Ukraine War Day #224: Peacemaker Musk Risks Being Put On Peacemaker

Dear Readers:

Most of you have probably already heard of the infamous Ukrainian “Peacemaker” site called Миротворец (“Miro-tvorets”). Sometimes translated as “Peacekeeper”, but “Peacemaker” is actually a better translation and fits in better with the embedded puns of my blogpost title.

Actually, it is not even correct to call this a “Ukrainian” site, everybody knows by now that the site is a CIA project, just with a Ukrainian flavor and using Ukrainians as a front, so that CIA can collect data about private citizens and commit assassinations against enemies of the Empire. With full impunity.

Maxim Katz may now be terminated with extreme prejudice, by anybody so inclined.

To be sure, the Langley spooks allow their Ukrainian catspaws to use this site to settle private grievances; namely against any person on the planet who do not robotically intone “Slava Ukraina” like a pro-Nazi Stepford wife. Case in point: I just read this morning that the Ukies put Maxim Katz on their hitlist.

Katz!? Are you effing kidding me? Never was there such a loyal anti-Putin pro-NATO Navalnyite on this planet. What could such a personage possibly do to tick off the Ukrainians?

Well, apparently in one of his social media posts, Katz wrote the following: “The Russian Opposition does not owe anybody anything. Especially not the Ukrainians.”

Heresy! Heresy! Burn him at the stake!

In an earlier post, on September 19, Katz had posted about a Ukrainian shell fired into an ordinary store in Donetsk, and called for an investigation of the incident. Such a questioning attitude proves that finely-tuned Ukrainian fascist instincts are probably correct about this guy: He has coughed up their odious bloody-red Kool-Aid. In the same way that Judge Pyncheon (in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic House of the Seven Gables) coughed up, and choked on the poisonous waters of Maule’s well.

Speaking of wealthy and influential men with a dark past, this brings us to eccentric American billionaire genius Elon Musk, who did not so much cough up Ukrainian Kool-Aid as spit it out!

Musk: “You can’t scare me, Twitter bots!”

I shall not repeat the backstory (which readers either know, or can find elsewhere) about Musk’s proposed 4-point peace-plan to end the war, nor his run-in with Ukrainian bot swarms on Twitter. Except just to comment that his peace-plan is actually pretty good, or at least half-way viable. The only point in it which is unacceptable to the Russian side is his naive insistence on the United Nations monitoring a re-do of the referenda. Which is a really bad idea, so long as the UN is controlled by an American puppet like Guterres.

The level of Ukrainian hatred against this man rose to such a peak that one wondered if indeed he had been put on the Peacemaker hit-list. Last I checked, that has not happened (yet), and I don’t think it will. I personally don’t think the CIA will go that far against this powerful man, nor will they allow their Ukrainians doggies to do so. They also did not allow them to put the Holy Father of the Catholic Church on their mobster kill-list, although the Ukrainian fascists wanted very much to do so.

One important fact that is at risk of being overlooked: Musk has helped the Ukrainian war effort in a huge way, and indirectly contributed to the deaths of (probably) many Russian soldiers. Musk provided his Star-Link satellites and network free of charge to all Ukrainian citizens. More importantly, he also allowed this link to be used by the Ukrainian military; whereby they can quickly share Intel with the Pentagon. Which service has been a true thorn in the side of the Russian military. In truth, the Ukrainians Nationalists should be bowing down humbly to Musk and thanking him for his services. The fact that they are spitting pure bile at him reveals a Ukrainian ethnic trait which has long been known to the Russian people: Ingratitude. This is the same mortal sin that afflicts Westernizing Russian Jews like Katz. (And many others, unfortunately.)

The Catfight Within The Catfight

My added value, which I contribute to the Musk story, is to cover some little sideshow at the fringes. Which consists of a minor feud within the Ukrainian fascist intelligentsia itself; it opens the curtain just a little bit, at the bottom, and shows us images of some very strange creatures dwelling on the other side of the curtain. Not knowing much about this particular freak-show, I can only deduce that there is a dividing line between fascist-woke on the one hand; versus fascist-traditional, the latter trend represented by our indomitable Lusya the Little Candy Girl herself!

As you may have guessed already, my source is the inimitable Alexei Arestovich. Junior Colonel of the Ukrainian armed forces; and Unpaid Advisor to a guy who works within the Office of the President of the Ukraine. I hasten to add: I only have Alexei’s side of the squabble, and the squabble itself is very confusing. Since Alexei appears, first, to attack Musk; and then later to defend Musk from some other persons (students and professors of the Ukrainian woke cancel-culture); and then later retracts his attack against those other persons as well. Like I said, ’tis very confusing, and I cannot guarantee that I even got it right, since I don’t have the tweets of the other side; but here is my attempt to break this down nonetheless:

Arestovich: “Musk is a beautiful-souled aborigene.”

We shall start with Alexei’s earlier attack against Musk, whom he batches with two other “anti-Ukrainian” personages: The Holy Father the Pope; plus a guy named Jordan Peterson. [I know why the Ukrainians are mad at Musk and the Pope; but I don’t know exactly what beef they have against Peterson.]

Anyhow, Arestovich calls these men a “collection of beautiful-souled aborigenes (“сборище прекраснодушных аборигенов”). A derogatory term I don’t understand at all. I mean, I get “beautiful-souled”, that is a Russian term which reeks of irony about well-meaning but deluded individuals. I think a good colloquial English translation could be “useful idiots”. So, that part, yes, I get it. But aborigenes? I have no idea what Lusya is talking about. When I think of aborigenes, I don’t think of Pope Francis, I think of native Australians, or maybe Africans, before the arrival of the white man.

But the main point is: Arestovich is furious at Musk for proposing a peace plan that would strip Crimea (and possibly Donbass) away from its rightful Ukrainian masters.

But then things get interesting. And this is the missing link for me, because I don’t have the reaction of the “students and professors” of the Kiev-Mogilev Academy (founded as a theological academy by the Jesuits in 1615, but later also teaching Orthodoxy) to Musk’s heresy. All I can infer (from Alexei’s reaction to their reaction) is that these Christian seminary students unleashed a barrage of vitriolic hate against Musk and demanded that his Star-Link system be demolished, along with the Ukrainian internet. A classic case of: Cut off nose to spite face.

On his nightly show on Feigin’s youtube channel, Arestovich went medieval on these theology students, accusing them of being the “golden youth” and “completely fucked up” — he used the Russian word “fuck” so many times that Feigin had to keep bleeping him.

Alexei then went after the Academy itself, calling it a “totally fucked-up place”, and then went even further off the rails, ranting about woke cancel-culture and feminism, as if they were to blame for all of Ukraine’s woes, instead of Putin (whom Alexei was starting to sound like more and more, at least as far as his attacks against Western decadence).

Особенно этой молодежи долбанной, которая отучилась в своих Киево-Могилянских академиях е@анутых б@ядь, набравшиеся с канадских университетах их феминизма. Бегают и рассказывают «А сказал ли Арестович про маленькую культуру?» У нас видимо богатые люди, которые имеют роскошь отказываться от интернета во время войны. Пусть помрут бойцы ВСУ, но восторжествует культура отмены, главное чтобы ни одного «Старлинка» этой заразы, которая что-то не то сказала, не было здесь.

Fucking Kiev-Mogilev Academy

Arestovich rant: “And especially this fucked-up youth who have distinguished themselves in these fucked-up Kiev-Mogilev Fucking Academies, having learned their feminism at Canadian Universities. They run around asking, Did Arestovich ever discuss minority culture? Well, it seems that we have wealthy people who have the luxury of switching off their internet during war time. Yes, let the Ukrainian soldiers perish in the field, the important thing is the triumph of cancel-culture, the most important thing is to switch off Star-Link because that plague [Musk?] said the wrong thing.”

Alexei’s rant apparently garnered him a dose of push-back, to the extent that he was later forced to apologize [not really] and [partially] retract what he had said about the students and professors of this august institution. This is what he wrote on his Facebook page:

“I offer my sincere apologies to the students and instructors of the Kiev-Mogilev Academy (even though it is precisely they who are the bulwark of the neo-Marxist ideas). But I was wrong here, and no doubt it is incorrect to lump together thousands of disparate persons under one rubric. My only excuse is that I burst out in rhetorical fire at the end of a working day, and especially after your average Musk incites one to a rage with his latest suggestion to hand over a chunk of our Motherland to Putin.”

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32 Responses to Ukraine War Day #224: Peacemaker Musk Risks Being Put On Peacemaker

  1. peter moritz says:

    aborigenes…replace with savage or brute, then it makes sense


  2. davidt says:

    Aborigines. Why do you say that Миротворец is a CIA site? (I have often wondered why the Russians have not attacked the SBU building in Kiev… it’s supposed to be full of CIA people. I guess it’s long been vacated.)


    • davidt says:

      Sorry, I thought I typed “aborigines”, and “davidt”


    • leaf says:

      If I remember right, someone found that that infamous website’s servers are actually hosted in Brussels and EU is not independent and basically just an extension of the State Department


  3. Gareth says:

    As far as I can tell Jordan Peterson, the famous psychologist, is on the hit list due to a rant in which he stated that Putin invaded Ukraine to defend Russia from the spread of degenerate woke culture from the west, that Ukraine is a traditional sphere of influence of Russia and the west will never be able to win the war. Canada is a hot bed of the Ukrainian fascist diaspora and this is can happen to even eminent Canucks who step out line.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Canada is Ukrainistan and has been since the end of WWII when CIA shipped all the Bandara fascists to either Canada or USA. Most I think ended up in Alberta, but they are everywhere. As you know the insufferable Christina Freeland is a Bandara nazi, her grandfather wrote some nazi propaganda rag when it was occupied by Wehrmacht in WWII. Truly horrible people. Canada kind of sucks to be honest. Not only overrun with Ukrops, but hugely overpriced, no jobs, and that passive aggressive culture they have. Meh.


      • BM says:

        Not as bad as Ursula von der Leyen though, whose grandfather was allegedly a war criminal directly involved in the massacres at Babi Yar near Kiev. In terms of behavioural proclivities, very much like grandfather like granddaughter, I would say. Also seen similar allegations against Scholz’s grandfather, but I haven’t seen them repeated, so that might cast some doubt on their veracity, perhaps.


      • yalensis says:

        I have to agree with you about Canadians being “passive-aggressive”. To be sure, I only have a couple of data points, so maybe I am being unfair. I was always told, and assumed, that Canadians are super-polite. But now I am starting to think that they are just passive-aggressive. Sometimes it’s better to be blunt (if not rude), than to suffer in silence while seething with anger.

        I am alluding to an unpleasant incident that happened to me in Toronto once. I was waiting in line to pick up an order of poutine from a take-out, but there was no clear queue, people were just milling around and glaring at each other if they thought the other person was pushing into line. But were too “polite” to actually define who should be where, and if there even was a line.

        By the way, I am not the kind of person who would ever knowingly push into a line ahead of somebody, I was raised better than that. It’s just that I couldn’t tell where I was supposed to be.

        Eventually, after being glared at so much, I just gave up and left the premises, even without my poutine, although I had paid for it. My girlfriend told me she had a similar experience when trying to go to the ladies room in a mall: There were women milling outside, but it wasn’t clear if there was a queue. She even asked them, and they just shrugged and glared at her. So she went inside, found all the stalls occupied, came back outside, asked directly, “Are you guys in line?” And they just rolled their eyes, shrugged, and glared at her as if she was the rudest person on the planet. Like she could read minds or see through walls.

        She had the same impression as me: that Canadians are raised to be “polite”, to the extent they can never assert themselves in an orderly fashion. But then they are left to just seethe with resentment, in a classic case of passive-aggressive.

        Again, these are just 2 data points, so maybe I am being unfair. I know how people can sometimes draw negative conclusions from just a single incident.


        • Beluga says:

          Ha ha ha. Yup. Sure. An incident or two in Toronto makes one an expert on Canada, I guess. Kind of like saying random Muscovites sum up the entire Russian psyche. Use your loaf!

          Going from the particular to the general is what kind of reasoning? Inductive, I believe. No doubt about it, you’ve got Canada pegged to a T.

          No wonder American tourists wander around in a daze here. To them Canada is some monolithic kind of place where a Canadian is a Canadian. Nobody in the US would think Californians act like Kentuckians or New Hampshire-ites. But somehow to Americans all Canadians are summed up by whoever they run into on a trip in whatever part of my country they happen to visit. Solid reasoning, eh?

          Not too impressive, yalensis. First complete load of old cobblers I’ve seen you write.


          • Sorry Beluga, but I’m siding with Yalensis on the Canadian “politeness-aggressive” thing. Admittedly, I only lived in Canuckrainia for four years, all of ’em in Vancouver, but it’s still more basis for forming an opinion than an unsatisfying visit to the Big T.O. OTOH, I was a paid, professional observer of human behaviour (psych nurse in Vancouver General for three of those years) so I reckon I have some qualifications. In my wanderings around the world, especially after I went into self-chosen exile from the U.S., I made it a point to study up on the cultures I was traveling through, especially the ones where I wound up living.

            I detected a sense of smug superiority amongst Canadians. IMHO, this is due in large part to the Canadian sense of identity that comes from “At least we’re not like those idiots south of the border.” Which is true! Canadians are not as savagely individualistic as ‘Merkins — getting along with each other is seen as a virtue in Canada, not a weakness. I have harsh things to say about the USA, which is why I left the place, but I won’t belabour them here. If one’s national character (putting aside les Quebecois) has a strong element of “We’re better than THEM!” it’s going to permeate to the bone. Sure, not every Canuck displays it at the same level, but there’s a tendency. I also posit that the chilly Scandinavian cultural heritage of “be silent and leave me alone” put its spin on Canadian behaviour. At least in B.C., the prairie provinces and I would argue Ontario, too. Can’t speak to the Atlantic provinces; never spent much time there. And this would not necessarily apply to Jamaicans and other non-Anglo immigrants in Toronto. They might not be so self-righteous. However, amongst Canadian white people, looking down their noses at gauche folks, while not getting directly in their faces, is A Thing.

            Not that that’s all bad. In my three years on the psych admissions ward, next to the emergency department at Vancouver Gen., I was only physically attacked once by a patient. Other staff were also not assaulted often. In Australia, getting punched in the face is not an everyday, or even a monthly experience for me. But the bashings down here are WAY more frequent than in Canada. Vancouver is a big drug city, so we had lots of meth fiends and heroin addicts at VGH, just like all the hospitals here do. And the mental patients in Vancouver were certainly not polite, well-behaved people. But even amongst the crazies, there was a certain sense of reserve, of “I will not attack a medical person.” I’ve had Irish nurses I work with here say it’s the same in their homeland.

            But yeah, I find Canadians to be reserved and chilly as a whole. Not that they’re bad people! But after my wife-at-the-time buggered off back to San Francisco like she had been threatening to do for years, I had a choice of staying in B.C. or going back to Australia (which is part of why I call myself “boomeranger.” I’m also part of the Baby Boom generation, and I’m angry at how humanity has effed up the world.) I find Aussies, with all their bumpkin-like behaviour, more fun to be around. They know at heart that they live in a large but insignificant country, so they’re not as full of themselves.


          • yalensis says:

            To be fair, I admitted it was only a couple of data points. But isn’t that what a real reporter does? Walks around, has experiences, reports some incident that happens to them, some random people they ran into. Not that I am a real reporter, but I still think my experiences have some meaning.

            Anyhow, I have to say, aside from those mildly unpleasant experiences, I was quite impressed with Toronto. The art museum in particular is quite wonderful, and I like the civic spirit overall. On an earlier trip I had visited Montreal, and was blown away with the beauty of the city. Just to stress that I am not anti-Canadian per se!


    • peter moritz says:

      “the famous psychologist”…some would rather call him infamous…


  4. michaeldroy says:


    btw what these Ukrainian troops are saying is horrifying – for those that still don’t understand the implications of the Nazi role or why 90 odd% voted to leave Ukraine – this is why.


  5. the pair says:

    jeez…it’s like “glengarry glen arestovich” in here. “Always Bomb Crimea! the donbass is for CLOSERS!” great captions on the pics as always.

    musk: you nailed it. i could bring up his being a rich, white south african who was born at just the right time to benefit from the ass end of apartheid but star-link is all that needs to be said. he’s out of his depth here and needs to do what her always does: have a team of actually skilled people come up with a solution he can take credit for.

    peterson: dr. benzo did some interview or something where he said “derp if i was vladimir poutine* i’d cut off europe’s gas!”…being oblivious to the fact that europe cut itself off already. i’m assuming that’s all it is. he also has a russian…wife? baby momma? i forget but he also spent time in russia getting rehab he supposedly couldn’t get as a rich author and professor in the states or canadia.

    *dumb canada joke but i stand by it.

    as for the ukie ingrate thing…i have noticed that is a HUGE problem with these guys. cut off the free money and HIMARS for a day and suddenly they’re acting like UN meetings are a comedy central roast. “check out the german suasage party! those israelis are sooooo cheap…(‘how cheap are they?!?!!’)” i’ll stop there, of course.


    • yalensis says:

      David Mamet fan? I love it!

      P.S. – our brains must be in mystical sync, just seconds before seeing your comment I posted a comment of my own, a silly story about how I couldn’t buy a take-out poutine in Toronto, due to the passive-aggressive nature of the other customers.


  6. John Jennings says:

    Hey yalensis, the Jordan Peterson issue – addressed correctly in Garett’s comment above – also intersects with your criticism of Putin’s recent speech for dwelling on the LGBTQwerty agenda.
    Putin’s remarks didn’t seem excessive at all to me. Peterson is affiliated with a large conservative US media operation called Daily Wire. DW has recently done exposes of ‘gender-affirming’ care at major US medical centers in Boston and Nashville. This includes giving the puberty blocker Lupron to pubescent boys (the same drug used to ‘chemically castrate’ male sex offenders) and radical mastectomies on pubescent girls.
    There are many problems, medical and ethical, with the bizarre notion of ‘gender affirmation.’ I won’t get too far into the weeds, but the central scientific issue is, it’s based on ‘gender theory’ – the idea that there exist multiple rather fluid ‘genders’ that don’t correspond with a child’s biological sex. This of course is completely non-falsifiable and therefore is sheer pseudoscience.
    DW’s exposes were based entirely on material culled from the hospitals’ web sites and audio/video public statements by their doctors.
    In one such speech, a Vanderbilt doctor touted the merits of gender affirmation as a huge moneymaker for the hospital. She specifically noted that a single phalloplasty (surgically fashioning an artificial penis for a girl) takes in over $100,000 because they require so much ‘follow up.’ IOW the complication rate is so high that a girls with a new ‘penis’ is chained to the ‘gender affirmation’ clinic for years.
    This is what happens when capitalism meets pseudoscience..
    In response, the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have called on the Justice Department to ‘investigate’ DW and others who question ‘gender affirmation. They claim critics are ‘inciting violence’ but haven’t produced evidence of that.
    Given that Biden & Co have recently taken to deploying FBI SWAT teams to raid the homes of nonviolent political dissidents on the flimsiest of pretexts, this is serious escalation – and evidence of the complete corruption of American medicine.
    I should add, ‘gender theory’ is pushed heavily in public schools, kids are encouraged to ‘identify’ as something other than how they were born, and teachers also encourage them to hide their identity from their parents. In at least one state, Washington, the state can take the kids if parents refuse to affirm their new ‘gender.’
    I think this is the madness Putin was referring to, not simple humane tolerance of LGBT+ people who mind their own business and aren’t out there proselytizing.


    • Anti-swastika and anti-fraud says:

      Personally, I have no problem with the LGB part of it, but this “T” crap is absolute bullshit made up by liars and frauds who make a profit off it as in the example you mentioned. So-called ‘gender-affirming care’ is in actual FACT gender-DENYING ‘care’. Look, if some guy falls for the lies and frauds, I won’t try to stop the moron from cutting his own balls off or paying some fraud to cut his balls off, if that’s what he wants. But when he demands that I call him a “woman” he can go fuck himself (literally for all I care). Same goes for any moron who pays some fraud to chop off her breasts and pump her full of drugs. I’m not going to even try to stop her, but damned if I’ll call her a “man”.

      But when the liars and frauds mutilate kids, that’s when I think fifty years in prison isn’t nearly enough.

      Liked by 1 person

    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for your comment, John. I don’t even know what to say.
      Yikes! I cannot even imagine why a young girl would want a penis sewn on. But if so, then would they give her a circumsized, or un-circumsized one? Maybe dependent on her ethnicity/religion ?


  7. BM says:

    these Christian seminary students unleashed a barrage of vitriolic hate against Musk and demanded that his Star-Link system be demolished, along with the Ukrainian internet.

    I am pretty sure they will get their wish within the next few days: i.e. that Russia will use Peresvet to destroy all the satellites being used by NATO over Ukraine.

    Now that the republics have officially acceded to Russia, that could come any day; unless Russia wants to wait slightly longer for the big new Russian offensive to start, which I reckon is probably coming very soon anyway.


  8. Susan Welsh says:

    Um, do you mean “Pacemaker”?


    • yalensis says:

      That was supposed to be one of my clever embedded puns.
      See, “Peacemaker” is the name of the Ukrainian “Wanted Dead Or Alive” kill-list, and the pun was that maybe Musk would be added to this list… but it also sorts of sounds like “pacemaker”… oh, never mind!


  9. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    Continuing on my psychoanalytic tangent (seems to be my theme of the day) as it pertains to Lusya the Caramelka:

    He’s definitely all over the shop with his pronouncements, as you note. There’s no point in expecting people to be logically consistent. Not everybody thinks completely through everything they’re saying. YOU might, Yalensis, in your calm, cerebral mindset, and I try to. But there’s a massive difference in what makes people tick. Lots of people are driven more by emotions than logic. Some of us are Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek, some are the mercurial Captain Kirk, and many are Gorn. (That’s gotta be the stupidest segment from the series, and I watched ‘em all.)

    Not to jump on the bandwagon of people calling _elensky a coke-head, but people in power, and in the entertainment industry, DO use stimulants. Uppers make humans erratic and angry. They tongue-lash out and contradict themselves. I reckon Arestovich is under (well-deserved) tremendous pressure, because his country is in a war where things are exploding and people are screaming as they die. Is he taking dexies, or captagon, or who-knows-what, because he has to stay amped in a high-stakes situation? Is this amplifying his sociopathic, narcissistic personality traits?

    For him, I’d advise not paying attention to the nuts and bolts of what he blorts, but to look at it in a “meta” perspective. How much more squirrelly and irrational is he these days vs. how he was months ago, when he hadn’t been operating in a continuous disaster for as many months? How much longer will it be before he starts yelling and screaming and hitting random people around him? (To be honest, it might never happen. I always expected T-rump to fall apart in some apeshit way like that, but he never did. Maybe after he is re-elected in 2024, before he has that final Big Mac Heart Attac, the fat waddley fucker…)


    • yalensis says:

      Gorn, yeh! The giant lizard with the 6-pack abs. I was always rooting for him to give Kirk a well-deserved spanking.

      Regarding Lusya, I think you are right about him. The guy is under tremendous pressure, has to perform like a trained monkey every day and night, dishing out the Ukrainian shit to the world. Observers note his random mood changes, one moment he appears to be euphoric, possibly intoxicated; and then all of a sudden he is waspish and lashing out at the hapless Feigin.

      This is not worth an entire post, but is definitely worth a comment, since you bring it up: On yesterday’s show, Arestovich actually got to address the European Parliament. (Perhaps a sign of his rising status and ambitions, since he has eyes on Zelensky’s Presidential chair.)

      Watching his coming-out on the big stage, especially for Lusya fans, was agony. He had not his usual sparkling personality and wit, he just rambled on (in Russian) about how evil Putin is. The Euro-deputies who listen to him in complete boredom, are clueless, they look like castrated Senators from Caligula’s court. Speaking in very poor English, some female announces Arestovich as “the man who blogs every night with Mark Feigin.” Damning with faint praise, as Shakespeare would said. Arestovich starts out speaking in English, then after one sentence quickly switches to his native Russian. And then just jabbers away with no real zeal. I would have to give him no more than a C+ for his organ-grinder performance in front of these Euro-degenerates. If he wants Zelensky’s job, then he is going to have to do better than that!


      • daniel_s says:

        Yalensis- is this guy speaking really Russian ???
        Anyway, talking to an audience where hardly anybody understands him, without any translation- means he did not expect anybody listening anyway?
        Just arrogantly showing the audience: You have to listen to my brilliant thoughts even if you don’t understand one single word?
        I’m puzzled by this “performance”


        • yalensis says:

          Yes, Arestoviich is speaking in Russian. Me, I just assumed that the Euro-delegates had translation-headsets on, but maybe not. They all seem to speak English among themselves, even when their English is rather poor, like the woman who introduced him as the guy who appears on youtube every night.

          I am assuming that Alexei decided to speak in Russian because his English is not good enough to hold up for an entire speech. And because Russian is a major international language, so hopefully these people will have interpretors speaking into headsets. Or maybe not.

          In other videos I have seen Alexei chatter away in Ukrainian, and his Ukrainian appears to be fluent enough, but it’s probably (I am guessing) a second language for him. Russian is his native tongue, it’s the one he feels most comfortable in, and he can chatter away a mile a minute.
          Plus, the Euro-delegates may not have enough Ukrainian interpretors on hand, should he have chosen (like Zelensky always does) to address them in the sacred mova.

          Or maybe these Euro-Parliamentarians had no interpretors, so they couldn’t understand a word he said? They probably didn’t care, they all look to me like lazy and degenerate human beings; the type who would rather be presiding over The Hunger Games. Or perhaps watching a bullfight. Or gladiators slaughtering each other in the Colosseum. Alexei’s lofty Ciceronian rhetorical flourishes (“We have to destroy Putin in order to save Western civilization!”) probably just zoomed way over their tiny heads.


          • BM says:

            They routinely use translation headsets in the EU parliament, and every seat has sockets for them. With so many languages, it is necessary, and not everyone speaks English (why should they even if they can?) No doubt, if someone was scheduled to speak in Russian they would have laid on translators for the job.


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