Ukraine War Day #191: Magnum Meets Doctor Atomic

Dear Readers:

“Pay no attrention to that humongous barge sneaking along the river-bank, chock full of Ukrainian commandos, lalalala…”

Still on the Zaporozhie nuclear plant story, it’s too juicy to move on, just yet. Although I had planned to cover the start of the school year in Russian-occupied territories, but I’ll still do that, maybe tomorrow. Anyhow, what we witnessed yesterday was certainly one of the most audacious battle plans ever conceived since that day when Alexander the Great, with a relatively small force, confronted the entire Persian army at the Battle of Issus. One tiny difference: Zelensky is no Alexander.

Twenty-Four Hours Earlier…

“Take THAT, you Russian brutes!”

Still one has to admire the guts of the Ukrainian commandos. That gag with the two massive barges, each probably the size of the Empire State Building, trying to do a sneak attack from the Dniepr River, that was awesome! A plan this brilliant could have only been conceived by Ben Stiller, perhaps working hand in hand with Boris Johnson. Two great clowns at the peak of their career.

Unfortunately, Ben never got the chance to employ his fatal “Magnum” pose, which was supposed to paralyze the Russian Spetznaz counter-attack with a single glance. Russian commandos thwarted Ben by wearing special goggles that blurred out his beautiful face. One Russian Spetnaz accidentally broke his goggles but still survived, he was heard to murmur: “I don’t get it. It looks exactly the same to me as Le Tigre. It’s all just the same look…”

Flash Forward To The Present Day

There is so much stuff here, I don’t even know how to organize all this material… Let’s work backwards, from the aftermath. I have this piece by reporter Sergei Mal’gavko. It consists mostly of soundbites from the ubiquitous Vladimir Rogov, who heads the Zaporozhie Civil-Military Administration for the Russians. In order to understand the main question on everyone’s lips (“What were the Ukrainians thinking???), just rewrite all of Rogov’s utterances, except replacing the word “Russian” with “Ukrainian”, or vice versa. In other words, the Ukrainian plan was to get the exact same result as what actually occurred in reality, just switching the roles of Frankenstein and Monster.

It was supposed to go a little differently…

Rogov: “The IAEA visit to the plant was completed in a normal, workman-like manner. We were able, not only to secure the safety of the delegation, but to take them on a tour of the plant. They saw everything. For example, the IAEA delegates were shown the roof of Block #1 where earlier the Ukrainian armed forces had struck with a 155-mm shell. They saw everything with their own eyes.

“Moreover, the members of the delegation were able to chat with the employees who work at the plant. Amazingly enough, these employees technically still report to the Ukrainian Energo-Atom Company. And yesterday, for the first time, they were able to speak openly to an international organization, and divulge to them, who, in reality, is putting the station at risk.”

Rogov takes some satisfaction in seeing how the UN itself is reacting to the visit of its inspectors: “Factually, the UN was forced to admit [yalensis: not really, Rogov is stretching a bit here…] that Russia succeeded in averting the capture of the plant by Ukrainian commandos. At least, that is how I interpret their report as to how our [Russian] troops did everything possible to secure the safety of the inspectors.

Rafael Grossi: “We all had a corking time, what a smashing adventure!”

“The IAEA delegation also had a chance to meet with some ordinary residents of [the town of] Energodar. They pleaded with [Rafael] Grossi to do everything in his power to stop the shelling coming from the direction of the Ukrainian armed forces. These documents and petitions were handed over directly to this organization, which is the guarantor of the safety of all atomic installations. This is a very important step.”

What was that madman Zelensky thinking? Rogov has an answer for that too: “His plan was to seize the plant and then hold the IAEA delegates hostage. This, according to his logic, was supposed to result in the confirmation of control by Ukraine over the plant.

“Notice how, in his [Thursday] evening briefing, Zelensky literally threw a hysterical fit [yalensis: I haven’t seen that, I must try to find on youtube…], complaining how [the Russians] did not allow so-called independent journalists to enter the plant along with Rossi. I personally suspect that these so-called journalists might be still another group of diversionaries or spies, whose job was to penetrate the plant and destabilize the work going on.

“Moreoever [Zelensky aide] Mikhail Podolyak complained that the IAEA was acting in a cowardly manner; this also tells me that things didn’t go according to their plan. I reckon that now they will start looking whom to blame for this fiasco. Only time will show who the scapegoat will be.”

I’ll end on that note. There is a lot of speculation in the pro-Russian blogosphere, as to who the traitor must be, within Zelensky’s inner circle. Because the Russians are boasting, that they knew the entire plot in advance, from soup to nuts. On the other hand, if there really was a Stierlitz type character who fed them the battle-plan, then the Russians would do everything in their power to conserve, and not burn, such a valuable spy. So maybe that’s a bluff, and they just figured it out, in the nick of time, from satellite imagery, or drones. Or maybe some eagle-eyed scout noticed a giant lumbering barge swimming down the river…

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30 Responses to Ukraine War Day #191: Magnum Meets Doctor Atomic

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    Let’s not hurry, the passage of time will tell what the role of the IAEA is in this game, perhaps we will have to wait for its return to western land to cash its check. Let us not forget the shameful role of international organizations in all the conflicts that occur in the world.

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    • michaeldroy says:

      OPCW for a start
      And the media next .

      Just try googling OPCW whistleblower and seeing if you can find any major media covering the scandal.


    • yalensis says:

      I agree. There is a school of thought (to which I ascribe) that the IAEA was in on the whole thing. Well, the leaders at least, probably Grossi. For example, they went through the whole charade of travelling the long way, through Uke territory, instead of just flying in from Moscow. On the other hand, some people counter that they had to do it that way because of legal formalities.

      Anyhow, things didn’t turn out the way they were “expected”, so they had to pretend that they were neutral. “Just lookin’ around, just doin’ our job…”


  2. peter moritz says:

    “So maybe that’s a bluff, and they just figured it out”,
    exactly, why should Russia alert Elensky gang to the fact that somewhere close to them is a spy? Because there actually is none, but now everyone suspects everyone. Nice move…


    • BM says:

      My guess is that the Russians got the plan by monitoring UK communications, including the PM, and probably also moles inside MI6. Meanwhile from monitoring Ukraine communications they know that – unlike the Brit stand-up comics – the Ukrainians had for once been meticulously guarding their communications to prevent leaks – ergo they have to start pointing fingers at each other, naturally never thinking of a leak by their British masters.


    • yalensis says:

      Yep, now the carnival freaks be lookin’ at each other sideways, “Was it you?”

      Yermak will suspect Podolyak, Podolyak will suspect Lusya, Lusya will suspect General Potato-Head, Potato will suspect Yermak…


  3. Montmorency says:

    This looks so much British style special ops.
    Go in, cause damage, try to escape. Nothing changed but we’ll sing praise for our heroes for decades to come ( see Zeebrugge Raid).


  4. BM says:

    MoA gives the following:

    “Dima of the Military Summary Channel thinks (vid) that the Ukrainian saboteur group was tasked with laying low until the inspectors arrive. It would then take over the plant and prevent the IAEA inspectors from leaving. They would then be hostages at the plant which would guarantee that the Russian side would be unable to retake the site.”

    Also, it seems this is all exremely closely linked not just to MI6 but to B(l)oJo(b) who seems to have brought the plans with him to Kiev when he met Elen Sky. 6 to 8 senior MI6 officers were killed on the shore near Nikopol, and the plan masterminded by the MI6 headquarters in a Kiev suburb.

    I wonder how long that headquarters in Kiev will be still existing? MI6 are probably expecting a visiting card from Mr Iskandar any time soon.


    • yalensis says:

      B(l)oJo(b)’s plan was actually brilliant in a way, must give respect where due.
      See, here is the really cool part: Ukrainians were accusing Russians of storing heavy military equipment (like tanks? cannons?) inside the nuclear plant. Russians denied it, but Ukes insisted. This was their fall-back position if and when they had to admit that (a) they didn’t control the plant, and (b) it was them shelling it, not the Russians. In other words, “Okay, we admit we shelled it, but we had no choice, because the Russians had lotsa guns in there and turned it into a legitimate target.”

      So, then, in their planning stage in London, they came up with this: Just before the inspectors arrive, the Russians will be forced to get rid of the guns and cannons, etc. so they don’t get dinged by the inspectors. Which will effectively leave them naked and at the mercy of our trained commandos!

      You gotta admit, that’s genius, right? They thought of everything! (Well, almost everything…)

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  5. stephentjohnson says:

    Dollars to Donuts, the presence (or otherwise) of a super agent in the Ukrainian high command is a Psyop mind game. After all, the 404 regime is pretty paranoid (and not without reason), so suggestions about internal enemies will likely fall on fertile soil.


  6. tired armed blacksmith says:

    I dont know about all that. As sure as the day i was birn there is something way larger and far more sinister going on with Ukraine.
    The empire of lies, my country i am disgusted beyound words to declare, has dumped a10 billion shy if a Trillion bucks in treasure, plus the on hand stockpile of non nooklear arms and munitions of NATO into that black hole. And like a black hole no information escapes, not whats sucked past the Shwartzchild radius can escape.
    And something is coming to a critical pivotal turning which everything changes in ways that are almost inconcievable to is good folks.
    My old Pop told me one day when i was 6 and we where grouse hunting, i asked Pop, ever come to a place in the woods, and you get this bowel turning gut feeling its a spot where you should not go, thats you go any further and something rel bad is there? Pop said, always trust your gut sense, because its usually your subconscious trying to tell you something.
    i believe the Rusians, probably Putin and his critical Warriors, they know everything about something that they can not speak about, not cause its some secret squirel i got to kill you if i tell you secret agent man stuff. Uh uh. What they know is almost incomprehensible. No not only will not any one/everyone not believe them, even the stoic astute gifted orator and master diplomate Lavrov could get any one to believe them, its far more, what they found out is all but inconceivable, (my instincts are saying it is what creates all things NAZI and Nazi is showing up everywhere in my country but it is cunningly, ruthlessly concealed, disguised) Thats what is going on in 404. Whatever it is, i got this sneaking feeling that what IT is, if it gets out what IT is and what IT is doing changes the world in ways all but inconcievable. Why so? Because there is something terribly evil, its so evil good folks not only do not think of such a thing, it is not in them to concieve such things and therefore it is all but incomprehensible.
    A Trillion Dolkars since 2014. A Trillion bucks. That money does not just vanish, those involved in laundering 90 Billion plus US Dollars do not, they never lose money. Never. They can not get enough filthy lucre to feed into that black hole’s maw.

    Now this sounds stupid to state, but sometimes you got to state the obvious as it can sometimes hide in plain sight.
    Like Dude, its not what the Ukronazi’s and their empire of lies overlords are doing, yeah there is that, but you got to think critically with these actors, it is why are they doing what they are doing? Thats the question.
    First, with the Russian Alience’s superb combat capabilities with its superb special forces its domination of the entire battle space, there are only 7 miles away ukronazi’s with artillery both rocket and rifled gun, playing wackamole with the Russians. Be a NewYork minute take the Russian alience to take out or back those ukronazi’s far enough they only could use HIMARs to strike the nook plant. But its more, Both sides are playing a game, its 3D chess dance, its not anything really to do with the nook plant itself its something so valuable the plant os a pawn, or really stage for something else.
    Too many things do not add up to just a cat and mouse game for control of the nook facility. And that goes for everything, to before this SPO began, goes back to before the day President Trump called the Ukrainian AG in the phone and the 2 legged swamp rats lost their minds, because Trump was sending a message, Trump deliberately called Ukraine because he was turning a screw, he was playing a far larger darker game. There is something in Ukraine thats worth nooklear war to keep it secret, hidden, and 3 entities are battling for it. I think the good guys prevailed already, but the war is chickenshit in comparison to what is being fought over or for. Something so worth it to stuff half a million men into and grind them to burger is nothing to them. To It. I’m just saying, i do not know, i only began to see something in the patern in detail that creates a pattern of details which from that a lot if things are to be infered. And what this is, is what all along for a long time now can not be seen, but, it oprates along the fringes of the shadows and its got people a lot of people, co-oped, blackmailed extorted and willing to be inside various levels of something unlike anything, its so pervasive and insidious those in IT’s network its conspiracy are held to a silence like nobody has ever seen in all of human activity. The Name stealers come to mind, lot of koinkydinks in that sorted history and something which records of are records of the records being memory holed all the way back to late 900 ad. When IT begins to be revealed it is only successful in its believability for most folks IT must be revealed in a certain pattern or process per say.
    Whatever IT is it’s bad. It’s evil incarnate like nothing we have ever seen.
    I think the Ruusians and some people in America are trying to fight it in a way they tie it all up in knots so much so they catch what IT is in a catch 22 where IT can not destroy everything to keep anyone on the outside from knowing what IT is before IT knows it is caught out. It is really serious game.

    I think Putin is defanging IT. Destroying it’s weapons and minions protecting it. He has it in a trap, it has to fight IT has no choice. It is all reflected in the way the collectivist centralist regime aka the empire of lies operates. It can not be seen, what IT is it’s hidden, very hidden, but IT and it’s servants can not hide pattern in detail, because IT has to function and therefore it leaves unavoidable spore, and if one is careful and trusts their instincts and what their Amygdalae is trying to tell their not conscious self, pattern in detail creates patterns of detail and things are more easy to infer or surmise thru critical thought. I get a sense of IT, and when i draw away it is incomprehensible, i have to keep looking at it to maintain a sense of comprehension that is relative.
    I just know there’s something and its awful. Deptavity thats bottomless and that depravity is what binds all within its grasp.
    They are hiding something in Ukraine, they where trying to turn Ukraine into the perfect Regiment factory. They, IT needs more men, its always at a cadre deficet, a requirement for ruthless terror and reprisal teams, cells to operate and do foul deeds that increase IT’s power and defense. And Putin is literally running a human meat-grinder to destroy that regiment factory. And its looking an awful lot like the meat grinder is getting close to grinding up enough regiments to change the entire dynamic then its when shit seriously hits the fan. Not there yet, got some weeks to go but emwhen it pops it all drops in the pot and you best be ready cause everything is involved no one gets to sit it out. We are all in this together. Mark my words or mot they come from an honest heart and mind. I got no ulterior motives my words may not be right about stuff but they are unconditionaly conveyed. And yes/no some cheese has fell off my cracker, but thats is why in oart why i believe i see something in the pattern of details.
    Its quite possible the Brits or see eye ay is going to use a tactical battle field nook so to tarnish the Russian alliance, that is their hole card why the been telegraphing in the media complex, portraying, regarding Putin’s first use of the nooklear option. Its classic 5th column text book 4g warfare, late first stage, early second state “protracted struggle”, where politicizing everything possible is the strategy. Battle field tactical nooks are far easier to steal or “loose”, and the strong and weak failsafes are different than on strategic stockpile devices.
    Rumsfield said just before the empire began its genocide in Iraq and 911, ” There are the unknowns, then there are the unknown unknowns, but then, there is the unknown unknown unknowns”


  7. Beluga says:

    Pretty good summary there, yalensis. As expected, not a single mention on any Canadian media of the bungled attempt by Ukraine to seize the nuclear power plant. Quelle surprise. We are good little mushrooms and revel living in the dark munching on MSM manure, so other programming was provided as a public service.

    Now, did you notice  that these IAEA blokes somehow had brand new UN SUV chariots sitting ready for them to transport their hides across UKR to the plant? That splendid calvalcade of vehicular ironware with blacked-out side windows was to me, an impressive organizational feat on the part of the IAEA that only I seemed to have noticed. How did such spiffy new SUVs suddenly appear in Ukraine? Plus, there were hordes of reporters accompanying them, as seen in videos. That means there were Western and Ukie scribblers at the plant along with the Russian reporters obviously able to be there in a Russian-controlled zone. Apparently, virtually all “Western” copy and video on receipt at “Live” HQs was filed in Bin 13 along with used MickyD wrappers and empty Starbucks latte cups. Simply didn’t fit the Western narrative, so poof! gone.

    And with four SUV loads of IAEA working inspectors left at the plant out of seven vehicles’ full, as the big boys got the hell out and went home for a spot of R&R after so much excitement,  Zelensky was as you say, beside himself and hopping up and down in rage, claiming the IAEA were manipulated by Russia. The Ze steaming spew was faithfully reported by the joker “left-wing” LIVE! journos at the Grauniad in Londinium, I noticed. 

    What got Ze’s goat was that It would be a bit silly to continue shelling the place with UN IAEA staff on site and then blame the Russians who hold the place. Even Western IAEA dopes could figure out who was shelling if it happened while they were there. Stymied, Zelensky is going batshit crazy. Suits him. I just hope the bunks and the food at the power plant are up to the luxury hotel standards expected by the IAEA inspectors. Not being suicidal, they would be silly to stay in the surrounding town, lest Ze unleash a HIMARS barrage on the local citizenry just because he felt like it.

    And the totally fatuous Western contention that Russia had been shelling itself at the plant all along in some nefarious scheme to accomplish what? exactly, is obviously shattered except in Rupe Murdoch’s lizard mind at the Sun, not to mention those of all the establishment gorfs who run the West for fun and profit. Still, if you were a local resident, I suppose having a few iodine tablets on hand isn’t a bad precauion in case Ze goes completely ballistic out of evil spite and a strong hit of the white stuff.

    Of course, in Kherson the Russians are handing the UKR counter-offensive forces their asses. Although, rumour has it there is a second wave counter-offensive about to begin. More grist for the mill. When will anyone in supposed charge in the West wake up? Likely never. 

    Poland has flipped its lid and is demanding Germany pay war reparations of $1.3 billion. That was rejected, and I’d say the Poles had better watch themselves or no more Russian natural gas routed from Germany — the Germans need all they can get for themselves. Then again, right now NS1 is undergoing “annual maintenance”, and Poland is genetically incapable of paying for their own gas in rubles. It’s hard for me to speak about that out loud at home, as one sister-in-law and one very good friend are Polish-born, thus unwilling to see logic. The Soviet Union made few friends in occupied Eastern Europe, and memories are long.

    As for all the dopes at UKR HQ looking over their shoulders at everyone else in case it turns into a Machetes at Dawn blood-letting because someone might be a traitor, I can but laugh my head off at their situation. MI6 strikes again with supreme competence. Different bunch from Mr Smiley’s, I think.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, if Smiley had been in charge of the operation, I think it would have all gone as planned. The pre-edited footage and interviews with IAEA inspectors condemning Russia and shaking hands with a smiling Zelensky, would have been produced to the world within 5 minutes of the visit! Canadian media would have been swimming in the victory.


    • FatMax says:

      “The Soviet Union made few friends in occupied Eastern Europe”

      This Western reflex to assign all the blame in Polish-Russian relations to the Soviets is really interesting and kinda sad, since it shows that Wessies know next to nothing about history before the Cold War.
      Russians and Poles are mortal enemies from at least 1609, when Polaks intervened during Russia’s “Time Of Troubles” and the conflict practically never stopped.
      Only Eastern European nation that has any right to be pissed off at the Soviets are the Czechs, since EVERY OTHER member of the Warsaw Pact was a bitter Soviet enemy during (some of them also before) WWII. And they were fascist, to boot.
      Some of them (like Romanians and Hungarians) were particularly vile fascists, mind you, none of that wishy-washy Baltic-statelet style.
      If WP membership was a “slavery” for them, most of them had it coming, in spades. Czechs didn’t.


      • yalensis says:

        Amen. Some people say the Romanians were the very worst. I have some ancestors in my family tree (ordinary people, not soldiers) who were slaughtered by Romanians, in the very worst possible way. That happened around the Kishinev area.

        As for the Poles: yep, that feud goes way back to the Time of Troubles. As for Swedes: at least as far back as Poltava. Some people don’t understand how “civilized” Europeans can keep a feud going for centuries, they think that only happens in the Mysterious East.

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  8. peter moritz says:

    “or no more Russian natural gas routed from Germany — the Germans need all they can get for themselves.”

    Here the RT headline to clarify the real situation: “Nord Stream gas supply to EU stopped indefinitely – Gazprom”
    those damn Siemens turbines again…and German tanks are only80 or so% full….and Christmas is coming


    • yalensis says:

      The funniest comment I saw somewhere on the internet: The Germans need to force themselves to be bad this year (I know that’s hard for them), so that Santa will bring them a sack of coal!

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  9. Beluga says:

    It’s sickening this early am to see the latest video on Larry Johnson’s site of dead Ukrainian soldiers killed in the counter-offensive. For the Russian/DPR forces it amounts to shooting fish in a barrel, but those dead were humans, ill-trained, older and sitting ducks. Immoral and dishonourable to the highest degree to send these poor guys out to be snuffed almost at will by their enemy. For this shit show of human waste, I am shorn of tax dollars and have to listen to yapping idiotic politicians of all supposed stripes and deviant journalists with no honour to their “profession” telling me lies on every news broadcast. The entire situation saddens me greatly today.

    But then the attitude of very very rich Western oligarchs has for alnost 30 years been to take over Russia and glom onto its resources for next to nothing. So as to become ever richer and order the peasants around even more by controlling government and calling it democracy. While of course not paying anything in taxes themselves. No, we the serfs pay to run wars if we have taxable income and aren’t living in cars or on the streets. And there’s no “OPT OUT” button. Yes I’m feeling depressed at the depravity of a few who co-opt me against my will in their evil ways. Quit already Zelensky, you unspeakable horror of a sociopath, and save your people.


    • yalensis says:

      It is indeed very depressing. I don’t like to see those videos and photographs of dead soldiers, so I avoid them.
      I don’t think Zelensky can be reasoned with though, he is clearly a madman.


      • I DID see the one at Larry Johnson’s blog. Didn’t get all the way through it because how much time do I want to spend looking at dead soldiers anyway? So sad. THEN, in the comments at Moon of Alabama, people were picking it apart. “Dead” soldiers with no missing or shredded parts, intact uniforms, healthy skin tone on the fleshy bits that were shown. Even the last one, with no apparent head, could have been a mannequin. Went back and looked again, and the four or so bodies WERE nicely laid out amidst the saplings, like someone (from Kvartal?) had said “Sprawl here.” I call bullshit!

        The passports and such at the end are a nice propaganda touch. Who uses U.S. $100 bills, though? Have you ever tried to pass one of those? I usedta keep my U.S. cash stash in Benjamins down here so I wouldn’t have to carry a wad of banknotes when I visited the States. Cash is how I roll; screw paying with plastic. But fark! The pushback I got when I tried to spend them on things. (Liquor stores and the one legal weed shop I went to were the most accepting.) Even in Cambodia, where greenbacks are the preferred currency because the local toilet paper is so worthless, trying to give them a hundy would be like purchasing something with a 1 karat diamond.


        • yalensis says:

          In the U.S. it’s hard sometimes even to pass a $50 bill, let alone a hundred!

          As for the dead bodies, well I reckon everyone on the internet is a trained pathologist, so let them go at it with their visual autopsies, and then try to convince us of their learned opinions. It’s the same whenever a shell hits the wrong place, and then all of a sudden everybody is a trained weapons inspector: “Judging from the angle and the shadows, and the shape of the broken glass from the windows, it is clear the shell came from within the house…”

          There was one thing I saw on Intel Slava with a couple of corpses, they being thuggish as usual, gloating about the Ukrainian dead bodies, “hard to tell whose ass belongs to which head,” or something like that. Gross and disrespectful.


  10. BM says:

    There is another excellent interview with Jacques Baud on The Postil site, I recommend reading it. He did a couple of earlier articles that were widely acclaimed by the rational minority – not so much for saying anything we don’t expect, but a reasoned and rational analysis that is rare for NATO-connected military experts like Baud. It makes a positive contribution to the balance.

    Jacques Baud: Operation Z

    Here is an extract:

    There is strong evidence that the attacks on Energodar are Ukrainian. The fragments of projectiles fired at the site from the other side of the Dnieper are of Western origin. It seems that they come from British BRIMSTONE missiles, which are precision missiles, whose use is monitored by the British. Apparently, the West is aware of the Ukrainian attacks on the ZNPP. This might explain why Ukraine is not very supportive of an international commission of inquiry and why Western countries are putting unrealistic conditions for sending investigators from the IAEA, an agency that has not shown much integrity so far.


    • BM says:

      Another 2 worthwhile extracts:

      “The problem is that the philosophy of the new Maidan leaders was to have a racially pure Ukraine. In other words, the unity of the Ukrainian people was not to be achieved through the integration of communities, but through the exclusion of communities of “inferior races.” An idea that would no doubt have pleased the grandfathers of Ursula von der Leyen and Chrystia Freeland! This explains why Ukrainians have little empathy for the country’s Russian, Magyar and Romanian-speaking minorities. This in turn explains why Hungary and Romania do not want their territories to be used for the supply of arms to Ukraine.”


      “The decisions taken by Western governments reveal a generation of leaders who are young and inexperienced (such as Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin); ignorant, yet thinking they are smart (such as French President Emmanuel Macron); doctrinaire (such as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen); and fanatical (such as the leaders of the Baltic States). They all share some of the same weaknesses, not least of which is their inability to manage a complex crisis.”

      Read the whole interview!


  11. Cato the Uncensored says:

    Coïncidence that the barge is pink? GloboHomo has its talons deep in Ukraine.


  12. Beluga says:

    On three browsers, I cannot get the reply button to work!

    Any way, above Fat Max again disagreed with me on the matter of relations between the Soviet Union and the occupied Eastern European countries. It’s getting annoying that what I say is taken off onto some tangent wherein ancient history is involved, and my exact words are not responded to appropriately.

    “The Soviet Union made few friends in occupied Eastern Europe”

    I said that and I mean it. Nothing in the response addresses that point exactly. I’ve met many Hungarians, Poles and Czechs in my time. Not a one of them rambled off into nonsense about Wessies getting it wrong about the Soviets affect on the puppet countries, followed up by references to old history, which is no doubt true, but so what? Not relevant to what I had to say.

    I repeat, “The Soviet Union made few friends in occupied Eastern Europe” — Irrespective of all this deflecting guff about previous times prior to the end of WW2. If the Soviet Union made friends at all in that benighted part of Europe, who were they? Arm in arm buddies?

    Please stop twisting what I say in some misguided attempt to tell me bollocks about the wonderful Soviet Union, and implying me dumb Westerner what don’t know nuffink. You merely show the rigidity of thought in whatever it is you find objectionable in what I write, and thus misrepresent what I said as something else entirely.

    WRT the video, who cares if the bodies were fake? If those subject four are indeed fake, well, there’s over 2,000 real others they could have shown. Carrying a US $100 bill in Ukraine as a sort of last resort of currency is not the same as proffering the same denomination note at Joe’s Liquor Mart in South side Chicago, or at the local corner store. Honestly, think things through — it’s likely bribe money if and when getting out of a jam by handing over cash to someone to say, metaphorically get out of Dodge fast. Waving pesetas ain’t going to cut the mustard.


    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Beluga, sorry again that your “reply” button doesn’t work in wordpress. We can work around that, as you are doing, by referencing each comment that you are replying to. Is anybody else having that issue?


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