Ukraine War Day #123: Why The U.S. Cannot Sustain A War Economy

Dear Readers:

Please forgive me for what appears to be laziness, since this post basically consists of re-linking posts by two other, much better than myself, bloggers. It’s just that the issue they raise is so simple and so basic, and yet so profound, that I think it will open some eyes. At least for those, like myself, who have not really thought about this much before. And it’s the oldest issue in the history of warfare, namely: Just how many {spears, arrows, bullets, cannonballs, etc.} can my workers produce? the King asks impertinently.

“I’m not just fiddling. I’m trading derivatives.”

The two bloggers in question: Brian Berletic (aka Tony Cartalucci, I don’t know why he has 2 names) of The New Atlas; and the incomparable Alexander Mercouris. The issue they discuss and analyze is the simple one of industrial/manufacturing capacity. And how many bullets (or, in this case, missiles and shells) a nation can produce in wartime. The United States used to be an industrial giant, of course. Until it willfully threw away its manufacturing capacity and outsourced to China. As part of the Empire’s downward evolution from industrial economy to financial tricks and shenanigans. Meanwhile, China has become the manufacturing colossus of the world, while (much smaller) Russia has also been plugging away for the past decade, like a diligent little ant to America’s grasshopper; reshaping its military-industrial base to prepare for the inevitable NATO invasion.

And now the proof of the pudding: WWIII arrived, albeit in somewhat unexpected format. The U.S. and its European lackeys are still scratching their heads, not fully absorbing that their respective military-industrial complexes (complices?) literally cannot feed this giant Black Hole that is the Ukraine. A Black Hole that relentlessly sucks in every bullet, every tank, every gun, every shell, every rocket in the entire universe. To put it bluntly, no Friend of the Black Hole is able to produce enough bullets off his or her assembly lines. And it would take literally months or years (plus a full ideological dedication) to convert their respective economies into wartime economies. For example, that small factory that produces kitchen magnets — is now going to produce bullets. (Oh wait! that kitchen magnet factory was long ago moved to China.)

Without further ado, here is Brian discussing this situation. Ignore the headline. His post is 40 minutes long, and well worth listening to every minute, but if you don’t have the time, then skip forward (around 25 minutes in) to the bullet point (little pun there) labelled “Ukraine’s military industrial support in the West is outmatched by Russia”.

This is the moment where Brian cites and links the Alexander Mercouris piece, which discusses this issue in even more depth, relying on the work of a respected UK think tank:

Alex’s piece is even longer, 52 minutes, but well worth it for the number of truth-bombs that he drops in the course of a single episode. Anybody who ever doubted before that the Russians were destined to win this war of attrition… well, nothing is 100% certain, but the Russians would have to do something really stupid at this point…

This analysis also puts to shame the continued B.S. you will hear in the Westie MSM, all the promises of Wonder-Weapons to come. Ukrainian elites continue to beg shamelessly and promise: “All you need to do is build us a new army, a new airforce, deluge us with wonder-weapons, and yeh… by August, October max, we’ll turn this thing around… We are already preparing our super-duper counteroffensive…”

Brian, and others, point out that the Ukrainians already had all that stuff: They had an airforce, they had a huge army, they were stocked to the gills with weapons. They had it all, and they lost it in the first couple of months, because they made a lot of really bad decisions.

A commenter to one of the Russian blogs put it best: “The only Wonder-Weapon that could help them now is the invention of a Time Machine.” So that they could go back in time and have a do-ever. Although, knowing the Ukrainian mentality, they would probably do it exactly the same way as before. And with the same result.

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15 Responses to Ukraine War Day #123: Why The U.S. Cannot Sustain A War Economy

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    No one can believe that the number of millions that are thrown into the Ukrainian Nazi dump is real, a part is possibly pocketed by the leaders in the West who take advantage of their glory days to enrich themselves and another little is separated for the retirement of the Ukrainian leaders when they leave fleeing and with what is left over the propaganda about the threat is maintained to terrorize Europeans.


    • yalensis says:

      When laundering billions, never forget the simple rule: The big guy always gets his 10%.
      Let’s go Brandon!


      • S Brennan says:

        Yeah, I think think this war has more to do with enriching certain denizens of DC, to name a few, Biden-mob, Bill&Hill, O-bomber & the Cheney-esque R’s, than any grand strategy. The “strategy thingy” is DC smoke & mirrors to hide the money trail.


  2. Stevelancs says:

    This is not a sympathetic take on why Brian used a nom-de-plume but explains the basics. What the article refers to as the pro-democracy movement in Thailand is just the usual suspects up their regime-change games. I also believe he has a wife and child and didn’t want them to be drawn into any confrontation about his political views.


    • yalensis says:

      Aha! Thanks for info, that makes sense now. I have watched several of Brian’s videos and glean that he lives in Thailand; also that he has exposed some of the machinations of the color-revolution usual suspects who operate there. I hope he stays safe, he seems like a very bright young fellow. Although I have to wonder why he is completely bald at such a young age. It makes him look like Lex Luther!


      • Bukko Boomeranger says:

        Guys actually look younger with a shaved chromedome than they do with a deeply receding hairline. Especially f they’ve tried to disguise the latter with a comb-over. There’s a subliminal psychological factor at work. Hairlesness is a juvenile attribute, so it carries a subtle suggestion of youth. Partial hair makes it obvious what has been lost. Plus, a bullethead is currently a hipster thing, so it implies “I’m au courant.”


  3. Gerald says:

    Problem for the Ukies is that they were never allowed to fight like they were historically trained to do (meaning to fight like Russians – good old Soviet training for 80 years) They spent 8 years being trained to fight like a ‘cutting edge’ NATO army. Well its an eye opener, for those who wish to see, just how badly NATO armies fight and how easily the Russian Military will dispatch them. Ukies under no circumsatnces could have won but I feel in some circumstances may have held their own, fighting like Russians (the irony is very thick of course) and either forced greater casualties on Russia or forced them to employ much more effort and materiel including the goodies kept in the cupboard.
    So, Turns out that cutting edge for NATO is basically fighting like WWII with a preponderant reliance on Air power, which when bottled up or destroyed, decreases the Armys ability to fight coherently. NATO has never fought a REAL war, certainly not a 21st century war and in Ukraine we see partially (because the Russians haven’t used all their toys, bells and whistles and wundewaffen – just some of them) what the results look like for western military. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.
    It turns out that Scholz’s wet dream of a great new German army is probably to be considered but in the real world is completely impossible. It would cost trillions and because no one makes weapons like the Russians they would somehow have to go about inventing either comparable weapons or weapons which can spoil or counteract Russias vast and deep resevoir of missile defence and offence systems. The West is broke, living on borrowed time and money, trillions and trillions in debt and with no technical capacity in the short or medium term to invent the stuff required (because it turns out when you offshore your entire manufacturing industry the skill sets dry up and die also) so guess what, they will have to rely on US MIC which basically makes over priced junk which can’t compete either. It truly is wakey wakey time for Europe and more so the Americans but being the great shysters, sorry, I mean showmen, they are they’ll convince the Germans to part with their hard printed money for the likes of the F35 and patriot/Aegis .. the future is bright indeed but it isn’t western.

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    • yalensis says:

      Excellent analysis, Gerald. I too feel like the Ukrainians were forced to fight in a way that is completely unnatural for them, and that they would have done better without the NATO training.
      And if NATO was training them to fight WWII, maybe also the American part of NATO was training them to fight “anti-terror” wars, like Iraq and Libya. Those are the only kind of wars that the U.S. knows how to fight any more, wars against Arabs (and other flip-flops) who don’t have a big airforce or anti-air systems. Then they come up against a real enemy… they couldn’t even cut it against Syrian Arabs once the latter were equipped with Russian anti-air.
      It’s also telling that the Ukrainians were forced to divest of all their Russian military training and couldn’t even see a cauldron approaching them (like a slo-mo iceberg to Titanic), from over 3 weeks away. It’s because Kutuzov was cancelled and they are not allowed to read War and Peace any more, because too Russian. They replaced all that valuable legacy with the briliant military minds from NATO and the Pentagon.


  4. S Brennan says:

    An awful lot of Americans, well over 60%, knew that trading away the USA’s industrial capacity to enrich the very few was, a very, very, very stupid idea. Those, let’s call them “deplorables”, have been silenced and humiliated in every conceivable manner. The “deplorables” [aka untermench] are people who make REAL things.

    For foreign readers, the vast majority of engineers in the USA are also considered “deplorable”, by the 1% [aka ubermensch] because their work is largely “not theoretical”, “nor abstract” and when it is, it has real world ramifications ie, it’s immediately useful in the “making of things”. Most assuredly, that is not considered as useful as say, raiding a pension fund or; using Wall Street capital to buy up starter homes and forcing the untermench into renting instead of buying their homes or say; selling trade secrets to the CCP.

    Note, there is not, nor has there ever been a Nobel Prize in “Engineering” and there never will be. Alfred used a lot of engineers but, he did not like them, engineers tended to treat people in the shop as coworkers instead of properly addressing them as untermensch.

    This type of disdain shown by the 1% is requited forcefully by Andrei Martyanov’s at his blog. While Martyanov and I don’t always agree…the idea that the USA’s “leadership” is comprised almost entirely of people lacking a hard science background would be unbelievable…were it not true and it’s good to see Andrei openly mocking DC’s elites for their collective and studiously obtained ignorance.

    The idiocy shown by DC and the “forgetmenots” in London knows no bounds and their collective decision to fight a war on Russia’s front lawn is a reflection of their deeply rooted ignorance. This type of studious ignorance did not used to be the case. Prior to the Dulles coup of 22 Nov 1963, the USA was run by competent men. Folks like Gen George Marshall who knew a thing or two about logistics.

    But I say to all, this too will pass, Lady Liberty may have stumbled into this degenerative state, but she will collect her wits, dust herself off and get back up on that pedestal and hold her torch high. The wholesale treasonous venality that is DC will end in a reformation, there may be a black time ahead, as there was in the aftermath of the gilded age but, we will rid ourselves of DCs parasitic class…as we have before. That said, this class of DC parasites is the worst that has ever been.


    • yalensis says:

      Which is why I still see the Soviet Union as a kind of model how politicians and government officials should be picked. Most Soviet Central Committee members came from an engineering background. Many of them started out as ordinary factory workers, went to school, got an education, became engineers. Soviet factories and industries were run by tough-minded managers who had engineering degrees plus practical experience.

      I believe that it is important for people to stay rooted in the real world, and that engineering is a way to do that. My father was an engineer, by the way, so I am probably biased.


  5. Richard says:

    The Banderites who destroy monuments to Georgy Zhukov are themselves destroyed by his favourite tactics of overwhelming artillery barrages followed by breakthrough attacks which entrap the enemy in cauldrons.–video.HkTHwvK4c.html


    • yalensis says:

      The power of Irony! Similarly, the Banderites who recently banned Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” from the Ukrainian school curriculum, will start to wish that they had read more carefully those chapters about the battle of Borodino.


  6. That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

    In case there’s anyone else who refuses to support pro-censorship assholes, but were wondering whether there was a second site on the entire internet that has videos available to watch, here’s a better link:,:d

    I haven’t watched a video from y*tube for years, and never will again.


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