Ukraine War Day #339: On Mystical Birds And The Carpathian Problem, Part II

Dear Readers:

Here is my translation of Part 2 of that Rybar story. Where we left off: We saw that a Ukrainian Nationalist by the name of Viktor Baloga has built a criminal empire around the Hungarian city of Mukachevo in the Transcarpathian region. As this region falls within the administrative boundaries of the Ukrainian state, the local people have suffered the effects of “Ukrainization” and oppression of their rights, as an ethnic minority. After the war started, things became much worse for them. Locals claim there is even a kind of “genocide” going on, as army recruiters hustle away every male they can find, as cannon fodder for the front lines. [yalensis: If all the young Hungarian males are killed at the front, then the Hungarian girls may not be able to find husbands from within their own ethnic community.]

Rybar: In recent years Baloga simply threw off the mask and began to engage in open and unconcealed oppression of the Hungarian community. Many Hungarians in these parts have dual citizenship: Ukraine and Hungary. In 2018 Baloga called for those with dual citizenship to leave Ukraine, and said their homes should be confiscated and turned over to ethnic Ukrainians. [yalensis: This is the typical Ukrainian way of carrying out ethnic cleansing, since the time of Stepan Bandera; except that Bandera simply butchered people and then took their homes.]

In addition, Baloga called for closing down the Hungarian enclave in Beregovo, where “Ukrainians have started to feel themselves as the minority.” [yalensis: Poor things! I feel their pain. In my own neighborhood, everybody chatters away in Spanish and I can’t understand a word, time to send them all packing back to Puerto Rico!]

Beregovo is a place beloved by the Hungarian government itself, which invests millions of Euros to cultivate Hungarian social and educational centers. Baloga wanted to clean out these institutions and replace them with Ukrainian equivalents. The Mayor of Beregovo, Zoltan Babyak countered that, without Hungarian economic assistance this area simply would not be able to survive. Given that the Transcarpathian region has always been one of the poorest and crime-infested regions of the Ukrainian conglomeration. Many ethnic Hungarians have already fled this region to emigrate to Hungary. [yalensis: The Hungarian government would prefer to keep these people living where they are, just not being oppressed, hence their generous economic investment in this region.]

As mentioned, the Ukrainian crackdown on Hungarians started long before the war. The Ukrainian Nationalists were always worried about possible Separatist sentiments in this region. [yalensis: And they were not completely wrong, there is some Separatist sentiment. But maybe the Ukrainians could have tried to kill them with kindness. Just a thought.]

Alexei Petrov

For example, in 2020 police conducted well-publicized raids of Hungarian political and cultural organizations. Zelensky’s political party Servant of the People is represented in this region by a man named Alexei Petrov. [According to his wiki, he is a Major-General in SBU counter-intel.] When engaging in traditional politics, Petrov had approached the leader of the “Hungarian Party”, Vasily Brenzovich, with an offer to form a coalition. But Brenzovich refused. This led to the raids and searches; with Brenzovich himself accused of treason, after the cops found a map of “Greater Hungary” in his office. Surprisingly, the criminal Don, Viktor Baloga, stood up for the Hungarians on this occasion, and called the raids a “provocation”.

However, in December 2022 Baloga changed his tune and called on the SBU to “verify” the local Hungarian political organizations, accusing them of following the “Orbán line”, referring to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. [yalensis: Who recently stopped even trying to conceal his utter contempt for Ukrainian Nationalists.]

As Baloga upped his rhetoric, he called local pro-Hungarian politicians such as Brenzovich and Babyak “worms” and “adepts of the Hungarian world”. Baloga accuses them of “promulgating the myth” of the oppression of the Hungarian minority. He compares them to the leaders of the Donbass Separatists. Baloga was particularly incensed by the attempt of the Hungarian government to block a routine tranche of EU aid to Ukraine, to the tune of 18 billion Euros.

Andrei Baloga, the son of the Godfather.

Things got so bad that even the American newspaper The Washington Post started worrying out loud that the Ukrainians would succeed in antagonizing their Hungarian minority, just as they had the Russian minority. The newspaper quoted Baloga’s son Andrei (who serves as the Mayor of Mukachevo) who declared that only Ukrainian symbols should be allowed on Ukrainian territory. This is why he ordered the Hungarian turul to be taken down from the castle and replaced with the Ukrainian trident: “Only Ukrainian symbols are allowed here. Transcarpathia was, is, and will be, Ukrainian land. This was sent as a signal to the Hungarian government.”

Andrei’s rhetoric clearly shows the antagonism this multi-generational crime family bears towards the local Hungarian population. The authorities in Hungary are worried about the ongoing provocations and tension which they believe the Ukrainian Nationalists are fomenting in a region that has historical ties to them, and in which they have a legitimate interest. The Hungarian authorities have openly expressed their worries about possible pogroms and violence which may occur in the future against people whom they consider to be part of their larger family; and many of whom have second citizenship.

Unfortunately, this war has offered the Ukrainian side a once in a lifetime opportunity to solve their “Hungarian problem” once and for all. We don’t expect anything good to come out of this situation, in the near future.

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8 Responses to Ukraine War Day #339: On Mystical Birds And The Carpathian Problem, Part II

  1. peter moritz says:

    “Hungarian enclave in Beregovo, where “Ukrainians have started to feel themselves as the minority.”
    Hmm, it is after all an enclave, so I guess any person possessed of a modicum of logical thinking would expect that.

    And of course, since this is a Ukrainian thug who advocates this, NATO and its assorted other gangster states keep mum about it. After all, that gang has enough criminality and participation in ethnic cleansing and lying about it to hide.
    The lies of NATO about anyone who does not fit into their narrative, from the lies about Srebrenica blaming the Serbs to the “innocence” of who they supported, like Izetbegović the poor Muslim and his thugs, are still well hidden, any research that counters this narrative is just being ignored and maligned.


    • JMF says:

      Peter: Terrific link! My eyes lit up when I saw Edward S. Herman’s name, and from a quick perusal the book appears to be a real treasure of historical research.

      Much obliged!


  2. leaf says:

    That reminds me that in Canada, we also had our own issues with separatists in Quebec. While Trudeau Sr. (his son is an absolute clown) did put martial law in place to put down the most extreme separatists, he also made sure there were a lot of concessions. Across the country outside of Quebec, there are publicly funded Catholic school boards, French immersion (i.e. French is primary language of instruction), many federal government jobs require someone being bilingual, I think at least 3 of the supreme court judges have to be from Quebec, French is dominant in Quebec, and packaging and labels have to be in both English and French. One big controversy of course is the equalization payments, which are technically supposed to be for the poor deindustrialized Atlantic provinces but of which Quebec receives half of all payments, despite being the second richest province. Naturally, this has kind of enraged and started a small but probably growing separatist movement in the resource rich western provinces, especially Alberta. For now the system kind of works despite all these issues and mass immigration. From what I understand the Minsk agreements were of an even lower level of accommodation than what we had in Canada and the fact it was not seen through was crazy. Well maybe not, we do have a lot of Ukrainian immigrants in Canada who settled in the western/central provinces and are fond of building monuments for Nazi collaborators, Bandera, and of course the SS Galicia division. These ukrainian immigrants are truly bizarre, they follow the nonsense about a pure ukrainian master race ethnicity, as if they are different from other ethnic slavs, but they also voted for this mass immigration that have driven prices up and kept wages down!


    • yalensis says:

      Despite horrible clown Trudeau Jr., it seems like the Canadians have worked their way, mostly intelligently, through this minefield of dual ethnicities/languages. Bending over backwards to accommodate a minority is not such a bad idea; the Ukrainian Nationalists could have learned something from that. Even if you don’t like somebody, you should still pretend to like them; and always ALWAYS treat people with respect.
      Otherwise, you end up being a failed state. That’s the moral of the story.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gareth says:

    I read recently that the Russia pledged not to send any captured or surrendered ethnic Hungarians back to the Ukronazis, but to Hungary instead. This should encourage these fellows to throw in the towel at the first opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yalensis says:

      That’s a great idea. Maybe this gives a way for those conscripted Huns to save their own lives; and then they can hide out in Hungary for a while until it’s safe to return to their families in Transcarpathia.


  4. JMF says:

    Excellent, in-depth analysis, yalensis. The corruption and overt criminality of Ukraine’s power structure seems to know no bounds!

    As background to the Hungarian dilemma in Transcarpathia, here’s a Sputnik article from earlier this month that I found quite remarkable:

    “How Literal Nazis Holding Kiev Hostage Ruined Relations With Budapest: A View From Hungary”


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