Ukraine War Day #203: Big Storm a’Brewin’ + Lusya Filtration

Dear Readers:

There are signs and portents that the next big Ukrainian counter-offensive might be for Zaporozhie. I have this story from reporter Dmitry Zubarev. Russian/Allied forces are saying they never saw before in their lives, such a massive build-up of troops, and heavy equipment along the Zaporozhie front line. Our old friend Vladimir Rogov tells us that the Ukrainians are being somewhat cagey about which actual point they intend to attack first; this forces the Russians to be be vigilant along the entire line.

Vladimir Rogov: “The situation is tense.”

Rogov: “The situation is tense. We are expecting a provocation. If you look at the map, the cities of Stepnogorsk, Novoyakovlevka, Orikhiv, Hulyai-Pole, all the way to Vol’noe Pole, this is the line along which the Ukrainians are concentrating their heavy equipment. We think they are spreading out in such a manner, as to keep us guessing where their main blow will be struck, once they start their new counter-offensive.”

Previously Rogov indicated that the Ukrainians may also be pondering still another frontal assault on the Zaporozhie Nuclear Power Plant. But this would be in addition to, not instead of, whatever it is they are intending to do along the Hulyai-Pole to Ugledar axis.

Lusya Will Filtrate 60,000 Ukrainians?

Yesterday we learned that approximately 60,000 residents of Kupiansk decided to stay put in their homes, rather than evacuate to Russia. Nobody has done a survey, so we don’t know how many of these people are pro-Ukrainian, how many neutral or apolitical, how many too old to be able to move. If I were a Ukrainian patriot, I would just quietly celebrate my victory and leave well enough alone; maybe even declare an amnesty. After all, these people chose to stay! But then, that wouldn’t be the Banderite way, would it? Banderites are intoxicated by torture and violence. I just saw that Intel-Slava already started publishing photos of dead civilians (“collaborators”) in Kupiansk with bound hands, shot in the head, by Ukrainian punitive units, and left to lie out in the street, as a warning to the others.

A couple of days ago, it was disturbing to hear our old friend Alexei Arestovich (aka Lusya Karamelka aka “Lucy the little Candy Girl”) announcing that residents of previously-Russian-occupied territories will all have to go through a “filtration” process. To determine if they have Russian passports or collaborated in any way with the Russians.

“You gonna be filtered, bitches!”

Arestovich, whose semi-official title is “Unpaid Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the President’s Office”, announced this ominous fact, firstly on his nightly youtube show with the repulsive Mark Feigin; and then also on his own Telegram channel. This is what Alexei promises: “Those of you who voluntarily applied for Russian passports; those who actively supported the occupiers; you will all be punished. The best case: a prison term for state treason.”

Don’t worry, though, Lusya can be merciful at times: “Those of you who were coerced into getting a passport, for example, you were forced to get one in order to receive your pension, or for some other valid reason — we don’t plan to punish you, but this will have to be decided by a court and a judge, after a proper investigation.”

Logically speaking, this means that some 60,000 people have to go through a filtration and appear before a judge? To prove that they are innocent?

Not in the piece I linked, but back in his youtube show with Feigin, Arestovich also stated that schoolteachers in these “liberated” towns will be arrested by the Ukrainian SBU. Their crime? They started the schoolyear teaching the Russian curriculum. “This is Ukraine. There is no place for anything Russian in our society,” Arestovich declared, in perfect Russian. Even the loathesome Feigin seemed to squirm a bit, at the notion that schoolteachers will be convicted of state treason. But I’m sure he’ll get with the program and lock-step into the Banderite Party Line. His hatred of Putin far exceeds his love for humanity.

A Random Internet Comment

In one of the shorter youtube clips which are extracted from the larger Arestovich/Feigin livestream [] a commenter called @22Gagarin22 posted the following comment, and I have to stipulate that I have no idea whether the facts alleged in this comment are true or fake, it’s just a random comment by an anonymous person on a youtube blog:


Общался с женщиной из Изюма. У нее сестра осталась в городе под ВСУ. Парализован муж. От рассказа озноб! После захода ВСУ начался полный беспредел. Тотальные обыски, жуткое мародерство, убийства. Вошли “западенцы”. Открыто говорят, что вы для нас тут все москали и “вата”. Пощады вам не будет никакой. Три месяца жили с русскими душа в душу, значит все зрадники и теперь вы никто! Забирают все что нравится – телевизоры, смартфоны, бытовую технику, еду. Арестовали кучу народа и увезли. Несколько человек просто расстреляли на месте, тех кто пытался мародерству мешать. Говорят, что всех кто будет пытаться расплачиваться в магазинах рублями – сразу будут ставить к стенке. Спросили, где взять гривны – ответ: “Сосите! Теперь это ваша главная праця!” Вылезли “дружинники” – те, кто сидел ждал их прихода. Теперь откровенно сводят счёты с теми, с кем сварились. Просто обвиняют в сотрудничестве с русскими и людей увозят. Скорее всего на расстрел. Город просто парализован ужасом. Теперь мы вообще никто! Плачет.

Arestovich: “Oh, I almost forgot to mention: Schoolteachers will be prosecuted for treason.”

Here is my translation into English:

I had some contact [masculine verb ending shows that a male is uttering this] with a woman from Izyum. Her sister decided to stay in the city when the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) took it. Her husband is paralized [which is why she couldn’t leave]. I was horrified by her story. After the UAF came in, there was total chaos. Home searches, maraudering, murders. The “Westernizers” came in. They say openly that all you people here, you are all Moskals and “vata”. There will be no mercy for you whatsoever. For three months you lived side by side with the Russians, that means you are all traitors. You are nothing to us. These marauders take whatever they please – television sets, smartphones, household appliances, food. They arrested a ton of people and led them away. Several people they simply shot on the spot, especially those who tried to intervene to stop the looting. They are saying that anybody who tries to pay with rubles in the supermarket – will be put up against the wall right away. Their “druzhinniki” came crawling out of the woodwork, in other words those Ukrainian supporters who were sitting and waiting for the arrival of their army. And now they are openly settling scores with anybody they ever had a dispute with. All they need to do is accuse them of collaborating with the Russians, and then people are taken away. We assume they are being shot. The whole city is paralyzed with terror. We feel like we are nobodies now. That’s the story she told, and she started to cry.

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17 Responses to Ukraine War Day #203: Big Storm a’Brewin’ + Lusya Filtration

  1. lou strong says:

    My main contribution to the art of war was to play winds in the military band during the compulsory military service a long time ago, so I don’t feel too stupid while I ask to myself what are the Russians waiting before they start striking like crazed blacksmiths over the Ukr concentration localities so exactly quoted.
    As for civilians down there, their sad destiny makes me shiver.


  2. stephentjohnson says:

    Well, it’s going to suck to be in the Ukrainian re-occupied territories while that lasts, then it’ll suck as the front passes over them again, and then they’ll be getting shelled by the UAF once they’re in Russian / allied hands. However, it’s not going to be a whole lot better for the Ukrainian civilians in the parts not on the front line.
    I have no idea if the horror stories are true, and I’m pretty sure I’d rather not know. I think it’s time to take the gloves off, but I’m not holding my breath.


    • yalensis says:

      As towns switch hands back and forth, some bloggers suggest that civilians take a cue from European customs of the 19th century: they should sew double-sided flags, one side Russian, the other Ukrainian; and wave whichever is appropriate, depending on which army approaches. (In the Napoleonic wars, it would be French flag one day, Austrian the next.)


  3. S Brennan says:

    Well, if there is one group who know “collaborators” intimately it’s has to be the US installed regime in Kiev…after all, their fathers, grandfather were active “collaborators” with the Nazis during WWII…well…it went much farther than “collaborating” but, I’ll be kind.

    If there is a disgusting group of human beings on the planet, they have only to make themselves known to the US National Security State and newly minted dollars will flow into their pockets…so long as they agree to the DC stratagem…betray your country, your people and….this unelected group of US Government officials will make you rich.

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  4. BM says:

    Nobody has done a survey, so we don’t know how many of these people are pro-Ukrainian, how many neutral or apolitical, how many too old to be able to move.

    My take is that they are 100.00% fanatical pro-Ukrainians. As for “too old” or “too ill” – come on, Russia started organising this 2 weeks ago, and we all know how Russians organise. Anyone with restricted mobility will be given whatever assistance required – it was not exactly on the moon, I am not at all willing to believe that Russia will say to the elderly and infirm “To evacuate you have to be fit enough to walk 5km on your own without assistance, otherwise we leave you to be tortured or shot or whatever the nazis might want to do to you”. No, all elderly and infirm were evacuated unless they were so fanatical that they insisted on staying. These people have seen the news of Ukronazi behaviour, they will not stay unless they really like the Ukronazis.

    Unfortunately for the pro-Ukrainian fanatics, being a pro-Ukrainian fanatic doesn’t make you safe, especially as pro-Ukrainian fanatics are in any case rather oddball by definition: history reminds us that there are always people who have a personal score with their neighbours to settle, who are willing to falsely proclaim their hated neighbour as “pro-Russian traitor” in order to wreak vengence on some long-standing feud. History has countless examples.

    What is more, these stories of “traitors” “punished” for their collaboration with the Russians are typical Ukronazi propaganda, designed to make people everywhere blame the Russians for deserting their civilians, and thereby undermine support for the Russians – it is typical sick Ukronazi propaganda filth, of the type for which they have made themselves famous. Should we allow ourselves to be swayed by it? No, of course not. 99.9% of those stories are fabricated, I am certain of it. And the other 0.1% are victims taken from other sources (maybe even other regions). This is based on well-established Ukronazi modus operandi, and common sense.

    Throughout this conflict there has been a massively saturated information war waged by the west. Don’t just believe what you read, question everything, compare it with known behaviours and known methods, and use common sense. It is IRRESPONSIBLE to believe this nonsense propaganda. Everything, everywhere, is FLOODED with this propaganda.

    Keep your eyes open, examine critically, think for yourselves, don’t be washed away by nazi propaganda.


  5. BM says:

    I have no idea whether the facts alleged in this comment are true or fake

    It’s fake. Just compare the story with probable cause.


  6. the pair says:

    not sure if that account is true or not but it fits perfectly with past events (bucha, etc). with all the talk about “mistakes were made” and such, the only truly consequential mistake was letting civilians live so close to a badly defended battle line to begin with. there should have been a very wide buffer zone between any possible ukie advance and places where civilians are allowed to settle. it might make life unpleasant but it’s better than the alternative that is playing out right now.

    evacuations are fine and all but it reminds me of whenever a massive flood devastates some state or another in the US; you always see the people who are “hold outs” and board up their windows and insist on staying. just as the standard US/NATO tactic is “if it moves, it’s a combatant” the banderite vermin aren’t going to make distinctions. they’re the moving parts of a giant wounded animal and they’re going to lash out like one (apologies to animals for the comparison).


  7. Joy says:

    “That’s the story she told, and she started to cry.”

    Good job, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

    I read somewhere that towards the end of WW II Stalin issued an order to sterilize all German men (vasectomy), so that the German nation will die out. That was later rescinded due to western Allie’s’ advance into Germany. So now, we have to fight the same devil all over again.


    • yalensis says:

      Seriously? Stalin was going to snip them all? I did not know that.


    • The Inimitable NEET says:

      Sounds like an apocryphal story. Even Stalin’s suggestion at the 1943 Tehran Conference that 50,000-100,000 members of the German Commanding Staff should be “physically liquidated” was never taken seriously as a proposal. He may have been dead serious, but Stalin also had a notoriously dark sense of humor (plus he loved needling Churchill about Britain’s financial and political support of Germany prior to the official war).


      • yalensis says:

        Agree that most likely Stalin was joking. Although he had no moral compunctions about liquidating tens of thousands of his own commanders and members of the Communist Party, before the war. But when it came to Germans, he was not all-powerful, on the international scene like he was on the home front.


    • Digby says:

      Sounds more like something out of the sick, twisted minds of the Anglo-American allies than from Stalin, who rejected the Morgenthau Plan from the get-go (“Hitlers come and go, but the German people remain”).


  8. First off (speaking non-seriously) why did you have to use THAT image of Lusya? The whorer, the whorer! (sic. H/T “Heart of Darkness) The first time I saw her (him) on your blog, it was a more fetching angle that did not have such overt 5 o’clock shadow. One could even get a bit of a tingle from the androgynous allure. Not that I did, I swear it! This ‘un, tho, would earn Alexei a beat-down if he appeared at any Midwestern truckstop. Which he would richly deserve, but for other reasons.

    More seriously, it sounds like what Stalin is accused of doing to Russian troops that had been even temporarily captured by the Germans — Gulagged or worse. (An impression I got mostly from reading Solzhenitsyn, which I now understand is hotly debated as to its veracity.) If true (and just because Arestovich says so does not make it a widespread occurrence) it’s more of that “snake eating its own tail” thing, or Cronus eating his own children. Psychopathic. Do the Ukies think they’ll stay in control of the newly recaptured territories forever, and not get driven out in weeks or months? I suppose they’re not concerned with the future; it’s all about “I am filled with rage RIGHT NOW because of all the bad stuff that’s happened, so I’ll vent my hatred when I can.”

    Unless one is a conscienceless sociopath, murdering people will scar the killer’s soul. Not a recipe for long-term mental health. Most people are NOT socios, and eventual reflection of one’s horrible deeds will get to them. I foresee — inshallah! — a lot of suicides amongst any gunsel who does such evil deeds. Which doesn’t do much good for the people who may be suffering their wrath right now.


    • yalensis says:

      It’s true that our friend Lusya looks rather whorish in that pic. Loved your “Heart of Darkness” allusion! Lusya IS the heart of darkness.

      Now, in some pics and clips (particularly the vid where she is dancing and singing her “Candy Girl” song), “she” is downright sexy, she’s funny and humorous, and one may be excused for feeling a little tingle in the loins. Particularly the bit where she pouts at the camera and adjusts her bust. (I can’t post that clip for you, because it’s copyrighted.)

      However, in this particular case I was forced to make a cold-hearted editorial decision to show Lusya’s “cruel and sassy” side. Because she IS a monster, after all.
      Most people who have studied Arestovich, agree that he is a genetic sociopath, who has built his career on some mental card tricks and psychological manipulation of other people. Such a sad waste of human potential, because it is also rumored that he has an astronomical IQ.


      • I’m glad you see the socio side of Arestovich. Based on some of your past postings, such as when you mused on his possible promotion of the high-publicity helicopter rescue attempts for the Azovstal Nazis, I thought you regarded him as a flawed but entertaining Svengali. However, one does not rise to the position he had in a criminal regime without being a bastard. Not that I know much about him, and can’t be arsed to waste the time observing him closer, but he struck me as one of those arrogant, smarmy dickheads you meet in fraternities when you’re young, or trying to sell you crap investment advice when you’re older. People like him inevitably come to bad ends when the snake decides to eat the parts of its tale that it wants to punish. All it takes is one angry Banderite amongst the inner circle to decide that he has nothing to lose, so he might as well put a few bullets into the smug twat when it’s all falling apart. Again, inshallah! (I had a charismatic 7th grade teacher who had worked for Saudi Aramco, and he taught me the word. I occasionally dropped it in conversation with Muslim patients here, and they were always tickled to have an Anglo using one of the key philosophical phrases of the Arab world.)


        • yalensis says:

          Hey, Bukko, you have been a good pal to me, and I appreciate if you were worried I might fall under Lusya’s Svengali-like influence. I admit that I do harbor a sort of weird fascination (possibly even bizarre attraction) for Arestovich. Like some people do for serial killers. (But I am not one of those type people, rest assured.) When you read the comments on his blogs, you would be astonished how many Ukrainians almost pray to him at night and assure him that they can’t fall asleep until they have watched his evening youtube show, and he has comforted them with his smooth voice, and reassured them everything is gonna be okay. When I hear that, I just start laughing, which should prove to you that I am not under his spell, LOL.

          Analyzing myself, I think it’s mainly because Alexei is such an interesting literary character. I also felt intuitively that he might be important, in the historical scheme of things (I could be wrong), which is why I have spent so much time studying him, sometimes even putting myself through the torture of watching his nightly podcasts with the odious Feigin. (It also amuses me to watch how he manipulates Feigin and even bullies him, but always with plausible deniability, and Feigin is under the impression that Alexei and he are besties when to me, at least, it is clear how Alexei despises him.)

          Again, this is sort of literary fiction to me. You have to understand that, if I could pick a perfect life, all I would want to do is read books and watch operas, and write blog posts on opera or literary reviews. I WANT to live in a world of literary fantasy, where characters like Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert are more real than real people. And where a character like Arestovich can be redeemed in the end. (haha, not very likely…)
          This is all part of my escape mechanism. But, alas, you are right. This is the real world, and these assholes are real people, not characters out of a book.


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