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Why Can’t Russia Produce Turbines For Crimea? – Part IV

WE INTERRUPT THIS REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOGPOST TO BRING YOU BREAKING NEWS ABOUT THE CRIMEAN GAS TURBINES!!! Dear Readers: As you recall, we were slowly and calmly working our way through this piece from VZGLIAD.  Where we left off in our story, intrepid reporter … Continue reading

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Holocaust On Ice: When Westies Don’t Like Edgy Culture – Part I

Dear Readers: In the past couple of weeks, we have been talking so much about Culture, the meaning of Art, and what is true Art and what is not, and all o’that.  For years and even decades, Western media has making … Continue reading

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Navalny Accuses Tatyana Navka Of Being Rich

Maybe some people didn’t know this, but Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, bagged one of the hottest babes in the Russian figure skating world: Namely, former Olympic Ice Dancing star, Tatyana Navka. Tatyana was the Olympic Ice Dance champion in 2006, … Continue reading

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