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Ukraine War Day #329: Two-Timing Bulgars

Dear Readers: Today I have two related pieces, both on the theme of Bulgaria’s nefarious role in the Ukraine war. Her role being that of the loyal NATO puppet. I know that many Russians, especially religious ones, feel a sense … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #328: Boy Meets Tractor

Dear Readers: In today’s issue of Pravda, we are going to talk about — what else? — the HARVEST! [little Soviet joke there]. I mean, war is war, but you still gotta eat, right? So, I have this piece by … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #327: A Virus With A Face

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #326: Soledar Aftermath

Dear Readers: Today I have two short pieces, both with a similar theme: The effect on civilians, and how they survived these weeks of ferocious fighting, resulting in the Russian victory in Soledar. In reading both pieces, one must keep … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #325: What’s Up With Ukrainian Electrons?

Dear Readers: Despite previous (vague) promises to do a piece on the recent Russian army shake-up, I have wisely decided not to engage on that topic. Not having much value to offer, frankly. In the last couple days I read … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #324: The Algorithm Of Looting

Dear Readers: Back in my childhood, when I read the Russian national poem “The Tale of Igor’s Regiment” for the first time, I was rather shocked by the scenes of battlefield looting. Which the medieval bard described in lip-smacking and … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #323: Artyomovsk/Bakhmut What’s In A Name?

Dear Readers: After Soledar, the next domino predicted to fall to the Russians, according to popular wisdom, is the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk Oblast. To set the stage and make us all sound smarter at our cocktail parties … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #322: Soledar Falls+ Oklahoma OK!

Dear Readers: First a quick summary of the day’s events from this site, the main news being that Soledar has fallen. (Finally!) By yesterday, Prigozhin’s Wagner troops had taken the center of the town, with photographic geo-location proof of their … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #321: From The World Of Show Business

Dear Readers: I have a couple of stories here with a common theme: “There’s no business like show business!” While also riffing on our previous topic, which was the theme of Brother vs Brother. In this case we have the … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #320: On Her Majesty’s Secret Training Course

Dear Readers: I saw this tweet on a pro-Russian Telegram channel called “The Two Majors”, I was very interested in the training regimen described. The Two Majors obtained a video from still another telegram channel called “The Kremlin Laundress”. This … Continue reading

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