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Ukraine War Day #467: Two Miracles Of Early Summer

A youth from Lemberg of the crooked cross Sings in the language of the Northern Beast, Then flying ships are seen on the Turkish lake, Floating above the horizon… (From the Unknown Quatrains of Nostradamus) Dear Readers: Awful Avalanche is … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #465: Just Another Day Patrolling The Russo-Finnish Border

As the Olympic biathlon champion glided closer, seamlessly, on her skis, with the quickness of icy lightning, Colonel Stierlitz noticed that the statuesque blonde, possessing the physique of a young Amazon, already held her rifle at the ready. Sweating inside … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #438: A Fish Story

Dear Readers: Okay, this one is just for fun! I couldn’t resist. In yesterday’s post I had to explicate one of the reporter’s utterances by alluding to a Russian fairy tale called “The Magic Pike“. A pike being a species … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Day #380: Operation Minnow

Dear Readers: My starting point for today’s post is this article by Vladimir Kornilov. Kornilov in turn reviews this article in the New York Times, which is behind a paywall. As readers may already be aware, the NYT did a … Continue reading

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Scary Alyonka Finds Her Groom

Dear Readers: On 18 December 2020, the inhabitants of the Russian town of Novovoronezh attended the unveiling of an important statue.  The occasion was the celebration of 250 years of history of the village of Alyonovka, named after a peasant … Continue reading

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Joe Biden, a Prince Among Men… (no seriously!)

Dear Readers: So, the Russian press is reporting that newly-minted American President Biden might just be a descendant of the Rurik dynasty.  No shit!?  KP reporter Ivan Volosiuk delves into this myth.  Busted?  Or plausible?  Let us see… Before we … Continue reading

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My New Chinese Hero

Dear Readers: We all need personal heroes, especially in these tough times that we are living through.  Therefore, as this “Annus Horribilis“, as Queen Elizabeth might call it, referring to her gross anus, comes to a close; I can do … Continue reading

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Zelensky As Noah: A Prophecy For Crimea

Dear Readers: In my previous post I stated that Ukrainian President Zelensky was not funny even when he was a professional clown.  But I admit I have to retract that statement, it was unfair because I had not seen any … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Fighting Breaks Out On Russia-China Border

Dear Readers: Haha – gotcha!  Okay, my title is blatant click-bait, and also highly misleading — but it’s not fake news!  Please allow me to explain.  Today I have this short but exciting piece by reporter Alina Nazarova, which describes … Continue reading

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Goat Posse Terrorizes Ukrainian City!

Dear Readers: Today I have this exciting but scary piece from the Ukraina.Ru portal.  Everybody is familiar with the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast of the Ukraine.  Situated in central Ukraine, this is the most important industrial region of the country. It was … Continue reading

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