Ukraine War Day #273: Kiev Regime Searches Monastery

Dear Readers:

I don’t often write about religion because, honestly, it is not a topic that interests me. But I realize that many people are religious and care about these matters deeply. And I can understand why Russian Orthodox Christians might be quite upset about one of their top monasteries in the world, this exquisitely beautiful landmark, being rudely invaded and searched by clumsy slab-faced Ukrainian goons from the SBU-heir-to-Soviet-KGB.

Well, we are talking about a very famous monastery in Kiev, called the Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra (the word “Pecher” or sometimes “Peshcher” meaning “cave”), founded in the year 1051 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Who truly was a very clever and able ruler, not to mention a wise guy. Full disclosure: I once visited this amazing site myself, as a student-tourist, that was long before this current war. It’s really spooky when the guide takes you down into the caves and you see all the mummies of ancient monks, lying in a kind of bunk-bed type arrangement on the walls of the caverns.

Anyhow, this monastery was one of the very first built in Kievan Rus after the Russian people, with a little encouragement from the top, discarded their former pagan religion and converted to Byzantine-style Christianity.

Each mummy has his own slot in the wall.

This monastery has always been at the center of political intrigues. From 1592 to 1688 the Lavra was a Stauropegion directly subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople. In this capacity it fought against the pro-Polish Uniates. Within the overall culture war of the medieval epoch, the Lavra helped to pull together a “Little Russian” identity that was beneficial to Moscow, and not so beneficial to the other side (Lithuanians, Poles, Germans, Swedes, etc.)

A word of reminder: the term “Little Russia” (Malaya-Rossiya) is not a derogatory. Westie ignorami always get this wrong. Russians divide their ethnos into 3 major tribes: Greater Russians (Veliko-Ross), Little Russians (Malo-Ross) and White Russians (Belo-Ross). Despite Westie ignorance in these matters, these terms are neither a derogatory, nor a glorification. The terms are simply calqued from the Greek. For example, you had “Micro-Graecia” (smaller, or Micro-Greece) which was the core land, or the heartland, out from which the Greek ethnos proceeded. These wandering Greeks established “Magna-Graecia” (Greater-Greece) which included new lands and colonies. Similarly, Eastern-Slavic Russians believed that Kiev was their heartland. Not of the ethnos per se (Russians were spread everywhere, Novgorod was established around the same time as Kiev), but of the Christianized sector, hence “Micro-Russia”, or Malaya-Rossiya. From thence Russian Orthodoxy expanded out into the Greater regions, hence Greater Russia or Velikaya-Rossiya. This is the reason why Moscovite Russians called themselves “Great Russians” (a better translation is “Greater Russians”), and it has nothing to do with glorifying themselves, as in “Ooh, look at us, we’re so great!”

Recall the opening phrase of the Soviet National Anthem: Unbreakable Union of free Republics, was built to last forever, by Greater Russia…

You see that this use of the word “great” (Velikaya) is semantically different from the same adjective when used in conjunction with, say Peter, as in Peter the Great. In that case, they really are saying that he was a great guy. Same word, but different meaning. Hence the confusion. This is why I personally prefer to use the translation “Greater Russia” instead of “Great Russia”. It hints at those vast treks of our ancestors and is also, paradoxically, flattering towards Ukraine, as it gives Kiev the laurels of being the true Russian heartland!

Religion Is Sacred, But Let’s Talk Turkey

But back to the history, and let’s talk turkey here (considering that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!)

All religious doctrine aside: Being a Little-Russian meant that you were Byzantine Orthodox and friendly to your Muscovite neighbors. The alternative was to be a “Uniate” which meant, in essence, being a Catholic, friendly to Poland, and hating Moscow. This is a gross over-simplication, of course, but I stipulated I would talk plain turkey.

Anyhow, leaping forward to the present day: The Lavra remains under the political/religious control of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which, in turn, is subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate. Hence, given the current war being raged directly by Russia vs Ukraine, one can see why the Kiev regime is highly suspicious of any enterprise that takes its order from Moscow! [Again, for purposes of simplification, I am ignoring some developments that happened in the past few years, when the Ukrainians, under Poroshenko, organized a Schism within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and half of their property went over to the pro-Ukrainian schismatics who have their own phony Ukrainian Patriarch, long story, maybe we’ll get into that later…]

Officer, Do You Have A Warrant?

All of that is historical context to our topical news story of the day, the reporter is Dmitry Zubarev.

Today (Wednesday) the Ukrainian SBU announced that when they searched the Kiev Cave Lavra yesterday from top to bottom, their slab-faced goons found some highly suspicious items. Namely, “pro-Russian literature, and millions in cash.” Ooh! Do tell!

A Russian Orthodox cathedral in Rivne

Aside from the Kiev Lavra, the SBU also searched three other “pro-Russian” monasteries, two in the Rivne Oblast, and also some properties of the Sarny Eparchia. This is what the SBU found during their searches:

Over 2 million hryvna [around $54,000 American bucks]; $100,000 of actual American cash; and several thousands of Russian rubles. [Well, maybe these monks like to have a stash of cash for a rainy day?]

Also a stack of “pro-Russian” literature, whatever that means. [Could be a Pushkin poetry anthology, or maybe some Tchaikovsky CD’s, for all we know].

In all, an amazing number of 350 church properties were subjected to this search. It’s almost like the SBU has nothing better to do, even when they are steadily losing the war and Russian spies are falling out of every tree! More ominously, 850 citizens of Ukraine, Russia, and other countries, were drawn into this dragnet; of which 50 were subjected to intensified interrogations with the help of polygraph machines. (Let’s hope they were only polygraph machines, and not crude tasers!)

In conclusion: On the one hand, it is very easy to laugh at the Ukrainians: Look, they’re so paranoid now, they are even going after churches! And you can bet the Russian government is playing up these shenanigans for every possible drop of propaganda value: Oh, they are persecuting innocent monks!

On the other hand, we know that religion has always been an effective tool of struggle between various political, and even military, factions. One only has to look at centuries of Ukrainian history: The “Little-Russian” people have ever been pawns on that vast chess board where rages the struggle between two civilizations: Western Catholicism versus Russian Byzantium.

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29 Responses to Ukraine War Day #273: Kiev Regime Searches Monastery

  1. Some topical articles of interest (dating back several years) …

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  2. Liborio Guaso says:

    Surely the Ucronazi are looking for valuable antiquities preparing to flee to the West.


    • yalensis says:

      Ooh, great theory! I hadn’t thought of that one. I bet there are tons of valuable ikons and other goodies.


    • Walrus McNasty - American Retard says:

      Yeah like the time Russia invaded Ukraine and then stole Potemkin’s bones from Kherson before they “strategically withdrew, all while totally pwning the Ukronazis and taking no casualites and we definitely weren’t totally outmaneuvered and out of supplies.”


      • yalensis says:

        The reason the Russians took Potemkin’s bones away was to save them from the Ukro-Nazis. There was a risk the latter would destroy the tomb and relics, in their mad campaign to destroy everything Russian.

        Stop playing dumb, you dumb old Walrus! Haven’t you seen the recent photos from Odessa where the neo-Naughties defaced the monuments to Russian figures like Catherine the Great and the poet Pushkin? What do you think these vandals would do, if they got their filthy paws on Potemkin’s skeleton? These Nationalists want to erase history so people won’t know it was the Russians who founded cities like Kherson and Odessa. They have to pretend it was mythical ancient Ukry or some other such nonsense.

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  3. the pair says:

    this makes me wonder if the azov mentality has anything to do with this. a big talking point of their neo-pagan ilk in other european countries is that judaism, christianity and islam are “alien” religions imported from “semitic” types. obviously in the last couple decades they’ve focused on islam to an obsessive degree but churches and synagogues have been targeted now and then.

    but then it could just be another catholic/protestant-style schism. not really a classy move in any case.


    • yalensis says:

      I hadn’t thought of that aspect either, the paganism of the Azov Nazis. I suppose that could be a factor, but don’t know how many Azovs are actually left alive.


    • Walrus McNasty - American Retard says:

      no. Ukrainians aren’t pagan. next


      • yalensis says:

        Walrus, you never answered my question:
        What is your opinion of Bandera?
        And to that I add a second, mandatory, question: What is your religion, if any?

        I think I can answer those questions on your behalf: You are a Catholic who believes that Bandera was the bee’s knees. Am I right?


  4. Ortensio F. says:

    Este Presidente de la RF , tiene perdido definitivamente, definitivamente el ” oremus ” .

    “Черный полковник” В.Алкснис

    Не понимаю я президента РФ. На Украине идет война и значит именно это должно быть главным направлением его деятельности. Но вместо этого он принимает российского олигарха – владельца «Уралхима» Дмитрия Мазепина и обсуждает с ним чисто коммерческую проблему – возобновление работы аммиакопровода Тольятти – Одесса поскольку олигарх несет финансовые потери. Причем это встреча транслируется по федеральному телеканалу “Россия-24”. В прошлый раз ради “помощи” олигарху Путин дал команду отвести войска из Харьковской области, поскольку по ее территории проходит этот злополучный аммиакопровод и это было условием Украины для возобновления транзита аммиака. В результате этой “помощи” ВСУ вышли на государственную границу с Россией и теперь безнаказанно практически ежедневно обстреливают Белгородскую область, убивая мирных граждан РФ и уничтожая жилые дома и инфраструктуру. Путин пообещал олигарху в очередной раз оказать помощь в решении его проблем. Что Путин сдаст на этот раз? Зеленский требует от Путина за возобновление работы аммиакопровода провести обмен военнопленными по формуле “всех на всех”. Но у нас около 10 тысяч украинских военнопленных, а у Украины около 500 наших военнопленных. Это равноценный обмен? Но опасаюсь, что Путин пойдет и на это. И не только на это. Создается впечатление, что он готов пойти на все ради обеспечения интересов российских олигархов. А гибель жителей Белгородской области и наших солдат и офицеров это для него похоже вопрос второстепенный. Хотя казалось бы, чтобы объяснить наконец населению России, чего он добивается на Украине и куда он ведет страну, вместо встречи с олигархом ему надо было бы под телевизионные камеры федеральных телеканалов провести встречу с министром обороны С.Шойгу и командующим Объединённой группировкой войск на войне на Украине С.Суровикиным для обсуждения общей ситуации в ходе боевых действий на Украине и обстрелами Белгородской области в частности. Но вряд ли мы когда-нибудь такую встречу увидим на телеэкране и наконец услышим, что думает президент РФ по этому поводу.

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    • yalensis says:

      That’s a very damning indictment of Putin! Viktor Alksnis, by the way, is an interesting historical character in his own right. He stems from a prominent Latvian-Jewish family. His grandfather Yakov Alksnis was the head of the Soviet air force. Stalin’s goons framed him for treason and he was shot in one of the 1938 batches of Soviet officers, 8 months after Tukhachevsky’s batch.

      Grandson Viktor was/is a staunch Communist and Soviet patriot, who opposed the Yeltsin coup; but eventually was forced to make his peace with the new Putin regime. Viktor’s daughter Irina is a mainstream Russian journalist, I have cited her articles many times in my blog.


      • peter moritz says:

        Why is that damning? The fertilizer deal was part of the grain deal agreed upon, and it is after all the UN, and especially the African Nations that are interested in Russia resuming the delivery of fertilizer.

        But here is some not-so-good news for Ukraine, how NATO really sacrifices the Ukrainians, and I hope the rest of Ukraine’s citizens flood Europe:

        “The Russian infantry fights back. It is supported by well-targeted mortar fire, artillery, tank, and air attacks. The Russians have drones up in the air that can see the whole scene. The Ukrainian units have nothing but their rifles and a few hand grenades. After the attacking platoon is destroyed the Russian artillery attacks and destroys the industrial area from where they had been coming. The whole operation ends up as a complete disaster. All Ukrainian troops involved seem to be dead. The Russian side seems to have had no or only few

        To continue to shove soldiers into that furnace is a war crime, and a crime against Ukraine. The Europeans and their US master incur a heavy debt, and this time, after all their crimes against humanity, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya, Vietnam, etc. will be called on to pay. The world is changing rapidly, and as the West’s power wanes, so does its capacity to evade accountability.

        And all of this could have been avoided, had the west still had politicians and services who realistically could have assessed the situation and had taken into account what critics forecasted would happen, if they backed Russia into a corner.

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        • yalensis says:

          I think the damning part, according to Alksnis, is not so much the deal itself, as his allegation that Putin made crucial military decisions based on the needs of a particular oligarch, instead of the needs of the army.


  5. Beluga says:

    Now, that was an interesting post. I was totally ignorant of that amazing complex of caves, monastery, churches and museum. The Lavra complex is colossal, and it was a surprise that English Wikipedia says that only over a hundred monks are resident there — many hundreds seem more likely to be needed to run that place. I mean, it’s uuge. Metropolitan Onufriy must have a hard time toddling about the place each day saying hi to his staff without wearing out his shoes. Perhaps, indeed must be, there are separate clergy to run the half-dozen churches, and government staff to run the museum. Realize, it’s difficult to assemble one’s thoughts coherently after a necessarily quick read about such an amazing agglomeration of buildings. Makes one wonder how you decide to pick a church to attend on Sundays, because you’re spoiled for choice. Onufrius is dead set against Ukraine joining Europe, but otherwise seems pro-Ukrainian and pro-peace in general. Thus, time for the blockheads to have a sift through the monks’ private belongings for signs of disloyalty, and no doubt the regular clergy’s stuff as well — all over the many hundreds churches in what’s left of Ukraine. State paranoia runs deep when everyone doesn’t march in goose-step brain-switched-off-unison mode. You vill obey. Right.

    I am completely irreligious in the conventional sense of “organized” religion with its business and hierarchical aspects flogging the “we’re right and you poor suckers over there in that other church have got it all wrong” line of nonsense, and could likely produce a 20 page thesis at the drop of a hat as to why I feel that way. However, I am always interested in the achitecture organized religions have spawned as monuments, and visit such places when travelling.

    Thanks for this piece, yalensis. I learned a lot today. It’s still all jumbled up in my mind and will take a while to absorb in logical order, if ever — so forgive me if I have gotten the wrong end of the stick here and there. I’m just in awe of the place. Wow! Makes Westminter Abbey look like a village chapel by comparison.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Beluga! Yeah, Russian churches and cathedrals, quite a lot of them, and the history is kind of amazing.


    • Walrus McNasty - American Retard says:

      Yes, Beluga. Yalensis’ work is so profound and powerful, that it led me to search Wikipedia, and what I found was such a wealth of information, that it is a miracle my brain did not explode instantaneously when I gazed upon my laptop screen. Indeed, the Lavra complex is a massive testament to Russian culture that dwarfs everything that exists in the entirety of Western civilization. A brainwashed American such as I was incapable of fathoming such a thing even existed. It will take at least 37 months for my idiot brain to reassemble all the facts into a coherent bundle of knowledge. Perhaps I will never be able to figure it out, I’m just so confused.


      • peter moritz says:

        “A brainwashed American”…
        No, you may be a brainwashed US citizen, which is their normal state of being, having encountered them as an ex-German and as a Canadian
        citizen, and a fact you highlight with your statement.
        However, America is much, much larger than the USA, and is inhabited by 2/3 non-USA citizens, luckily.


      • yalensis says:

        For once in his sorry, smelly life, this Walrus tells the truth:
        My writings are indeed profound and powerful!


  6. S Brennan says:

    Actually, this might have a silver lining…sounds like a little looting before the fall.

    Often in history, the elites who have brought a nation to ruin are well aware of their malfeasance and it’s inevitable consequence. Ruling elites, having shown no concern for their countryman’s well being prior to the decline, are inclined to show no mercy as they prepare for their exit…stealing everything that is not nailed down.

    A Church’s hidden cash/gold would help make the ruling elites self-created exile pleasurable and…let’s face it, it’s all about them. So…towards the end, it’s only natural to watch ruling elites do what they do best…steal.

    In so many ways, the behavior of the ruling elites of ukrainia is so akin to the Nazis that, were it not for the great tragedy unfolding, it would be comical to watch. Will Argentina open it’s arms to Slavic-blooded Nazis? Dunno, Germans are a significant portion of Argentina as are Italians but Slavs…me thinks not, whaddu ’bout the Stans…eh?

    Surely, the 3LA’s will cast a ratline to a distant shore? Where-oh-where? Inquiring minds want to know. What’s the weather like in Paraguay…better than winter in ukrainia? Surely that’s better than sitting in a cell awaiting a tribunal’s final retribution?

    With that said, please God, let this war end quickly, let the peace be just, let it be long and fruitful and…may you help those souls from the Bush/Obama/Biden administration [singular intended] find their way to your archangel’s tender mercies for having started this conflagration.


    • JMF says:

      SB: Canada’s government will surely welcome the Ukro-Nazis with open arms; just ask Chrystia Freeland!

      And of course my country — the US — will import all the war criminals it can recruit, just like after WW2.


  7. raccoonburbleca says:

    I came across something that should interest people following the Ukraine.War. It is from the Toronto Scar, incredible.Normally the most “liberal” and Anti Russia rag around. About Afghan army soldiers, left in the lurch by NATO, signing up to fight for Russia.

    As for the article above, I am a born again atheist. However, I think religion has its uses. Most of the world’s most beautiful art, music, architecture has a religious basis.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for the link, raccoon. This is very interesting. I imagine these Afghan soldiers have something to offer, especially if they are trained in NATO tactics!

      As for religion, yeah, I don’t believe in god (or gods) either, and frankly it’s sort of beyond me, why other people so stubbornly believe in invisible beings and accept priests as authority figures. But whatever… In a way religious people have an advantage because I think they are not as afraid to die. Me, I’m terrified of dying, because I don’t think there is anything after that, and the nothingness is what scares me!


  8. says:

    We followers of Christ Jesus follow him and his teachings. We don’t need monasteries or huge churches that don’t and any people inside of them, and yes built by organizations that once has lot of gold.  If you recall the real early church met in caves and underground cellars due to Roman persecution. Prayer, love for ones fellow human beings, seeking peace, and caring for others is following Christ Jesus. From an architecture perspective the buildings may be precious to some people, but if the people, I’m speaking of the masses of hard working people not the rich priest and administrators of the religious organization are allowed to use the buildings then let whoever is interested in looking to look around as the building has no feelings, brains, or body. It’s made of stone, plasters, wood, and some of steel, and, again, they don’t feel a thing. I imagine your words indicating that you have no interest in religion is basically how millions of people in the world hate the religions that man has fabricated, and that is why today many huge buildings are just sitting around with no one using them. And that is what happens when one drifts away from truly following of Christ Jesus and the Old and New Testaments. When you have time read the 11th Chapter of the Gospel of John, 1st and 2nd Timothy, especially 1st Timothy, 2nd Chapter, verse 5, and you get a better perspective of really following Christ Jesus, and how his Father, in barrio language, ” Calls the shots.” My best,Charles Pineda, Jr.California Parole Board Judge and former designer and 1st Director of the California Youth Authority’s Gang Violence Reduction Project. See how the Homies or Maravilla barrio leaders brought peace to ELA on U-tube: Working to end gang violence in East Los Angeles. Its starts bad, but gets better.


  9. says:

    What you should propagate is information on the rascals, the central bank cartel, who placed in U.S. government offices which includes the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court who controls all our mass media and want to control the world with a one world government, which they, as the riches, will control.  Little to no information on the low down double crossing actions that these central banking minions in our top U.S, government offices did to Russia. When Gorbachev had the Iron Curtain Wall taken down that international world action was due to an agreement by the central bank cartels minions stating if the Wall went down the U.S. would not increase or start a NATO nation NEXT TO RUSSIA, THAT WAS THE AGREEMENT PERIOD, AND THOSE CENTRAL BANK MINIONS BROKE IT BECAUSE THEY WANT THEIR CENTRAL BANKS IN ALL THE WORLD, AND ANY OPPOSITION WILL BE CRUSHED BY WAR! Since they own the mass media the West doesn’t get any information on their financial shenanigans. To get our country’s war resources after WW1 they planned and effectively took over the control of our U.S. Treasury and our money in 1913. Yes, our taxpayers money. Since they know how to make big money off wars they have us, the USA, involved in endless wars. And since they not only own the mass U.S. media they also own our weapons industry. And if the central bankers don’t own it directly their minions and their corporations own it. Today, they, the central bank system or cartel, control 95% of the world’s economies, including ours, the USA.Read in the Internet how this central banking cartel and their owners who are the riches families in the world use our CIA, the British MI 5 and 6, the French and other NATO powers they control to overthrow countries who have NO ROTHSCHILD AND OTHERS CENTRAL BANK IN THEIR COUNTRY.  In conclusion, notice that during the overthrow of Moammar Gadaffi  the rag tag rebels who were losing the war at the time were establishing a central bank in the capitol of Bengazi! Any country that has it’s own independent central bank is on their hit list. Here, in the U.S., those countries with independent central banks are portrayed as our enemies like Iran, No. Korea, Russia, and Cuba. Iceland got rid of it’s central bank for fleecing their country financially and would have been overthrown if Russia hadn’t stepped in. Again, do your research on the Internet on the central bank empire and how they love to start wars and get richer for their minions get all the rebuilding contracts, which makes them billions if not trillions of dollars. It took billions to rebuilt Germany, many cities in Russia, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, and now Afganistan. When will this end.  


  10. says:

    Yalensis: Read on U-tube and please add it to my former response: Communism, the Rothschilds and the Bank Cartel-VT I Alternative Foreign Policy Media.  An outstanding report on this world wide master plan to make us all slave. El Chuck


  11. JMF says:

    Just another fine example of Ukraine’s alleged “democracy”:

    – Freedom of speech [Torture, jail and/or execute all dissidents.]

    – Freedom of assembly [Outlaw all opposition parties.]

    – Freedom of the press [Abolish all non-state media.]

    -Freedom of religion [Raid and loot church properties.]

    Yep, that’s one great democracy we, the American people, are supporting.


      • S Brennan says:

        Four Freedoms…there used to be a Federally Funded Senior Building in Seattle with a huge sign; Four Freedoms, it was taken down. The people who took the sign down were not right-wing Republicans, rather, it was done by “mainstream” Democrats.

        Since the 80’s Democrats have walked away from FDRism and embraced Wilsonian values.

        Wilsonian values, include globalist-neocolonialism with the racist “white man’s burden” crap firmly attached, suppression of speech, suspension of habis corpus…just ask Debs, just ask the Russ who had American Soldiers on their soil after the “great war”.


        • yalensis says:

          Not to mention Rockwell’s “Freedom from Fear” morphing (under the neocons) into the bogus “war against Terror” which destroyed a series of Arab nations, and ended, once and for all, the other 3 “freedoms” on American soil!


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