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Ukraine War Day #394: Salting The Earth Of Donbass

“And Abimelech fought against the city all that day; and he took the city, and slew the people that was therein, and beat down the city, and sowed it with salt.” (Judges 9:45) Dear Readers: Thus doth Biblical mythology record the story … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #371: The Blood Of A Muscovite

Dear Readers: A few posts back we were talking about European racism, now it’s time to talk about its bastard step-child, Ukrainian racism. Whereas European “scientific racists” of the time, such as Gobineau and the others, had to make do … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #304: Christmas Creche + Bio-Terrorists Unmasked

“Fauci lied, a puppy died…” [ancient American proverb] Dear Readers: Before getting to our main story, first a wholesome Christmas Creche scene: I saw this here, and you gotta hand it to the people of Lvov, they are really serious … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #175: Using Thirst As A Weapon Of War

Dear Readers: Continuing my review of this piece by reporter Yury Vasiliev. We saw that the residents of Donetsk (and surrounding towns) have been mostly (not completely) cut off from running water, due to the spiteful actions of the Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #167: Taking It Into The Toilet

Dear Readers Today’s story literally drags us down into the gutter… and then some… I have this piece by reporter Stanislav Leshchenko. The backstory is this, and this is a fact: The people in Ukraine have been told by their … Continue reading

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RT: When Survival Becomes a Lottery, Blame Thy Neighbor!

“Your post will be deleted for containing hate speech; racist, sexist, homophobic slurs; if it is discriminatory” (etc.) — RT Posting Rules “Blacks are in America illegally. Their citizenship was invalidly ratified. That’s why the KKK looks for them.” – … Continue reading

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Russia Introduces Covid Vaccine Passports

Dear Readers: Today I review this piece from Komsomolskaya Pravda, the author is Elena Odintsova. The Russian Parliament is in the process of passing some rather strict measures designed to mitigate the Covid pandemic. In essence, this legislation amounts to … Continue reading

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Russian Resistance to Vaccine: One Artist’s Opinion

Dear Readers: Today’s post addresses a puzzling issue which Russia observers and analysts have tried to address, but nobody seems to know the answer: Why the Russian people are so resistant to taking the Covid vaccine. After all, the virus … Continue reading

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Shariy Wants Sputnik Vaccine

Dear Readers: This piece from the Komsomolka is just over a week old, but I just saw it.  So, I don’t know if Shariy has actually been vaccinated yet against Covid; if so, I hope he is doing well and … Continue reading

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Book Review: City of the Plague – Part VIII

Dear Readers: Now we are a point where we can skim through the rest of Wilson’s story, having dived into the most interesting scene in it, the one which inspired Pushkin’s short tragedy.  The rest of Wilson’s story is rather … Continue reading

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