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Another Syrian Victory Against Crusaders

Dear Readers: This post is basically a collage of soundbites from the Russian press celebrating Syrian victory over last night’s rocket attack. The morning after three Crusader nations (the United States, Great Britain and France) launched over 100 rockets onto … Continue reading

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Chemistry and Life: What Did Trump’s Press Secretary Lie About? – Part I

Dear Readers: I saw this piece in Politnavigator, written by¬†Alexander Rostovtsev.¬† It is an excellent debunking of America’s claim to moral superiority when it comes to discussing the issue of chemical weapons. The piece begins with the part of the … Continue reading

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Syrian-Russian Alliance Mops Up Moderate Rebels Near Israel Border

A lot of the pieces that I see in the Russian online press are “paraphrase/translations” from other international sources, into Russian, for the benefit of the Russian-language readers who don’t have access to the originals, or can’t read the original … Continue reading

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