Ukraine War Day #170: Lusya For President?

Dear Readers:

The main hot spot on the Ukraine map is the city of Soledar. All the forces from both sides are concentrating there, and looks to be a corker of a battle. Over this upcoming weekend I plan to do a 2-part (at last) series with some very interesting information about this amazing town. Did you know that there is an entire underground city made up completely of salt caves?

This is Friday, though, so let’s just do something for fun. Actually, before we do that, let’s do something not so fun. I am personally getting really disgusted with the (Russian super-patriotic) Intel-Slava telegram feed referring to Ukrainian soldiers as “khokhols” or even “pigs“. Check out these screenshots, the second one is even worse, where the tweeter takes glee in “burning Ukrainian pigs” with flamethrowers. Comrades, is this really necessary? Or is this supposed to be parody? If so, then it’s not funny.

This telegram channel claims to be “Funded by Putin, Russian ministry of defence, FSB, GRU and SVR” Are all of those supposedly reputable entities cool with such dehumanizing language in relation to other human beings? I hate to sound like a prude, but not all Ukrainian soldiers are Nazis, some of those “pigs” are elderly conscripts who got roped into the war not of their own choice. And even those soldiers who are patriotic Ukrainians, well maybe it is a horrible necessity to kill them in a time of war, but it is never necessary to de-humanize them, and it never necessary to gloat at the destruction of other human beings. Each one of those dead soldiers was loved by somebody: His wife, girlfriend, mother, children, even grandchildren some of them. And these rah-rahs who are gloating at their violent demise claim to be pious Orthodox Christians, sheesh. I can only imagine Jesus going, “Roast those pigs with my holy flamethrower!”

Also, at the risk of sounding too “woke”, have Ukrainians not made it clear over the years (even before this war) that they do not like to be called khokhols? The term is not that derogatory, to be sure, and certainly not as bad as “pigs”, but it’s wrong to call people by a name that they don’t like. My mother taught me that lesson, when I was five years old.

I Want To Be Prez!

Okay, with that off my chest, let’s turn to something more fun. My readers know that my favorite Ukrainian Nationalist (just because he’s so much fun) is Alexei Arestovich. Alexei’s handsome face is all over youtube each and every day; and has become so popular among the Ukrainian public that even the Russian MSM has started to take notice of him.

We come to learn that all the fame has gone to his head, he is even thinking about running for President! Arestovich qualified his statement by saying he would only throw his hat in the ring if Zelensky decided not to ballot for a second term. “Everybody is telling me about my crazy-high ratings,” Alexei boasts about his own popularity, “but my ratings are connected with [my role as Presidential advisor], and I do not separate myself from the President. If he [Zelensky] decides to run for a second term, then of course I will not try to undercut him. Not under any circumstances, that would be technically impossible.”

Alexei trolling himself by wearing his own “Lusya” tee-shirt.

Alexei is being too modest. He is way more popular and idolized than Zelensky. Women mob him when he walking down the street. His drooling youtube fans swear they cannot fall to sleep at night until they have heard his soothing voice assuring them that everything is gonna be okay.

Alas, by making such qualifications as he did above, Arestovich is showing the world that he does not actually possess the political gene. If he truly hungered for power, then he would not play Beta to Zelensky’s Alpha. He would go in for the kill, possibly even organize a palace coup, violently remove Zelensky, whom he actually despises. But I suspect, he just doesn’t have the heart for that. To be the President of a broken nation like the Ukraine, one needs to be an actual killer, and I don’t think Alexei has that in him.

Here is another reason why Alexei will never be President: In an interview with Ukrainian Nationalist Dmitry Gordon, Arestovich divulges the content of his thoughts during the first few hours of the war. Recall that the Russians tried a big huge bluff right at the beginning, pretending like they were going to take Kiev in “shock and awe” type decapitation strike. While Zelensky held firm and didn’t fall for this massive bluff, Arestovich admits that he blinked:

“I didn’t think I was going to survive. I saw what was happening at the Hostomel [Airport, where Russian commandos parachuted in]. I understood then: We were all going to be dead in 12 hours. I thought we were all going to be shot [by the Russians] in the first 12 hours.”

An incredulous Gordon asks him again: “In other words, you thought that Ukraine would be destroyed in the first 12 hours?”

Arestovich: “I thought that all of us in the Presidential Office, were done for, I didn’t doubt that, even for a second. I mean, I thought that Kiev would hold out for a couple of weeks, and that there would be street fights, but that Kiev would be taken. I thought the Resistance might hold out longer in the Western Oblasts.”

One of the commenters to the piece scoffs: “That little idiot Lusya doesn’t understand, the Russian Federation does not fight against the Ukrainian people […], and the goal for sure is not to kill idiots…”

For Lusya to make such an amazing admission, that he thought it would all fall apart in hours: This is why he will never be the President of Ukraine. And just as well for him: Alexei is a talented actor and an influcential psychologist, that’s what he is good at. He is not a politician, and will never be the leader of a nation. He doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done. Not like Zelensky, who has proven himself to be as utterly ruthless as, say, a baby Stalin.

Arestovich also strikes me as a loner. To be good at court intrigues, one must be able to gather other people around, organize conspiracies among the Court Eunuchs and Generals, that sort of thing. Like Brutus and Cassius, for example. Alexei is more like a Marcus Antonius kind of character; if one could imagine Mark Antony delivering his rousing speeches on youtube every night: “Friends, Ukrainians, Countrymen, lend me your ears! We’re winning, we got ’em on the run – yeh!”

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22 Responses to Ukraine War Day #170: Lusya For President?

  1. michaeldroy says:

    ‘This telegram channel claims to be “Funded by Putin, Russian ministry of defence, FSB, GRU and SVR” ‘
    Funded by kids more like. Just a joke about the Russian trolls that people like you or even me get accused of being all the time


  2. Begemot says:

    ‘I can only imagine Jesus going, “Roast those pigs with my holy flamethrower!”’

    After using the Holy Flamethrower, Jesus could finish off the survivors with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. He just needs to remember to count to four.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a great deal of sympathy for the non Nazi Ukrainian conscripts (a lot of whom are old enough to have lived a good part of their lives in the USSR and who have been dragged off to fight their own former compatriots for a cocaine-addicted corrupt criminal “comedian” owned by an imperialist foreign power). Did a story arc on my comic strip about one of them too.


  4. Arkymedes says:

    Hmmm, I follow the Intel Slava Z channel for a long time now and about the derogatory terms used by the channel, there’s a reason for it. It’s a “return provocation” that started from Ukrainian media, calling the Russians “moskhals”, “orcs” and “Mongols”.

    Since way before Maidan even, Ukrainians are relentless in their dehumanisation of Russians that come from the highest positions of their government and a quick look up on Twitter will confirm it.

    In any case, a simple case of “they did it first”.


    • yalensis says:

      That’s true. The Ukrainians did start this name-calling match, with their Moskali, orcs and Mongols. And don’t forget Titushki, katsapi, what am I forgetting…
      Also the standard Ukrainian war map LiveMap.UA depicts Russian battalion placements with little pig faces wearing helmets – LOL!


  5. Sacha says:

    My friends in Noviazovsk call Ukrainians HSB hysterically swearing bitches lol but they do say too that Rusyns from transcarpathia are decent, polite and civilized. I’ve come across some Ukies in my hometown, home of an Ukrainian consulate and to be honest, I never encountered a decent refugee, only wealthy arrogant rude even stupid people who dared to come with their bmw to lecture us about our lack of generosity- but the heck how did their earn a bmw car in Ukraine and how were they allowed as refugees?


    • yalensis says:

      I have read so many stories about the “self-entitled” Ukrainian refugees who “fled” to the West. Seems like Europe got the Karens, and Russia got the worker-bees. A nice trade-off!

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  6. Mrs. Lopsided says:

    There’s lots of stuff underground everywhere. Plus, if you have a few years a lot of holes can be dug. Those in the military biz know what to do when the bad guys are hiding in them. Seal them off, trap them. Wait as long as it takes. That’s the problem with entrenching. Makes your own tomb if the other people are patient. The Russians are patient.


    • yalensis says:

      Even if I were a soldier, you could never get me to crawl into one of those, or hide underground. I’m too claustrophobic, I’d rather just die out in the open.


  7. moon says:

    “I didn’t think I was going to survive. I saw what was happening at the Hostomel [Airport, where Russian commandos parachuted in]. I understood then: We were all going to be dead in 12 hours. I thought we were all going to be shot [by the Russians] in the first 12 hours.”

    Yalensis, not following this closely, but some argue that these soldiers intended to capture, assassinate or whatever regime change Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

    What is the Russian story about the parachuted commandos?.


    • yalensis says:

      I believe the assignment given to the parachuted commandos was to destroy (as much as possible) the Hostomel Airport and the Antonov planes parked there.
      The Russian General Staff does not confide in me as much as they used to, so I am not sure if their plan included assassinating Zelensky. Even if that were so, it is highly unlike that Lusja would be in their target hairs. Podolyak and Yermak – maybe…


    • What are the chances Lusya gets assassinated before he can become emperor of the rump state of whatever remUkrains? I’m with Gonzalo Lira that it’s the U.S. which most likely to organise _elensky’s murder when it becomes useful to get him off the stage. The Russians wouldn’t do it because 1.) they don’t want the reputational damage and 2.) they need a figurehead to negotiate with. But as the Ukrainian snake continues to eat its own tail, will it be momentarily convenient for some faction in the vipers’ nest to off him, as a signal to other thugs? Especially if Lusya DID order the suicidal helicopter excursions to Azovstal as a war publicity stunt. That would have seriously pissed off SOMEONE who was tight with the now-dead missioneers.

      OTOH, if he survives, I think Lusya could have a great future being adopted by the supposedly left-wing Hollywood circle as their pet Noble Ukrainian. He’s a showman Svengali grifter — perfect Tinseltown material. And all the plastic spraytan Botoxfolx there will say “He CAN’T be a Nazi — he was willing to cross-dress in a movie! He’s one of us.”


      • yalensis says:

        Speak of Snake Eating Tail: I just saw this piece this morning, and even I couldn’t believe it.
        Would you believe that Zelensky threatened to punish Vitaly Klichko? The Revolution is truly starting to eat its own.

        Klichko has been a loyal Bandera for, like, forever. He was one of the people mentioned in Victoria’s famous “fuck the EU” phone call back in 2014. Vickie decided that Klichko was not competent to be Prez or Prime Minister, but that he should be put in some lesser office; and so it came to pass, as he was made Mayor of Kiev. Where he has remained utterly loyal to the ultra-Nationalists, while uttering various hilarious mis-sayings, like, “Kiev residents need to prepare for the Earth,” instead of “need to prepare for winter…” (Russian zimle instead of zime, so it sounded like he was telling them they needed to die.)

        In his own defense, Klichko, as a former heavyweight boxer, took many blows to the head and suffered traumatic brain damage, which is why he is so retarded now.
        Still, I imagine that in a cage match he could still beat the shit out of Zelensky, that puffed up little girly-man…


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