Ukraine War Day #254: The Joker Strikes Again!

“Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.” (Henry L. Stimson)

Dear Readers:

A couple of days ago we learned about a new Super-Villain who has entered the war arena. Calling himself The Joker, this hacker claims to have broken into NATO’s DELTA computer system which Ukraine uses to manage its logistics and war effort.

Yesterday The Joker boasted of a new feat: He broke into the personal Instagram Account of Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Valery Zaluzhny!

I took above screenshot from a Russian source called zvezdanews which is a Twitter-type thing. On his Instagram (on which he has over 50K subscribers), Zaluzhny usually has a thumbnail of his own large head, which the hacker replaced with the thumbnail of Putin riding bare-back on a bear. The hacker also replaced Zaluzhny’s telegram link with his own

Also, among the usual photos posted by Zaluzhny himself [one would assume, although that one on the right, with the girl in the sweater, looks rather ghoulish – is that Valery’s daughter??], the Joker apparently added his own:

The first photo on the left, the most recent one posted, shows a rather ghastly soldier with a Joker-type visage, strolling through the woods. The caption, in Ukrainian, reads: “Yes, I can confirm that the Joker from DPR broke into DELTA.”

From busting NATO software, to hacking Zaluzhny’s family photos… Well, to me it seems a step down. But this hacker is making his point that, as he claims, he has his own spies and agents everywhere, even in the Office of the President. Still, if he has Zaluzhny’s password, are there not better things that he could do with such a prize, one has to ask oneself?

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5 Responses to Ukraine War Day #254: The Joker Strikes Again!

  1. mtnforge says:

    Whats better than getting inside your enemies head. After all, this is an enemy with a singular agenda, to genocide all who do not conform, prostrate themselves to these minions and thus a conspiracy, essentially a criminal gang of lunatics who wish to rule, hold dominion over all, who state clearly they will reduce the earths population down to enough slaves to serve tgeir needs and make earth their garden spot.
    Screw this cabal of criminals. BFYTW. (pardon my cuss words please, sometimes you just got to talk straight)


  2. BM says:

    Well, it is obvious the Joker didn’t really hack into Delta, he just photoshopped some images to make it look like it. Did you see the hacked instagram account for yourself, Yalensis? Otherwise he probably just photoshopped that too.


    • yalensis says:

      No, I can’t see any of that stuff. I don’t have Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or any of that stuff.
      I reckon the only person who knows if his Instagram was hacked, was Zaluzhny himself. When he signed on to upload some photos and saw Putin riding a bear, that would have been funny!


  3. S Brennan says:

    On the whole, I prefer Assange’s curation of national embarrassments to this “Joker” guy efforts…and really has this guy contributed anything of value yet…me thinks not.

    Even the name “Joker” is indicative of a man lacking originality or, for that matter, independent thinking. Hopefully, the guy will spend less time bragging on himself and more time digging in the dirt. No offense meant but, this is a time when the world hangs in the balance and a time when, those who can must use their talents to stop this train-wreck, it’s definitely not a time for self-indulgence.

    Why not look for the paper trail behind these acts of state-sponsored terrorism? There seems to be a lot of that sort of thing going about these days…why not rip the veil of “plausible deniability” off the ring “leaders” of those crimes…eh?


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