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Goat Posse Terrorizes Ukrainian City!

Dear Readers: Today I have this exciting but scary piece from the Ukraina.Ru portal.  Everybody is familiar with the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast of the Ukraine.  Situated in central Ukraine, this is the most important industrial region of the country. It was … Continue reading

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In State of Shock, Zelensky Blurts Out State Secret – Part I

Dear Readers: Today I have this story from the Komsomolka, the headline reads: Having learned the true state of things in the Ukraine, Zelensky blurted out military and state secrets The headline is tabloid-y and click-baity, for sure, but not … Continue reading

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Russian Grammar Decides: Robots Are People – Part III

Dear Readers: As we have learned, the grammatical rules of human languages force us to make decisions about the essence of people and objects.  Russian grammar is fairly rigid.  Every creature or object, even inanimate ones, must have a gender:  … Continue reading

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Russian Pranksters Punk Elliott Abrams

Dear Readers: Those Russian telephone pranksters have been at it again!  This time they punked American war-monger Elliott Abrams.   Abrams was previously known, and not beloved, for his role in the Central American death squads of the 1980’s, under … Continue reading

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He Who Smelt It, Dealt It: Cute Animal Story From Russia

Dear Readers: It has been a while since I did a “cute animal” story on my blog.  If you even count goats as being cute, which they are really not.  They are quite appalling animals, although their cheese is extremely … Continue reading

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Breaking News! Poroshenko Demands Female Journalist To Take Off Her Blouse!

Dear Readers, I will be following this breaking story very carefully, in case there are legal ramifications.  We all know that sexual harassment is the scourge of modern society.  It corrupts the office place and sows distrust between men and … Continue reading

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Svidomite Etymology: Today’s Cheap Shot

Dear Readers: Among the Russophile community there is an super-fun hobby, which is to make fun of Ukrainian nationalists (aka “Svidomites”) and their propensity to ascribe ancient heritage to themselves.  Depending who you read, Ukrainians have been around since Adam … Continue reading

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