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Coarse Stalin vs Loser Trotsky – Part II

Dear Readers: Today continuing with this interesting piece from RIA, written by Filipp Prokudin on the 95th Anniversary of the 13th Party Congress.  The topic is Lenin’s Last Will and Testament and the ensuing Game of Thrones, Soviet edition, which … Continue reading

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Coarse Stalin vs Loser Trotsky – Part I

Dear Readers: I seem to be on a roll here, still sticking with Russian history of the 20th century, and still on the Stalin vs Trotsky theme.  Today I have this interesting piece from RIA, penned a couple of days … Continue reading

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Lenin: 12-year-old girl in a cage — and other Netflix howlers!

Dear Readers: This post constitutes a review of the Netflix original movie “The Russian Revolution”. First some backstory, how I came to watch this gem.  See, officially I am boycotting Netflix, because of their egregious pro-Al-Qaeda movie “The White Helmets”.  … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Bible Study Day: The Sons of Japheth vs. The Sons of Lenin

Dear Readers: Today is Bible-Study Day at the AwfulAvalanche.  I realize it’s not Sunday yet.  But in such a sinful world, it pays to study the Bible almost every day.  Especially the Old Testamant, which is simply brim-full of lessons … Continue reading

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Sorry, FINLAND, I Forgot Your Birthday!

Dear Readers: Given that the motto of my blog is “Human Dignity“, I try to be as cosmopolitan and internationalist as possible, therefore I am truly sorry that I forgot Finland’s birthday.  Well, actually Independence Day. It was on 6 … Continue reading

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