Ukraine War Day #184: Nazi Fascin’ Statements

Dear Readers:

Just a very quick one today. Ukraine is losing this war of attrition, slowly but surely, with every day that passes. Not able to launch a counter-offensive or regain any lost territory, the only real things it has left in its arsenal, are sabotage and terror attacks. Every successful operation (for example, the murder of Darya Dugina) makes the Ukrainian patriots feel a little better; gives them a few moments of mental peace, a sense of power, and hope for the future. But only a few moments. And then they will need another fix.

Especially dangerous are those who used to fight in the Azov Regiment and somehow managed to escape that culling. These guys are the best trained in diversionary actions, and know how to use explosives, or work as snipers. Nothing that they can do, at this point, will make a difference in the overall vector of the war; but they can cause trouble and grief for the Russian side, that’s for sure.

Not sure this guy in today’s story fits into that category though; or is just a wannabe. I saw this piece by reporter Dmitry Zubarev. The content: A supporter of Azov was detained in Kaliningrad. His mission was to perform sabotage acts “against objects of the Baltic Fleet and the Khrabrovo Airport”. Personally, I would not deem such acts to be categorized as “terrorism”. The murder of Darya Dugina, a civilian, was terrorism. Sabotage against military objects is not necessarily terrorism, in my view, in the course of a war. And the editors of this piece don’t call it terrorism either, they call it diversionism.

The man detained in Kaliningrad.

Be that as it may, it is interesting to note in the photo of the arrest, the arrested man, looks like he is handcuffed but still able to carry his own luggage; they blurred out his face, but if you look closely you can see that he sports that famous “Azov” haircut, the mohawk with the shaved sides.

Pretty easy to catch terrorists when they all have the same hair-do, Am I right? Wanna bet he’s also got swastika tattoos? Let’s make it easier for the cops…

They don’t give the man’s name. Just say that he was born in 1967 (which would make him around 55 years old, if my math is correct), a local resident of Kaliningrad, and a supporter of the Azov Regiment. Cops say that his mission was to set off some bombs, and then flee from the enclave. When searching his home, they found 5 kg of TNT equivalent, and some “communication” (presumably on his computer) with Azov. Also “agitational literature” and forbidden symbols.

“Under questioning, the detained man gave a full accounting…” Yeah, I’m sure he did…. He will be charged with Statute 205 (preparing a terrorist act) and Statute 223 (unlaw possession of weapons).

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16 Responses to Ukraine War Day #184: Nazi Fascin’ Statements

  1. lou strong says:

    I can’t stomach these nazi guys.
    Plus, if I were a public prosecutor, I’d charged them with a fresh new Statute for stealing and abusing Joe Strummer’s haircut.

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    • yalensis says:

      I had to google Joe Strummer. But it looks, from his photo, like he didn’t shave the sides, just kept them shorter than the top.
      The do’s that really disgust me, are the ones where they shave everything except a little top-knot. Ugh!

      People try to tell me that it’s normal to shave one’s head in certain armies, so to prevent lice, etc. But that depends on the army. For example, in Three Musketeers times, the musketeers had long hair and even used to keep a little braid down the sideburn. There is an actual name for it in French, but I can’t remember the word.. They said it helped protect the cheek from a sabre cut when dueling with foils.


      • John Kane says:

        People try to tell me that it’s normal to shave one’s head in certain armies, so to prevent lice, etc.

        A hundred years + years ago this was likely true. It ,also, probably helped reduce desertion. Anyone with that “haircut” is not a civilian.

        I live not too far from a US army base. It is pretty easy to pick out a junior US enlisted man by his “distinctive” (aka awful) haircut. I suspect our military snicker at them.

        For Azov, etc., the haircut is likely part of the bonding/initiation process.


  2. Liborio Guaso says:

    For something the western media announce that a lot of “good” money is flowing and some try to fish for it.


  3. BM says:

    I agree it is not terrorism. The word terrorism is misused by western governments for political purposes. The word specifically means acts designed to cause terror (fear), especially in the civilian population, and motivated by desire to achieve political objectives (the latter clearly applies here, the former probably not). Sabotage yes, probably treason if the perp was a Russian citizen, and probably a few other things.

    The 6th January thingy in the US was described as “terrorism”, but of course it was not. Arguably the act of labelling the 6th January thingy as “terrorism” is in itself a terrorist act! It was clearly intended to intimidate, and to politically manipulate.

    By the way, do you know what was the world’s first ever use of an aeroplane to commit an act of terrorism? It was very few years after the first successful flight, about 1910-1912, the British Army used a biplane with a mounted machine-gun to randomly terrorise unarmed rural civilians in Africa. The objective was specifically to create terror in the population, intended to influence voting in an election. The plane just flew over the bush killing people completely randomly. This is a perfect example of pure terrorism.


  4. the pair says:

    as dry and bureaucratic as it sounds, i would use the term “asymmetric warfare”. terrorism is usually used against civilians and is usually non-state “actors”. but that’s all semantics.

    glad they caught this guy…who is 55? odd. i can kinda understand the teen angst crowd drawn to this neo-pagan twattery but it’s strange to see actual action among middle aged dad-bod types (as opposed being satisfied with a basement full of tired NSDAP paraphernalia, boyd rice albums and cigarette butts). midlife crisis? should have just dated a stripper instead. they love dumb haircuts and tattoos after all.


    • yalensis says:

      I’m just guessing here, but he might be one of those pro-Westie Kalingraders. When I was doing some research for one my previous posts (about Kaliningrad), I learned that there is a portion of the population there which are ethnic Russians but hate Russia and love the West. Not all that different from Moscow Liberals, except the people in Kaliningrad are closer to the West physically, and they make themselves stand out by calling the city by its old name Königsberg. Full disclosure: I like to call it Königsberg too sometimes, but for different reasons. (My passion for European history and culture, etc.)

      Anyhow, these dissidents might consider themselves to be pro-German or pro-Polish, or pro-Nazi. So it goes without saying they would support Ukraine in this war. Maybe after the war started he became pro-Ukrainian and got the haircut. Earlier in his youth he might have had longer hair and tried to look like Sorrowful Werther, or some other figure from German literature.

      This is all just pure speculation!
      My main point being: These guys make it easy for the cops to spot them. “Just round up the usual suspects, Captain Renault, you know the ones I mean, with the Azov haircut…”


  5. John Jennings says:

    Off topic, but there’s an article in the August issue of Marine Corps Gazette making the rounds. It’s a very thorough debunking of the Kiev / Washington psy-op surrounding the SMO, written under the pseudonym ‘Marinus.’ Presumably he is a (retired?) senior Marine officer. It’s often retired colonels who shoot off their mouths like this, because they know lots about war but unlike generals, detest office politics and political correctness.
    It’s behind a paywall. I went ahead and renewed my membership so I could download the whole issue. I can’t get on Twitter at work, but someone on another blog says it’s available there:

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    • John Kane says:

      As of 2022-08-26 1632 EDST it is available here No guarantee it will stay up.

      It is a very interesting paper. I really appreciated the “reyd” discussion.

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      • yalensis says:

        Definitely plan to read this, thanks to both for link!


        • yalensis says:

          So, I just finished reading that piece. Yes, the raid/reyd discussion is very interesting. Frankly, I am surprised that Napoleon fell for that old trick at Leipzig. In this war, I believe that these Russian “raids” around Kiev helped to distract Ukrainians and pin them in place so that the really juicy targets could develop, namely Kherson, Melitopol and especially Mariupol.
          Makes the Russians appear not quite the incompetent boobs that the Westie media portrays them, when they come out with these fake metrics (“Ukraine fought and captured back more territory than the area of Denmark, while Russia only conquered a tiny slice the size of Andorra” — really?)

          So, in conclusion, I like this fellow, Colonel Ripper/Riper from Dr. Strangelove (or is that General Breedlove?), only thing I didn’t like was his gratuitous potshot against Lenin, right at the end of the article. I deduct a couple of style points for that, oh well, what can you do, the guy is a crusty old American hawk.



    • There was also a good discussion of that article on the Naked Capitalism financial news website on Aug. 14. It goes into the background of the magazine where “Marinus’s” analysis was published — it’s not just some obscure rag. There’s also an extensive comments section in which the likely true name of the author is revealed. (Semi-spoiler alert: it’s similar to a central character in “Dr. Strangelove”, and the actual Marine seems to be quite a “ripper” as the slang term Down Undahere goes). I learn a lot about politics, economics, Covid and world affairs from the posts and comments on NC, which falls into the pro-Russia camp on the topic of Ukraine. Not because they’re Putin fanbois, but because the Westies’ strategy is so bloodily absurd.


    • yalensis says:

      Very interesting! Along those same lines I saw this piece yesterday on iEarlGrey channel. Starting around 3:30 minutes in, Mike has an interesting presentation on the PR companies who were hired to promote the Ukrainian propaganda side of the war. General consensus is: Russia is winning the real war, but Ukraine winning the PR war. Why, because they hired experts!


  6. I think you should have spelt it “fascin” statement in the headline, since it’s about Nazis…


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