Ukraine War Day #267: Poorly-Maintained Equipment?

Dear Readers:

As everybody knows, the internet has been on fire about Monday’s incident in the Polish town of Przewodów. That’s the one where a Ukrainian S-300 rocket swooped down on the heads of the two most unluckiest Polish tractor drivers in the world. For many naive Westies, this incident was an eye-opener: See, they got a chance to learn what Russians have known for years: That “our” adorable little Ukrainian angels are a pack of liars! The greatest liars in the world, in fact, as even Alexei Arestovich once admitted. And even the fast-decaying Emperor Biden was finally forced to publicly slap down his adorable little minions.

“No, that wasn’t me what made this mess, Daddy!”

“Son, Daddy will forgive you. You just have to tell the truth and admit what you did.”

“But Daddy, it wasn’t me!”

There is a ton of material and analysis about this incident, also a lot of conspiracy theories. Which partition into two basic types: (1) The Ukrainians did this on purpose, maybe even drone-guided the rockets to land on innocent humans, so as to create an Article-5 incident to bring NATO more directly into the war. I mean, what do they have to lose? They have had some successes recently, but deep down they know they can’t keep this up much longer. Or (2) a cigar is just a cigar, this was just an understandable, and even forgivable technical error. The kind of mistake that happens in every war, and even just in everyday life. Resulting in unintended collateral damage. In which case, just pay those farmers some compensation for the loss of their family members; and then everybody move along with their lives.

In support of Theory #2, I have this piece by reporter Alyona Zadorozhnaya. Who interviews military expert Konstantin Sivkov. Who believes this accident can be written off to poorly-trained technicians operating poorly-maintained equipment. As opposed to some cunning and well-wrought Ukrainian plan to launch World War III.

Konstantin Sivkov: They’re just not very good at what they do.

Sivkov: Judging from the photos I have seen on the internet, it is obvious that this village was hit by a small rocket. Not something like a Kalibr, whose warhead alone weighs 400 kilograms. Something like that could take out an entire building. No, this thing that landed in Poland has a warhead of only 100 kilograms, as is the norm for an S-300. Not to mention, they found fragments of the body of the rocket, which also prove it was an S-300.

We see that the diameter of the crater is around 3 meters, and the depth around 2 meters. This shows that the warhead was directed to strike in a certain sector. And that it was intended to be a direct hit, not a lateral one. All of this just adds to the proof that this was an anti-air defense rocket. Russia does not station any of its anti-air defenses near the Polish border. Therefore, this was a Ukrainian anti-air missile. [So far, Sivkov is just stating things that everybody else, even the Americans, but excepting the Ukrainians, have all stipulated to. But please be patient, I am getting to his main argument.]

This is not the first time we have seen Ukrainian anti-air malfunction. “The root cause of the problem lies in the fact that the Ukrainian air-defense technicians are very poorly trained. And as time goes on their level of competence degrades even more.

“During the course of this Special Military Operation we have witnessed a number of cases where the UAF, attempting to shoot down our cruise missiles or drones, have blasted their own residential areas. Still, we cannot blame everything on the incompetence or low level of training of their cadres. Part of the problem lies in their aging technology itself, and the fact that they do not maintain proper maintenance levels of their equipment.”

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22 Responses to Ukraine War Day #267: Poorly-Maintained Equipment?

  1. michaeldroy says:

    I know there is always an attempt to claim “False Flag” in Ukraine but I think it is less organised. Also we should see the reaction (along with the non-mentioned MH17 court verdict today) as a sign that Western media no longer want to talk Russian (fake) bad deeds up when they are about to do a big climb down to get Kiev and Nato out of this stupid war.

    Here very clearly it was 2 S-300s fired at the incoming Russian missiles. MofA covers this well – S-300s have a range of 75km if they miss their incoming target, Przewodów is 70km from Lvow, and normal practice is to fire 2 s-300s together at one incoming missile.

    What we have is just a reactive Kiev PR system that scours news and then blames it on Russia time after time. They learnt this a long time ago with MH17 where they had 4 BUKs in the area but swore blind it was Russia, and then John Kerry came up with the lie about his satellites seeing the BUK launch from Russia.
    [8 years on the Dutch court has still only seen a letter from a US colonel to confirm Kerry’s lie. Not even the JIT, let alone the court has seen photographic evidence or even the co-ordinates of the launch. Nor was the colonel invited to Holland or the defence attorney allowed to question him – or even question the JIT report which was just read out unquestioned]

    So when a missile attack killed 30 refugees in Zaporizhia city it was just instinct to announce that these were refugees leaving Russian Zaporizhia and hit by Russian fire. Western media made a big thing about it for 24 hours, but I did note the BBC got close enough to find out they were actually travelling towards Russian territory – big difference. After 24h there was no more mention of this incident than there was of the 30 refugees killed the same day travelling south out of Kharkov but announced by Russian sources.
    Point being that this was not a planned false flag – this was just a day to day murder of civilians by the Nazis which someone in the Kiev PR loop decided to blame on Russia rather than just keep quiet about. Kramatorsk was similar I think – some Nazi decided to kill civilians (it is what they do) and the rest just flowed.

    MH17 case. Nobody is talking about it. I can’t believe that teh Dutch are going to find them not guilty based on lack of evidence presented in court – they clearly have staged managed an allegation showcase for a reason.
    But the people who co-ordinate press comment (and once again MH17 media is clearly co-ordinated) are now into explaining why Nato and US pulling out of Ukraine is not a bad thing anymore.


  2. BM says:

    A repost of something I posted a moment ago on Larry Johnson’s site:

    There appear to be some potential problems with Larry’s argument. [which was an invalid argument that he claimed proved it was an intentional false flag]

    The first is that there seems to have been two S300 missiles, one exploded and the other did not. If one exploded when it hit the ground, while the other didn’t explode at all, that would seem to reinforce the notion that these ancient (at least 40 years old) missiles are probably in bad condition, and therefore it is probably not necessary to assume that the autodestruct mechanism was disengaged – perhaps the autodestruct on the whole batch of these missiles has a particular age-related fault so that none of them self-destruct.

    Another problem is that one Russian article has disclosed that this is not the first time these missiles have landed in Poland, they have done so again and again – but on previous occasions they just landed in the woods, and were ignored by the Polish authorities. Therefore it would appear that these AD launchers in Lvov are not once but regularly facing in another direction to that which Larry expects – the crew are for whatever reason evidently not complying with his expected protocols – perhaps they are improvising. Perhaps the radar doesn’t work or they avoid switching it on to avoid attracting anti-AD fire, and are just taking wild potshots in the offchance that one might hit – in that case maybe they are shooting as it goes past (side view) because it is easier to see visually from the side. (Whether such a practice is invalid and/or incapable of success is irrelevant, if the crews happen to have decided on that practice). It may also be that the crews – knowing the missiles are old and failing, and unlikely to hit a modern cruise missile – are knowingly using them up on easier targets like drones – hence it is more realistic that they may have been firing to the north.

    Still another problem is that the Russian cruise missiles are highly manoeuverable, thus they may approact the target from any direction, which has little to do with the direction from which they were fired. Therefore an X101 could easily be approaching Lvov from the north. It may also be that the AD radars are pointing east, the X101 is coming in from the side to evade the radar, and the operator is manually swinging round to the north to take a potshot at the last moment.

    Given that the operating crews may have been firing AD missiles in a northerly direction in attempts to shoot down incoming Russian missiles or drones, and especially in view of the fact that this has already happened not once before but again and again, Larry’s conclusion is unjustified. It is far more likely a combination of antiquated AD missiles, poorly trained crews, and the shear sophistication of modern Russian cruise missiles. Therefore unlikely to be a planned false flag (just exploited as such post-hoc, after news that two civilians had been killed).


  3. mtnforge says:

    Yeah, please pardon my long dialogue, seems no easy way to share something it looks to me like is going on now for a long time, and its getting to a head. In war, doing stupid things, wins stupid prizes, by orders of magnitude over regular every day bonehead moves.The political foolishness about the Polish farmers geting killed looks an awful lot like false flag by convienient unintended consequences.
    War by its nature being such an extreme human activity is a universe of unintended consequences waiting to happen. But add in an extra soecial dynamic and things really get out of sorts. There is a special dynamic that only a corrupt global criminal conspiracy, running a gang of ukie mafioso like actors, who also perform the job of proxy client state, posing as legitimate government, where the need for whole cloth narrative to create plausible deniability on demand, and all the consequences created thru such activity, I think simply by itself the law of averages, alone, adds up creating unintended consequences, stuff stacks up in a hurry, takes a lot of shaky business to just handle that stuff nevermind the day to day criminal stuff, so like natural laws of physics, which no amount of lying or projection or no matter how many paid globalist whores you have operating your global media complex, can stop the consequences of this river of total BS we see.
    What, its been around ten years this whole cloth regime has been doing its thing in Ukraine. The genocide for starters. Add the raft of organized criminal activities these actors are behind, where that is quite unique in the annals of crime syndicates. I mean a country the size if Ukraine is no joke. A million man army so they claim, thats a lot. Ukraine had no true threat it faced to legitimately honestly warrant a million man military. Sure a smalker one, with prepositioned resources to increase its war fighting capabilities. So right there is a unique set of unintended consequences created. There is only one reason here if you ask me, its to do things you ain’t supposed to be doing, and in turn you then become the threat to others, if only for the question of veracity. It is the truly global scope of affairs here thats always in need of cover, talking if its an illicit activity, these bums are involved in it, exactly because their globalist overlords been using Ukraine as a central hub for illicit international conduits, a central node for trafficking ________, (fill in the blank), and pretty much an ideal set-up in every way, for things illegal immoral and just plain not right, like bio-weapon research labs operating outside rational oversight? How about trafficking in children and vulnerable women? So of course this global criminal gang if its to protect its assets and activities it has to literally throw everything plus the kitchen sink into keeping the racket going, tops among the trafficking is laundering sufficient filthy lucre to keep the whole conspiracy going, particularly now as the fiat dollar pyramid has strip mined thru that wealth transfer racket, pretty much all the ready fungible assets and wealth across the western hemisphere, so cash is pretty much king. Its apparant the stored physical specie of the western nations gold vaults is long gone, said nation states have been strip mined to the core, as fiat abhores that kind of stored treasure that belongs to people, so the only large nuggets of cash readily attainable then is from running con’s like a false flag faked pandemic which is a dandy crisis as a means, and an FTX scheme because theres still enough suckers willing and betting on the Casino, where enough large lump sums can be stolen to meet cabal payroll and its overhead. From gangstalkers to John Keery’s serriptitious activities, requires a lot of payoffs and payroll, then there is the vast surveillance on all of us, from satelites to comment trolls, how many LARP’s did they have working during the antifa and blm riots for 2 years? Imagine how many IT agents you need to infiltrate the digital domain so you get control over it? You got to figure its a sure thing the globo=peedo crowd in Davos aint shelling out their ill gotten lucre, they rig it so us dirt people actually pay for being screwed with and screwed over. And thats another thing, ill bet dolkars to donuts many if not most if todays billionaires aren’t, even thats faked, they are just higher up the food chain gangstaljers and LARP’s, whise job is to look like the wealthy elites in control, their orimary purpose is to divvy out all that suppised wealth they own, pretty nifty trick that. Urah they live large, but that money is cabal bucks and they are launderers. Makes a lot if sense, and the control factor involved is thru the roof, nobody outside the conspiracy makes it on their own. Or even lotery’s, if tgey can rig elections and the casino, rigging who wins megabucks is simole pie, and what a racket, what, a billion cold hard in cash two weeks ago. Thats real tangible wealth, a couple bucks at a time, all from us dirt people.
    Starting to think, everything we have been told to believe is a lie. No kidding. The ramifications are almost incomprehensible to us good folks. Its why it works, how this thing hides in plain sight. Give it a good think. It bakes my noodle tell you what.
    But the day when there is not enough to be stolen is inevitable because this globo=peedo monster running things has grown into the living version of Hobbes Leviathan. Such an entity only heads in one direction which is to grow larger.
    And what then when the take falls short of operating expenses? Rather more when does it reach the point where there is no lucre left in quanities neccesary? And what if there is like a synergistic effect happening, where inescapable consequences, ill fortune, bad timing, vageries of the universe, poor critical choices are made, all at once with the petro dollar extortion racket no longer produces enough income, cause BRIC’s is become viable along with so many little nation states trying to escape the empires fiat grip on them, thats a lot of revenue no longer streaming in, is that not the kind of juncture where the most seeming inconsequential thing precipitates the collapse of the institutional order? That which is starting to become known as the collectivist west, and its empire, has been for longer than living memory?
    I mean nothing man made last forever, and nothing so vile as this globular satanic conspiracy of sodomites with the hubris to rule the earth, can sustain itself forever off of other peoples money, ie, the true source and only source of wealth, comes from hard work creating something with ones labors. So is the answer truly depopulation but for a small slave class, turning the earth into their private estate? Not joking here. Because when the money runs out, what options remain? I mean eventually things catch up, and the longer those undesired consequences are put off the worse they eventually are when no longer is it possible to stop them. Then you get cascade everything like dominoes.
    So would it make sense to propose for instance so goes Ukraine so goes the collective west? So goes the world? Because so much of it is under this global conspiracy’s thrall. That certainly includes the US, as far as the depraved entity my government and corporate ilk, most likely what crashes hardest, its got the furthest to fall as it appears its been used as the lynch pin upon which the whole Ukrainian operation is based from. And that is due to it simply being the largest cash cow and due to its such large nation state form makes it an ideal candidate.
    The main thing here is about money. Of course power, but this power is nothing if its not able to steal enough money, as things are. This cabal or whatever it is seems to be both an insatiable glutton of wealth while destroying the underpinnings and fabric not to mention most of its organic inhabitants who created the wealth to start with.
    So which is it? Or is it both? If its both it goes way beyond a criminal gang seeking totalitarian power. That, looks like a unique enemy thats using human corruption as an instrument of destruction. So is that the real unintended, to us little people, consequence thats absolutely intended? That this global collection of criminals are themselves pawns, tools, kind of like the ultimate useful dupes?
    That they only way to survive what is going to take place, is to go in the direction like Russia has since its central Soviet collapsed, in the Time. Honored. Traditions. and rediscovering Christian Faith as foundational, direction?
    It sure looks like it to me. All from a couple wayward ukie rockets.


  4. the pair says:

    i love the petulant twats in the media…”well, it wasn’t a rocket FROM russia but it was RUSSIAN MADE!!!” so…i guess we should prosecute the US and UK for the stuff they made that’s currently obliterating civilians from gaza to yemen to egypt to somalia and beyond? (actually we should but that’s a separate point i suppose.)

    not that i believe in karma, but maybe poland needs to think long and hard (for once) about being the “tip of the spear” for WWNATO. i’m starting to understand why people used to make “polish jokes”. i also can’t help but think about MH-17. y’know, the one the russians “deifnitely shot down” despite many, many knowledgable people saying it was more likely ukies with an OLD SOVIET buk system. deja vu?

    as for johnson and others saying it was a “false flag” that’s just goofy. these are the same folks who used handguns to shoot at drones. not that the ukies aren’t capable of cynically killing anyone anywhere who doesn’t have a black sun tattoo but i’d say it’s more a “never let a good crisis go to waste” thing.


    • yalensis says:

      I think that’s a good analysis. The Ukrainians are masters of “Never let a good crisis go to waste, and always blame Russia.” The only thing they did wrong this time was forget to ask for NATO’s permission.


  5. the pair says:

    sorry to double post but literally seconds after my last comment i saw:


  6. stephentjohnson says:

    I think that a tempest in a teacup is the most this was ever going to be – whether it was a false flag, provocation or actual missile attack notwithstanding. The only credible result would be posturing, sanctions and whatnot which will be forthcoming anyway.

    In my slightly-less-than-infallible opinion, the Pans are not about to actually start live fire exchanges with the Moskali, at least not until they’ve worked themselves up into a proper frenzy which will take some time. Dollars to donuts, when/if we do see something like this turn hot, it’ll be after a long phase of increasingly hysterical noises – My money is on some kind of UK/Poland plus Baltic minnows, and maybe Romania/Moldova combination, as I think the US will not be so keen to put their tender flesh in the way of return fire. Others will crowd the stage edges, warmly encouraging them from a safe distance. Time will tell!

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  7. NevenA says:

    I find this such a strange story, maybe precisely because it’s so straightforward, which can’t be said about many things in this conflict. It makes me extra suspicious, allergic as I am to non-conspiracies.

    1. The first strange thing is that this stray rocket (followed by his twin) hits two farmers in the middle of absolutely nowhere. What are the odds?

    2. The second thing I find strange, is how (relatively) fast media and politicians corrected the story to state that the missile was most probably Ukrainian. When a Russian prisoner of war camp is bombed, or a Russian-controlled nuclear power plant is repeatedly shelled, or a Russian pipeline is blown up James Bond-style, it is obviously all done by the Russians themselves. No corrections in sight, no matter how absurd the story is.

    Is it because the implications are too serious, Article 4 and 5 and what not? Has this stopped the NATO crazies so far? No, they keep escalating.

    People say that this accident is exploited to send more money and military aid to Ukraine, and put more air defence systems on NATO borders. But wouldn’t a Russian missile, even if accidental, be even better for that than a Ukrainian one?

    3. The third thing I find strange that the Ukrainians stubbornly refuse to admit it was their missile. Okay, I understand they didn’t want to let this opportunity to get Moscow nuked go to waste. The way the (Western) world has reacted to them so far, it’s only logical they think it revolves around them, and they can thus get away with anything.

    But after all of their allies tell them it was their missile, but it was an accident, and Russia’s fault anyway because they caused the war and manufactured the missile, the Ukrainians still steadfastly maintain it’s not their missile. I know Zelensky is a pathological actor, but this denial is a monumentally stupid thing to do.

    All these factors make me think there might be a third option: The Poles planted this false flag because they have their eye on East Galicia and Volhynia (something that has been alluded to many times by various analysts). Allegedly, they have already sent thousands of troops to fight as ‘mercenaries’ for the Ukrainians. This missile incident is just another excuse for them to offer more ‘help’ and help speed up the brotherly synthesis of Poles and Ukrainians.

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    • yalensis says:

      Hi, NevenA, You raise some very interesting and intriguing points.
      About the 2 missiles: I have been reading that it is normal for S-300’s to fly in pairs, so maybe that part is explainable.
      As for the odds of a random missile hitting a tractor, some people say that’s the same as the odds for a meteorite falling from the sky and striking a particular person walking down a street. In other words, almost zero. And yet it happens, sometimes.

      And yeah, in normal times, no matter WHAT the Ukrainians did, they would be patted on the head and told they were good boys, and Russians were always to blame. So why different this time? To me, that’s the real question.


      • NevenA says:

        “same as the odds for a meteorite falling from the sky and striking a particular person walking down a street. In other words, almost zero. And yet it happens, sometimes.”

        Apparently 17 meteorites per day reach the Earth’s surface, and as far as I could find on the Internet, there is only one case of a human being hit by a meteorite in the 20th and 21st centuries (and she lived).

        Of all the strange things related to this incident, this has to be the strangest one. No matter who did it, Ukrainians, Russians or Poles (or maybe some rogue non-governmental organisation?), I find it hard to believe it was all just an accident.

        I also read that the Poles and Americans are on the scene investigating. The Ukrainians want access too, and the Poles don’t mind a priori, but regulations will have to be respected, etc. Why do Ukrainians have to get permission, but the Americans are already there?

        And are the Ukrainian authorities still denying the missile was theirs?

        This is so fishy, it stinks!


    • peter moritz says:

      That is what I did not know before:

      “Russian experts have noted that the S300 air defense missiles can in fact be flown in two modes: to shoot down aircraft or as a ground to ground missile. In the former mode, its inbuilt self-destruct mechanism is activated, so that if it misses its target in the air, it can cause no damage when it falls back to earth. In the second mode, the self-destruct mechanism is switched off so that the explosive charge can be detonated upon impact with earth. It was precisely in the second mode that the S300 which came down in Poland was flying, meaning that the damage and loss of life which occurred was planned by the launch team.”

      That diminishes the chances of an accidental launch in the wrong direction to almost 0. Why would they launch in non-self destruct mode if they use it for air defense?


      • yalensis says:

        Unless the Ukrainian technicians who launched this rocket were completely incompetent, this fact adds evidence to the theory that the Ukrainians did this on purpose, in ground-to-ground manner. Most likely, hoping to trigger Article #5 and start a war.
        This would also explain why Zelensky so stubbornly insists that Russia did it, despite all Westie coaching and counseling efforts to give him an out and save face.

        The one unanswered question, though: How could they possibly aim this thing directly at a tractor? Wouldn’t that take really good aim? Or was that just a 1 in a million coincidence that they actually hit something, as opposed to just logging an abstract missile strike into Poland???


        • peter moritz says:

          As to the unanswered question:
          As the switching to ground-ground mode, this being a deviation from regular use of the system was unlikely to be accidental, that means the action was planned and likely just waiting to be executed during another Russian attack.

          That could mean that there was little time to actually look for a target, but just firing into the general direction of the village and hoping for the worst.
          The likelihood to look for a specific target seems under the time pressure to complete the action during the Russian attack seems to me very low.

          It is of course possible that the area was under drone observation, and the village or the area in close vicinity was a general target, and the tractor had been seen, but again, was there enough time to hit a specific target.

          Of course, except for the seemingly established fact that the changing of the missile modus is possible, the above will continue to be speculation, unless the battery operators will come forward, which will be unlikely to happen.


    • BM says:

      There are so many anomalies in the story that is the current narrative, I am beginning to think it is a hoax. Of course, Zelensky is the classic ‘boy-cries-wolf’, so much so that even a Nato diplomat has accused him of lying – but maybe for the first time in his life he is telling the truth. There is no reliable evidence that the photos of the two S300’s were not staged. The Polish PM now says the second missile is “no longer in Poland”. Ukraine is not allowed to visit the site while the evidence is being doctored, even thoug for MH17 Ukraine even had veto power over all conclusions. There are claims the missile exploded 2 or 3 hours after the last Russian missile in the region. The missile happens to land into a silo under the tractor, so that the explosion appears to have created a huge crater even though the missile has a miniscule explosive power compared to a land-attack missile. Anomalies about the single photo and the fact that one photo suddenly appears on the net so soon after the event, but no companion photos. No serial number. Silence on whether the launch/path were tracked by satellite. And so on – everything just doesn’t add up. This story is a hoax.


      • yalensis says:

        That’s an amazing theory, BM. On the one hand, it would be kind of hilarious if the American/Polish media were framing “boy who cried wolf” Zelensky.
        He lied so many times his nose grew out to 10 feet long. And suddenly he’s telling the truth and they shut him up?!

        On the other hand, it would be tragic if some innocent farmers actually died.

        I sort of like your theory if it meant that nobody actually died, like the whole thing was a staged hoax. But if somebody had to die for no reason, that’s just awful.


  8. Walrus McNasty - American Retard says:

    I AM NOW FULLY CONVINCED based on this single incident that my WHOLE WORLDVIEW is a joke, created by the BRAINWASHING of the LYING WESTERN MEDIA.
    The SHOCKING SCANDAL that a missile flew out of a WAR ZONE into a neighboring country in a BRAZEN PROVOCATION by the UKIENAZIZIZIS.

    The Ukies blew up two farmers and a tractor! How dare they! This is WAY WORSE that that time the Russians blew a passenger jet out of the sky, killing hundreds of people…


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