Ukraine War Day #329: Two-Timing Bulgars

Dear Readers:

Today I have two related pieces, both on the theme of Bulgaria’s nefarious role in the Ukraine war. Her role being that of the loyal NATO puppet. I know that many Russians, especially religious ones, feel a sense of betrayal. Given that Russian governments in the past (especially under the Tsars) provided much assistance to Bulgarian Christians in their struggle against the Ottoman yoke. During Soviet times, the Bulgarian government always sucked up like crazy to the Russians, always hammering on the special “friendship” between these two “Orthodox” peoples. And hoping that everyone would forget how they were allies of Nazi Germany, before they switched sides just in the nick of time!

Well, there are no illusions any more, and probably will not be ever again. And, by the way, every Russian patriot understands the difference between the position of the Serbs (unwilling hostages of NATO, so you understand they sometimes have to talk and say the right things with a gun to their head); versus that of the Bulgars (=willing accomplices).

A monument to Bulgarian-Soviet friendship, Varna, Bulgaria.

In this piece, reporter Alexandra Yudina cites the German Die Welt on secret Bulgarian shipments of arms, ammo and other military supplies to Ukraine. This started last spring, with the Bulgarian government slyly using intermediary shell companies to hide their role. In some cases, the cargo was shipped from Bulgaria to Poland and thence to Ukraine. The Polish Rzeszów-Jasionka airport played a key role, as it is located only 70 km from the Ukrainian border. The Bulgarian cargo also travelled via land routes, through Romania and Hungary [the latter being a bit of a detour]. Here is a map of the region for those of my American readers who, by birthright, may be geographically challenged [little joke there – don’t take offense!]

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria at the time (December 2021 – August 2022), was a man named Kiril Petkov, who seamlessly moves back and forth between Harvard University in the U.S. and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. His role in the Bulgarian government was to implement Liberal Western economics. Petkov’s photographs show him to be a vigorous swarthy man with thick black hair and a strong hairline. Anyone who has travelled to Bulgaria (as I have) should not be surprised to find the predominant physical type to be the Balkan-Mediterranean. I mean, you will see some blonde Slavic looking types there as well, but quite a lot of the people are swarthy and could pass for Greeks and Turks. Or Italians. Just a reminder of the fascinating diversity of peoples in this region of the world.

Anyhow, it was Petkov who did the interview with Die Welt, in the course of which he proudly divulged that, on his watch, a third of all military supplies reaching the Ukraine originated in Bulgaria. According to Petkov, he worked closely with Dmitry Kuleba, of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and the dynamic duo worked out various cunning schemes to arm Ukraine.

Kiril Petkov and Mr. Z

Kuleba has confirmed that Bulgaria supplied the lion’s share of military aide to his country. The Bulgarian government appeared to have profited greatly from these deals, as NATO “firms” compensated them; these were sales, not donations, with NATO footing the bill. Or rather, as the piece clarifies, ultimately the purchases were paid for by the United States and Great Britain. [And, even more ultimately, their taxpayers!]

This second short piece by reporter Dmitry Zubarev, shows another way how Bulgaria assisted her dear friend Ukraine: With secret shipments of diesel fuel. With the information coming from the same Die Welt source (which I cannot access due to a paywall), but in this case it is Bulgaria’s ex-Minister of Finances, Asen Vasilev, doing the talking. Asen is the same neo-Liberal stereotype as Petkov, and in fact the two of them co-founded their political party called “We Continue the Change“. Vasilev also attended Harvard University (Economics major, of course), and I would bet a month’s of my salary that is where they were both recruited by the CIA.

Petkov and Vasilev: “We would do anything to help NATO!”

Asen is not nearly as swarthy as Petkov, but he also has a strong hairline and the same demonic smile; but is also rather chubby whereas Petkov is wiry. But we don’t really need to dwell on his physical description. The important thing is that he figured out a way to secretly (and illegally) supply Ukraine with diesel oil (physically of Russian origin, but legally purchased by a Bulgarian company called Lukoil Nefto-Khim Burgas) via intermediate shell companies. Which is where those Harvard Economics degrees come in handy! Nobody can set up shell companies better than those Harvard Boys.

In this manner, after the start of the Special Military Operation, Bulgaria was able to supply up to 40% of Ukraine’s needs for diesel fuel. After the Lukoil company passed directly under the Bulgarian government [was nationalized?], then Vasilev stopped bothering to conceal the shipments to Ukraine. Now everything was out in the open. In November he requested permission from the Euro-commission to import oil from Russia, so that he could refine it and send the diesel to Ukraine.

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21 Responses to Ukraine War Day #329: Two-Timing Bulgars

  1. MrDomingo says:

    Bulgarians, absolute back-stabbers. In WW1 Serbia managed to win victories against invading Austro-Hungarian army consisting of significant percentage of Bosnian and Croatian conscripts. In 1915, with ammunition running low, Bulgaria entered war on side of Austrians by attacking Serbia. In WW2 they were again working with Germans and against what was Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


  2. Ortensio F. says:

    Es la misma conclusion de siempre :

    Dsede Leonid Ilich Brézhnev (en ruso, Леони́д Ильи́ч Бре́жнев ), Rusia ( y tambien por sus queridos ” socios ” , no se hecho respetar .

    No tendrá buen fin, si no enhiesta los OO .


  3. Liborio Guaso says:

    Bulgaria is not a gold mine, therefore there must be some dirty business between the hierarchs of both sides, taking advantage of the West’s willingness to pay for anything that benefits Ukrainian Nazism.


  4. htyul says:

    Dear yalensis,
    Regarding paywalls, I’ve used a couple of times this and it seems to work for me.
    Thank you for your outstanding and unfailing coverage, it is a tour de force. Chapeau.


  5. KR says:

    Yale grad, here. You can be sure that the CIA recruits from the Ivies — at “job fairs” the CIA sets up attractive tables with literature and a sign-up list, just like any corporation looking for future hires among third-year students.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yalensis says:

      I don’t doubt it! But when it comes to foreign students like these 2 Bulgarian dudes, I have a feeling they don’t get recruited so openly and above-board. The foreign recruits would have to be secret agents and sent back to their countries with some degree of undercover. Then they would be groomed to try to get into a position of power within their own governments. Due to the fact that they are now working for a foreign government, i.e., the United States of America.


      • KR says:

        A non-trivial percentage of the student body of most Ivies is foreign. The last time I was in England, I happened to be there when graduation ceremonies were held at Oxford.

        It looked like China.


        • yalensis says:

          Because they have the money to attend?


          • KR says:

            England is poor. We tend to think of England — in fact, all of Europe — through the lens of it’s cultural past, but today’s England is sputtering. Subsidies to universities have been reduced; inflation will amplify the impact. So, yeah, Oxbridge universities have fatly compensated during these years of economic decline by importing foreign students who pay full-fare.

            (Of course, the financial class in London is doing well … for now).

            American universities do the same, btw. When/if Chinese students leave, whether by choice or demand, universities will have to plug a gaping hole in their budgets.

            As an aside, I’ve been in Paris for the last few months. Center-City. I’ve read that Germany has already taken a million Ukrainian refugees, which is an overwhelmingly huge number in such a short time, but don’t see much evidence of Ukrainian immigration here. I’ve seen a few Ukrainian women sitting in the street, shaking their cups, begging for change and have heard that many are prostitutes. Interestingly, I have not seen any male Ukrainians. Not one.

            Just a report from the ground …


            • yalensis says:

              Thanks for that interesting “report from the ground”, KR. A million Ukrainian refugees in Germany, is quite a lot. And the Ukrainian beggars and prostitutes, that is quite sad. War is a dreadful business.

              Liked by 1 person

  6. Kaizer Hans says:

    I read on twitter that the two traitors hid their misbehaviour from the remains of their nation because bulgarians did not want to help Ukraine. If true that ponder greatly the backstabber fame of bulgarians


  7. I note ironically that your lead image has a heapin’ helpin’ of the colours of the Ukrainian flag….


  8. et Al says:

    A late comment but I think the only people surprised by this ‘news’ are journalists. Russia almost certainly knew about this at the time and you can be certain that information was ‘passed on’ from friendly Bulgarians and others considering the number of links in the chain.


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