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Ukraine War Day #177: More Fun Palace Intrigues

A wealthy farmer left his only daughter with a magnificent dowry: When he died, she inherited vineyards, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, farmlands, as far as the eye could see; servants as numerous as the sands of the desert; and hoards … Continue reading

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Central Heating Crisis In Ukraine – Part I

Dear Readers: Now that we are into October, it is time to talk about the issue of central heating.  Urban central heating is one of the features of post-Soviet states.  To my knowledge (and somebody please correct me if I … Continue reading

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Babi Yar Acquires Jew-Hating Heroine

Dear Readers: My starting point for today’s post is this short piece from PolitNavigator, penned by Semen Doroshenko in Kiev.  The headline: Klichko Unveiled in Babi Yar a Statue to the Nationalist Poet Who Worked for the Germans During the … Continue reading

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As Ukraine Prepares For the Earth — Let Mother Nature Decide Who Was Right

In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is just around the corner.  The bears in the Moscow Zoo are yawning and getting ready to hibernate.  Human beings throughout Europe are donning sweaters and tuning up their natural gas furnaces. In Ukraine, leaders of government … Continue reading

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“Мы сыны батрацкие” – Shchors Still Rides On in Kiev

Dear Readers, You may have heard about the “de-Communization” laws in the Ukraine.  The current pro-nationalist government has embarked upon a wide-ranging ideological project to completely rewrite the history of that country.  Those who used to be villains — the … Continue reading

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