Eurovision – Ukrainian Singers Must Undergo Ideological Purity Test – Part II

Dear Readers:

Well, the plot continues to boil.  As commenter Nat brought to my attention, the Ukrainian Eurovision finalist Maruv is out of the picture, so the job is still up for grabs.  Maruv, aka Anna Korsun (quite sensibly, in my opinion) refused to sign a contract stating explicitly that she would no longer perform concerts in Russia.  She said verbally that she wouldn’t, but probably had her fingers crossed behind her back.  The Ukrainian Nationalists knew that (no fools, they!) and asked her to put it in writing.  She wouldn’t.  As I mentioned to Nat, I am sure that her Russian concerts bring in much more revenue than any glamor points accruing to her status as Eurovision finalist.  And Korsun herself explained her motives quite nobly and courageously:

Maruv: “These tits belong to me, and NOT to the politicians!”

“I am a citizen of Ukraine, pay taxes and sincerely love Ukraine,” she wrote on Facebook.  “But I am not ready to address [people] with slogans, turning my participation in the contest into the promotion of our politicians. I am a musician, rather than a bat at the political stage.”

Meanwhile, I just wanted to get that part of the backstory out of the way, how the Ukrainian harpies bullied the other semi-finalists, Anna and Maria Opanasiuk.  Unlike Maruv, bringing them to tears; but, like Maruv, not breaking their spirits entirely, either.

To explain their situation, I have this piece from RIA, from just a couple of days ago.  (You see how fast this story is moving?  It has more legs than a millipede who guzzles Brawndo!)

Eppur si muove

The scandal broke out last Friday (Feb 22, if I am not mistaken).  At that time, the Opanasiuk sisters had a serious shot at winning the song contest.  But they could not dance a single turn, or utter a single note, without somebody bringing up politics.  In modern Ukraine it’s all about the Spanish Inquisition, see, even when nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.  Every Ukrainian is supposed to swear to the two main points in the Banderite Inquisition Dogma:  (1)  That Russia is at war against the Ukraine; and (2) Russia occupied Crimea.  That plus, “The Sun revolves around the Earth.”

“And yet, it is the Earth that moves…”

Hence, in an interview on one of the TV channels, the sisters were asked to state that the Ukraine is at war with Russia, and that Russia occupied Crimea.  The sisters responded much as Galileo had done, except not in Latin.  More realistically, they refused to utter the Magic Words required by the Grand Inquisitor.  [History students, please don’t bother to correct me.  I know that Galileo in reality caved to the threat of torture, as anybody would do; I am just making the story more dramatic here!]

Meanwhile, speaking of the Spanish Inquisition, Ukrainian secret police had been digging up “dirt” on the red-heads and “discovered” the horrific fact, that the Opanasiuk parents live in the Crimea, and the mom even works for the regional government there!

Upon which Parliamentary Deputy Borislav Bereza demanded that the sisters be banned from the song contest; and, as added bonus, placed the names of their parents in the Secret Police Hitlist Site Mirotvorec.  Which means that the Opanasiuk parental units are now considered “fair game” for Nazi assassin squads.  You think that I am exaggerating but, sadly, no.

Anyhow, after Anna and Maria had performed their song on Channel 1, the host, some slimeball named Sergei Pritula came up to them, mike in hand, and inquired, whether they were not ashamed of their participation in this Ukrainian national rite; after all, their momma works for the Occupier government of Crimea!

Pritula had the girls in his power at that moment, and posed for them an impossible Sophie’s Choice, knowing that, however they answered his question, they were screwed:

“And if I should ask you, to whom belongs the Crimea?  And if that question should drive you into the pitchfork; then it will mean, either the end of your career, or the end of your mama’s career,” Pritula goaded them triumphantly.

Anna and Maria: Their mom works for the Russian government.

The sisters broke out in tears.  And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, this is what it has come to, in contemporary Banderstan!  Making young girls cry, for fun and sport!

Later, while complaining to the press, the two red-heads remarked that the political persecution in the Ukraine had grown to the level “of the 1930’s”:  “We are Ukrainian singers, we were born in the Crimea, and we never did anything wrong.  We didn’t even perform concerts in Russia!”

Watching these two sweet kids being kicked around by a grown slimeball, our old friend Jamala rushed into the fray … to assist the bully.  Recall that Jamala is the Tatar with a chip on her shoulder, who cried those crocodile tears about dear old Nazi-collaborating Gramps in 1944, cheated her way to winning the tournament, and now gets to sit in judgement over her betters.  As a member of the jury, she announced pompously that she cannot, in all conscience, judge Anna Maria dispassionately, because “he who represents Ukraine at Eurovision, has to answer to all of us!”

Indeed, he does.  I use he pronoun “he” because things may have come to such a pass, that the only ideologically pure Ukrainian they can find nowdays, is Mr. Poroshenko himself!  I heard a rumor that he plans to perform the old ABBA song, Waterloo:

The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself
I was defeated, you won the war

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7 Responses to Eurovision – Ukrainian Singers Must Undergo Ideological Purity Test – Part II

  1. PaulR says:

    The host’s treatment of the Opanasiuk sisters was disgraceful.
    My own take on this here:


  2. Nat says:

    Getting better and better: next group to have been proposed to represent Ukraine has also refused.

    This is KAZKA’s statement posted on their instagram: “We wanted and would have been honored to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. We have invested in this desire a lot of efforts, energy, time. But we do not need a win at any price. Our mission is to unite people with their music, not to sow discord. Therefore, on the proposal of NSTU, we have a clear answer: we will not go to 2019 at Eurovision. At the same time, we do not abandon our main goal – to bring Ukrainian culture to the world. We are ready to introduce Ukraine to the competition next year, if we are elected. So far, we are moving further and waiting for you all in our concerts around the world.”


    • yalensis says:

      Good for them! and thanks for translating that, Nat.


    • Nat says:

      This is the second group to refuse. The winner of the public and jury’ vote was Maruv, the runner-up was Freedom Jazz, and the second runner-up was Kazka. After failing to agree with Maruv, the broadcaster sent an offer to represent Ukraine to Freedom Jazz first, who rejected it, then to Kazka, who also refused.

      The 4th in the vote are a group called “Brunettes shoot Blonds”, the 5th are “Yuko” and the ones to come up last are the Anna Maria sisters. Just imagine if n°4 and n°5 also refuse the offer and the Opanasiuk sisters are the only remaining choice.


  3. Nat says:

    Sorry for the multiple comments today Yalensis! Just wanted to update that now the group who came up fourth, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, just posted on their FB page that they would also refuse to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision if asked.


  4. Nat says:

    Dramatic ending to all of this: Ukraine will not be participating in this year’s Eurovision. This is part of the statement of UA-PBC: “The winner of the national selection for this year’s Eurovision was the singer MARUV, to whom the Public Broadcaster, as it does annually, offered to conclude an agreement to represent Ukraine at the song contest. However, after negotiations, MARUV refused to sign the agreement. The alternative way to determine the representative from Ukraine to Eurovision-2019 rules is to recognize his direct appointment by a broadcaster. That is, the Public Broadcasting Company could elect any performer from among the participants in the National Selection. However, the Public Broadcaster refuses such an alternative because it respects the choice of the audience in the National Selection.” I.e: They got tired of asking and getting rejected.

    Full statement here:


    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Nat! No problem about the multiple comments, you have been following this story like a hungry wolf!
      So, the Ukraine, in the end, sacrificed, for the sake of Nazi ideology, one of the greatest honors any nation could possibly have: To compete in the Eurovision song contest!


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