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Zakharova Reacts to Callous Liquidation of Skripal Animals

Dear Readers: It is no secret that I am a fan of feisty Russian Foreign Office spokesperson Maria Zakharova.  I don’t always agree with her statements, but she appears to be a normal human being, a normal woman, with actual … Continue reading

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He Who Smelt It, Dealt It: Cute Animal Story From Russia

Dear Readers: It has been a while since I did a “cute animal” story on my blog.  If you even count goats as being cute, which they are really not.  They are quite appalling animals, although their cheese is extremely … Continue reading

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Syrian Woodpecker Migrates To Moscow

Dear Readers: Today, even though it’s Sunday, I decided to waive my usual Bible reading and just go for a cute animal story.  In this case, a Syrian woodpecker.  And no, I swear to God there is no double meaning … Continue reading

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What Does the American Election Mean to Russian Tycoons?

Dear Readers: Today is Presidential election day in the Good Ole USA.  By the end of the day, American citizens will know who is to be their new leader.  Although the results cannot be predicted at this time, there is … Continue reading

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Attack of the Giant Beavers North of Moscow!

Dear Readers: It is time for a more peaceful “good-news” story.  Well, good news if you like beavers.  Bad news if you suffer from “castorphobia”, or fear of beavers.  To be sure, they are ugly critters, with their huge yellow … Continue reading

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Timur The Goat Gets Own Star On Walk of Fame

Okay, I swore I would never do another “Timur the Goat” story.  But this just proves that everybody lies.  Even me. So, gear yourself up, please.  I saw this story in several places, but picked the Komsomolskaya Pravda one, because … Continue reading

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Timur’s Celebrity Weight Loss Plan

Dear Readers: Regular readers of my blog probably think I am being paid something by Primorye Safari Park, (conveniently located in Vladivostok) to hype up their animals.  Well, I’m not, it’s just that, like many people, out of insatiable curiosity … Continue reading

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