Journalist-Killing “Peacekeeper” Site Back Up and Running – Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s post…

So, supposedly, under P.R. pressure from outraged Western journalists, the Ukrainian government ordered the “Peacekeeper” website (which is, in essence, an assassin’s hitlist) to be taken down.

But wait!  What about Freedom of Speech?  Doesn’t Democracy mean that people have a right to browse their most beloved website?

Deputy Minister of Information Tatiana Popova

And sure enough, “the people” came out into the streets demanding that “Peacekeeper” be put back up!  The story, by Marina Kalegina for Life News shows “radical activists” storming the Ukrainian Ministry of Information building, demanding the firing of a woman named Tatiana Popova.  Popova is the Deputy Minister of Information, and is the one they blame for ordering the site to be taken down.  This all happened, by the way, on May 19, one day before another set of exciting events, in which the same groups of “radicals” stormed the Rada itself, pretending to demand the end of the Poroshenko government.

When police arrived to maintain order at the Ministry of Information, the “radicals” brought in reinforcements:  goons from the neo-Nazi “Right Sektor” political party.  Along with other goons from Right Sektor’s International neo-Nazi Brigade, which is called C14.  Here is some information I gleaned about C14:

A Swedish member of C14, image from a couple of years ago…

The name “C14” (“Combat 14”) is probably a semantic flirt with the name “C18” (“Combat 18”) one of the international networks of neo-Nazi terrorist organizations …

The “18” in Combat 18 stands for the first and eighth letters of the alphabet=AH=Adolf Hitler.
At the same time, the name points to the number “14.” In fascist circles this refers to the “fourteen words” slogan of commitment to the “white race.” As the leader of Svoboda’s ally “C14” explained, his organization is in a “struggle” with “ethnic groups” that are wielding, among other things, “economic and political power.” The “ethnic groups” he is referring to are “Russians and Jews.” 

The “14 words” by the way, can apparently refer to either one of these two slogans; both are considered equally acceptable to the neo-Nazi:

  • “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

or, alternatively and somewhat more sentimentally:

  • “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

Moving right along to the related interview…

Ukrainian blogger-in-exile Anatoly Shariy nostradamized pessimistically, in this interview with VZGLIAD, that (1) the actions of the “radicals” will go unpunished, like they always do; and that (2) the Peacekeeper site will continue to function, with the blessing of Herashchenko/Avakov.

One word about Shariy:  Although Western media refer to him, contemptuously, as “pro-Russian” (and to them that sobriquet is a moral condemnation, because a Russian or a pro-Russian must be the worst type of human being, ever), he wasn’t always that way.  Shariy started off as a pro-Ukrainian patriot.  He was, and remains, pro-European in his views.  It’s just that he changed his mind about a lot of things after witnessing the brutality and idiocy of Maidan, it’s as simple as that.

In any case, Shariy’s predictions turned out to be correct.  Right after the demonstration of the neo-Nazi “radicals” on May 19, Herashchenko announced that the people had spoken; their voices had been heard; and the site was back up and fully functional.

Here are Shariy’s words:  “This Peacekeeper site will never be closed.  Nobody has any influence on that scoundrel [Herashchenko], who happens to be psychologically unsound, just like all of [Avakov’s] assistants.  They will keep pretending that nothing is going on, even if people start getting beheaded in the streets.  This is the way it is here.”

Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy

Shariy goes on to discuss the scandal concerning the hacking of journalists data and their publication on Avakov’s hitlist:  “And by the way, nobody paid any attention to the Ukrainian journalists.  They were only concerned about the European ones.  And the scandal, by the way, was squelched pretty quickly.  I (originally) thought it would go on for a couple of months, at least, with people pretending that nothing had happened.  But no, just a couple of days went by, and already that inadequate person [Herashchenko] is making new announcements, and the site is going back up again.”

Shariy goes on to prognosticate pessimistically about the high level of totalitarianism achieved in his native country:

“Why not publish the data on newborns?  As in, a child has been born to Separatists.  They could post his photograph and personal data, along with the comment, ‘Would be good to kill him.’  This is Ukraine, after all.  Anything is possible.”

It’s like 1937 all over again, according to Shariy:

In Ukraine: opponents of the neo-Nazis are dumped in trash bins. What a Country!

“There is no such thing as ‘hundreds of thousands of patriots’, like Herashchenko claims.  They simply don’t exist.  Here’s what is actually happening in Ukraine:  It’s like 1937 all over again, in the very worst sense of the word.  Everybody is snitching on everyone, literally right out there in the town square.  Somebody doesn’t like somebody – he ups and denounces him to Mirotvorec, says the other guy has ‘Separatist’ views.  Or puts up his photograph.  Once a person gets into that database, the completely inadequate police organs start to monitor him.  Now the guy can’t get a job in a bank.  They stop him at the border if he is travelling.  Then they demand a bribe from him.”

As for Popova, Shariy lays it out bluntly, what happened with her:  “This woman, who calls herself a Ukrainian ombudsman, declared that the [Peacekeeper] site is illegal.  After which an advisor to the President sent his goons to attack her, acting with complete impunity.  Threatening to fire her.  And what did she do?  She shut up.  Now she goes around acting like nothing happened.  Now she has taken up the cause of the Crimean POW’s, and Sentsov and Savchenko.  But not another peep out of her about Mirotvorec.  Although she could have appealed to the European ombudsman regarding this situation.  Because this situation is highly abnormal:  When the advisor to a Minister threatens the ombudsman.  But she didn’t do anything about it.  She just sits quietly, receives a significant salary, as does the rest of her team.”

Shariy concludes his interview by stating, pessimistically, that nothing is going to change in the near future.  The Peacekeeper site was “closed” only between 11 and 19 May.  Now it is back up and running, so “Enemies of the State” must be careful to watch their backs.

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12 Responses to Journalist-Killing “Peacekeeper” Site Back Up and Running – Part II

  1. marknesop says:

    Where is Shariy actually blogging from? Surely he can’t still be in Ukraine.


    • Lyttenburgh says:

      From Lithuania. He relocated there way back in the times of “Bloody Tyrant” ™ Yanukovtich. He was granted an asylum as “victim of political persecution”. The current “democratic” regime (and pan Geraschenko) want to him to come back and never to return. Like – ever…


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    Two “Shining Lights” (rus. “Светоча”) of Russian Journalism – A. Venedikov (the head of Ekho Moskvy) and A. Buntman (equally handshakable person affiliated with Ekho) share with us their democratic thoughs about Mirotvorec:

    Venediktov: “So, the question lies not in the list itselfs, but in what is connected to it. Meaning – the work of the journalists, and what the “Mirotvorets” site have done by indentifying these people (and previously it had done lots of good things, I mean, many quality articles and publications) – this means starting a war with the entire world, ’cause there were Russia, American, English (sic!), French and Ukrainian journalists”

    Buntman: “Please pardon me, but In this intro there is one bad phrase – that there is a lot of European and foreign journalists there with suspiciously Russian surnames.”

    Oh, oh – I know one! Simon Ostrovskiy. Well, what Messers Venediktov and Buntman will say to that?

    In this connection, I have 2 question:

    1) Have the Ekho already began the cranium measurment of their personnel to weed out impure sovoks and vatniks?

    2) How would these two “Shining Lights” of D(emocratic) (Jo)urnalism (aka Durnalism) react with the Bloody Regime in This Country ™ will start its own version of “Mirotvorets”?


    • yalensis says:

      Oh god, if the Putin “regime” published its own, Russian, version of Mirotvorec, then these kreakls would go bananas!


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – Simon Ostrovsky undeservedly shares the same (Russian) last name as one of my favorite sovok authors, Nikolai Ostrovsky!
      When I was growing up, I wanted to be just like his hero, Pavel Korchagin.
      Except without the paralysis, and stuff…


  3. Lyttenburgh says:

    Mirotvorets keeps “delivering”:

    Why Navalniy, Olga Alexeyeva, OSCE, EU and fiery human rights activists are silent?! Where are they? Oh, here they are!


    • yalensis says:

      I will translate, for the benefit of non-Russian-reading people:

      “For a long time we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it, and then we decided to do it.
      We are publishing the latest list of accredited foreign journalists, known to have collaborated with the aggressor-nation which finances international terrorism and which has occupied a portion of the Ukraine. You can download the list from our site.
      Read it, study it, compile it. The latest list of accredited journalists, along with their personal data….”


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Same list as before or did they remove the BBC, ABC, Al Jazeera etc types?


        • yalensis says:

          That is a very good question, Svoloch.
          I was not ambitious nor curious enough to download their blacklist.


          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            The link on their website doesn’t seem to work.

            Typical – butcher those who betray Ukraine with their shitty web design!


            • yalensis says:

              Maybe it’s just as well the link doesn’t work, they probably planted a computer virus.


            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              More than likely. My browser finds pretty damned sketchy.

              I’m almost tempted to see if they’ll list the editor of my local rag on the site – they’ve published some stuff not complimentary of Ukraine (as well as some inexcusably dumb Ukrainian propaganda).


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