Ukraine War Day #270: To The Last Ukrainian…

Dear Readers;

When nations are at war, it is normal for warriors to indulge in boasts and taunts, on either side. But this practice should probably be retired, especially in the era of the internet, WHICH REMEMBERS EVERYTHING, and then throws it back in your face!

For example, every time Alexei Arestovich opens his mouth on youtube and goes off on some soliloquy about the magnificence of the Ukrainian spirit and how they never retreat, yada yada, there is always at least 10 pro-Russian trolls on hand to remind him of his famous boast towards the beginning of the war: “We will NEVER surrender Mariupol. I repeat that and underscore: We will NEVER surrender Mariupol.” See, if he had just said something like, “Well, I mean, someday, we might have to leave Mariupol. But fear not, WE SHALL RETURN!” Then he would have covered himself.

Speaking of Lusya, I was watching him on Mark Feigin’s youtube channel a couple of nights ago. Some big rift has happened between those two scoundrels, I can feel it in my bones. Feigin the Jew was always the more gung-ho anti-Russian, pro-Azov Battalion fanatic. But now he knows that the gig is up, I can tell. Something changed around the time of that Polish missile debacle. Feigin’s core loyalty has always been to NATO itself, not to the Ukraine. And now it’s Lusya who sings the patriotic torch-songs. In this particular episode she was in fine form, declaiming a magnificent pathos-filled soliloquy worth at least one Hamlet plus a couple of La Pasionarias:

“We will fight the Russians to the very last Ukrainian. If we run out of bullets, we will fight them with sticks and shovels. If they kill every one of our soldiers, then the Ukrainian grass itself will surge up and suffocate the occupiers.”

Lusya: “The very grass itself will rise up and snuff those Russian meanies!”
No pasarán! (oops, here they come… Get me on that fucking boat!)

Uh huh. This rhetoric was so ridiculous, that even Feigin had to freeze his ugly face, so as not to roll his eyes. La Pasionaria by the way (she’s the political hack who shrieked, “They shall not pass!”) ended up hoisting her Stalinist ass out of Spain with much assistance from the Soviet NKVD, as Franco’s victorious troops approached. In other words, “No Shall Pass” suddenly morphed into: “Oops, they passed!” Another life lesson in the necessity of avoiding bombast. And this is why it is not recommended, even if one happens to be on the side of the Angels in this Apocalyptic war between Good and Evil, to make such dramatic, all-encompassing statements in the heat of the moment. Because the worm can turn, and you never know when you will be forced to eat your words.

Almost Game Over

It is said that NATO intends to fight this war to the last Ukrainian, in the hopes of bleeding Russia dry. But how far is the Kiev regime willing to go? How about, removing 30 million Ukrainians from their own land, in order to create a cleaner battle zone?

Seriously though. When Ukrainians are told that they have to either (1) fight Russians with sticks and shovels, and get themselves killed, and then rely on their astroturf to avenge them; or (2) leave their own country because there is no more electricity…

Some people start to question whether this is all necessary. Hm… Maybe our Dear Leaders should have considered the option of negotiating a deal with the angry Russians? Or is that too radical a thought? Cue the strikes in Odessa, where ordinary people came out into the streets to protest the blackouts and the cut off of electricity. The Ukrainian authorities immediately sensed a threat there, they set about to squelch the protests. See, oddly enough, even though the Russians are technically to blame for bombing Ukrainian energy infrastructure, it seems like ordinary working people in Odessa blame their own government more than they blame the Russians. The Kiev regime knows this, in their guts, and they won’t tolerate this kind of dissent. People are supposed to lie down and die! Then let the very soil avenge them.

Speaking of Kherson…

Next, we need to talk about what is going on in Kherson. Speaking about “passionate declarations”: A couple of days ago I saw some pro-Ukrainian chicken-hawk venting on social media: “We can live without food, water, heat and electricity. But we can’t live without Kherson.” Well, buddy, maybe you need to learn a new way of living, because even the Ukrainian regime wants to live without Kherson. Well, I mean, they still want the real estate, obviously. But they don’t want, or need, the people.

To help us figure out what is going on, I have this piece by reporter Vera Basilaya. Yesterday Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk recommended a “voluntary evacuation to safer regions” of all Kherson residents. The good news is that the Ukrainian government assumes the financial responsibility of relocating the residents. Where they will get the money from, I do not know, since they have no money. But be that as it may… We are learning that, ever since the Russians left, food and medicines are in short supply; and many people are forced to light fires and cook their food out in the open.

Vereshchuk is recommending that people think about resettling, at least for the winter, in Nikolaev or Krivoy Rog. It must be nice to live in such a mobile country where everybody is free to just move about as they please, or have a winter home in another region; and nobody needs to worry about leaving their job. Or maybe they all work remotely now… whenever they have internet and electricity…

When I was a child, I used to fantasize about living in a trailer, being able to pull up stakes and just drive about wherever I pleased. The Ukrainian people are living my dream!

[to be continued]

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12 Responses to Ukraine War Day #270: To The Last Ukrainian…

  1. michaeldroy says:

    .. I suspect that there are an awful lot of empty houses in Ukraine right now.
    Not so many here in London or in Warsaw where I have friends.

    The game has been up since March. No navy, no airforce (ignoring ghosts), no real air defence, it was quite clear that Russia could bring the country to a halt at any moment it chose. The Ukrainian army by September had been halved in size and quartered in experience and usefulness.

    What is really happening now is that the west no longer wants to play pretend anymore.
    Two prime opportunities to attack Russia verbally (the MH17 fake verdict and the “Russian” missile in Poland) have been passed very very quickly. The clearly co-ordinated media is now tasked in talking down the threat and evilness of Russia prior to a massive western climbdown where we urge Zelensky to do a deal, and criticise him for doing a bad one. (Ze himself clearly doesn’t want to be the person that does that, and in fact there is no counterparty that is agreement capable – who is going to promise the Nazis won’t shell more civilians. But that isn’t Biden’s problem.)

    Essentially US/Nato have left the monopoly game to Zelensky and Russia where Russia has £10,000 and hotels on Mayfair and Park lane, and Zelensky has a mortgaged Old Kent Road but won’t quit until the community chest is closed officially.

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  2. BM says:

    Wait! The Russians evacuated Kherson, saying it’s too dangerous because of the shelling of the dam, and because of forthcoming military activities in the area. We have to assume that all the non-nazis left for Russia, leaving only a few fanatical nazis behind, plus (allegedly) a few “collaborators” who were promptly murdered by the incoming Ukies. (Though I suspect the so-called “collaborators” were for the most part in fact fanatical pro-ukie nazis who unfortunately happened to have had a prior feud with someone, who promptly seived the opportunity and falsely denounced them as “collaborators”. Nazis being what they are, there were probably plenty of those.)

    The Russians having announced the evacuation, everybody pro-Ukraine announces at full yell “Russia is retreating”.

    Then after the Ukie army enter Kherson, and within days – once they have successfully completed the murder of so-called “collaborators” – announces an evacuation of all those fanatical nazi civilians who were not already denounced as “Russian Collaborators”.

    What’s happened, what have I missed? Have the Russians threatened an immediate assault of Kherson? Days after blowing up the bridge?


    • yalensis says:

      From what I understand, the Ukrainian evacuation of Kherson civilians is not triggered by any impending Russian attack; but just due to the fact that there is no food or supplies, or heat or electricity to sustain the civilian population.

      It’s for the same reason the Kiev government is requesting that ALL Ukrainians, regardless of region, find a way to go away for the winter. Like migrating birds!


      • stephentjohnson says:

        Well, in all fairness, it was the energy company DTEK, not the government proper that suggested a few months absence. There seems to be some back and forth about whether people need to evacuate or not – at a guess, I’d think it’s going to be people like DTEK saying “Go” (because we can’t keep the lights on) and people like Lusya staying “No, no, stay, it’ll be fine” (because it’s not Lusya’s problem)

        It’s very interesting that the Ukrainians are claiming they’ll finance the relocation – good luck to any ex-Khersonites trying to actually get money, vouchers or whatnot.

        So, anyone else think Elensky may be receiving a vocational adjustment soon? Sort of like Diem, maybe? I’m thinking he shouldn’t start reading any really long books.


        • yalensis says:

          Poor Zelensky, he just decided it might be a good idea to read War and Peace!

          In other news, he just ordered his wife to boil him a 3-minute egg, and she was, like, “Maybe we should make it a 2-minute egg, honey?”


  3. Steve says:

    “Probably they (people) had forgotten that if Russia had difficulties holding right-bank Kherson, then the Ukraine would certainly have even more difficulties.”

    That was from an article by a writer called Batiushka. Seeing what is happening now I think that fellow is on to something.


  4. Beluga says:

    1. “Speaking of Lusya, I was watching him on Mark Feigin”
    2. “And now it’s Lusya who sings the patriotic torch-songs. In this particular episode she was in fine form”

    Forgive me, I have no idea who these two blarts are. Should I? Are they important to the SMO?

    From the description #1 above, Lusya is a “he”. From description #2, Lusya is a “she”. May I take it that Lusya is therefore a transvestite? I searched on DDG, and there are so many Lusyas I have no idea which one is the featured doink in this post. Enlighten me, please. Perhaps both “people” are a disguise for Walrus McNasty – American Retard, who seems to be let out of the Dingleberry Fruit Farm each weekend on a pass to post the latest snark from loony-land.


    • yalensis says:

      Haha! You must forgive me, Beluga. Sometimes I indulge myself in gossip and in-jokes. Or assume that everybody knows who these characters are.

      Allow me to explain: Lusya Karamelka (=Lucy the Little Candy Girl) is a character from a Ukrainian comedy movie, I don’t remember the year, it was some years back. It was sort of like the Ukrainian version of “Tootsie”. Alexei Arestovich played one of the lead characters, a man who disguises himself as a woman in order to win his ex-girlfriend back from the jerk she is currently dating. In the course of which, he/she dances and sings in a nightclub, flirts with the jerky boyfriend, lots of funny and stupid stuff going on.

      Anyhow, Alexei is now a virulent Ukrainian patriot (or plays the role of, remember that he is still an actor!) and works as the “Unpaid Advisor” to Mikhail Podolyak, a member of Zelensky’s inner circle.

      In this capacity, Alexei’s job duties include appearing on youtube 24/7. He is a favorite with the Russian “non-systemic opposition”. He has his own channel, plus appears nightly on Mark Feigin’s channel, where they gaslight and bullshit the Ukrainian and Russian public, in the Russian language.

      Mark Feigin, for his part, is a long-time Russian-Jewish dissident who used to represent Navalny, Pussy Riot, lots of other anti-Putinites. As a laywer he sucked: his clients always got the maximum sentence, even when the judge was trying to be lenient. You may have missed the classic Russian joke about him which I posted in an earlier blogpost or comment:

      Pontius Pilate turned to the crowd, saying, “I have examined this matter, and see that this harmless crank has not actually committed any crime. Therefore I am inclined to let him go…”
      “Not so fast!” says a voice from the crowd. A man steps forward. “My name is Mark Feigin, and I am this man’s attorney….”

      Anyhow, Feigin (the failed lawyer) now makes tens of thousands of bucks every night on his youtube channel. His nightly show with Arestovich is his most popular one. For years now Feigin has positioned himself as a fierce pro-Ukrainian Nationalist (just out of his hatred for Putin, one imagines) and their most fiercest supporter. He sells Azov Battalion t-shirts on his merchandize shop, for crying out loud!

      I try to catch their show at least once a week, just to see what the other side are thinking. But recently, just in the past week or so, there seems to be some kind of rift between these two great men. They are very cold towards each other, and quarrel on air like an unhappily married couple. That’s what I was alluding to.

      Alles ist klar?


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