Ukraine War Day #367: Why Russia Fights, Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing (and concluding) my review of this piece by reporter Dmitry Steshin. Where we left off: We saw that the collective West has manipulated the Ukrainian people into joining the Maidan Revolution. Using their patented social engineering technologies of Color Revolutions. Even Centrist-voting, Russian-speakers of Kiev were suckered into joining forces with the most naked of the Galician fascists and aging Banderites of the Western provinces.

Aging Banderite veterans arrive in Kiev, are greeted like heroes.

In this regard, one always needs to remember that the vast majority of Ukrainians descended from men and women who fought on the correct side of the Great Patriotic War, namely the Soviet Red Army side. Only a small minority of Ukrainians actually fought for the Nazis/Banderites. And yet that side has captivated the current generation, has convinced them that the Great Victory was actually a Defeat. Flipping everything on its head. Which is the reason why the aging Banderites were greeted and applauded on the sound-stage of the Maidan. First there was innocent dancing and singing, attractive girls and boys wearing Ukrainian traditional costumes. Then the greeting and cheering of the UPA veterans. And then the chants of “Moscovites to the knife!” as the carnival proceeded on its pre-programmed course.

As the Overton Window slid open, all that remained was the shedding of First Blood. Which, according to the Color Revolution playbook, would rapidly convert the carnival songs and dances into a violent shooting gallery. The end-goal of the ever-present Victoria Nuland was to overthrow the Yanukovych government. She had already drawn up the cadres list of the new pro-American puppet government.

First Blood

Steshin: I was one of only a few who actually observed the start of the process which ended in the shooting of the so-called “Heavenly Hundred”. At 9:05 AM on the morning of 20 February 2014, I happened to be sitting on the windowsill of my room in the Hotel Ukraina, which looks out on the Maidan Square. I was having a smoke. Then an explosion, a very powerful one — something like 20 meters into the air, the shields and hard hats of the Berkut storm police went flying up. The bomb had been planted earlier, inside a storm drain. This was the signal. Immediately bullets went flying from all sides. People were shooting, not only from the Maidan, but also from the roofs of the government buildings. I knew that the windows on the staircase of the hotel looked out in that direction. I didn’t wait for the elevator, I bounded one step up the staircase — the sniper missed me by only a millimeter, I got away with just a speck of flying concrete hitting me in the eye.

This random shot confirmed one of my main [political] postulates: That no color revolution is possible without the collusion of at least a part of the elite. The Ukrainian elites betrayed their own country. They exchanged their country for a slice of power within the bloody chaos.

Second Blood

Nobody wants to conduct an investigation that would end up implicating themselves.

Therefore the shooting of the “Heavenly Hundred” was quickly swept under the rug. The bullet-pocked trees on Institute Street were quickly cut down and taken away. [yalensis: To avert forensic investigation of bullet trajectories; people were lied to and told that the Yanukovych security forces were the shooters.]

The new government which had come to power in the Ukraine had a much bigger job to do: To crush the ethnic Russian regions at any cost. Crimea all by herself cut and run, she left the emerging Banderstadt entity without a second glance.

Nuland’s snipers randomly murder the “Heavenly Hundred”

In the spring of 2014 I arrived in Luhansk, where the new breed of “partisans”, Mozgovoi and Bolotov, had already emerged. All day long they would escort us KP correspondents around, always checking to make sure that we were not being followed. And only at night, in some forest hide, did they agree to give their first interview to the Russian press.

Only by a miracle were we able to evade the Luhansk SBU [Ukrainian KGB] guys. We escaped to Donetsk, where the Separatist forces were stronger. Although even there, a pro-Ukrainian meeting had been organized, and they were expecting the arrival of Parubiy, Lyashko, and “the woman with the pretzel on her head” [Julia Tymoshenko]. A few thousand residents gathered for the pro-Ukrainian meeting, the majority of them being younger people, who had grown up and been educated in the ways of the “new Ukraine”. It was precisely these young people, the “political Ukrainians”, who were to become the mainstay of the ATO, that punitive war conducted against the Donbass, which was jesuitically dubbed an “Anti-Terrorist Operation”.

[yalensis: I think Steshin makes a really good point here, when he invents the term Political Ukrainian. Showing that ultimately, this conflict is not really about language or even ethnicity, it’s about picking sides: Russia vs NATO. Language, ethnicity, ultimately those things are just another form of virtue-signalling.]

Steshin: Later, these same youths, these “political Ukrainians” were to become participants of the “hot phase” of the ensuing Civil War. There were not many of these types in Donetsk and Luhansk. However, in Zaporozhie, Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk, the Maidan government was able to maintain control [using these types as their muscle]. They had excellent political advisors. Whereas the rebelling Separatists did not have a clue what to do. For example, they seized the administration building in Zaporozhie, and then the rebels simply dispersed and went home afterwards. As in, mission accomplished. And come to find, the next morning, the building is back in the hands of armed men.

These idealistic Russian youths are known as “political Ukrainians”.

While the rebels on our side maintained certain moral scruples, the pro-Maidan elements suffered no such limitations. In Dnepropetrovk, [oligarch] Kolomoisky openly promised to pay a bounty of $10,000 dollars per head, for the leaders of the rebellion. In other cities, [pro-Russian] activists simply disappeared, and their bodies were found later, in the woods. “Maidan centurions”, basically head-choppers, came out of the woodwork to assist the Ukrainian government.

On April 20, the night before Easter, which was later called “Bloody Easter”, at a checkpoint near Bylbasovka, a batch of unarmed Separatist militiamen were gunned down. This is when the Banderite Battalions, Aida, Azov, Krivbass, and others, were created. In Odessa, on May 2, everything became crystal clear. That was the day of mass burning of the rebels. On that day I happened to be in Slavyansk; and because the Odessa tragedy eclipsed everything else, it has been mostly forgotten that this was also the day, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces first attempted to storm Slavyansk. Nowadays Slavyansk is still under Ukrainian control, and still waiting for its liberation.

Operation Storm-2

Post-Maidan Ukraine has never concealed its desire to “liberate” the Donbass. Only the various approaches have changed, from time to time. Whether to just kill everyone; or to show some mercy and just expel the people back to Russia, ethnic cleansing of the land.

All the past years since Maidan, Ukraine has plotted to conquer the Donbass. The Anti-Terror Operation has engaged a good portion of the male population of the Ukraine: around a million men. Bound them together in blood.

Nor did the Ukrainians ever conceal their proposed methods for subjugating the Donbass, of which there are only a few variants. The primary model is Operation Storm, conducted in 1995 by the Croats against Serbian Krajina [in Yugoslavia]. One lightning bolt, and it’s done. But our guys in the trenches knew all about these plans. Not once, and not twice, our soldiers sitting in trenches at Yasinovata or Kominternovo, said to me, “Brother, our job is to hold out for 15-40 minutes, and then the Russians will come.” I saw at the time, just how few of these soldiers there were, in the trenches of Donbass, on the eve of the Special Military Operation, and I thought to myself, “They will all die.” And I thought that Russia might not get there in time.

But Russia got there in time.


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13 Responses to Ukraine War Day #367: Why Russia Fights, Part II

  1. raccoonburbleca says:

    Reblogged this on Adults in Charge and commented:
    I think this one is worth a reblog. Adds in very well to what I have written about the Donbas revolt.


  2. These “Political Ukrainians” aren’t even necessarily Ukrainians, they can well be Russian. I remember meeting a couple of them here in this town back in late 2014. Muscovites of the liberal kreakl, impeccably American speaking (not English speaking as I am), smartly dressed and here for some spiritual conference or some such claptrap, I don’t know, I’m an atheist. Anyway, so I happened to mention that I’m strongly pro Russian on Crimea and Ukraine. The woman’s eyes went round. “Why? Or isn’t our business, it did Russia no good, it’s against freedom and democracy…”

    I have a hunch that these two fled Russia on 24 February last year and never went back.


    • yalensis says:

      For sure, the Russian Kreakl class can be counted as “political Ukrainians”. Not to mention the “usual suspects” like the Navalnyites and Mark Feigin, and his ilk. The pro-West, anti-Putin (for the wrong reason) crowd. In 2008 they were “political Georgians”, now they are “political Ukrainians”. If Russia was invaded tomorrow by Kazakhstan, they would instantly become “political Kazaks”. And so on.


  3. mato48 says:

    Glad that Novorussian Ghost Brigade commander Alexej Borisovich Mozgovoy was at least mentioned. He is my all-time hero.

    Death of a dream, birth of a legend


  4. S Brennan says:

    Thanks Y, excellent piece, hurtful but excellent.

    It’s disgusting to me that DC/London would support, [against the majority of their respective citizens], Nazi quislings, after all, US/British soldiers/airmen/sailors were slaughtered in droves by these human wretches and yet…here we are, DC/London supporting the Nazi losers of WW II.

    Just what the hell do people mean when they say “never again” and then use US tax dollars to support Nazi rallies? Let the Nazis dead-enders in Ukrainia pay for their own torchlight parades !


    • yalensis says:

      I get the impression that DC/London were not all that ideologically opposed to Nazism, they just happened to be on different sides at the time (WWII); but now they are on the same side, so the ideology and rhetoric changes accordingly.


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – Americans in particular are chameleons. One needs to recall how, when Soviet Russia was up against Wahhabist headchoppers, people like Brzezinski suddenly became, all, like, “Allah akbar”. I’m not kidding Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter had some famous (approving) quote about the headchoppers being “devoutly religious men,” or something like that. When they were killing Russians.
        Later, when headchoppers turned against them (the Americans), they became anti-Muslim and started killing Arabs with great abandon.


        • S Brennan says:

          Not Americans, Not FDR, not true FDRist [ie populists] and populists R’s. We’ll never undo the mess if people don’t get their timelines right. Which is why there are bought and paid for commenters who patrol web pages dispensing golden apples like “all Americans are equally venal” and the other one, so popular with 3LA acolytes, “America has always been equally evil”

          BTW, your remark about Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter is true, in fact I have made the point several times here and elsewhere, I add, that is why, when you see me describe the FDRist years [1932-1978], you see me stop at the beginning of Carter’s 2nd year in office it was CARTER not REAGAN that ended FDRism in the US.


          • yalensis says:

            I get your point that the really evil stuff began with Jimmy Carter. But even before then, as other commenters have noted, American government coddled Nazis. But I don’t mean to tar all Americans with the same brush.
            Of all the recent Presidents, I think Eisenhower was probably the best. Followed maybe by Nixon. I mean, Nixon was evil too, but not as evil as Carter, Reagan, and the ones who followed.


    • If you dig deeper into the history and background of Allan Dulles, you will discover he was the key and central player in rescuing thousands of German and Ukrainian Nazis at the end of WWII, airlifting them to USA and Canada to safety as the Nazi regime collapsed. Dulles was a senior partner in a law firm in NYC called Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented large German manufacturing firms. So he was very well connected to German big business well before WWII broke out, in the 1920s and 30s. Dulles was extremely partial to the German business elite that would work hand in glove with Hitler’s nazi party. In fact, even as early as 1940, Dulles who was by then working with the U.S. State Dept. was openly stating to America’s political leadership that the U.S. should side with Nazi Germany against the USSR. What’s more, when Dulles was stationed in Bern, Switzerland to make State Dept communications with German contacts, he was told of the German Jews being rounded up and sent to concentration camps and gassed, he said nothing to his superiors at State, brushing such ‘unfounded rumors’ aside. Dulles was an obedient servant of the billionaire class in Germany and USA, and deeply despised the USSR. He even met with Hitler and Goebbels, and was favorably impressed with Goebbels finding him “sincere and frank”. As WWII came to a close in 1945, Dulles did everything he possibly could to fly as many valuable Nazis to USA/Canada as he possibly could, or get them into West Germany to safety and safe from prosecution for war crimes. In fact many Nazis after WWII continued to serve in top government offices of W. Germany. Immediately after WWII thousands of Nazis from Hitler’s Reich were air-lifted to USA and the most valuable were given positions in U.S. intelligence and military, as well as in NASA for rocket development. Dulles was head of the CIA from 1951-1961, and played a major role in its beginnings. What I’m driving at is that the U.S. military and intelligence saw the Nazis very favorably as allies in their cold war against the USSR. Which brings us to where we are today, with USA/NATO having many recycled Nazis within it.

      On a related note, to see how deeply Nazis still lived and worked in W. Germany after WWII read this great biography of Ursula von der Leyen and her father Ernst Albrecht a prominent CDU party leader, and former governor of Lower Saxony who had deep Nazi ties and shared their ideology.

      As the old saying goes, the apple never falls far from the tree…


      • S Brennan says:

        Agree with your history, and if you dig deeper into my commentary, I have noted your point and will continue to do so. Much of the grief in this world comes from offices of white shoe attorneys.


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