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Ukraine War Day #398: Under The Heel Of A Thatcherite – Part III

Dear Readers: Today concluding my review of this piece by reporter Andrei Rezchikov. We discussed the dire situation of the Ukrainian budget, and how the government plans to, well not balance the budget, that’s impossible, but at least alleviate it, … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #308: Engels/Strizh

Dear Readers: A lot of things happened over this past Christmas weekend. But for me the most alarming thing that happened, was the “Ukrainian” drone strike against the Russian airbase in Saratov. I put the word “Ukrainian” in quotes, because … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #265: The Battle For The Dniepr

Dear Readers: After the Ukrainian victory in Kherson, some analysts believe that the next big thing on the war menu will be the battle for control over the Dniepr River. To help us figure out what happens next, I have … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #263: The Cat On The Chain

У лукоморья дуб зеленый; At Lukomorye there is a green oak tree; Златая цепь на дубе том: There is a golden chain tied around the tree: И днем и ночью кот ученый Both day and night a learned cat Всё … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #258: What’s Up In Pavlovka?

“We transferred to Queeg the hatred we should have felt for Hitler and the Japs.”― Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny Dear Readers: Anybody who has not read Wouk’s novel, a true classic of American Literature, I highly recommend they do so. Underneath … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #74: Popasna Falls To LPR

Dear Readers: The big news is that the city of Popasna fell to the Luhansk Peoples Republic forces, working side by side with the Russian army, and not without some help from Kadyrov and his Chechens. The blogosphere was actually … Continue reading

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