Ukraine War Day #152: Wither [continued]

Dear Readers:

After some windings and detours, continuing to work through this story by reporter Gevorg Mirzayan. The topic: a change (for the worse) in Russo-Israeli relations. Partly sparked by fallback from the Ukraine war and a change in Israeli government; and partly by increasing Russian resistance to Zionist poaching of their citizenry. We’re talking about the Zionist project of “repatriation” of Jews back to Palestine, what they call the Aliyah, or “going up”, “ascent”, etc. Already before WWII Jews began to immigrate into Palestine. Initially these were mainly ideological people inspired by Zionism. Secular Jews preferred to remain where they were. Then Hitler came along and killed most of the Jews in Europe. Thus also inspiring further immigration of the survivors. By 1948 (the foundation of the Israeli state), the Zionists had gathered enough people able to fight and win their independence (from Great Britain).

And ever since then the Zionists continue to promote immigration; and they have their Agencies in just about every country in the world, including Russia. Where the Agency is called Sokhnut, the Russian pronunciation (and spelling) of the Hebrew word which means simply “Agency”. We discussed how the pronunciation (and spelling), just by coincidence, forms a perfectly valid Russian word, a verb form meaning “They will dry up/wither away.” Which I found sort of amusing, because I like bi-lingual puns! And this one has a sort of poignant double-meaning, if you get my drift.

Palestinians line up to cross an Israeli checkpoint.

Anyhow, we now get to the more serious discussion of Israeli fertility, and whether or not they can produce enough Israeli babies to man their army in decades to come. And it’s not just regular soldiers. To run a modern oppressive apartheid state one also needs police, border guards, the whole repressive apparatus…

The good news (for Israel) is that they have the highest fertility among all developed nations: Each Israeli woman on average pushes out 2.954 kids. Frankly I would not care to be born as that .954th of a child, probably missing some vital part like a liver; but still an impressive figure. The bad news: Fertility rates are subtly falling, just a little bit each year. The figures for 2018 -2021 were, respectively, 3.09, then 3.021, then 2.999, then 2.976. Secondly, one needs to exclude, even from these figures, children born to the Ultra-Orthodox. Those people can pump out babies like you wouldn’t believe: Each Ultra-Orthodox wife pushed out an average of 6.64 babies in the year 2020. Sadly, these babies don’t really count, because they don’t serve in the army; nor do they pay taxes. Therefore, they bring no added value to the state. In fact, they are a drain on state resources.

Shtisel: A show where “little hats” wear big hats.

yalensis Entertainment sidebar: I actually know quite a lot about the lives of Orthodox Jews living in a drab neighborhood in Jerusalem. How do I know this? From watching a rather good series on Netflix called Shtisel, it’s an Israeli soap opera. The dialogue is in Hebrew (and some Yiddish), but one can turn on subtitles (which I much prefer to dubbing). The show is well written and the characters are interesting as they go about their lives; but mostly I watched it because I sort of “fell in love” with one of the actresses, a tiny waif named Shira Haas. I found this girl fascinating even though she’s not my usual “type” (usually I go for the big buxom blondes!) Actually, one might be accused of pedophilia because, even though Shira is a grown woman now, she still looks like a little child. Hence the urge would be not so much to kiss her passionately, as to pet her on the head and give her a candy bar to beef up her tiny body. Anyhow, she plays the elder daughter in a family swarming with boys, all of whom are preparing to become parasites at state expense by studying Talmud all day in a Yeshiva. What a waste of brains! This in a modern society which needs their children to study math and science, not some dusty old religious nonsense. As you watch her grow up, little Shira is primed to marry her own parasitical Yeshiva boy and start pumping out babies, though her body weight hardly seems adequate to the task. Oh, and by the way, the Orthodox girls, when they marry, are forced to shave their heads and start wearing a fancy wig. For some reason, this helps them fulfill their duties as “baby machines”.

Sweet Shira Haas as a teenager.

Anyhow, having watched that series, I now consider myself to be an expert on the Ultra-Orthodox, and I see exactly what Mirzayan means, about them not contributing very much to Israeli society. They have a sweet gig: Some of them have jobs, but a lot of them just live on welfare, and the state is forced to support them provided they study Talmud and Torah all effing day long, while their wives push out babies who won’t grow up to join the army. Oh, and the kicker is, every time they hear the word “Israel”, these guys are supposed to spit on the sidewalk and utter, “Zionists, pffew!”

Okay, back to our regular story. In addition to the Ultra-Orthodox not being quite kosher enough to be of any help, we also have Arab families to deal with. In 2020, of all the children born in the state of Israel, a whopping 21.7% of them popped out of Arab women. And many Arab families do not feel any particular loyalty to the state of Israel. (Gee, I wonder why?)

The Instant Jew: Just Add Water!

Next take into account that the state has to invest considerable resources to raise and educate these children. In conclusion, it is not surprising that the state would prefer to just import ready-made Jews. Jews already grown-up, educated. trained, definitely not malingerers, and burning with a desire to serve the state of Israel!

As of the current day, “repatriates” comprise a whopping 15% of the population of Israel. Of which, around 900,000 are immigrants from Russia and other former Soviet countries. And this number rises every year, primarily at the expense of the Russian Federation. In 2021 a total of almost 7,000 citizens emigrated from Russia to Israel. In 2022 which is only half over, wait for this, you won’t believe it, the number is already 15,000! Seems like every day, in the Russian press, you read about some other celebrity who jumped ship, but I had no idea the number was that big. It’s easy enough to mutter “Good riddance!” but that doesn’t really help, does it? When a state loses people, it loses its most valuable commodity.

Next we return to where we started, the role of Sokhnut. These guys don’t just act like a travel agency, or provide a pre-paid ticket to get on an airplane. No, they agitate and stimulate for more emigration…

[to be continued]

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14 Responses to Ukraine War Day #152: Wither [continued]

  1. S Brennan says:

    More people…more land…more people and pretty soon you have empire in the making and then you start enforcing ancient claims on surrounding territories and then you “discover” more ancient claims and then..well, shudder Lebanon, Syria et al…essentially the Phoenician empire…’cause like King David yeah…and so it goes.


  2. lou strong says:

    Some sparse thoughts, ‘cos today I don’t feel like starting my job .
    Maybe we should look at the Sokhnut issue , with its demography / expatriation nuanceas, whose meaning I understand very well both from the Israeli and Russian POV, in a bigger picture. Not only the two states are on opposite sides on the ground in Syria , where the situation overheated again, but being Israel in the Western field, it collaborated with the Ukraine military even before the 24th of February.
    I don’t know if it’s true, but I read somewhere that in March ,the day after Russia quoted newly found documents in the Zaporizhye nuclear planta and hinted to “foreign powers” who had helped secret Ukrainian nuclear plans without naming them, there was an unscheduled trip to Moscow by Israel PM or foreign minister, I don’t remember.
    It’s interesting to observe the interaction of ideology,personal identities , real politics with its individual and collective miseries, state interests and/or raison d’etat.
    AFAIK , getting back to the Aliyah and demography stuff, Israeli law-makers and their Chief Rabbis , who have partial power over civil issues, in order to get the maximum of people out of the dissolving USSR,and in the state interest , were very large in the definition of Jewishness, so that they finally had problems like for instance in 2007 discovering the misfits of some neo-nazi group, immigrated from former USSR, in the Tel Aviv outskirts .
    I’ll tell some stuff about the past of my country, regarding the themes of identity, ideology , raison d’etat aka cynicism and the contradictions of real life, as an example of some eternal trends.
    I’ll talk about bankers too ,but by the way I don’t want, and I hope not,to be to compared to the “Khazar plot” people .
    Following Italian reunification, Italian Jew community wasn’t numerous, even if the presence of Jews dated , without interruption,up to the age of Roman Empire.They were mainly middle and upper-class,in the vintage meaning, so not working class, and in majority filled with Italian patriotic feelings which overflowed in nationalism.
    In the wake of WWI, Mussolini , the former head of the whole Socialist party and of its most radical wing, started a new paper in order to enter into war against the then official allies Germany and Austria-Hungary.he was funded by the French secret services and by Mr. Toeplitz ,an Italian top- banker of Polish Jew origins.
    Meanwhile he broke with his Chernigov-born Jewish lover and Socialist A.Balabanova , who had remained faithful to the ” all proletarians are friends ” stuff.
    Then in ’19 he founded , in a hall kindly conceded by industrialist C.Goldmann, the fascist party .He took power after the March on Rome, waiting the result of this show of strength/farce outside Rome probably in sweet company with his second Jew lover, M.Sarfatti. As for the March on Rome , in the first row of the fascist hyerarchs we could find marching the Jew Aldo Finzi, who fell in disgrace after the Antisemite U-turn that the fascist regime took to go full-alliance with Hitler , and who was brutally killed by the nazis in the .
    To add a personal note , some months before, in the second part of ’43, my grandpa had just returned wounded but alive from Donbass, where the regime had sent him to fight, and was entering Resistance as a liaison officer between Turin and the new-born partizan groups on the Alps, while one of the first rememberings of my then 3-years old mommma were the flames and smoke of the .Both the paternal and maternal sides of my family were busy trying to hide a couple of relatives, who were assimilated Jews, in the meaning that they had married catholics and exited the Jewish Community with its registers, as it was not clear to what extent nazi and fascist collaborators would have arrived with the persecution.
    Back to big history, until ’38 Mussolini enjoyed the admiration of the Odessa-born Z.Jabotinsky, the founder of right-wing Zionism and kind of spiritual father of Likud and Netanyahu.

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    • yalensis says:

      Fascinating story, thanks for sharing!

      Yeah, in some ways Hitler’s obsession with Jews was somewhat of an aberration, anti-Semitism is not baked into fascism per se. Mussolini was certainly not an anti-Semite, but he had to play Hitler’s game for the sake of the geopolitical alliance.

      Theoretically you could have a form of fascism that is inclusionist and non-racist, just that everybody in the “in” group has to be loyal to the concept of the nation and the Leader, while serving the needs of the oligarchic class. That’s the essence of fascism, in my view. The racist frills are just ornamentation.


  3. moon says:

    Putin may well sympathise with Israel, he too seems to feel there should be more Russian babies. I am more LSBT, LSBTI, LSBTIQ oder LSBTI* leaning, at least I prefer it versus anything approching the mindset of the Rabbitt Crosses or Medailles de la Lapin:


  4. James lake says:

    If they wish to emigrate thats up to them – they can’t be stopped. Soviet Union tried this and what a political own goal that was

    However if the individuals have received finance from the government, grants or scholarship to study at university etc.
    Russia needs to demand repayment – and the the emigrants need to refund the state,

    This needs to apply to all who emigrate to USA / UK / Israel or elsewhere.

    It defrauds the taxpayer who ends up funding people who are not going to contribute to society.


    • yalensis says:

      These are interesting questions. I am personally somewhat of a libertarian, believe it or not. I believe that (a) all people deserve a state-funded free education, even higher education, based on a meritocracy; and that (b) all humans have the right to emigrate to a different country, if they don’t like the one they’re in.

      Now, when it comes to “repayment”, there is a separate issue when people sign a contract. For example, one could sign a contract to join the army and get a free college education, but then one still has to serve in the reserves for X number of years. Or in situations where people sign a contract to “repay” their free education by performing some kind of public service for X number of years; for example you get a free veterinary education, but then you have to go to some Siberian town and fix bears and tigers for X number of years. And then, once you have paid your debt to society, you are free to go anywhere you like.

      I think if the Russian government (or any government) never asked a person to sign such a contract, then they have no right to deny that person to emigrate. They could think about passing a law to demand public service in various professions.

      Having said that, my opinion has nothing to do with the activities of Sokhnut, to be honest I do believe they should be banned in Russia, but that’s just my personal opinion.


  5. Cortes says:

    The title for today and yesterday ought to be “whither”; “wither” is to shrivel up, whereas “whither” = “in which direction?”.

    Not as bad as “slither” for “sliver” and other abominations but nearly…


  6. James lake says:

    With eye on the CIA, Moscow cracks the whip at Israel 
    The Jewish Agency is Israel’s life source and the Kremlin shut it down this month. The fallout may be a measurable schism between Moscow and Tel Aviv, in which the latter has a lot to lose.

    By MK Bhadrakumar

    // the author is a firmer Indian ambassador


  7. John Kane says:

    Anyhow, having watched that series, I now consider myself to be an expert on the Ultra-Orthodox

    Still chuckling an hour later. I believe Mikheil Saakashvili and Volodymyr Zelenskyy spent many hours watching “West Wing’.


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