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Trouble in Paradise? A Growing Rift Between Poroshenko and Saakashvili

Ukrainian politics grows curiouser and curiouser every day. I saw this piece in VZGLIAD about the growing rift, and possible upcoming struggle for power, between these two participants in today’s catfight: On one side of the ring we have sitting … Continue reading

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Panicky Saakashvili Calls For State Of Emergency In Odessa

Dear Readers: Today I have a juicy cat-fight for you.  In its most simplistic form I pose it as Gennady Trukhanov on one side of the cat-ring; versus Mikheil Saakashvili on the other.  And I will go on to explain who … Continue reading

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“Pan Saakashvili, we need to catch the ones who got away on May 2.”

I was skimming through Internet, trying to find out if anything new happened yesterday in Odessa – for example how is it going with Saakashvili’s “Maidan” protests? and so on. Recall that Saakashvili’s favorite candidate for Mayor, Sasha Borovik, from the … Continue reading

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Saakashvili on Odessa Election: “I wuz robbed!”

The lede: Big news days in Odessa, Ukraine! Later today there will be both official and non-official actions to contest yesterday’s municipal elections. Here is what happened, and is happening: Long Live the New Mayor, Same as the Old Mayor! … Continue reading

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