Ukraine War Day #160: Russian-African Friendship [continued]

Dear Readers:

Continuing my review of this piece by political analyst Gevorg Mirzayan. Where we left off: We saw that the USSR had done many positive things for the African continent, and that many Africans still remember fondly, having long memories. This factor gives the Russian Federation (the inheritor of the USSR) an extra ace in the deck, which maybe they don’t even deserve. Call it the “Nostalgia” factor. Hey, you use whatever you got, right?

Another factor, which Africans appreciate, is that Russia was never a colonizer on the African continent. Neither Tsarist Russia, nor Soviet Russia, nor Putin’s Russia. In that regard, Russia has a clean conscience and can easily rebut cheap attempts to portray it as a racist country. (Which Westies try to do.) Oh, individual persons can be racist, of course, or not “woke” enough to suit the hoi polloi, but that’s a far cry from being a brutal colonial power like, for example, England, France, Belgium, Germany, the list goes on. I mean, it would be different if those countries were to sincerely repent of that past misdeeds, like confess to genocide and colonialism, but they never do.

We Have Forgiven Our Enemies

We started this piece with a quote from Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, who uttered the following to Sergei Lavrov:

Yoweri Museveni explains why he likes Russia.

“In 1917 a new government came to power in Russia, the Bolsheviks. I don’t know how you regard them, whether you like them or not… but we like them. Because they helped us. They supported our struggle against the colonialist yoke. And this goes to the essence of our relations with Russia. Russia, the Soviet Union, they supported the African anti-colonialist movement. And this is why, when certain actors demand that we take up a position against Russia, we reply to them, that these are people who supported us over the course of the past 100 years. Do you seriously expect us to just come out against them? We have forgiven our ancient enemies, those colonialists who colonized us, those who enslaved our people, who carted off the slaves and committed many crimes. We have forgiven them, and are prepared to move forward alongside them. But can you seriously expect us to come out against those who never brought us any harm but rather, on the contrary, helped us out?”

It is simply not possible to argue against such a simple, such a logical and basically human approach to relationships. The key to human relationships is mutuality, and that’s what we learned back in kindergarten.

Colonizer nations obviously didn’t attend kindergarten, though, because they don’t get it. They don’t understand that other people have feelings too. They expected everybody to take Ukraine’s side, start wearing the little blue and yellow flag pins, virtue signalling like crazy; and it came as a shock to them, that many Africans took an instant disdain to the Ukrainian government. Why? Because Africans view this entire Russia-Ukraine conflict through the prism of their own colonial past. They know how the drill goes: The West inserts a terrorist gang into a neighboring country, this haughty gang of bullies becomes such a threat that one has no choice except to try to remove them militarily. Africans take one look at the Ukrainian Bandera government, and they shake their heads: “We know those guys, we lived that scene…”

Senator Tim Kaine: “i can’t believe those primitive natives aren’t buying my B.S.”

Meanwhile, Westie journalists and politicians are all torn up and go into a frenzy when they see how African leaders are “misinterpreting” the war and taking Russia’s side against the “real victim”, poor downtrodden Ukraine. Even their latest stupid trick, trying to play the “famine” card, didn’t fool the Africans. Westies are so used to gaslighting their own clueless populations, so it must really sting when Africans, whom they thought would be even dumber than their own people, don’t fall for the bait. American Senator Tim Kaine:It pains me to see African leaders accepting disinformation about what’s causing this epidemic of hunger in Africa,” he added, saying it is imperative that U.S. leaders put more effort behind “winning the narrative war.”

In order to win a narrative war, it helps to have a truthful or at least plausible narrative. Kaine, like most Westie leaders, believe that their “narrative” should prevail even when it’s a lie, one just needs to blare it a little bit louder. Problem: People around the world are not drinking the Kool-Aid. Museveni again: “Within the framework of African Liberation, we know who is who, who is doing what, and why; and the role which they want us to play.”

Next: The Russian government changes its rhetoric, Putin and the “Golden Billion”

[to be continued]

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4 Responses to Ukraine War Day #160: Russian-African Friendship [continued]

  1. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    Which do you reckon was worse — the Golden Billion or the Golden Horde? (Discounting for the fact that there’s a lot more of us GBers than there were in the GH. But our food is better than theirs was! We have the Golden Arches, after all.)


    • yalensis says:

      There is no competition – the Golden Horde were pussycats compared to the viciousness of the Golden Billion.
      UNLESS! [In truth, I am not sure exactly what the term refers to, maybe it’s not the billionaire elites, some people on the internet thinks it just means the billion people who are supposed to populate the planet, according to the WEF conspiracy theory; they believe that the planet can ony sustain a billion humans, the rest have to die from their covid vaccines – yikes! I got vaccinated too! I had to do it, in order to keep my job!]

      In any case, under that theory, most of those billion people would be ordinary schmoes working under the supervision of their elite overlords. So, not evil per se, just survivors.


      • peter moritz says:
        “Genesis of the theory

        “Golden billion” was coined as the USSR stood at the cusp of collapse, by a Russian named Anatoly K Tsikunov, in a book titled ‘The Plot of World Government: Russia and the golden billion’, which he wrote in 1990 under the pseudonym A. Kuzmich.

        The book described a doomsday scenario in which powerful Western nations deeply fearful of global overpopulation, ecological change, and the lack of sufficient resources, would seek to extend control over the rest of the world, and ensure that it is habitable to only a billion of their own people.”

        To my thinking, he is only wrong to think that the moneyed elites and their puppets care even about “the people” at all, either west, east, north, or south, they only care about themselves and how they can survive either an economic or environmental catastrophe as the sole owner and operator of the lifeboat.


        • yalensis says:

          Thanks, Peter! I didn’t know the term had been around that long. I think I had just been assuming that this was a covid-era conspiracy theory. Because somehow there would have to be a way for the elites to trim down the planet’s human population from the current 8 billion to just 1 billion!


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