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Ukraine War Day #389: Crimea Shows The Way

Dear Readers Yesterday (March 18) was the 9th Anniversary of the Reunification of Crimea with Russia. To celebrate the occasion, President Putin made a surprise visit to the peninsula. As the RT piece describes it, Putin’s focus was on inspecting … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #227: Breaking News: Bridge Damaged + Starlink

Dear Readers: I interrupt my story on the mobilization supply situation to bring some breaking news. First the bad news: Ukrainian terrorists succeeded in damaging the Kerch Bridge which brings people and supplies back and forth from Crimea to mainland … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #211: Russia Mobilizes (Partially)

Dear Readers: Today I have this short piece by reporter Dmitry Zubarev. As we have heard, Russia is doing a “partial mobilization” of her army, which will be needed to (a) finish the job, and (b) defend her new borders … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #115: Can Ukes Take Out Kerch Bridge?

Dear Readers: If you are like me, then you are a worrier. (So, I hope, for your sake, you are not like me.) One of the (many) things I worry about, is the Kerch Bridge. Also known as the Crimea … Continue reading

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