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Ukraine War Day #331: Two Henrys And A Beard

Dear Readers: Today I have these two short pieces, loosely tied together by the theme of religion. Not religion as theology, just its role in war and politics. We will start with Ramzan Kadyrov. Who has shown himself, in this … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #221: Liman Falls, Who Is To Blame?

Dear Readers: So, it happened just as I dreaded. On the Liman front (Krasny Liman, Red Liman), yesterday (October 1), just one day after becoming territory of the Russian Federation, the city of Liman fell to Ukrainian/NATO troops. I have … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #200: Russia Fights Back + No Electrons For You

Dear Readers: While we are recovering from our traumas of the last couple days and engaging in emotional healing, I have two quick stories for today; Zelensky Promises Stuff That He Doesn’t Have This story is reported by Anton Antonov. … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #102: Who Controls Severodonetsk?

Dear Readers: As of the moment that I am penning this, people on the intertubes do not know for sure exactly which side (Russians vs Ukrainians) controls the Donbass city of Severodonetsk. We all remember how, just a couple of … Continue reading

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Kadyrov to France: “It’s your own damn fault!”

Dear Readers: So, this past Saturday night (May 12), a knife-wielding assailant screaming “Allahu Akbar!” went on a rampage in the center of Paris, stabbing people at random.  He murdered one person and injured four others.  French police are investigating … Continue reading

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Kadyrov Criticizes The Exceptional Nation

Dear Readers: I saw this piece in VZGLIAD a couple of days ago.  Don’t worry, it’s a shortie, I can do it all in one sitting. But first, before we start, I want to give a shout-out to my American … Continue reading

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Natasha vs Matilda — New Russian Culture War – Part IV

Dear Readers: Today we finish this saga of Tsar Nikolai II’s warring mistresses.  On this side of the ring:  Nickie’s actual physical mistress, the prima ballerina Matilda Kschessinska.  On the other side:  Nickie’s spiritual mistress, Natalia Poklonskaya.  Of the two women … Continue reading

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Kadyrov to Chechen Athletes: “YOU get a car! And YOU get a car!”

This piece by Vitaly Klimov is from today’s Komsomolskaya Pravda: Chechnya’s returning heroes (from the Olympic Games in Rio) were met by thousands of fans waving the flags of the Chechen Republic and of the Russian Federation. The accompanying short video … Continue reading

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Kadyrov Versus the Hamsters

Dear Readers: Today I have this piece from VZGLIAD.  Apparently a war is on — and what a war it is!  So without further ado I bring you this piece, mostly quoting a sociologist named Alexei Chadaev, who claims that … Continue reading

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Russian Blogger Varlamov – What Chechens Are Saying

Dear Readers: For today’s story, I have a post from a Russian blogger named Ilya Varlamov, he recently travelled to Chechnya and has been blogging about his impressions of the capital city Grozny.  This post was picked up by the … Continue reading

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