Ukraine War Day #156: Turkish Football Fans Cheer For Putin

Dear Readers:

This from the Wide World of Sports. Readers may have already seen video of the Turkish football (=soccer) stadium erupting in chants of “Vladimir Putin! Vladimir Putin!” That in response to a Ukrainian goal. Or rather, not so much the goal itself, as the behavior of the kicker. Full disclosure: I didn’t see the game, nor even that part of the video, so I don’t know what the Ukrainian player did to rile the crowd. Or maybe he did nothing, and the people of the world are just sick and tired of Ukrainians, who knows?

By the way, this piece feeds seamlessly into a more serious one that I plan for the weekend, namely Lavrov’s visit to Africa, and how Russia is courting that continent. And how that continent is responding positively to the courting. And how, despite Ukrainian claims that “The world is with us!” the world is actually not. I mean, part of the world is, of course. That part which comprises the “Cool Kids Club”. But the rest of the world does not like Ukrainians at all. Don’t believe they are innocent victims of a bully, but rather the giggling retarded sidekick of the real bully.

But back to the game: It was held this past Wednesday (July 27) at the Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü (Sports Club) in Istanbul, Turkey. Athletes from this club are also known as the Yellow Canaries, probably due to the design of their jerseys; although in this case, they might also serve as the Canary in the Coal Mine, that’s how badly their behavior shocked the Western world. I mean, you’re supposed to give Zelensky a standing ove, not cheer for Putin, am I right?

Bulyalsky is proud of the Ukrainian Tident.

The Turks were matched against the Ukrainian team Dynamo. Bottom line: the Ukrainian guest team won this qualifying match with a score of 2:1 which allows them to advance to the next round. At 57 minutes in, player Vitaly Bulyalsky broke the tie by scoring a goal. According to the piece I linked above (reporter Anton Nikitin), Vitaly celebrated his goal by making some kind of “provocative” gesture at the Fenerbahçe fans. I don’t know if that is true or not. In any case, the fans started to chant “Vladimir Putin!” over and over, until the chant filled the whole stadium. It is said that the Ukrainian guests were surprised, since they believe that everybody in the world just loves them to death. Their main coach, Mircha Luchesku admitted that he wasn’t expecting this reaction from the Turkish fans.

The reporter scanned a Turkish newspaper En Son Haber where average Turkish football fans logged their opinions in the comment section. He picked some comments and translated into Russian; wherefrom here is my translation in to English (from the Russian):

“They were right to chant that. The Europeans are hypocrites. And if they bring Dynamo into the next round, in an attempt to suck up to Ukraine, then they will receive the same reaction, a slap in the face. Because they will have to deal with Putin.” [This might be an allusion to the fact that Russian teams have been banned from all sports, so it’s not really fair anyhow]

“Those Kiev thugs deserved even worse. They believe that everything is permitted them. But we fully support Russia. We are not afraid of Kiev, nor the Ukrainians.” [This might be illusion to the fact that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) who sanctioned the match, is promising to investigate the incident and possibly punish the Turkish fans for their hooliganism.]

“I am a supporter of the Galatasaray [football club], but I would have done exactly the same thing. We can’t let the West win.”

“Whether you support Putin or not, he is the official head of the Russian state, and Russia is the 3rd or 5th strongest country in the world. It is not a crime to chant slogans in support of Putin.”

“Long live Vladimir Putin! Good for them, for chanting.”

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11 Responses to Ukraine War Day #156: Turkish Football Fans Cheer For Putin

  1. That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

    You mean “allusion” to the fact, not illusion. And I was thinking that in the picture of Bulyalsky you used here, he’s not pointing to the trident with the same fingers he used at the game. I was happy to see all these people standing up to bullies. Naturally, the bullies upped it a notch, and will punish the team for the (rightful) actions of the fans, when Bulyalsky should have been thrown out of the game at that point.

    On a completely unrelated subject, you mentioned that you like multi-lingual puns, so here’s one that I got from a scientific paper “Effects of Drought on Fruit Production” by Russian botanist шривилуп Ahдрoпoв.


    • That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

      Crap. Make that Aндрoпoв of course. Sorry for the typo; I have no russian keyboard and had to paste everything in one letter at a time, and thought I could save some time.


      • yalensis says:

        “Shrivelled up and drop off?” haha

        Here is one of my favorite bi-lingual puns, it’s an oldie but a goodie:

        Q: What did Marshal Zhukov say when he burst into the Central Committee meeting waving his revolver?
        A: “I come to seize Beria, not to praise him!”


  2. nicolaavery says:

    Turkish football fans are legendary


  3. Gareth says:

    Reminds me of the English football fans who upon the death of Margaret Thatcher chanted the lyrics of the punk rock song “Maggie Maggie out out out!”, to the horror of respectable Tory journalists. Good fun.


  4. the pair says:

    the “canary in the coal mine” analogy is apt…though i’d say “canary in the pipeline”. i predict the western strategy of “here’s $40 billion dollars we could spend on health care and another gigajillion worth of weapons so you guys can lose spectacularly” might not endear the ukies to the citizens of said western countries when the heat is off in january and zimbabwe/weimar level inflation pushes the price of rice and beans to “entree at a michelin restaurant” extremes.

    it would be hilarious if the sociopaths who rely on “divide and conquer” to keep the masses at bay and at each other’s throats end up uniting the workers of the world in a way that marx only dreamt of. i’m investing in guillotine futures in any case.


  5. S Brennan says:

    Fmr-Ukrainia, give it ten years, will become a sardonic aspersion cast at people. Example “Oh, don’t me that Ukrainia”. Ten years from now, all those widely supportive fans of Fmr-Ukrainia in DC/London/Media will deny, with mock outrage, that they were fooled, they will state, with a straight face, that they were always against fomenting war in Banderalalan. And so it goes.

    Banderalalan, will be the tiny remnant of Fmr-Ukrainia, it will be what’s left after Russia takes back Katherinia, Poland grabs back it’s territory [hasn’t that already happened], Hungary it’s lands and Slovenia it’s share. Fmr-Ukrainia will be compared to Custer’s land stand, a vainglorious act of a venal fools.


    • yalensis says:

      Custer’s last words: “Holy cow, look at all those Injuns! Oh well, look on the bright side, at least we’re not Ukrainia.”


      • S Brennan says:

        Fair enough, Custer’s last stand has finally been replaced as the pinnacle of vainglorious stupidity by the current DCers…who brought us Ukrainia.

        In Fairness to Custer, something that doesn’t come easily, at least he had the decency to die with his men…Kagan, Cheney, Nuland, Biden, Obama, Clinton’s et al “morality” couldn’t reach Custer’s shoelace. And that’s a pretty low bar.


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