Breaking News: American Collusion In Moscow Municipal Elections!

Dear Readers:

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this Breaking News story!  Some quick background:  The Usual Suspects from Russia’s Liberal Opposition groups have a beef against the government:  They believe that they have been unfairly shut out of the upcoming elections to the Moscow municipal Duma.  Election officials say these losers couldn’t cough up enough signatures to get on the ballot.  Opps beg to disagree and claim that they are being repressed by the state.  This past Saturday (August 10), they split away from the sanctioned political rally and went galavanting off on an unsanctioned demonstration that ended up with a rock concert attracting (they say) up to 20,000 people.

But the lede here is not so much about that dispute, as about allegations that the American Government itself is interfering in this internal Russian political process – GASP!  “Well, I never…” as Aunt Bea used to say.  Everybody knows that it is the Russians who interfere in American elections and even helped to put Donald Trump in the White House.  Those wily “Ivans” even sussed out the byzantine Electoral College, which is why their campaign advisors told Trump that  he needed to campaign more in Pennsylvania; a tactic that proved beyond the intellectual capacity of Hillary Clinton.  Who wasted so many precious days campaigning in California, a state she already had in her handbag!

But anyhow, if you were truly plugged into the Matrix and actually listened to the American Lamestream Media, they would assure you that Russians interfere and collude all over the world; whereas they, Americans, pure as the virgin snow, would never do such a thing.  They would never stick their noses in somebody else’s business; or, if they did, it’s only because they care about people and want to help.

Tatiana in the avtozek offers free legal advice.

Which must be the reason why this American citizen named Tatiana Brennick [not sure about the English spelling of that last name, all I have is the Cyrillic spelling, so I’m just guessing] was found inside a Russian avtozek (police van) transporting to the Soylent Green Processing Center people who were arrested at the unsanctioned demonstration; and giving out free legal advice to the other detainees, how they should comport themselves at the Processing Center.

All we know about Tatiana is that she is an ethnic Russian, was born in Russia (1975), grew up there, emigrated to the U.S. at some point, and acquired American citizenship in 2016.  By profession she is an attorney.

Returning to Russia, she apparently participated in the Opps demonstrations and seems to be an expert on how to game the Russian police system.

Inside the police van, a Russian guy named Anton Tsaplin was making a video on his Smartphone and noted how Tatiana was offering “instruction” to the others, “how to pull the wool over the cops eyes”.  She gave people advice how to properly answer the questions that would be posed to them, and how to evade responsibility.  Anton posted this on his VKontakte page (the Russian version of Facebook), along with his video.  He was able to capture a photograph of Tatiana’s American passport.

In the video, the detained people sitting in the van, discuss their rights.  Tatiana enters into the conversation.  Her opinion is that people should dispute the protocol of their detention and demand a hearing at the Supreme Court.

Somebody asks her what is her name.  A man sitting next to her claims that she is an American citizen.  She puts her finger to her lips, in a shushing motion, like it’s top secret.  But at a certain point relents and admits that she is an American citizen.  She also admits that the cops didn’t beat her or lay a finger on her.

American Collusion

Tatiana is just one person, but there is weightier evidence that the Americans are involved, even in these smaller demonstrations and manifestations.  Indeed, they have been trying for many years to overthrow Putin, but always without success.  Unable to take the Kremlin by brute force, they try to chip away a more manageable portion, even in the fringes of Russian politics.  It’s one of the job duties of every American Ambassador to Russia.  In fact, some analysts believe that the recent resignation of Ambassador Jon Huntsman is linked to his failure to achieve anything in this area.  Indeed, the recent Opps protests have been such a fizzle that Jon, this past weekend, had to pack up his Mormon underpants and fly back home to America.

There is some circumstantial evidence that the American Embassy was in on the actual ground-floor of the planning of these demonstrations.  Prior to the demonstrations the American Embassy had posted a so-called “warning” on its site, directed at American citizens resident in Moscow.  On the one hand, it was a “warning” of a concerned parent, on the other hand it laid out in quite a lot of laudable detail the planned actions along with some tactical advice:

On Saturday, August 10, protesters plan to gather for an authorized political demonstration at Sakharov Prospect, near the Garden Ring Road, beginning at 1400 hours. After the rally, some protesters indicated plans to embark on unauthorized demonstration marches throughout Moscow, likely towards the city center. Previous recent demonstrations resulted in over one thousand arrests, and there were eyewitness accounts of excessive use of force against protesters. There were also reports that innocent bystanders were detained, and that cellular voice and data services were suppressed near protest areas.

They advise American citizens to make sure they have their passport and current visa with them at all times, in case they get swept up in the dragnet.  Tatiana apparently heeded that good advice.

Russia Fights Back

All of this is fairly weak sauce, of course, and would hardly even be worth mentioning, were it not for the persistent pattern of egregious American interference and collusion in Russian politics over the past 30 years.

Andrei Klimov: “Told ya so!”

But that angelic Russian patience is wearing thin.  Andrei Klimov, who heads the Working Commission to Defend State Sovereignty, has stated that he will offer a protest against these types of American Embassy announcements.  “Some of this,” he claims, “could be regarded as incitement to others to break the law.”  Klimov points out that the Embassy statement “described events that had not yet occurred and in fact ought not to occur.  For example it is written that demonstrators are likely to head to the city center and may meet with resistance from the police.”  Klimov feels that his earlier predictions, made last May, have been vindicated, namely, that the Americans would most surely attempt to interfere in the Moscow municipal elections; in this case via staging provocations and trying to bait the police into a violence response.  Klimov says that his Commission of Inquiry has discovered the identities of some of the American lobbyists trying to influence the Russian election:  “These are official, commercial lobbyists, and we know about some their concrete attempts to influence certain members of the President’s Commission on Human Rights (СПЧ), and also to influence certain people working in higher education institutions.”  Klimov will issue his report to the President.

Maxim Grigoriev, who is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation also objected to the American Embassy announcement.  He called it “inexcusable”, and a “crude interference” in Russian internal affairs:  “Factually, the American Embassy is engaged in advertising the actions of the Opposition, as has been the case many times before.  What they are doing is very obvious, they are not even hiding it, and it is clearly intentional.”

To which pearls of wisdom, one can only respond in one word:  “Duh!”

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20 Years Since Chechnya War – Part II

Dear Readers:

Today concluding this historical retrospective of Russia’s Second Chechnya war.  Where we left, we had flashed back to 30 years ago, the beginning of the dissolution of the USSR.  Which began with street protests in Tbilisi carried out by Gruzian nationalists.  Their goal was secession from the USSR and an independent Gruzia.  Which they eventually achieved.

Here’s the thing, though…  I think it’s almost a universal rule, that once the fragmentation of an entity starts, then secessions develop within the Secession.  Even in the American Civil War, there were pockets within the Confederacy which seceded from the Secession; in other words, remained loyal to the Union.

Flag of the Abkhazian SSR

And so it came to pass with the Soviet Union as well.  Due to administrative boundaries set in Soviet times (mostly by the Creative Carving skills of Joseph Stalin), the Abkhazians found themselves as an autonomous entity within overall (formal) Gruzian jurisdiction.  This was tolerable to them provided they all reported up to the same (Federal) boss.  But suddenly became intolerable when the Gruzian Nationalists became their bosses.  Or at least tried to become their bosses.  The Abkhazians were not cool with that situation, the result was a very bloody and genocidal war, which they won.  And proceeded to ethnic-cleanse Abkhazia of Gruzians.  About which the Gruzians still to this day seethe with rage.  Gruzian goal all along had been an independent Gruzia within the same Soviet-era administrative borders, and including their desired dominion over other ethnic groups.  Whom they wished to, either eradicate, or Gruzianize.

Secessionists, beware!  Don’t figure that after you secede from your hated master, then nobody will want to secede from you!  Never ASS-U-ME this, because when you assume, you make… [well, you know].  And this rule also goes for those “White Nationalists” who casually toss around the notion of Texas seceding from America.  Now, that would be a bloodbath to behold.  Can you even imagine the reactions of Negroes and Mexicans?  So, Texans, don’t do it, and don’t even talk about it!

Back to Chechnya

Fast forward 10 years, back to 1999, our starting point.  By the fateful date of 7 August 1999 the dissolution of the USSR was more or less complete, and the number of human casualties had reached the hundreds of thousands.  Most affected of all was Tajikistan:  A minimum of 60,000 people perished in the course of the 5-year civil war.  And the first Chechnya War had whisked away no less than 30,000 souls.  Other hotspots included Abkhazia, Karabakh, Transnistria and South Ossetia.

Joker Dudaev, the Chechen Mussolini

The first Chechnya War (1994-1996) happened on Yeltsin’s watch.  His “democratic” government had dozed passively (in 1991) when Dzhokhar Dudaev took over the government of Chechnya and seceded from the Russian Federation.  Yeltsin was too busy with more important matters, such as polishing off his demontage of the Soviet Union and finishing off his long feud with Gorbachov.  Two subsequent years were spent fighting against the Supreme Soviet, a fight that Yeltsin won with guns and tanks, shooting up the Russian Parliament and executing a large number [number still not known to this day] of his opponents.  Only after achieving this victory on the home front, did Yeltsin betake himself to worrying about Chechnya.  The result was the First Chechnya War, which Yeltsin lost.  Russian troops were forced to pull out, leaving Chechnya to the Chechen Nationalists.  Who, initially at least, were not necessarily the same as the later freakish Wahhabites, who saw Chechnya as just a province of the larger Emirate.

After his amazing defeat in the Caucasus, Yeltsin and his “reformers” continued to dismantle the Soviet Union and sell off (at bargain prices) anything that wasn’t nailed down (and even some that was) to the Oligarchs and foreign interests.  Destroying the very foundation of socialism was their main goal; everything else was secondary.  Dear Readers:  What is the source of national wealth?  It is the hard work of millions of hands.  Hands that toil the land, build the machinery, build roads and bridges and homes; hands that both build and drive the trucks, and do every other conceivable task that needs to be done in this vast anthill that we call the human race.  Hands that take the molecules of matter bestowed upon us by the Universe, and convert these molecules into wealth. Billions of rubles of Soviet wealth that had been built up by the hard labor of many, many calloused hands, over the past 70 years:  Just vanished like it never existed, when Yeltsin snapped his fat fingers like a modern-day Nero.

American Collusion: The Yanks helped Yeltsin steal the election of 1996.

By August 1998 the Russian Federation had reached its lowest financial point.  With all the money gone, there was no choice except to declare bankruptcy and default.

By the spring of 1999, even Yeltsin knew that his game was over.  He had stolen his last election, with American assistance, but had no desire to run for office again, one year hence.  The intrigues of his inner circle had reached the level of 11 on the Boris Godunov scale of 1-10.  All this Boris wanted to do was crawl inside a vodka bottle and leave this mess to someone else.

It was in this context that the Wahhabite jihadists saw their opportunity.  Their success was all but guaranteed by Allah:  They invaded Chechnya from Dagestan on 7 August 1999.  By all indications, this would be the final blow, the final nail in Russia’s coffin.  For the past 10 years, Russia had endured blow after blow, lash after lash of the cruel whip of fate.  It had lost half of its population and a fifth of its land mass.  With nothing to show for these sacrifices except more wars.  Blood and tears.

This Second Chechnya War truly could have been the end of Russia, once and for all, much to the rejoicing of her mortal enemies.  The triumph of the Islamist Emirate in the Caucasus then could have spread even to the Volga area.  The Regions would have begun to peel away from Moscow, one by one.  The anarchy and bloodletting would have been on a scale not witnessed since the Time of Troubles.

Putin in 1999: the man with a plan

Fortunately for Russia, things went the other way, Akopov summarizes.  In this new Time of Troubles, Russia found within herself the spark of life and the will to survive.  This was the moment when Russia stopped retreating and started to fight back against the forces of chaos.  She won the Chechnya War, reestablished the “vertical” alignment of government (which traditionally Russia needs in order to stay in one piece).  The Oligarchs  kept their stolen money, but were pushed out of the government, much to the teeth-gnashing of their Western sponsors.

Much of the credit for these positive developments has to go where the credit is due:  To Vladimir Putin, who assumed the office of the President on 9 August 1999.  And who, let’s all admit it, even those of us who are not particularly fans, brought Russian back up from its knees.

Dear Readers:  Thus proving that Russian history is indeed a paradox wrapped up in a riddle.  And sometimes the least likely weapon, like Wagner’s Nothung, is the sword that is there because it is needed.  I will continue along those lines in my next series of posts, which examines the unassuming personality of Tsar Michael Romanov I.


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20 Years Since Chechnya War – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have this post by reporter Petr Akopov, commemorating the 20 years that have passed since Russia’s last Chechnya War.  Akopov is not exaggerating, when he claims that this war marked a milestone in modern Russian history; was, in fact, the “crucial decision point” deciding the final death or rebirth of Russian statehood.  Had Russia lost this war, she would have lost her sovereignty and statehood as well, for sure.  And all of Russia’s mortal enemies knew this as well, which is why they were keenly betting on the other side.  But in the end, SPOILER ALERT, Russia won, they lost.

1999: Shamil Basayev guards frightened hostages that his men took in Budennovsk.

This war, in fact, marked the absolute bottom for Russia, a new Time of Troubles, this was about as bad as it could get, short of a bevey of False Dmitries.  But this was a bottom, from which it was not possible to go down any further, therefore the only possible trajectory was up!  That moment when, in the utter darkness, a single dot of light marks the end of despair.

On 7 August 1999 the rebel commander Shamil Basaev, with his group called “Hattab”, invaded Chechnya from neighboring Dagestan.  Speaking in the language and rhetoric of Wahhabites, this “Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade” had arrived to assist the “Islamic Shura of Dagestan”.

This so-called Shura, or consultative council, created by the Wahhabites in Dagestan had invited Basaev in; and had declared the “State Soviet of the Republic of Dagestan” (the existing body of government as a subject of the Russian Federation) to be null and void.  In its place, these Islamist revolutionaries formed an “Islamic Government”, and an “Islamic State”* of Dagestan.  [In the VZGLIAD piece the reporter denotes “Islamic State of Dagestan” with an asterisk.  The asterisk footnote informs us that this organization is banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.  Also, by the way, according to Russian law, any mention of these organizations in the media has to be accompanied by that sort of asterisk.  I don’t have to follow that rule, I’m just mentioning it.]

And this is how the war began.  It goes down in history as the so-called Second Chechnya War.  In the course of which the Dagestani and Chechen Wahhabites fought to split their republics away from Russia.  And not just Chechnya, with its population of around a million; and Dagestan, with its population of around 3 million; but in fact, their intent was to split off the whole of the Northern Caucasus and built a Salafist Emirate based on the harshest type of Sharia law.  These revolutionaries saw that Russia was at its weakest spot, the odds looked very good that Russia would fall apart and dissolve into a multiplicity of statelets; therefore this seemed to them (quite logically) the optimal time to act to ensure Wahhabite dominance over their chunk of the carcass.  It was a bold move, but the odds were actually in their favor…  And it all would have worked out for them too, if not for that pesky…

Ten Years Earlier…

The war for the Caucasus actually began ten years prior to this, in 1989.  The first crack in the ice was April 1989, when demonstrators in Tbilisi, Gruzia began to chant “Down with Russian Imperialism!”

The rule is:  When Gruzians get feisty, Abkhazians start to worry.  The Abkhazians (who are mostly Muslim, by the way) were (sort of) okay with their status as an autonomy within Gruzia, so long as they all reported up the same chain of command to the same boss.  But with Gruzian nationalists pushing for independence from the Soviet Union, the Abkhazians started to militate for a change of their status as well:  They wanted a promotion to become a direct Republic of the Soviet Union, an autonomy at the Federal level.  That way, in worst-case scenario, if the Gruzians actually achieved independence, then they (the Abkhazians) would not be left in the intolerable position of being bossed around by the Gruzians.  They would rather be bossed around by Russians, as a lesser evil!

Even though it did not look likely that the soporific Soviet authorities would listen to Abkhazian concerns, nor did the Abkhazians officially present their request for the promotion; — the Gruzian nationalists still became enraged that Abkhazians were even having such thoughts in their heads.  See, Gruzian nationalism is based on the hegemonic notion that the “pure” Gruzians, or Kartvelians, deserve to rule over this entire territory, including chunks occupied by ethnic Abkhazians, Ossetians, Armenians, and others.  As an ancient Christian civilization, it is Gruzia’s imperial right and destiny to rule here!

Hence the Gruzian nationalists used Abkhazian unrest as an excuse for fomenting their own unrest in Tbilisi.  As Gruzian nationalism became ever more fervent and fanatical, Abkhazians and Ossetians were ever further repulsed and recoiled in horror.  In Tbilisi, Gruzian mobs were calling for rowdy boys to march into Sukhum and “deal with” the Abkhazian separatists.  And so they did, attacking cops and preparing to storm the HQ of the Communist Party Central Committee.

Big Brother in Moscow passively watched the proceedings for a few days, while trying to decide what to do.  Finally a decision was made; and on 9 April the Tbilisi demonstration was violently dispersed.  Nineteen Gruzian demonstrators (future martyrs) died in the crush, and this became known as the “first blood” of the Soviet counter-revolution:  The beginning of the end of the USSR.

[to be continued]

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How the Ukraine Intends to “Reintegrate” Crimea – Part II

Dear Readers:

Today finishing up my review of this piece by Nikolai Storozhenko.  Where we left off, Ukrainian President Zelensky had appointed Anton Korynevych to the empty job of running the Crimean Autonomy.  But Korynevych, to his credit, instead of just taking his paycheck and doing nothing, has come up with some ideas to improve the situation on the Ukraine-Crimea border.  His improvement project, if successful, will benefit tourists and other travelers who are forced to cross the border southward on foot; after waiting interminable hours in the hot sun with no water, no food, and no toilets!

The project foresees building, not only toilets, but also canopies and tents — as shade from the glaring sun and driving rain.  This will be, indeed, the first actual improvements to this area to be seen, in over five years!

The Turkish Gambit

Zelensky’s Big Idea for “attracting” Crimea back into the Ukrainian fold, does not stop with just toilet building.  No.  There are other plans afoot.  And a key component of this Cunning Plan is to enlist Turkish assistance while playing the “Tatar card” from an otherwise empty deck.

“Vova Skywalker: The Tatars are your only hope!”

A word about the Crimean Tatars:  Ever since Ukrainian independence, the Ukrainian Nationalists have formed this somewhat uneasy alliance with their natural enemies.  Sort of like wolves lying down with gazelles, or something like that.  The classic “Nationalist Internationale” at work:  variegated and completely incompatible  xenophobic nationalists trying to get along with each other against a common enemy:  Russia.  The Ukrainian Nationalists/fascists actually have no intention of handing Crimea back to the Tatars, whom they consider racially inferior.  But right now they feel (and the Americans have told them so as well), that the Tatars, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, are truly their “only hope” in getting the Crimean peninsula back.  Well, either that, or a full-out NATO invasion.  Which should never be ruled out as improbable, giving the kind of “genius” minds who run the Pentagon nowadays.

Anyhow, the current thinking among what passes for the Ukrainian intelligentsia, is that an alliance with Turkey can return Crimea to its “rightful” owners.  Namely the Tatars!  See, the Tatars are Turks (sort of).  During his recent trip to Turkey Zelensky announced a simplified procedure for allowing Turkish citizens to travel to the Crimea:  “We understand, how important it is for you to visit your relatives and your native land (родную землю).  In the near future, legislation will be passed that will make it simpler for you (Turks) to receive permission to travel to the Crimea.”

Map showing Kherson, Ukraine

See, foreign citizens (such as Turks) are not allowed to cross the border from the Ukraine south to Crimea, without special permission from the SBU (successor agency to the Soviet KGB).  What they have to do, is get to Kherson first, and from there drive south to the Crimean border, leave their vehicle behind, and cross the no-mans-land on foot.  Just like Ukrainians have to do!

The amusing thing is, that neither Turks nor anybody else actually has to bother with such an inconvenient and roundabout route.  All they really need to do, assuming they have obtained a Russian visa (which they will need anyhow upon arriving in Crimea), is to fly to Krasnodar, Russia; and from there hop on a plane to Simferopol.  Arriving at the beautiful and fully renovated world-standard Simferopol airport.

Another amusing (or not so amusing) aspect is that Zelensky flew to Turkey and promised Turks something that is not available to Ukrainian citizens themselves:  A simplified process for getting into Crimea.  Ukrainians should ask themselves:  “Are we then lesser creatures than Turks?”

A Final Word On “Reintegration”

The word “reintegration” is interesting in and of itself.  The previous Ukrainian President (Poroshenko) did everything in his power to separate Crimea from Ukraine even more than before.  He ordered the shut-off of the water supply to Crimea via the Northern-Crimean Canal.  (A routine attempt to force Crimeans into submission by depriving them of water; an international crime, by the way, but you won’t hear the Americans or Europeans condemning this malicious wannabe act of genocide.)

Ukrainian Nationalists blow up the Kherson electrical grid.

Next step was to halt the railway connection between the Ukraine and Crimea.

Next, all trade between the two entities was gradually, but purposefully, ended.  Pickets set up by far-right fascist/nationalist groups on the Ukrainian side, eventually made all trade and communication impossible.  The Nationalists even destroyed a giant electrical power station which supplied electricity to Crimea (as well as a good chunk of Kherson).  Which was, once again, an attempt to intimidate the residents of Crimea, by depriving them of electricity.

To each one of these life-threatening challenges, by the way, the Crimean government and people responded heroically and with laudatory resourcefulness.  They endured the black-outs, and they found other ways to obtain fresh water and electricity.  And Mother Russia assisted, just a little bit, too… by building a GIANT HONKING BRIDGE between Crimea and mainland Russia.

“Mr. Putin, tear down this bridge!”

So, after all these steps taken to separate Crimea from the Ukraine ever more, how is Zelensky supposed to turn the clock back, and reintegrate an entity that was so decisively segregated and cordoned off in the past five years?

Well, one must obviously reestablish communciations, traffic, trade, etc.  Human beings have an inalienable right to travel, to communicate.  One must re-open the canal, and allow the water to flow once again.  One must build toilets on the border, obviously.  And when all these good things happen, then the Ukrainians themselves will say “Thanks!” to their own government.  And then maybe, just maybe, the Turks might start coming to Kherson again, on their way to visit their relatives in the Crimea.

BUT!  And there are two big butts here, according to Storozhenko.

Big Butt #1:  What to do about those pesky Nationalist/Fascist marauding gangs who patrol the border, oh dear, they will not be pleased!

Big Butt #2:  What the heck does Zelensky think the Crimeans have been doing these past five years?  While waiting so patiently for the Ukrainians to come to their senses and stop trying to starve them into submission?

This is what they have been doing:

  • They built THE BRIDGE
  • They built an energy bridge
  • They built two brand new electric power stations
  • They completely rebuilt the Simferopol airport
  • They started building a new superhighway “Taurida”

And while they were building all these great things, their neighbors to the north (busy up until now just blowing up shit and tearing stuff down) suddenly decided to build a few porto-potties along the border [and didn’t even, actually, build them yet, are just thinking about it….]

The comparison is shattering.

And then Storozhenko hammers in the final blow of the final nail into this Ukrainian coffin:


In reality, this strategy begins, not with [a plan to build] toilets, but with a simple number:  4030 dollars.  That number was the GDP of Ukraine per soul of the population in 2013.  That was Ukraine’s historical maximum.  By 2018 – almost 1,000 dollars less, and Zelensky will most likely not even be able to match that number during his first term.  And until that day, when Ukraine’s GDP can get back to 4030, at the very least, then any “reintegration” strategies for the Crimea and Donbass will look just as comical, as the comparison of a toilet to the Crimea Bridge.


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How the Ukraine Intends to “Reintegrate” Crimea – Part I

Dear Readers:

I saw this post today, the author is Nikolai Storozhenko.  The topic is the “cunning plan” of the new Ukrainian President Zelensky to take Crimea back from Russia and “reintegrate” back into Ukrainian jurisdiction.  By building porto-potties on the border between Ukraine and Crimea, among other great things…  Please to keep reading, and all will be made clear!

“Crimea – fuck yeh!”

So, after Zelensky’s election he, like Poroshenko before him, appointed a Commission to busy itself with the “reintegration” of Crimea (and Donbass).  This commission has around 100 employees.  All of whom have very sweet jobs:  good pay and virtually nothing to do.  See, most of the jobs are just stubs:  These guys are sort of like the “government in exile” of a chunk of land they don’t own, and in which the real tasks are being performed by functionaries answering to the government of the Russian Federation.  It’s as if your mom appointed you “Honorary Mayor of Chicago”, say, and you had to spend your days going through the motions and pretending that you ruled Chicago.  Literally, almost, something like that.

There are a couple of exceptions, though:  Some of these 100 guys are asked to perform other occasional light work such as “Organize a Project” or “Form A Plan”, and stuff like that.  Which they can do while camped out in their bedrooms playing “Call of Duty”.

Heading up this crew is a man named Anton Korynevych, who does seem to have a few brain cells in his baby-faced skull.  Just a few, but that is still something in a nation whose political leadership apparently hail from Planet of the Apes stock.  Anton’s wiki page is rather bare and, like himself, just a “stub”, as Wikipedia itself admits.

Sergei Aksenov: “I am in charge of this peninsula!”

Anton Korynevych: “But mom told me I was in charge!”

So, just last month (July 2019), President and Comedian-in-Chief Zelensky appointed Korynevych to the glorious title of “Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”. Meanwhile, the actual government of the real (not imaginary) Crimea, is led by a man named Sergei Valerievich Aksenov, who is older and more distinguished looking than Korynevych, what with the greyish side-boards and all.  Actually, now that I look at these two photos more carefully:  If you take off Anton’s glasses and age him 20 years, he turns into Aksenov!  Which only bespeaks the fact, that Korynevych is not lazy and doesn’t like just f*ing around doing nothing in Kherson Oblast, unlike the other 99 Ukrainian functionaries on the Commission.  Indeed, Anton was the man who composed Ukraine’s legal response to the referendums held in Crimea and the Donbass.  Since then he has worked as a member of Poroshenko’s team, but Zelensky still hired him, since men with Anton’s legal expertise are rather rare in the Ukraine.  And beggars can’t be choosers.

Once hired, Korynevych immediately set to work, coming up with new and brilliant ideas.  He announced to the press that one of his first actions will be organizing the “capital repair” of two border points, Chongar and Kalanchak.  Among the renovations planned, there will be tents and toilet facilities set up for weary travelers.

Sitrep At The Border

Here is how the current situation looks at the border between Crimea and the Ukrainian mainland:

From the Ukrainian side of the border, looking South to Russian Crimea.

Basically, the only people who cross this border in a southerly direction are Ukrainian passport holders, heading to the Crimea either on holiday, or to visit relatives.  This is the only possible way they can get there, if  they don’t hold a Russian passport.

Russian passport-holders enter Crimea via a different route, bypassing the Ukraine altogether.  For this reason they are not familiar with the land border area, just how bad and run-down it has gotten, and thus reporter Storozhenko needs to explain it to them, and to us:

  1. For several years now the Ukraine has forbidden vehicles from crossing this border (southwards), as a part of a Ukrainian blockade, designed to prevent goods from being delivered to Crimea.  [This was a component of Ukraine’s “cunning plan” to starve the Crimeans into submission.]  Because of these restrictions, drivers of any vehicle must park at the border, leave their vehicle behind, and cross into Crimea on foot.
  2. Due to this fact, the queues of pedestrians waiting to cross can sometimes get long, especially in summer, the tourist season.  And people are forced to wait long hours out in the open sun.  There is no food or water, and no toilets.  But a light at the end of the tunnel:  Once the weary traveler is finally able to cross over to the Russian side of the border, everything is there that a human being can desire:  Food, water, toilets, rest, every possible amenity and comfort.  Completing the journey in this manner recites a basic story to the traveler:  namely, that Ukraine is a shitty Third-World backwater; whereas Russian territory is Shangri-La!

Of all of the Ukrainian functionaries, only Korynevych was smart enough to get this; to see, just how the optics on this actually appeared.  And he made a firm and wise executive decision:

The Ukrainian government, he decided, will fund a series of porto-potties just North of the border with Crimea!

[to be continued]

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Russian Citizenship Denied To Black Lenin – Part V

Dear Readers:

Today concluding this interview with a very interesting (and also very brave) man, Beness Aijo.  Where we left off, Aijo had explained, despite the fact that he is technically a Latvian citizen, the Latvian government’s antipathy to him, as a pro-Russian activist; and also as a member of a Communist organization.  Both Latvia and Ukraine have (un-democratically) banned their domestic Communist Parties.  Both nations operate as types of ethnocratic autocracies with a pronounced fascist bent, under overall Imperial overlord-ship of the Roman Empire United States of America.

Reporter:  You are a person of leftist views.  It is not for nothing they call you the “Black Lenin” of the Donbass.  Speaking of which, could you describe to us in more detail what is happening along the line of demarcation?

Regular Lenin and Black Lenin: Comrades in arms.

Aijo:  Since 27 March, which was when Zelensky was inaugurated, our territory has seen more than 250 homes and other objects of infrastructure destroyed or damaged.  Around 6,000 people have been wounded.  I’m just talking about civilians.  Just a few days ago a woman died in Gorlovka.  The aggression of the Ukrainian armed forces has increased dramatically.

Things are especially hot along the Mariupol line.  There, Ukraine is employing certain types of heavy artillery forbidden by the Minsk accords:  120 mm grenade launchers and 152 mm artillery barrels.  To shell civilian homes.  The village of Kominternovo has been practically wiped off the face of the Earth.  Just in the last few days, 24 mines have been laid around the village of Krasno-Armeyskoe.

Another hot spot:  the suburbs of Donetsk:  Trudovskie, Elenovka, Staromikhailovka, Alexandrovka.  These neighborhoods are being shelled by the Ukrainian army from a territory that, according the Minsk agreement, is supposed to be controlled by the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR).  But the Ukrainians occupied it suddenly, a few years back.

The small town of Dokuchaevsk is really getting it bad.  It is located directly on the front line.  There is a dolomite factory there.  Every time the workers change shifts, somebody gets hit from the shelling.

The Ukrainian 72nd Brigade stationed near Dokuchaevsk

Reporter:  And Russia is okay with this?

Aijo:  The only way to stop this would be for Russian to bring in peacekeepers.

Reporter:  And if it doesn’t?

Aijo:  On June 31 [sic; obviously a misstatement or typo, Aijo meant to say June 30] a bi-partisan delegation of American Congresspersons arrived in Kiev.  They were there for two or three days and met with Zelensky.  This coincided with the start of the NATO naval exercise “Sea Breeze 2019” in the Black Sea.  An American Destroyer is participating, along with other technology.  We do not discount the risk that a plan exists, to suddenly attack the DPR-LPR and seize our territory.  And you know the Russian saying:  “When the fight is already over, you don’t wave your fists around.”

In conclusion:  Russia needs to implement, in very short order, the “Abkhazian” scenario for Donbass.  Or, should we call it the Crimean scenario?


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Russian Citizenship Denied To Black Lenin – Part IV

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this story by Sergei Aksenov, as we resume his interview with Beness Aijo, the so-called “black Lenin”.  Where we left off, Aijo has explained the predominant desire and majority opinion of the Donbass people:  Namely to be integrated as a region (or probably two regions) of the Russian Federation.  Obviously that cannot be accomplished all in one fell swoop.  Step #1 would be for Russia to recognize the independence of the Donetsk Peoples Republic and the Luhansk Peoples Republic (DPR and LPR).

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be on the table right now; all the signs and portents are there, that the Kremlin is willing to cut a deal with the Ukrainian government and oligarchs, at the expense of the Donbass people.  The only factor standing in the way is the stupidity and stubbornness of the Ukrainians themselves!  Plus, the fact that they can’t really make any important decisions on their own; all the important decisions are being made for them, in Washington DC.

Reporter:  It would seem there are historical foundations [for integrating Donbass into Russia]?

Aijo:  Historically, the Donbass was never really a part of the Ukraine.  Only at the beginning of the 20th century was it incorporated into the Ukrainian SSR by the Bolsheviks.  They did this in order to water down the petty-bourgeois “swamp” of the Ukrainian Rada; by seeding it with proletarian-minded Russian blokes from Donetsk and Mariupol.  And, in this way, to maintain [the Russian] union with the Ukraine.

Kuchma and Yeltsin: The Great Betrayal, over a glass of champagne.

By doing this, the Bolsheviks were able to achieve a majority in the [Ukrainian] Soviet, and also to emerge victorious from the Civil War.  Without this happening, bourgeois Ukraine would have become a raw-materials colony either for Germany, or for the Entente.

But then, after people such as Gorbachov, Shevardnadze, Yeltin, Kravchuk and Kuchma came to power; after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, then the situation became completely different.  Then the Kiev junta [came about and denoted] the genocide of the people of Donbass, and of all Novorossiya.  And thus, in order to save the people, it is necessary to pull not only DPR and LPR but all of Novorossiya out of the Ukraine.

Reporter:  You talk like a political pundit!

Aijo:  In May of this year, at the University of Luhansk, I successfully defended my Master’s Degree on the theme:  “The Role of Color Revolution Technology in the Transformation of Contemporary Political Regimes”.  That’s in addition to the [earlier] education I received in Latvia.

Reporter:  The Latvians have some charges against you?

Aijo:  I have been arrested there in absentia.  They have laid out four charges against me: Terrorism; participating in military actions; recruiting people for the purpose of committing terrorist acts; and calls to overthrow the constitutional order of Latvia.  Currently I am wanted by Interpol.

Russian speaking kids in Latvia: “Hands off our schools!”

I believe that all this is illegal.  I asked Prosecutor Višņevskis (the former Višņevskis) to testify on Skype, in the presence of OSCE representatives and of my own attorney.  As did, for example, Yanukovych.  But they refused.  This is a violation of European norms.  My lawyers are working on this issue.

Reporter:  The first three charges against you are understandable, because of Donbass.  But what did you do in Latvia?

Aijo:  I was an activist in the movement to defend Russian schools.  We came out in defense of Russian-language education.  See, they want to change all the education to be only in Latvian.  Even though we Russian speakers comprise 40% of the population.  The Russian language should have the status of an official language there.

What is taking place in Latvia is ethnocide, according to the United Nations definition.  Reason being, Russian speakers often mourn the dissolution of the USSR, they support and vote for left-wing political candidates.  And the ethnocratic bourgeoisie don’t like this.  They would rather turn us all into Latvians.

Same thing, by the way, is going on in the Ukraine.  Although here almost everybody speaks Russian.  Poroshenko speaks Russian.  So do Avakov, Klichko, and even Yarosh.  They all speak Russian in everyday life.

Moreover, in both countries [Latvia and Ukraine] the Communist Party is banned.  Latvia is already in NATO; and Ukraine is trying to get into NATO.

[to be continued]

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