Ukraine War Day #79: Doktor Mengele, Plus Grain

Dear Readers:

First a quick link, in case you have not seen it yet, the saker website has provided a very good English translation of the Russian Defense Ministry slideshow on the Ukrainian biolabs. If this were a treatment for a Hollywood movie, people would just laugh at the absurdity and sheer awfulness of it. It’s so ludicrous that it’s true. You’ll feel like you swallowed the red pill and then got much, much more Truth than you ever bargained for. “I changed my mind — gimme that blue pill again!”

This Hollywood action movie includes the usual stock villains: Nazis, Germans, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, even the Rockefellers! Plus even more sinister forces such as Pfizer and Moderna, those friendly covid pharma giants who gave your baby a big smile and a lollipop when they jabbed her with their wonderful mRNA concoctions. Speaking of babies, this movie script is so over the top that it even included baddies handing out gain-of-function enhanced tuberculosis-infected banknotes to small children. While, in their spare time conducting cruel and illegal experiments on the mentally ill. Even Doctor Mengele would have blushed at their sheer brass. If these were not all true facts, then we would just have to throw our heads back and laugh. Maniacally, of course.

The one Bad Person name I do not see in these documents, which surprises me, is that of Doctor Death herself, Ulana Suprun. Surely this wicked witch must be involved, because wherever Evil stalks, She Is There. Loyal readers may remember that I have persecuted Suprun in my past life, for example all the way back in 2017, I posted this piece about Ukrainian biolabs, in which I cleverly coined the phrase “Bride of Bandera!” Later there were rumors that Zelensky had fired Ulana, but he probably had to hire her back on NATO’s insistence. What I am trying to say is that I always assumed Suprun was in the thick of these biowarfare experiments, so I was just a tad disappointed that her name was not mentioned in the Russian expose.

Oh well. It doesn’t really matter. Nothing really matters anymore, as Freddie Mercury once famously said. By this time next year we’ll all be dead anyhow. Either of nuclear fallout, or just simple starvation.

Feed The World, Dammit!

Which brings us to the impending world grain crisis. I have this piece by reporter Anton Nikitin. It seems that a man named David Muldrow Beasley is accusing Russia of trying to starve the world. David is Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP) under the UN. He is upset that Ukraine’s grain harvest appears to be stuck in containers at the Black Sea ports. Millions of hungry people around the world, especially in Egypt and Northern Africa, are eagerly waiting for that sweet Ukrainian grain, which nasty Russians are blocking.

David: “Cut it out, Russia! I need to eat.”

Russians, on the other hand, point the finger back at the Ukrainians: They are the ones who have mined the ports, and they are the ones who ignore Russian appeals to set up a “humanitarian corridor” for the grain ships. For example, 25 million tons of grain are patiently waiting to leave from the port of Odessa, and it’s not Russia’s fault that these grains can’t just put up the sail and swim away.

What we are talking about here are the routine grain exports, from contracts written long before the war. So I don’t know if this is the right place to also mention something more sinister that I have been reading about; namely, that the Zelensky government has pledged Ukraine’s future harvests (almost into perpetuity) to the West, as payment for all the “Lend Lease” weapons it is receiving. Thus laying the groundwork for an actual “Holodomor” (famine) in the Ukraine. Zelensky in this respect playing the role of his Biblical ancestor Esau. The analogy works in that Esau was said to be a hairy guy, and Zelensky is certainly that. On the other hand, Esau sold his inheritance package for a bowl of lentil soup; whereas Zelensky sold the lentil soup for cannons. So, no, the analogy doesn’t work.

For those who can understand spoken Russian, here is a link to the Lend-Lease/famine piece done by blogger Shariy a couple of weeks ago, the title is: Zelensky Signed On To Famine:

Next: I have even more in-depth news about the Ukrainian harvest and the grain situation in the world, all that boring stuff. It’s based on this piece by reporter Nikolai Storozhenko and I’ll dive into it for you, hopefully tomorrow.

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12 Responses to Ukraine War Day #79: Doktor Mengele, Plus Grain

  1. colliemum says:

    Selling food for cannons … where have I heard that before … must’ve been either in WWI or WWII Germany where butter vanished from the market, the reason being that the money was needed for armaments … different type of food, same ‘excuse’.


  2. Bill in Japan says:

    Interesting article about famine in Ukraine. Actually Goggle Translate to English worked pretty good for this video. It’s been clear to me for awhile that the government of Ukraine cares not for the people of Ukraine.


    • yalensis says:

      Whew, I am glad that Goggle Translate worked! because I didn’t have time to do the translation myself, it takes literally hours to transcribe/translate a video. I don’t have that kind of time mostly, because I work a full-time job.
      Mind you, I used to be skeptical of AI language translation, but I have to reluctantly admit, it is getting better and better with each day, as the technology improves.

      Shariy and others have called attention to this problem of the approaching Hunger Games. The West is very eager to get Ukrainian grain out of Ukraine and into “civilized” countries. Methinks the Masters of the Universe know something bad is coming down and want to ensure that “civilized” peoples still get their bread, while others less worthy starve. If I were the Ukrainian dictator, I think I would decide to store and hoard all the grain. As the wise Pharaoh did, in that Biblical story, once he realized that 7 years of famine were on the horizon.

      As to your other point: The current rulers of Ukraine care not a whit for their people, that much is clear. They are working for somebody else.
      One could call it “fascism”, but that would be a cheap response, it’s not even that. It’s something else entirely. Even true fascists like Mussolini actually cared about their own people (sort of). They didn’t care about OTHER people, true, but they wanted their own to be strong and thrive.

      There is something else going on here, and it is very sinister…


      • peter moritz says:

        There is something else going on here, and it is very sinister…
        Population reduction at work. I had a “what if scenario writen a few years back, just playing around:

        What if..another conspiracy theory based on the current state of the world

        The current situation of depletion of resources, the threat of global warming and the inability of the planetary resources to bear the demands of an ever-increasing population, the unabating increase in wealth of a small group of already immensely wealthy people – are all well known and factual – lead to the following conclusions by a small group of oligarchs worldwide:

        The planet with the current load of population and their demands is under threat, the current model and mode of production, creating wealth and wealth distribution does neither work nor is it sustainable.

        We have at our demand available all resources and have accumulated wealth sufficient that we control almost all the worlds production

        We with the means that are available to us can radically change the current situation of overpopulation.

        Therefore we decide:

        The vast majority of the people not of our class are superfluous.

        We do no longer need to increase our wealth with gains based on the debt slavery and production by hired labour

        We substitute any needed labour with AI sufficient to produce what we need for a sustainable life in line with our standard of living with nonhuman labour, demanding no food or space.

        We save on energy, free up space for the regrowth of forests and undisturbed wilderness, and reduction of CO2 sufficiently to curb global warming to prevent the ecosystem we rely on from collapsing.

        We keep those of the population needed for research into further development of AI so it becomes ever more autonomous, research into diseases threatening the remainder of humanity, and research into agricultural projects to with increasing efficiency needing ever less human interference keep food production viable and continuous for the remainders.

        What if talking about overpopulation being a real threat is quite correct – but with a different solution not imaginable by those not of the oligarch class?


        • yalensis says:

          Shame on you, peter, you just plagiarized the German Green Party platform!


          • peter moritz says:

            I can only plead ignorance. I have no idea about their platform, as I only remember them when they were still “Green” with a socialist tinge…long ago.
            I wrote the above as a “thought” about 6 years ago, when it became known that the oligarchs were buying up land (Bill Gates), and were buying up property for shelter construction like crazy in New Zealand and on other islands.


            • peter moritz says:

              I have to plead guilty of a similar escape, but on a working man’s budget, to live, to the not that far anymore end of our lives, on an Island far enough away from “It All” before that graze hit.
              The thought simply was to find a place where one could grow food, where the folks were amenable to strangers, a place that could in a pinch be self-sustaining, that had a history of this and wasn’t a tourist trap, and with weather that would allow year-round food production with a mixed noncorporate agriculture.
              That we found – with of course some natural dangers – here: (38°34’41.2356), -28.7 (-28°42’0.8676).


            • yalensis says:

              Hey, Peter, I was only joking! But your description of this ghastly anti-utopia, in which only degenerate billionaires get to live, serviced by their AI robots, and the rest of the human race just Soylent Green, did remind me of the basically Nazi intentions of the Green Party. Insofar as I understand their political platform.


              • peter moritz says:

                Hey, Peter, I was only joking

                I know, but the joke has a serious background when a party once with seemingly socialist or strong social democratic tendencies (at least that is how I understood it, observing from Canada) that were an integral part of their climate action platform.
                Oh, how times have changed for this party and the SPD, it’s before and again coalition partner who long, long ago was in serious competition with the communists….until they became class traitors.
                The words rhyme in German…”wer hat uns verraten, Sozialdemokraten” was a song from before WW1 and again WW2, and that we sang when he SD sported the Notstandsgesetze in 1968, a similar concoction as the Homeland Security Act the USA government unashamedly passed decades later.
                Now they are fully in support of NATO and trying to pass the CDU on the right.
                I am getting too old for that kind of crap.


              • yalensis says:

                I don’t know much about the Greens history, but there are people out there who claim they were ALWAYS a Trojan horse for the Right. Their purpose being similar to “The Squad” (in American Democratic politics) to lure young idealistic people (even self-professed “socialists”) on certain issues, and then sheep-herd them into the pro-NATO forces. Which is exactly what happened with The Squad as well.


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  4. the pair says:

    there’s an even more apt comparison that comes to mind: zelensky is basically a neo-kulak. just as those landowners – many of whom were coincidentally also jewish – starved people and killed farm animals out of spite to resist collectivization, this actor LARPing as a leader will starve their descendants to spite moscow yet again. also worth noting (maybe) that stalin seemed to have a level of affection for the donbass region.


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