Ukraine War Day #218: A New Page In Zakharchenko Murder Book

Dear Readers:

Today I have a short but interesting piece in the category of True Crime. Readers may or may not recall the 2018 assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko, the first Head of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR). Today we have some new facts to add to his murder book.

Zakharchenko was known for his brooding blue eyes….

Alexander Vladimirovich was born in 1976, in the city of Donetsk, to the family of a coal miner. His father was Ukrainian (hence the name ending in –chenko), and his mother was an ethnic Russian.

After finishing middle school, Alexander attended the Donetsk Technicum for Industrial Automation, graduating in 1995, then immediately went to work in the mines as an electrical mechanic.

After the Maidan coup of 2014 Zakharchenko took part in the local protests sweeping the region. He led one of the armed groups which took over the Donetsk Administration building. They presented demands to the Kiev government and then held a referendum. [That referendum was different from the current one, it wasn’t sanctioned by Moscow, quite the contrary…]

By May of 2014 Zakharchenko had risen to the rank of military commander in Separatist Donetsk. He commanded a unit called Oplot. They fought battles against the Ukrainian army of the time, and Zakharchenko was wounded in the arm. He received a battle-front promotion to Major-General. When the DPR was created, he was elected its Chief.

On 31 August 2018, Zakharchenko was enjoying a snack in the local cafe called “Separ”. A bomb went off, and he perished in the explosion, along with his bodyguard and a few other people.

The Price Of a Hero’s Life: Five Million Rubles

Which brings us to our present piece and the arrival of new facts in the case. According to RIA, secret services of the Luhansk Peoples Republic (LPR) recently intercepted a phone call between an SBU officer named Alexander Kiyashchenko; and one of his field agents.

The two guys were discussing the plan for a new terrorist action which (thanks to intercepting the phone call), the LPR police were able to avert.

Interestingly, in the course of this conversation, Kiyashchenko just happened to mention something about the much earlier (cold case) of the Zakharchenko assassination. This fragment of his utterance can be listened to by clicking on the embedded vid in the piece I linked. Kiyashchenko speaks in Russian:

and his boyish face and crooked smile…

“Чтобы ты понимал, за Захарку (Александра Захарченко. — Прим. ред.) заплатили пять миллионов рублей. Я говорю, пять миллионов рублей отошло человеку, который исполнял. <…> Два миллиона долларов — это был общий бюджет на все: на подготовку, на закладку, на так далее. А человек, который исполнил, нажал на клавишу вовремя, получил пять миллионов рублей”,

TRANSLATION: “Just so you understand, they paid 5 million rubles for Zakharka. I’m telling you, 5 million rubles went to the person who carried it out. Two million dollars, was what was generally budgeted for for the whole thing: For the preparation, the [bomb], and so on. And the person who carried this out, who pushed the button at the right time, this man received 5 million rubles.”

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2 Responses to Ukraine War Day #218: A New Page In Zakharchenko Murder Book

  1. Skip Towne says:

    Such wreckless hate. It really makes you think about where it comes from, i mean a source or rather the source for hate like this. Because there is something about the hate like this happening in the world now, may be its always been there, can not say, but a certain feature of this hate presently, and it is a feature i think i have noticed for quite a ling time, is it is interconnected, specifically in the sense this hate has a constant within it, that looks an awful lot as if it is organized, along with originating from a single source. The source appears as time passes and events provide clues, and more so pattern in detail, a very specific origin, which seems to be some form or kind of organization that is centered within what ever it is that operates along the fringes of the shadows of a unique block of power hidden and very much clandestine within what is easily called the shell, or facade of my country, the USofA.
    My commentary is genuinely derived from what i am only able to see, hidden clues and patterns and anecdotal/circumstantial yet critical pieces and buts, which iver the course of decades has created a pattern which is no other “thing” but what it certainly appears to be; a secretive power, composed of quite a large number of actors and agent provocateurs, minions if you will, enscounced within the framework of what my government, or i should becstraight forward and state what was my government but has been turned into a skin-suit if you will, that functions as a viel, a form of intricate complex camoflage, for this entity where all this hate really and truly by all appearences and acumulation of errefutable evidence from actual events crisis etc, forming a pattern overall of something that is at its center, a core of a thing, i do not know what specifically, yet pattern in detail over decades of observation coming naturally forms a picture of something truly evil, a thing so evil a fellow like myself, an ordinary every fay wirking man, seems to be all but incomprehensible to me. In other words some thing, so evil it is beyond the scope of my mind to comprehend. That it must be this, for the scope scale and intensity in order to efect such hate as is seen, for a perfect example. the so called ukronazi’s have for all and everything, all persons who have even the most modest genuine aversion to their ideology and their intended goals or objectives of their ideology and belief system.
    Everything involving hate, violence which appears to be wrought for a purepise, such as the school kilking of Russian children, al the way down to dehumanization, forms of pogrom, rising up thru it’s various stages to systematic genocide, all this and just an incredible array of other events, actions, and systemic appearing efforts, it all points in only one direction, meaning essentially an effort of vast almost inconcieveble proportions of destruction of all vestiges codes traditions and the vast plurality of human beings which together constitute the “West” and its history, all its accomplishments, all of its sciences and learnings, its central critical faith system which is instrumental in forming western culture and thought, all its industrial resources, invention, ingenuities, i am talking about down to the seed corn level of genocidal efforts to eliminate, literalky liquidation of all things western, good right and beautiful about my culture and my race of western men.

    Cooy and pasted verbatim below is a quote i read couple days ago, it is pertinent to what i am cimmenting about here, about this origin of an evil that is definately incarnate, things are as this person remarks upon, yet it is much further or say deeper a evil beyond the premise inclusive in this quote:

    “The reality is the ruling elite fear the citizenry still and because the citizenry is armed, they cannot just massacre ideological dissidents at will. Instead, they have to get crafty and do it through things like an experimental vaccine and call it something scary like COVID. Those with real power and in the national government do not represent us. They hate us and seek to return humanity to serfdom under their rule and undo centuries of progress made by the average citizen to have a better life. This is all by design, it is not an accident.”

    It is the end game i am talking about. As one thing out of so many things, this evil is not going to simply end being what it is what it is doing to this world once it realizes these objectives infered in this quote. It is all that but even these evil objectives are but subsets of something far more terrible.
    The true nature of this is it can not be stopped without utterly completely destroying everything assiciated within its origins, down to its very roots, because what this evil thing has accomplished is the spreading, the infection of hate incarnate to such an extent it is imperative the source be utterly done away with, and only in this way can all its poison of hate then be dealt with with the hope and intent to rid our world of this evil and its insidious hate.
    The issue is all but incomprehensible to most goid folks i think. Incomprehensible, everything but, taken examined and critical thinking taken in order to effective do something about this evil source which obtains positive, lasting change in this world. And last, it is kind of funny in a way, for something so uktimately powerful in its tyrannical way, it is the dirt people, the goid folks of this world who effect such positive change, it is our sole purview and no other’s. History proves such a truth out, that it is good foljs in this world who effect positive change and only good folks can do this, that positive change relies on such shoulders. i guess it is up to us uktimately. How do you wrap your mind around such a thing? Where do you even begin? Only thing i can think if is everything begins with ourselves, then it is many if us, then a great plurality, then we become Legion. Then we win the peace and the liberty.
    I just can not see it going any other way but this. May be all the cheese fell off my cracker and i’m barking up the wrong tree. Yet my tiny folk instincts unquestionably tell me its true, things with end up getting down to that level of nitty gritty so to speak. Before the world turns again towards the positive and serenity as a whole. It seems it is gonna be one heck of a time too. Like nothing previously in history, things are shaping up to that level of events, and it will determine the course of history for a melinium. A turning as its called on orders of magnitude to any before it in the coursecif human history. The final battle between good and evil? True Armageddon anyone?

    please excuse my spelling, i got to go get things done, no time to spell check. But you get the gist, for my comment is not important, i’m only one ant out of thousands on the head if a pin on a soap box floating down the Potomac past that awful cesspit of depravity and filthy lucre.


  2. Liborio Guaso says:

    That proves that they don’t kill for the color of their eyes, they kill for having good feelings.


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