Ukraine War Day #327: A Virus With A Face

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Readers:

Yesterday we touched on the fact, how Ukrainian Nationalists actively despise the ordinary people of the Donbass. This fact has been known to the pro-Russian blogosphere for many years, long before this war started. As far back as 2014 Ukrainians living in the Western part of the country would joke about killing the “Colorado beetles” (by which they meant the residents of Donbass) and also their “beetle larvae” (by which they meant their children). So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise to read about Ukrainian soldiers just willfully shooting up the homes of ordinary people, whom they consider to be ethnically inferior Colorado beetles.

Let’s face it: In any society, if you took a group of people and gave them guns, put them beyond the law, so that they could do anything they wanted with impunity; and if these people happened to really hate another group of people who lived nearby… The same thing would happen.

I debated with myself for a long time whether to review this piece, by reporter Alexander Grishin. On the one hand, as they would say in a court of law, it is inflammatory. On the same hand, the person profiled herein, Irina Farion, is not mainstream, even by Ukrainian standards. She is an extremist even among the extreme.

Irina Farion

Irina is also physically ugly in a quite ghastly way. And not just because she is old, let’s face it, most old people just get ugly, we’ll all be ugly someday, but if a person is nice you can still see some beauty within, underneath the wrinkles. According to my own personal editorial standards, I usually strive to find the most flattering picture I can, even of a person I consider an enemy. Hence, I found this one of Irina smiling, and maybe postponing her gobbling down of Hansel and Gretel till the morrow. But you’ll see that Grishin, in his piece, calls her a repulsive witch.

Why did I decide to review this story? Because Farion still has influence. Even though she is not in Parliament any more, she still has power. She appears on television and gives interviews. The people she bullies are not able to appear on television and tell their side of the story. Ordinary Ukrainians are afraid of her. She does whatever she pleases, with complete impunity. In this piece you will see how she even trains her grandson to be the school bully, and there is nobody who can do a thing about it.

Grishin: You will remember the famous Western-Ukrainian witch named Irina Farion. She gained fame at the time [yalensis: This was long before the current war] by raiding pre-schools and bullying toddlers who used Russian-sounding nicknames like Masha, Vanya, Natasha. Shaming them in front of their classmates and insisting they switch to the Ukrainian equivalents like Mariika, Natalka, etc.

Too extremist even for the extremists, Farion was banished to Lvov, where she continues her odious work with the youth. It is hard to imagine, but this 58-year-old creature, who looks like a witch from a Galician fairy tale, actually gave birth to a daughter at one point. And this daughter has a son. Which unfortunate child this old hag is training to “fight against Muscovites” in his pre-school.

What every parent wants to see.

Farion was invited to appear on a local Lvov television station called NTA, at which she gave an interview: “My grandson, Dmytryk, he is 3 and a half years old. I taught him that when he goes to pre-school, if he should encounter a child with a Russian name, for example Grisha, and if this Grisha calls out to him in Russian, Hi! he should use his tiny fist to set that boy straight and teach him how to use the Ukrainian language. And then he will come home and proudly report to me: Grandma, there is a Muscovite in the school. And Grandma tells him that it is necessary to destroy all the Muscovites, and then Dmytryk will go back to school the next day and beat up that Muscovite. By punching him in the jaw, he will teach him the proper Ukrainian pronunciation. This way all the parents who bring their Muscovite spawn to this school, will understand that their child must speak the state-approved language in kindergarten. Because I don’t want my own grandson to be infected by the Muscovite language.

“So, if a child wants to say hello, that’s okay, but he must say it in the state’s official language, and not in the Muscovite language. A child who says hello in the Muscovite language, needs to be destroyed.”

Grishin reminds the readers that thousands of Ukrainian children are being taught precisely this, in the summer camps run by Banderites and Azov Battalion instructors. So, it’s not just crazy cat lady Farion.

No Cake For You, Muscovite!

In the second part of her interview, Farion bragged about an incident in a tea house in Lvov. Farion happened to be shopping for tea, when an elderly lady, leaning on a cane, hobbled in, greeted the cashier in Russian (Здравствуйте!), and asked to purchase a cake. “So, I think, here comes another so-called Liberator, we haven’t yet managed to kill them all off. And this creature wanted to buy a slice of cake. Well, it was my job to ruin her appetite, ruin her mood, and send this old bat back to Putin, where she belonged. Well, I gave her an earful, I deprived her of her slice of cake, and you could see her shaking all over as she left…” Farion reported this triumphantly as still another victory of herself over the hated Muscovites. Her chosen targets being toddlers and the very elderly. And the really sad thing is that nobody has the power to do the right thing, namely shove that slice of cake right in Farion’s evil face. Because nobody dares to cross a bully who has some actual power.

A typical tea shop in Lvov

Grishin points out the Ukraine’s “European allies” think exactly the same way as does Farion, they just don’t say it out loud, because they have more dampening switches between their brains and their tongues.

And he indulges in the fantasy that some day, when “Muscovite” tanks have actually reached Lvov, maybe it will not be little toddler Grisha who has to leave town; but maybe Farion herself. However, such a devoted fan of Bandera, maybe she will not be accepted in Poland, but certainly she can find a warm reception in an American city, for example Chicago. Where, according to certain reports, her sister Marta already lives, and has a job in the Mayor’s office.

Grishin: We should really thank Farion for being so honest about her feelings. She shows us starkly exactly what the current Ukrainian government consists of, and why this country needs to be de-Nazified from top to bottom.

yalensis: Once again, on why I decided to review this article which, by the nature of it, might inflame some people into thoughts like “Just drop a nuke on Lvov.” Except remembering that the completely harmless old lady with the cane also lives in Lvov. And little Grisha and his parents, and also little bully Dmytryk, who is still a baby practically and may be not yet beyond redemption. The lady with the cane could be somebody grandmother too, all she wanted that day was a nice piece of cake. On certain days, that is all anybody wants: a warm place to sit with friends or family, a cup of tea and a nice piece of chocolate cake. Is that too much to ask?

But here’s the thing: In a normal society, the teachers at the kindergarten would see the two toddlers scrambling on the floor, fighting. They would separate them, they would make them shake hands, and they would explain to little Dmytryk that every child has the right to the nickname of his own (or his parents’) choice. And then the two kids would start playing together and become friends.

But this is Banderastan, so the teachers will be scared out of their wits and not able to go against a politically powerful figure such as Farion. If they did, they might find themselves without a job. Or even worse, duck-taped to a post in the middle of the city, with their pants pulled down.

In a normal society, the old lady with the cane would shake it at Farion and tell her exactly where she can get off. And then the frightened shop-girl would nod to her understandingly, and sell her the slice of cake. But, again, this is Banderastan, where the woman’s only option was to slink out of the shop without her cake. Leaving the witch gloating how she spread more evil and more darkness by ruining the day for just one more person.

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34 Responses to Ukraine War Day #327: A Virus With A Face

  1. peter moritz says:

    Hard to believe such a creature exists. She sounds more like a cartoon than an actual human being.


    • yalensis says:

      She has been around for a while, pulling these stunts and getting away with everything, for years.


      • countrumford says:

        A friend from work told me that as a black child (6) in Kentucky he was riding his tricycle in front of his home and was accosted by an old lady and berated for being black in the neighborhood. We were 30 when he told me the story it had obviously stuck with him. There are bad people outside of Ukraine too.


  2. davidt says:

    At last I can make a contribution of sorts. When I was a young man boarding in a university college, I remember being a member of a group of male students, who were entertained by a professor after dinner one night. He was, at the time, a member of Australia’s censors board, which classified films and books and the like. He made the startling comment to us that, when he was a young man, he thought that older women were unattractive, but that he had changed that attitude very much as he aged himself. I can offer you hope Yalensis, for I can certainly vouch that this is a very common experience. Women often remain attractive for a very long time. I don’t think that I need comment about Irina Farion…


    • moon says:

      Thanks Davidt, not because I am old or since you mention women, by the way. 😉 I had already copied the passage for a comment.

      Quite some time ago on Paul Robinson’s blog, I wondered if the main reason I struggled with a lot of Yalensis’ ad hoc declarations, or one or the other ‘wisdom’ if you like, was, that he was quite young. … Strictly I do not feel it is a matter of age, either.

      When I was around 17-18, I wondered if I should become an actress. I loved theater. My problem was, the characters on stage I seemed to mostly fell in love with were parts played by the grand old divas. Reflecting on that for a while, I realized, they also mostly got the much better parts. Dürrenmatt’s visiting old lady was a lot more interesting than the series of exchangeable juvenile and/or young ladies playing whatever naive or young women in love. In the movies, it was still worse at the time. I did have a little trouble with the stereotypical parts/roles for young girls and women. But that didn’t seem the main reason.

      I also loved to draw or paint. My best cousin, too. One day we decided to independently do a series of portraits. We could pick whomever we liked, but the people had to be unfamiliar to us. … After a couple of weeks as we had decided we compared. We had both mostly chosen older, sometimes very old faces. Some faces grow beautiful, and very, very interesting when old. A fine soul seems to shape them. They are also a lot harder to draw … If you aren’t drawn to caricatures. …


      • davidt says:

        A very nice comment. If I wrote mine again I would replace “attractive” by “beautiful” and would not write “astounding” but rather “memorable”. Yalensis often comments on people’s looks as men are especially inclined to do, and I have been tempted to comment on that on more than one occasion. But I have valued what he writes for many years now. (Perhaps it is not a “matter of age”, but of experience. No doubt all of us have limitations in that regard.)


        • yalensis says:

          My mom always told me I was immature, and I reckon it is so! I always had a taste for movies and art, I like to see attractive people on the screen and canvas. And also beautiful sculptures depicting the perfect human body. All of this is part of my pathology.

          When I am really old, I wonder if I shall become like Clifford Pyncheon in Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables? Cliff is described as a “sybarite”; his major character flaw is ingratitude. Namely, he cannot even bear to gaze upon the face of his sister, Hepzibah. Due to the fact that, while he was sitting in prison for 30 years she got old and ugly. He got old and ugly too, but he doesn’t have to look in the mirror, so he forgets that small fact. But he is an ungrateful wretch, because it was Hepzibah who sacrificed everything for him, and now he can’t even bear to look at her!


          • davidt says:

            Think of yourself as “youthful” in outlook. From where I stand you seem to be very well read, and, more than most, living in an idealised world of the mind. Just as no piece of music, when played, is perfect, there is no perfect body. For what it is worth, it often seems to me that Russians, when reporting from the Donbass or similar places, are drawn to the old and poor, people who have spent much of their lives just trying to survive. If that reflects a cultural value then I applaud it.

            Liked by 1 person

            • yalensis says:

              Thanks, David, I do believe I have a “youthful” outlook on life. Or try to. I never want to crust over and become unmalleable.

              Now, on the issue of alluding to people’s looks “too much”, I sensed some criticism from some of my readers on that score, so I was brooding about it a bit last night. And then realized what my issue is: As a former lit major and just somebody who loves to read, and dwells in many words of fiction, I think I have pretensions to being an actual “writer” not just a blogger. And what does a writer do? Upon introducing a new character, he of course describes their appearance! Which is why, when I introduce my readers to, say, some Russian economist, I might mention that the guy has a moustache, or the woman has a nice hair-do. With women I am almost always chivalrous and rarely negative. Farion was the exception, but I had to explain why Grishin called her an ugly old witch.

              Liked by 1 person

            • S Brennan says:

              A lovely set of comments…kudos to all. The once brave internet…staggers to it’s feet.


  3. Liborio Guaso says:

    It is the school of racist hatred from childhood, this is how the monsters that try to destroy the future of humanity are formed. And the worst thing is that they are easily used by those who steal from other nations.
    This is how those who assaulted the world and murdered hundreds of millions of blacks and indigenous people were formed,
    Life shows that Europe hijacked Christianity but the West has never understood the true Christian doctrine.


  4. peter moritz says:

    Against the hate exhibited by this excuse for a human being, let me post this, after a short explanation.
    My mother, a not-so-staunchh RC member, always told us kids about the beauty of Russian Orthodox liturgy. There have been and still are several RO churches in Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt, my hometown. I also possess several CDs about Russian Orthodox hymns and church services, being an atheist.


    • yalensis says:

      Church singing and chanting can be very hypnotic, I think this is why religions do it, because they are trying to create a community of thoughts and feelings.


  5. Steve says:

    You’re right to review that piece. Thank you. I neither speak Russian nor has access to materials in the language. And that might the the case for many citizens and residents of the collective West. There are some genuinely naive people in the West who are backing the wrong side in this conflict (Ukronazis and the Kiev regime) because they have been drugged out of their brain with NATO’s massive propaganda. For the sake of those ones, this kind of piece needs to be aired and distributed as far as possible. Thank you again for making the piece available to us.


    • yalensis says:

      You’re welcome, Steve! This sort of piece is, and has been, rather common in the Russian press, for years now, which is why Russians are better informed about their neighbors and the problems with the Bandera way of thinking.


  6. the pair says:

    let the withered old b_tch enjoy it while she can. as you said, she will probably end up exiled to some place like chicago. i just hope someone has their phone out when she tries this sh_t with a group of black kids on the street (being the arrogant racist twat she is and all). i look forward to the viral video “Fugly UkroKaren Gets Jumped in Chiraq #WitchLivesMatter”.

    ditto her little grandspawn if he escapes with her…and if he doesn’t he has a VERY illustrative future ahead of him. fast forward 20 years to him crossing the banderastan border into russia to get one of the thousands of jobs available so he can feed his gross wife and ugly kids. and who should be the hiring manager but a kid he punched for “sounding russian”!

    fun to think about, anyway. it may be naive but i always liked the saying “time wounds all heels”.

    (i won’t post video spam on this one but search youtube for “south park butters grandma”. is that not EXACTLY this broad?)


    • yalensis says:

      I still hold out hope that the grandspawn will grow up to become a decent young man, maybe even best friends with Grisha. And they will find good jobs and careers, maybe in the Donbass region.


  7. james says:

    thanks yalensis… everyone knows this is wrong when they see it.. no amount of brainwashing can change any of it. the kids can definitely see it.. it is like the cherokee saying – which wolf do you want to feed? look up the story if you haven’t before… everyone deep inside knows the truth of this.. it is up to us to feed what we want to see more of, and starve the other…


  8. S Brennan says:

    Y, no disrespect, I couldn’t make it all the way through…too much grief.

    The hatred of Russians orchestrated by the DC/NY/LA/SiV establishment/[& their wholly owned media] is astounding. Watching “liberals” regurgitate illiberal racist hatred with such venom that a Holocaust-redux becomes a distinct possibility is deeply troubling to this US citizen who had hoped Russia, sans it’s earth-bound satellites, would be welcome into the league of western nations. Who are these creatures who manifest war eternal? It is odd that so many who preach brotherhood seem to offer up a lot of hate, often turning a blind eye to hatred perpetrated by their fellow ideological travelers.

    Today’s hatred is so extreme that the phrase “never-again” is, apparently, not in reference to the murder of six million civilians of a single ethnic background but, to the particular ethnic make up of the six million murdered.

    It’s confusing but, put simply, murder six million civilian Ruskies? Cool bro…just make sure there are no Jews are in the box-car and we’ve got your back !

    It’s been decades since I met a liberal who was truly liberal…the, now extinct, liberal mind was a cornerstone of western civilization and in it’s empty place sits a weak crumbling mortar of platitudes and artifice just waiting to wash away in a heavy downpour.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. davidt says:

    As you say, Arestovich does surprise:


    • yalensis says:

      I was reading the headlines this morning, how Alexei Arestovich was forced, under pressure, to submit his resignation from Podolyak’s office. He was forced to apologize for his comments and resign. Russian commenters were, like, “The one time he told the truth, and this is what happened…”

      Actually, I had noticed in recent weeks, Alexei started to change somewhat, you could see it happening. After watching him so much on youtube I knew some of his “tells”. When he lied, he would talk very quickly and almost in a whisper, like he was trying to hypnotize you. When he told the truth he would speak more slowly and directly, looking right into the camera. Even a few days before this happened, just after Soledar had been captured, but the Ukrs were still claiming they were staying and fighting, Alexei looked right into the camera and gave a little speech about “What happens when one battalion turns and runs away, then the other battalions become very sad, and then they also turn and run away…” Explaining how the Ukrainian soldiers were leaving Soledar of their own accord, without an order to do so.

      He got into a lot of hot water for those comments; and then just a couple of days later, this shitstorm involving the rocket attack in Dnipro. And now he’s gone, but he managed to get in a couple of parting shots. I don’t think we have seen the last of Lusya, because he has ambitions to run for President (maybe of a truncated Ukraine under Russian regent-ship). I debated whether to do my daily post on his ordeal, then decided against. Most of my readers are not as fascinated in Lusya as I am. So instead, later today, I will have something about the harvest.


  10. Daniel Rich says:

    Your article explains why I refer to this place as 404 [page not found].

    Can you imagine what would happen had she done this to a jewish old lady…?


    • yalensis says:

      Come to think of it, that old lady might well have been Jewish. It would explain why she would be speaking Russian in a Ukrainian-speaking city like Lvov. Ukrainian Jews, almost all of them (I think) are Russian speakers, no matter where they live. Russian would be their mother tongue spoken at home, and the older generation might also know a little Yiddish.


  11. JMF says:

    I look forward to the day that this particular “exalted shall be humbled”.

    I agree that it’s crucially important to share these stories so that eventually the Western brainwashed may be de-programmed. So thanks once again, yalensis, for spreading the word.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, JMF, but I somehow doubt the Westie mindsight can be de-programmed. Some individual Westies, hopefully. The best pill is just to insist on basic human decency.


  12. John Jennings says:

    Wow, ‘the pair’ has a way with words to rival yalensis’!
    LMAO … “Fugly UkroKaren Gets Jumped in Chiraq #WitchLivesMatter” …
    ‘Grandspawn’ … !
    Anyway, it appears the hideous hag’s sister used to work in the Chicago mayor’s office, but no longer:


    • yalensis says:

      I know. I am jealous of “the pair” because I never would have thought of a word like “fugly” or “UkroKaren”, nor a tag like #WitchLivesMatter, that’s just a type of blogo-genius in itself…


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