Putin Crafts New Ideology for Russian Statehood – Part II

Dear Readers:

We now get to the section of Akopov’s piece which is of more interest to secularists.  Namely carving out what should be Russia’s stance in the international sphere.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin, two days ago (Thursday) gave  the opening speech at the Jubilee Session of the All-Russian Peoples Gathering.  Reading through this speech and attempting to translate sections of it into English, I came to the conclusion that, linguistically speaking, this is a really good piece of rhetoric.  I don’t know if Putin uses a speech-writer or not, but this is good stuff.  He uses the Russian language masterfully, and even created a couple of new winged impressions!  From an ideological point of view, Putin is also attempting a kind of tour de force; with Kirill at his side giving moral and spiritual support, he is attempted to lay out a new ideology for the Russian state, defining how it sees itself, both internally (as the titular sovereign state of the Russian people, while at the same time also being a Federation including other nationalities); and externally, namely defending Russians and Russian interests abroad.  Defending them from what?  Well, from many threats, obviously, but especially from Globalization.

Can Globalization be stopped?  Unfortunately, no.  This has been going on since the time of the Roman Empire, it is an irreversible process.  It can maybe be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped.  Okay, then, so we better join in.  So, why is Globalization a threat to Russia?  In theory, it shouldn’t be, necessarily.  Globalization is a joint American-European project.  And, since the time of Peter the Great, Russia has regarded herself as a European power.  So, what’s the problem?  Well, in recent years, it has become crystal clear that the Westies do not regard Russia as a partner in this project.  In building their Brave New World of Globalization, Westies have envisioned for Russia the same role, crudely speaking, as did Adolph Hitler.  Or, as Goldfinger once said to Mr. Bond:  “I expect you to die!”

Add to this: Leads to the destruction of Russia.

For whatever twisted reasons, Westies want Russia to shut up; to go away; to die.  They want to put Baby in the corner, and then nuke that corner.  They want the Eurasian landmass for their very own, but they don’t want the people who come with the land.  It took the current Russian political elite, who grew up worshipping American rock bands, some time to finally get this point through their heads.  As in:  “Not only will we NOT let you into our club, but we will do everything we can to physically destroy you as an entity!”

Russia:  “You don’t like me.  You REALLY don’t like me!”

West:  Bingo!

Putin’s Winged Expressions

Putin (this is a translation from his Thursday speech):  “We see what attempts are being made in recent times to re-format [using the American borrowing pere-format-irovat!] the whole world [yalensis:  like re-formatting a hard disk!].  To destroy civilizational values and those cultural-historical spaces which took centuries to build.  The goal is to create various types of faceless protectorates [безликие протекторатыa really good new winged phrase! – yalensis] because, after all,  impoverished peoples, robbed of their national identity and brought down to the level of vassals, are easier to control.  To rule them, and to use them as barter in one’s own interests.  We are unfortunately coming up against this type of practice in many regions of the world, of the planet, including the post-Soviet space.”

Putin goes on to assert that all these bad things will come to an end, that it is not possible to endlessly deprive people of their faith, their traditions, their family genealogy; to endlessly go against “Truth, Justice, and simple common sense”.

Putin:  “Truly, it is at this current moment that the world is deciding, what it will be like in the future, in the next few decades.  Will this be the world of the Monologue; or the so-called Law of the Fist; the right of the Strong?  Or will it be a world of Dialogue, of mutual respect?”  To what extent will technological innovations combine harmoniously with moral and ethical norms?  Well, as people like to say, we have more questions here than answers.”

[to be continued]

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