Ukraine War Day #206: Terrorism + Second Front?

First a housekeeping note for my Dear Readers: Please don’t get scared if I go missing a day or two. It may not happen, but I just want to alert all of you, in case it does. I am on the road now, actually travelling to Russia to visit some relatives, and I am not 100% sure about the wifi in every place. When this war began I made a vow to my readers that, like the medieval Russian chronicler Nestor, I would post every single day until the conflict was over. And so I have done. Silly me, I thought the war would be over in a couple of months, but here we still are. And this is why the chain might break at last, now that I am adrift and subject to the whims of fate. Inshallah!

Nestor: “Time to write my daily blogpost!”

Anyhow, in the comments section were gossiping about the nation of Gruzia, and Zelensky’s demand that his Gruzian brothers open a “second front” against Russia. By invading and trying to re-take South Ossetia and Abkhazia; which would distract x number of brigades/divisions of the Russian army. This truly would be a boon to the Ukrainian army, which is playing whack-a-mole everywhere. However, it is unlikely that the Gruzians are eager to throw themselves onto the upturned Russian pikes, however much they want those provinces back. They learned their lesson back in 2008 and, unlike the Ukrainians, they are teachable. The lesson being: Don’t fuck with Mother Russia.

I have this piece by reporter Dmitry Alexandrov. There is a red-headed woman who goes by the name of Kelly Degnan, she is America’s Ambassador to Gruzia. To my untutored eye she bears a horrifying resemblance to Chelsea Clinton. Nonetheless Kelly is eager to deny the rumors that the U.S. is egging on the Gruzians to open a second front and go to war against Russia. In her speech she praises the Gruzians for their unbending support for Ukraine, and all the “humanitarian” aid they have donated. Not to mention supporting the sanctions against Russia.

Kelly Degnan

This in response to “unfair” accusations from several Gruzian politicians that (a) the Americans actually are trying to get that second-front thing going; and (b) the Americans have also planted their “agents of influence” throughout the tentacles of the Gruzian government. For readers not all that familiar with Gruzian politics, the current government is somewhat moderate and doesn’t want trouble with Russia. I mean, they would love to get their old provinces back, but they know that war is not the answer, and they are not falling for American B.S. in this regard.

Also on our agenda today, and this is the main story:

Everybody is talking about Zelensky’s egregious acts of terrorism and assassination. Thus showing that he did not heed those gentle warning shots from Russia, in this past week. I have this piece by reporter Rafael Fakhrutdinov. Yesterday there was a series of terror bombings of persons and organizations in the Russian-liberated areas of DPR/LPR, Kherson, and Zaporozhie. Zelensky’s office has proudly taken credit for these terrorist acts. Putin has promised an appropriate response. Here are the casualties:

Sergei Gonenko, Prosecutor-General of LPR, was killed, along with his Deputy, Ekaterina Steglenko, when a bomb went off in their building. Their offices were side by side. Ironically, Gonenko/Steglenko were hot on the trail of Ukrainian terrorist/diversionary groupings assigned to do this sort of thing.

Ekaterina Steglenko

On the very same day the Ukrainians, using American HIMARS rockets, shot up the Administration building of the Kherson Oblast.

Here the two probable targets survived: Sergei Eliseev, who heads the Oblast, plus his Deputy Kirill Stremousov. However three people were killed and several others wounded, these were just random office workers, including a driver and a cleaning lady.

Also, on that very same day, in the city of Berdyansk in Zaporozhie Oblast, the Deputy Mayor Oleg Boyko was killed, along with his wife Liudmila. They were also targeted by American HIMARS. There was also an attack in the city of Melitopol, but this piece doesn’t give any further details.

Responsibility and credit for these attacks was assumed and confirmed, by Zelensky Chief of Staff Mikhail Podolyak. He listed Berdyansk, Kherson and Melitopol as the Ukrainian targets, and confirmed that they were considered fair game for Ukrainian diversionary groups and artillery.

Now the ball is in Putin’s court, so it’s his turn to lob it back. Everybody is waiting…

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14 Responses to Ukraine War Day #206: Terrorism + Second Front?

  1. S Brennan says:

    While many who comment here correctly point to the fact that DC dictates the day to day destruction of frmr Ukrainia…it’s important to recognize that London, despite it’s flaccid military capacity often “advises” US military staff, whom the British consider their inferiors. That in mind, Russians would do well to remember a diabolical chapter in British history.
    “The attacks continued relentlessly. On average, the Luftwaffe sent 1,000 airplanes a day, and seldom fewer than 600…production of Hurricanes and Spitfires was no longer keeping up with losses, and there were not enough replacements for the experienced pilots who had been killed. The British people look back on this part of the battle as “the desperate days.” Looking back later, Churchill said, “In the fighting between Aug. 24 and Sept. 6, the scales had tilted against Fighter Command.”

    Just as things were looking grim, Hitler made a critical mistake. In August, two German pilots who had flown off course on a night mission dropped their bombs on London. The RAF bombed the Berlin suburbs in reprisal. An enraged Hitler ordered a change, shifting the Luftwaffe’s focus of attack from British airfields to the city of London. That took the pressure off Fighter Command at a critical time. RAF fighter losses fell below the output of replacements. In diverting the offensive from the RAF, the Germans had lost sight of the valid assumption with which they had begun: The key objective was destruction of the RAF.”
    The lesson was not lost on the US Air Force, terrorism works but only if the opponent loses sight of the primary objective. Same reason players taunt others in basketball and other sports.

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    • yalensis says:

      That is an excellent lesson to learn. Commanders should never succumb to taunts or provocations, and always keep their eye on the prize: namely the destruction of the enemy army.


  2. peter moritz says:

    Now we know what the US is planning to do in Ukraine:

    “However, he said that should a nuclear or chemical attack take place, Russia would “become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been,””

    So, tactical nuke or a chemical attack by NATO, blaming Russia, it will be.


    • Beluga says:

      One hopes not, but hope is running pretty thin at the moment, as the US realizes it’s not likely to win by throwing Ukrainians against Russian forces in vast slaughterable herds.

      Is there any other choice for Putin but to categorically state that Russia would not be the first to deploy such weapons? Just for the record. The US might well do it anyway and say Russia lied, but thousands of years from now when archaeologists sift through the remains of our world they might find a record that Russia repudiated the first use of chemical or nuclear attack. Because if it happens as a false flag, the doddering fools in DC will have ended the world. They never listen to what Russia says. Congenitally unable to admit they’re about to lose hegemony. And to hell with you and me.


      • “thousands of years from now when archaeologists sift through the remains of our world”

        Who’s to say that there will be archeologists, or even humans? We might just succeed in wiping ourselves out, between nukes and global baking and various diseases. (Probably not, since humans are as tenacious as cockroaches and rats. But our species might go back to the level of Denisovians, Neanderthals and Australian aborigines, who were able to exist is stable societies for hundreds of thousands of years as a PART of nature, not the MASTER of it.) Not that that would be an entirely bad thing as far as the planet was concerned. Looking at the fossil record of Deep Time, it seems that the Earth was able to get along for hundreds of millions of years, filled with all sorts of roaring stomping beasts and massive swamps that later turned into wonderful, gooey oil. Barring the occasional asteroid strike or massive Siberian volcanic hellmouth opening. But those eons were relatively stable and fruitful in the Big Scheme of Things. Not like us savage, destructive so-called “intelligent” life forms. Intelligence might be best regarded as an evolutionary mistake, from the point of view of everything except us.


        • yalensis says:

          I always tell people, Mark my words, sooner or later, that killer asteroid IS gonna strike. Statistically, it’s already overdue. The best way to kill humans all at one go is to just strip off the thin oxygen layer that we breathe. The fact that more innocent animals will die too, well that’s just collateral damage from the point of view of the asteroid!


    • yalensis says:

      Goodness, is the U.S. planning to nuke the Ukraine and blame it on Russia? Or maybe try something around the Zaporozhie Nuclear Plant, that would be my guess.


  3. the pair says:

    i know the russians have been going slowly and methodically and trying to minimize civilian casualties…also that urban warfare is a nightmare compared to shelling open steppes. that said: “cut the head off and the body dies” is a well established tactic.

    we’ve seen so many reports on the ground of ukie soldiers/conscripts saying as 100% fact that kiev doesn’t care about them and they know it. imagine how liberated those cannon fodder fellows would feel if the messages from the capital suddenly went quiet. it has to be addressed at some point or else these kind of ISISish attacks are going to be a regular thing. making zelensky a “martyr” should be avoided; maybe just make sure he has no electricity while dealing with a complete siege..


  4. michaeldroy says:

    I’ve never heard Georgia be called Gruzia in English before. Have they done a Türkiye?

    (but yes I know it is Gruzia in Slavic languages)


  5. Beluga says:

    Have a good trip!

    The other day you said Ukraine and Gruzia are not fond of each other at all and unlikely to cooperate, when I mentioned there was a US push to get the Gruzians to attack Russia according to a military website. But I guess Ze had a go at encouraging the Gruzians anyway, WTH.

    These assassinations by Ze of non-military Russian-side bureaucrats is typically evil of the man. So one does hope that a few Project 305s fly in Ukie windows in return. I did read that some Kherson citizens are in a bit of a tizzy that they got Russian pensions and passports pehaps a bit too early. So Vlad and the Bureaucrats need to rush things along a bit and do some decent repelling of the UAF before those mongrels seize more lightly defended “MSM-designated Russian-occupied” villages, towns and cities. Not optional to hang about right at the moment in my view. Needs some action or the populations will faint from anxiety at the uncertainty of who’s going to rule them. No wonder the Kherson referendum is off the table for the time being.

    Without having a clue myself if there are railroad tunnels in Western Ukraine from Poland and other EU countries from whence US heavy supplies are routed, I always liked the collapsed railway tunnel gambit myself. Bit harder to repair than tearing up some track out in the open. Rail bridge destructions are an equally good time waster for repair.

    It must be my mortar fixation from youth and kids stories about lobbing projectiles down railway airshafts from a distance in WW2 that makes me favour attacking tunnels if they exist. In today’s world, a nice cruise missile up the snout of a railroad tunnel sounds like a plan to me. It’d likely make it a few hundred metres before snagging something and exploding. Thens it’s all hands to the shovels in the dark, all wondering if the second missile is already on its way.


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