind them that Ukraine invented Al-Gebra? Then after that he’s off to Japan,,,,

    All c/o Air France to ensure the safety of his flight a bit like the Ayotallah. Maybe it’ll land directly in Kiev in that case or just dump him in Israel to care for his old mum for a while.


    • Liborio Guaso says:

      A Zelenski is sent by the West to every important meeting to make him look like a first class character. He will then travel to Japan presumably to address the G-7 meeting.
      Those silly news will be highlighted by the western media as if he were the new king of the world.

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  7. Jan says:

    It’s not the oil and not the dollar that fuels the empire of death. It’s HATE, speed by media, schools, NGOs, provocateurs and priests. Hatred of Hindus f Muslims, Christians f Jews, Jews f Arabs, Ukrainians f Russians, Sunni f Shia, Thai f Chinese asf.


  8. Australian lady says:

    On day Ukraine war day 450, thanks yalensis for the words of wisdom from that troubadour for God, St Francis of Assisi.
    We need a counterbalance to those words of hate.
    Zelensky and his chums have truly embraced the darkness.
    They have committed the ultimate blasphemy. They have replaced God with (the country known as) Ukraine.
    This is beyond nationalism, which necessitates the welfare of the people.
    Russia has reinvigorated Orthodoxy as the state religion. Ukraine has instrumentalised and weaponised Orthodoxy.
    Even that most zealous disciple Judas, when he realised his fate as stooge of the Sanhedrin, ( hellbent on maintaining their advantageous status quo), had the moral decency to suicide. One gets the feeling that Zelensky and co would not even consider a conflagratious “matyrdom “.
    That media/P.R. creation known as the “west” is complicit in this catastrophic fall from grace.
    When I see that hollowman marionette Sunak, mimicking the archetype hollowman Blair, I am apt to despair. ( T.S. Elliot, who was born in the U.S. but became an Englishman and an Anglican, could detect this peculiarly English “quality”).
    Alex Christoforou of the Duran, that master of meme, hits the nail on the head when he announces “the Zelensky Curse”.
    One cannot excuse these western leaders for their mental vacuity. There is a moral dimension that they have transgressed. Even the Jesuit pope has been cursed:
    Really, we all know this travesty cannot go on (day 1450?).
    God help the west.


    • yalensis says:

      Well said, Australian Lady. I needed a quote to counter-balance the pure hatred coming out of Podolyak’s mouth.
      I decided to choose a quote from St. Francis because, to my mind, he was one of the pure souls that comes along. I even picked him over Jesus, because when Jesus talks about love, it’s mostly about “loving me” and “loving God”, but St. Francis is more about people loving each other as human beings.


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. Australian Lady, when you mentioned the “hollow man” English archetype, it reminded me of that passage Brideshead Revisited, it’s been a while since I read it so I am probably remembering wrong. It’s the one where Julia tells Charles that her (Julia’s) husband is basically hollow inside. He is just sort of a hollow thing going through the motions of being a human being.


  9. Australian lady says:

    The ghastly gifts from Ukraine to the pope:

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    • JMF says:

      Astounding! So Zelensky has finally, thoroughly identified himself as the anti-Christ. How appropriate.

      As for his “peace plan”, it consists solely of “Give it all back, and let us finish our genocide”. The man is total scum who hopefully will wind up like Mussolini.

      Incidentally, the resistance appears to be gathering strength:

      “The Salvation Army of Ukraine Hacked State Websites, Called To Fight Zelensky”

      [It’s certainly an impressive start.]


    • yalensis says:

      Did Zel just waltz in to see the Pope wearing his stinky green tee-shirt?
      I wish the Pope’s Swiss Guards had knocked Zel to the ground and giving him a well-deserved spanking for his blasphemy.


  10. JMF says:

    Something I learned quite a while ago that I thought I’d share a la quibble. Both links are from actual Franciscans, and they should know:

    “The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis”

    “The Story Behind the Peace Prayer of St. Francis”

    (Not to worry; it’s an *incredibly* widespread misconception.)

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    • yalensis says:

      Ah, you set to confound my blissful thoughts with your irritating facts!
      Next thing, you’ll be telling me that Jesus never actually said “Do unto others before they do unto you!”



  11. JMF says:

    Of these, 1 million have been mobilized into the army, which means temporarily removed from the work force.

    There, I think Yuzhanina is being an extreme optimist. “Temporarily” may well become “permanently”.


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