Ukraine War Day #147: The Terrors Of Delayed Liberation

Dear Readers:

Today I have just a couple of quick stories, but both of a sinister content. We’ll start with this one, it involves a very sinister man named Vitaly Kim. Kim currently serves as the Governor of the Nikolaev Oblast, and is a Ukrainian Nationalist of the highest order, despite his Korean ethnic background. (Technically called “Koryo-Sam” for Soviet citizens of Korean origin. Vitaly’s father Alexander was a famous basketball player and coach, in Soviet times).

Vitaly Kim: Has a big mouth and likes to mock the Russian army.

Kim is known for his Banderite militance, and also for his cruelty against those he considers to be “Russian collaborators”. He is a member of Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” Party, and Zel appointed him to the Governor gig in 2020. Once the Russian army takes Nikolaev (and they are getting pretty close now), then Kim will be out of a job. Or rather, he will become one of those “Governors in Exile” in the Ukraine, similar to the Governors of Lisichansk and Crimea. They still receive a paycheck, but their actual job duties are similar to those of a gelding on a stud farm. Sounds like a sweet gig, but this fate will not be acceptable to a man like Kim, who thrives on wielding actual power.

The Nikolaev Gubernia in Imperial Russia

Reporter Anton Antonov relates Governor Kim’s latest announcement to the public: He is going to “shut down” the city, in other words, nobody gets in or out, for the course of several days.

This is so that, as the Russian army creeps ever closer, Kim’s Nazi goons can conduct “raids” against those citizens, dwelling within Nikolaev, “who support the Russians.” In declaring this promised “raid against collaborators” Kim is not necessarily referring to actual Russian spies and agents, who are probably present. Mostly he means ordinary citizens who may be suspected of nourishing bad thoughts within their heads. One needs to keep in mind that the Kiev junta, in essence, regards this whole swathe of territory, from the Donbass along the Black Sea coast, as “occupied”, in the sense that they are the occupiers. They know damn well that at least half the population, probably more, does not support the junta and are just waiting patiently and praying for the Russian army to arrive. Most of the people in these parts despise the Ukrainian junta; and the junta, in turn, despises them back. Hence, the only way the junta can stay in control is via a regime of police terror.

A similar situation is brewing in the city of Slavyansk, according to reporter Dmitry Zubarev. Once again, the Russian army is approaching, and “liberation” is only a matter of time. But that time means terror and death for many people, the longer it is delayed.

Another Bucha?

The Slavyansk situation might turn out even worse than Nikolaev, because it sounds, from the description, that a Bucha-type provocation is being prepared there. Well, this is all according to LPR official Rodion Miroshnik, so we can hope that he proves to be wrong.

Rodion Miroshnik

Miroshnik: “Local citizens [of Slavyansk] report to us that some soldiers have been observed in the city. They are wearing Russian uniforms and decked with St. George ribbons. They are just strolling around the city, making themselves at home, and taking selfies with the local population.”

Problem: There are not actually any Russian or Allied soldiers in Slavyansk (yet). Therefore, Miroshnik advises local people to treat these guys with suspicion and not fraternize with them. They could be trying to suss out Russian sympathizers, who would then become the victims of a new Bucha-type massacre. “In the areas closest to the front lines, functionaries of the Ukrainian regime have already announced a safari to hunt down collaborators and those sympathetic to the Allied forces. This might be one of their tricks.” One should also note, in this regard, that the most “Russia-sympathetic” cities such as Odessa and Kharkov, are the very places where the Ukrainian army deploys what is left of their most fanatical Nazi battalions, for example Azov (what’s left of it), and the Right Sektor battalions. Those guys are noted for their sadism, they regard the civilians of these areas as hostiles, at best, and subhumans, at worse. Therefore, anybody who is unfortunate enough to live in these cities, may be subject to a few days or nights of terror, in the immediate future.

One cannot envy the citizens of these towns, who are faced with agonizing no-win choices. For example, the citizens of Seversk, which is next target on the Russian chopping block, were told, by their Ukrainian overlords, to evacuate into refugee centers in Western Ukraine. This is was a kind of loyalty test. Many locals refused, because (a) they didn’t want to leave their homes for Western towns where they know the Ukrainian-speaking locals hate them; and (b) they believed the Russian army would enter their city at any moment anyhow. So many stayed. The Russians were supposed to take Seversk a week ago! But then they got stuck on the outskirts, encountering unexpected Ukrainian resistance. Oh, the Russians will take Seversk, that much is certain. But every day they delay, is a day of uncertainty and fear for those stuck inside the city.

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14 Responses to Ukraine War Day #147: The Terrors Of Delayed Liberation

  1. michaeldroy says:

    A very nice description of the difficulties of living in Ukraine – thanks.
    No wonder a third of the pop has left since 2014


    • yalensis says:

      The tragedy is that it never needed to become such a hellhole. Received such a beautiful dowry from the Soviet Union, and had everything it needed: Hard-working people, land, industry, fertile soil, beautiful cities, rivers, bridges, factories… Somewhere in there, is a Biblical parable.

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      • peter moritz says:

        Look at Western Europe. Still falling over each other to serve their master’s command, they sacrifice their industry and the well-being of their own citizens.

        As I pointed out in a different post: they should get what they asked for in spades (and I live where I would feel the consequences) because of their complete stupidity.

        As I see it, Ukraine, different from the RF, never managed to control its oligarchs, which to some extent Mr. Putin was able to do. And he was to some extent also able to curb the most egregious corruption and renationalize some industries. That did not happen in Ukraine, where corruption and the oligarchs had free reign ever since the dissolution of the USSR.
        This led of course to a decline in infrastructure, and wages, following the neo-liberal mantra of privatization of all services by and assets of the state. It thusly was easy to overthrow with the help politically and financially of the USA, which still had in its playbook the diminishment of Russia, a government that did not want to follow the route to a much more expensive sole connection with Europe and cut ties with its former major trading partner.
        The consequences were disastrous for the population, not however to the oligarchs. No funds to keep up infrastructure, pensions declined, wages went down…misery abounded, but obviously not for the military.
        Whoever gets caught in the net of US imperialism will suffer. It is, however, the elites of every country that willingly fly into that net that will benefit, by decreasing the well-being of the majority of the populace, often with the help of US-led institutions like NATO, the IMF, or the world bank.
        Now the non-NATO affiliated world can grab the chance, seeing the emperor naked, not a pretty picture at all, to construct a world – I have no illusions that socialism will be considered as a possibility to organize production and representation – and reverse the worst of the neoliberal ideology.
        Governments that hopefully will act with the backing of their population, even if not formally considered “democracies” as to the much-hyped but never followed, even by its own governments, US standards, and will guide the economies for the benefit of the majority, and keep its oligarchs under control, instead the reverse.


        • yalensis says:

          In my youth I read some books by Trotsky, in one of which he formulated the phrase “Socialism or barbarism.” As the answer to the question “Whither mankind?”
          (I later learned that he didn’t actually invent that phrase, he might have borrowed it from Rosa Luxemburg.)
          In any case, that mantra stuck with me, and everything I have ever learned or read since then, only reinforces that basic idea. If people don’t figure out how to distribute wealth and power equitably, then we are doomed to perish in nuclear war, in my humble opinion.


  2. Liborio Guaso says:

    In Ukraine, many have shown the germ of evil since the times of the Nazi occupation, it is a form of racism that makes them believe that they have a white soul. And there is no cure for that.


  3. S Brennan says:

    If true..and there is little reason to believe otherwise, given the elites of DC/London/3LA’s demonstrated affection for sadistic quisling incompetents, we are in store for another grisly propaganda campaign. A campaign where the homicidal actions of DC/London’s/3LA gang are to be blamed on those that they choose to war against.

    The elite, the denizens of DC’s 3LAs are a sick and twisted lot, every bit as depraved as those perfumed princes of Versailles, they are equally incompetent but, given that they have bestowed upon themselves the wealth of past/present/future generations of good US citizens, very deadly in their debaucherous cruelty.


  4. That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

    Did you notice that? “taking selfies with the local population. Problem: There are not actually any Russian or Allied soldiers in Slavyansk” Therefore whoever is doing this is committing a war crime and can be shot for wearing the enemy’s uniform, but more importantly, the B@$&#%DS doing this now have PICTURES of the people they intend to MURDER. (I just learned today that it’s illegal in Russia to use ‘offensive’ words in reference to specific people, and even though I’m not in Russia and think that’s a bad law, I don’t want to get this blog in trouble.) I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who could warn these people, but someone should tell them ALL that if some ‘Russian’ soldier took a picture of them when there were no Russians in the city, and they can’t get out of the city, they should at least upload to public media their own picture and a message that if they get killed in the next few days, the Ukrainians did it. I don’t know what other chance they have, when the murderers are going to be looking for the people in the pictures.


    • yalensis says:

      For sure, there is an actual word for wearing the enemy’s uniform as a cunning trick, it’s called perfidy, from what I understand it is against international rules of war. But a lot of people still do it, I read that the Germans were famous for doing this during WWII.

      As for my blog, you can write whatever you want, I don’t have to follow Russian laws. For example, if I had to follow Russian laws, then I would have to put an asterisk every time I mentioned something like Ukrainian Insurgent Army (*), with a footnote that it is considered an illegal formation. And same for lots of other organizations, like ISIS, for example. I would also have to muzzle myself every time I wanted to mention gay people.

      Theoretically I don’t like profanity, but I’m a hypocrite, because I use it myself, sometimes!

      And yes, you are absolutely correct that those people who welcomed the fake Russian troops, are in serious trouble. I’m talking Bucha-type trouble. I hope they realize that, and go to hide someplace.


      • moon says:

        I read that the Germans were famous for doing this during WWII.
        What specifically you have in mind here. Skorzeny and Operation Greif, the Battle of Bulge? The rumors around paratroopers in France? At his trial in Dachau, Skorzeny claimed his soldiers wore Nazi uniforms beneath and before shooting they were advised to take their American uniforms off.

        But this is not comparable. Comparable to the early Ukrainian reports that Russians wore Ukrainian uniforms? A ruse of war? Russian armed forces headed by seemingly Ukrainian armed forces?

        I wonder if special operation forces wear uniforms, or prefer to disguise as civilians. Never thought about that before. Civilian spies might be a lot more helpful in such a scenario. Maybe that’s why I wonder a bit about the target audience of this story. But, as always, I may be wrong.

        Just War, one alleged, one real but failed, one successful assassination attempt.
        Only Skorzeny’s soldiers wore enemy uniforms. Concerning German paratroopers in France, there were all kinds of rumors, e.g. disguised as nuns. The British services seem to have used Arab habit to find out Rommel’s whereabouts.

        But yes, this would be a very, very sinister routine. We had reports about Ukrainian-Russian exchanges of soldiers killed in action yesterday. Are they returned without their uniforms?


        • yalensis says:

          I read about some of those cases when I was googling the word for “perfidy”. At first I couldn’t think of the word, it was on the tip of my tongue but not quite there. So I started googling, in English, “what word do you use when…” and so on, and after a couple of minutes I got the hit on perfidy. And they listed several examples of Nazis doing that during WWII. Including the paratroopers thing.


    • That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

      My only surprise is that it took this long. Here comes the murder.


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