Ukraine War Day #217: Shoigu + Abkhazia + The Usual Suspects

Dear Readers:

Today sort of a mish-mash. There is so much stuff going on. The ultra-big news, of course, is the explosions at the North Stream pipelines. I decided not to post on that (much) because all the big-boys in ALT-media are covering that story, and quite well. One would have to be a uni-cellular organism with no functioning neuron, not to understand who committed this act of anti-civilian terror against the German people and state. Therefore I shall not bother to repeat all the facts and evidence that are being adduced by seasoned reporters…

Evkurov Shows Shoigu The Drill

Okay, let’s start with this piece from RIA, I suppose we could even categorize it as a continuation of the “Provody” theme. In this case, the guy doing the “accompanying” is Defense Minister Shoigu himself.

Shoigu (middle), Evkurov (right)

At the Alabino polygon near Moscow, the big guy himself arrived to inspect the trainings and exercises taking place. Shoigu literally knows the drill. If you watch the vid, it sort of doesn’t help though, that these Russian top military brass look so aging (that one officer even walking with a cane, and another one wearing an anti-covid face-mask), in my head I can already hear the mocking laughter of the pro-Ukrainians trolls. (These trolls are all over the internet, you can’t get away from them, and they like to brag that their guys are young and handsome and dynamic, as opposed to the aging Russian leadership. And maybe there is even a grain of truth in that, although one has to say that Zelensky is not looking in top form these days himself. He has put on so much weight that I think he had to start wearing a man-bra under his green tee-shirt. See, I can be snarky too!)

Anyhow, Shoigu personally inspected the training and instruction that was going on. These training sessions are taking place 24/7 including night-time trainings (’cause need to get these guys to the front ASAP, to plug the various leaks in the front line). Shoigu also wanted to make sure the trainees were receiving hot meals and everything else they need. If any recruit was dissatisfied with the way he was being treated, I am sure he could just run up to Shoigu and file a complaint.

The man actually in charge of this training is Yunus-Bek Evkurov, whom you can see in the photo to the right of Shoigu. Evkurov used to be the President of Ingushetia, and survived many assassination attempts (back in the hay-day of Chechen terrorism), receiving horrendous injuries in the process, but seems to be okay now. During one of Putin’s many re-organizations and re-consolidations of the regional governments, Evkurov lost his post as “President” of Ingushetia, but received in compensation a nice promotion to Colonel-General in the Federal army. Now he reports directly to Shoigu.

Abkhazians To The Front!

And speaking of the regions, I have this piece by reporter Dmitry Zubarev. The story is about “many” Abkhazian volunteers going off to the front to fight against Ukraine. (Although no actual numbers are given, unfortunately.) Technically, Abkhazia is not a region of Russia, it is an “independent country”, and has been since the Russo-Gruzian War of 2008. Like Evkurov’s Ingushetia, Abkhazia boasts a significant Muslim population; and is an example of the important and enduring friendship between Russia and the Muslim world. (At least, the non-crazy part of the Muslim world.)

Inal Ardzinba

The source of this story is a man named Inal Ardzinba, who heads the Foreign Ministry of this tiny country. Ooh, and look at him, not only is he young and handsome, but even movie-star kind of handsome looks, that could rival any of those beautiful and snazzy Ukrainian fascists.

Ardzinba: “We have no mobilization here. But I would like to turn your attention to the fact that Abkhazian volunteers, since 2014, have taken up arms to defend the freedom of the Donbass. And there are more and more of them every day. This is an important point to note, in my view. Unfortunately, there have been casualties among them.

“The history of Abkhazia is dominated by the fact that we were forced to defend our independence, with much suffering and bloodshed. And our young men sense that the people of Donbass feel exactly the same way. This is why we have supported them. In my view, we have given a very important and solid support to the people of Donbass.”

Ardzinba adds that Abkhazia likewise respects and supports the referenda that took place in DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhie; and totally understands why these people want to get out from under the boot of the Kiev regime.

The Usual Suspects

And last but not least, as King Lear used to say, while hoisting up the gamey corpse of his favorite daughter:

Every Russophile’s favorite snark, Maria Zakharova, trolling the Poles and Americans (on her Telegram feed) about the blowing up of the North Stream pipelines:

“The Polish Deputy to the Euro-Parliament, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Radek Sikorski, on his Twitter feed, thanked the USA for the accident today at the Russian pipelines. Should we regard this an an official admisison of a terrorist act?”

To which the obvious answer is: “Duh!”

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11 Responses to Ukraine War Day #217: Shoigu + Abkhazia + The Usual Suspects

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    In a world where scruples must compete with money, that is possible. And it is only possible in a world without faith, because even faith was imposed by killing. The European whites have an immense debt with humanity… and every day it gets bigger and bigger.


  2. S Brennan says:

    As I mentioned a few months ago, the neocolonialists that are the Romney-Cheney Repus and the Clinton-Obama-Biden Party [singular intended] are a real world parody of the western movie set in a saloon.

    To remind: The drunk gambler has been losing at every hand at the card table. And when he loses his last “double or nuthing” hand he reaches for his revolvers, killing everybody in the saloon “cause they were cheating at cards” and then passes out from drink.

    The losers that rule DC and through it, the USA are sociopathic losers who are incapable of introspection or self correction and they would rather destroy the world than recognize their efforts have failed miserably at every turn. Everything those sociopathic losers said about Trump is true…about themselves.

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  3. the pair says:

    picture gandalf the wizard from tolkien’s books…now picture harry styles. which would you follow into battle? that cane and limp tell me “this guy has probably seen some real sh_t”. i’ve been trying out “azov dad bod” as a new nickname for zelensky. probably won’t catch on.

    also liked the point about russia’s adjacent muslims. funny how the ones they work with – chechens, iranians, syrians – for all their faults act like normal human beings whereas the ones the west loves – gulf state rich kids, takfiri head choppers – not so much.


  4. Gerald says:

    most of the Ukrainians I see on social media may have been young and hansome at some point but they are usually dead with their shirts pulled off to show the Nazi tattoos, Hitler, Bandera, swastikas, SS runes, Wolfsangels etc. Again just facts that the Ukie trolls don’t want to seem to deal with, its all still the ghost of kiev and Snake Island etc. 20% of their country and 49% of its GDP is in Russias hands and is never going back, must be hard to swallow if you live in the illusions of tiktok, facebook et al.
    As for Nordstream who is going to call out the US as a terrorist state? Anyone in Europe, we all know it and they all know but is there a single pair of balls between them all? Looks like the Swedes and the Danes where both in on it (impossible not to be, they both detected it and said nothing and US ships, special forces and helicopters have been flying around nordstream – directly above the pipes and plotting routes with radras – for a couple of weeks now, On monday they were carrying out underwater drones trials in the same area and bragging about it on twitter. SO that makes the Swedes and the Danes international terrorist organisations/States too. I have zero sympathy for Europeans now, they are so dumb, so lazy and just so utterly clueless and pathetic that I just thnk they all deserve what they are getting and will continue to get on all fronts. The only thing I await is the Russians reaction (or lack of) Thats about $20 billion of assets destroyed and Russia was earning in the region of $100 million per day from gas transits to the EU – all gone. At this point it now seems clear that the Russians are taking military action in a localised conflict with regional repurcussions and the US are conducting a worldwide terrorist war (again) with WWIII repurcussions but afraid to confront the Russians on the battlefield (because they will lose) Difficult to see how this can end in anyway whilst Biden is in office. Russia left getting another boot in the balls but having to ‘talk it down’ because they don’t want an escalation which will force them to use nukes. It’s a bit humiliating but probably saving 10s of millions of lives.


    • yalensis says:

      As for Nordstream who is going to call out the US as a terrorist state?

      “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
      Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

      Said to be a translation from Ovid, but I cannot find the original Latin, arg.

      Maybe this:

      Terrorismus nunquam a magnis committitur imperiis.
      Quare? Cum hoc faciunt, numquam terrorismus est!


    • BM says:

      Thats about $20 billion of assets destroyed and Russia was earning in the region of $100 million per day from gas transits to the EU – all gone.

      I’ve got some news for you Gerald. (1) The financing for NS2 came 100% from an EU consortium, mostly Germany and Austria. (Ownership of the pipe was 100% Gazprom as far as I remember, with a somewhat complex and very unusual finance structure). (2) Already months ago Russia stated that it had already “paid for itself many times over” through inflated profits. (3) Closing off the gas means Russia has an excuse to cut production – which necessarily means prices go up, therefore profits go up even more. The gas that Russia previously sold to Europe, Europe still has to look for elsewhere (if they can, but ulikely to find enough) – demand cannot be satisfied by supply.

      Same with oil. When EU announced price cap, Russia said they would not supply; that market they would regard as not coming back, so they would maintain a reduction in output. Price will go up, overall profit goes up for less product sold.


      • yalensis says:

        In conclusion, Russia should be okay (economically), even after suffering this attack to its infrastructure. By selling oil/gas to China, etc.

        Personally, I am more horrified and upset about the ecological damage. I actually care about Planet Earth, however corny that might sound.


  5. Beluga says:

    Where’s John Wayne when we need him for a Hollywood blockbuster on Navy Seals derring-doo? “Gotta keep them commies down for ‘Murica, son. There’s evil out there. We invented strip-malls, and ain’t no one gonna take that away from us!”

    Me, I went off looking at pix of Maria Zakharova again. That is one handsome woman and no flies on her brainpower either. Compare her to the US lightweight version who I heard “interviewed” the other day. Droll. This other lad Ardzinba from somewhere I never knew existed before, I really don’t rate. Looks like a typical blow-dry hairdo modern pol, perhaps posing as a deep thinker. Jolly good and all that, but so what in the big scheme? Nice to know of him and his “republic” for trivia, but that’s the long and the short of that.

    When the Germans finally wake up, if ever, and see that both Poland and the US are out to completely ruin them, maybe we’ll see some sanity on the Ukraine war peace situation. But as it stands, the West is doing a grand job of dissembling itself while protesting the opposite is the case. No wonder Putin and co are bemused by the numbskull reaction of Germany to sanctions boomerangs. And Poland, who got Russian gas shipped through Germany because no damn Russky was going to make THEM pay in rubles for supply, on Sept 1 further decided it was also a great time to present Germany with an invoice for WW2 reparations. Naturally it was rejected, so bang there goes the Nordstream pipelines four weeks later. Now no chance for Germany to suddenly do a volte face in January, make up with Russia and turn the gas back on in the face of rioting frost-bitten hordes. They’re completely out of direct shipping options, and get to pay Polish and Ukrainian transit fees if those honourable folks actually ship Russian gas through their territories, all the while smiling evilly and extending no terms of credit. Pay now or freeze.

    So ask yourself how long the brand new Norway to Poland gaz pipeline will last. “Oops! Twas a dark and stormy night …. and we got lost, yer honor, so decided to do some depth sounding with depth charges. Sorreee! We somehow used live ones, but really, is it our fault that people leave brand new pipelines laying around on the seabed where they could get dented? Not our fault.”

    With an eye for history and hardened hearts, every damn EU country more or less hates every other EU country plus Russia. Ancient feuds of the human Cro-Magnon ape seem to fester forever in the sophisticated bosoms of Europeans, while their self-adulation as the ultimate judges of suavity and taste remains undiminished. Snobs I call ’em, with a taste for looking down their noses at each other’s countries and tut-tutting their disapproval. Never ever will peace break out for long in Europe, self-identified home of the world’s leading intellectuals and philosophers but who hate each others guts on principle and dream of the unfettered glory their (you pick the) country somehow never achieved.

    To top it all off, I am assured by some British twit expert on CBC radio as I type this, that the obvious candidate for blowing up the NS pipelines is Russia. Sure, bud, Russians enjoy shooting themselves in the foot and burning their own house down. Good lord, we are still being presented with utter nonsense and expected to absorb it as gospel. Still, no doubt a good-paying gig to go on radio and bamboozle credulous interviewers with Grade A bullshit. I wonder what it pays?


    • yalensis says:

      Excellent comment, Beluga, it reads like a Jonathan Swift-type essay! You are good writer and really know how to create a sense of scene.

      My only quibble: Abkhazia, albeit a tiny country, deserves nothing but respect. The Abkhazian people fought the Gruzians (who are an American proxy) not once but twice, and won both wars.
      See, Stalin decided that these proud Caucasian people had to be a province of his native Gruzia (or at least under their jurisdictional control, long story)… but after the breakup of the USSR, the Abkhazians said “I prefer not to” and fought some very bloody battles for their independence. With Russia’s assistance, it goes without saying. Which is why they are currently pro-Russian, albeit not as emotionally pro-Russian as, say, the Ossetians. It’s just that the Russians are their guarantor that they will never again have to go under the Gruzian boot.

      Also, they are really ferocious fighters.


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