Ukraine War Day #135: Zelensky Terrorist Mastermind?

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece yesterday, the reporter is Alexei Degtyarev. Recently Russian military authorities averted a whole series of terrorist acts which were planned to take place in Kherson. Captured terrorists told the interrogators that their handlers worked out of an HQ set up in the city of Brovary, in the Kiev Oblast. The map below shows the location of Brovary, just to the Northwest of Kiev.

According to the detained, the members of these Special Operations forces reported directly to President Zelensky himself. They confessed that they had been dispatched to Kherson in order to assassinate Kherson leader Vladimir Saldo and also his second-in-command, Kirill Stremousov.

Here are some soundbites from their published confessions:

“I, Vitaly Rostetsky, am a cadre associate of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukraine. I go by the call-sign of Mathematician. I am the Commander of a reconnaissance-diversionary group. We lived in Kherson, posing as local residents. Our group consisted of two other associates, and we also recruited three people from among the locals.”

If you want to see the video of the capture and some on-the-spot interrogation, then click on this link from RIA, the vid is the very first segment. It shows an armored vehicle pulling up in front of a building, then guys with guns sneak around, surrounding the building. Then we see them inside the house, in full commando gear, doing their SWAT-team type thing; and then searching the basement, where they find a cache of weapons and bombs and lots of other goodies. Next we see a chubby guy standing in the driveway, wearing a sleeveless shirt and bermuda shorts. His hands have been zip-tied together. Not sure if this is the criminal mastermind Rostetsky, or one of his associates. With soldiers pointing guns at him, he sheepishly describes all the loot that they brought out of his basement, and confesses to being a sleeper-agent terrorist. Next we see the Russian commandos carefully cutting up juice boxes, where the terrorist guys have stored some stuff, looks like explosives hidden inside the juice boxes.

Don’t click on this, it’s just a static captured image, not a video.

Rostetsky goes on to say, in his confession, that he and several other comrades went through NATO prep-school in 2015: “They taught us how to kill. From 2016 – 2020 we were in the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbass), where we honed the skills that we had learned.”

But the peak interest here, and the main headline, is that his group came under the personal management of Zelensky himself: “My handler told me that our work, all of our activity, is under the direct control of Kiev. The results of our work are reported directly to Zelensky. I asked him, what are you saying? Are you saying that, Zelensky himself gives us the order to exterminate peaceful civilians? And I never got a clear answer from him.”

[Well, readers can choose for themselves how much pinch of salt to take with this kind of confession. One suspects that Russian government is setting up a criminal case against Zelensky!]

Another captured terrorist, Ilya Chernozub, confessed that he had received the order to prepare a weapons cache: “In the middle of April my colleague, Vitaly Rostetsky, admitted to me that he is a secret agent of the Kiev Special Forces, and that he has special authorities. In June he gave me the order, for me and my colleague Sergei Alexeenko, to secure this cache of weapons and mines in my personal garage, and then to wait for his instructions.”

One of their assignments was to await the opportunity to assassinate Saldo and Stremousov.

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7 Responses to Ukraine War Day #135: Zelensky Terrorist Mastermind?

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    It’s all part of the dirty work and a good part of Western money must be invested in that. And the fact that they “sing” as if they were in the Eurovision contest is normal for these rats.

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  2. BM says:

    Wow! that’s quite a scoop you’ve got there Yelensis!

    Yes, certainly President Putin will be looking to get Ms Ellen Sky in the docks. Of course, there is always the possibility that it is fabricated by the terrorists in an effort to get lighter sentences by pointing the finger at more juicy targets – not saying I believe that to be the case but just within the realm of possibility.

    In any case, the accusation against Ellen Sky is eminently plausible, and at a stroke seriously undermines western narratives.


    • BM says:

      I don’t speak Russian, but my guess is that the blue sleeveless shirt man is likely Chernozub rather than Rostetsky. That way his matter of fact recognition of the stash found in his house is not so much more than recognition of the obvious, and the crime admitted to in so doing less serious (presumably) than those of Rostetsky himself – I am assuming Rostetsky himself might not open up quite so easily.


      • yalensis says:

        BM, I think you are right, that sleeveless guy must be Chernozub. (Funny fact: “cherno-zub” in Russian means “black-tooth” !)
        It fits, because they were saying that Rostetsky and his sidekick had recruited 3 locals, and that one of them (Chernozub) was asked to stash a bunch of weapons and spy stuff in
        his garage. So, that must be his house, and his garage that they raided!
        I am guessing the Russian Spetznaz nicked Chernozub first, and then he gave up Rostetsky. If they were behaving like a proper covert cell, then he wouldn’t know anybody other than Rostetsky. Then Spetznaz would have nabbed Rostetsky, who would start singing like a canary, that’s when he would have started spinning the tale of how Zelensky ordered him to murder civilians. This could turn into a juicy criminal case, heh heh!

        Of course, they will probably never catch Zelensky, his handlers will whisk him out of Kiev long before the Russians arrive to arrest him.


  3. Beluga says:

    And in other news, Scholtz the Bratwurst is begging Canada to return that Gazprom natural gas pumping turbine being overhauled in Montreal by Siemens. Its absence on Nordstream 1 has cut gas flow by up to 40% to the EU market all by itself, we are told. But, Herr Frau Ellen Sky is telling Canada not to ship it back! Germany wants Gazprom to get it back so that Russia can supply more gas for Germany to fill up its natural gas storage caverns for winter. Get it back by this coming Friday, bitte!

    So the vast brains trust in Ottawa is caught on the horns of a dilemma of its own making. Deputy Dawg Freeland’s favourite boy scout Volodomir asking her to obey sanctions, and Olaf scared down to his boots for the economic and social health of his country. What will happen? Who will prevail? Stay tuned. Satisfy one nitwit and the other will have a tantrum.

    Knowing the independent strategic depth Ottawa has displayed for the last thirty-odd years, which closely parallels zero, no doubt some State junior seat-warmer at Foggy Bottom in DC is being roused from his sleep (on a damn weekend, no less! just when an IHOP all-you-can-eat-pancake breakfast slathered with their patented blueberry high fructose corn syrup sauce with artificial-cream dollops and a heaping side of American style tasteless sausages and draughts of bad coffee was on the cards, burp) to give Ottawa the sagest possible US “advice”. Which fiefdom shall MIC/State favor?

    The answer will tell us all what the US’s primary goal is: either to turn Europe back to third world status, or to prop up Ukraine in its glorious patriotic fight to be the world’s dumbest country, where any semblance of reality disappeared years ago and baksheesh reigns supreme.

    Meanwhile, plucky nonentity opinionated reporters here have lately been stepping up the really gratuitous potshots at Russia, the supposed war crimes, the uncaring way Russia is accepting tens of thousands of unreported war dead and making Russian mommas cry in unprecedented numbers, their sons wiped out by sneaker-wearing Ukie grandads waving pitchforks at the Slavic hordes. Honestly, the unreality is beyond belief, the press apparently unable or unwilling to google the decline of upper class Ukraine these past 20 years into a bunch of corrupt oligarchs and gangsters. Brainwashed Uncle Sam cheerers is what we are, and with a pro-Banderite deputy shoo us all into mindless corners.

    Nary a mention is made of LPR and DPR and Chechen forces doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the Donbass, oh no. It’s ill-equipped hordes of mindless evil fangs-a-dripping unemployed, under-trained, lowest possible class dregs of Russian society being desperately dragooned from all corners of the vast country to commit suicide on the sharp Ukie sword while killing children! Yessir! And soon, in the next few weeks, Ukraine will repel these Slav untermenschen and march on Moscow to sort Putin out once and for all! Literally, that is the level of utter bullshit we get fed in a supposedly free country and that we MUST believe, or else. Chrystia will have it no other way, and unfortunately, I’d have to say, the population is buying the con wholeheartedly, even in the most conservative right wing corners of the land where convoy truckers glug beer and demand freedumb and learn the swastika tattoo trade, Ukie folk dancers wow the crowd at The Calgary Stampede, and no brains whatsover are exhibited anywhere.

    Gronk squared.

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    • yalensis says:

      I don’t know what to say, Beluga, that was a mighty powerful rant. Sort of like a cross between James Joyce and Allen Ginsberg.

      HOWL for Olaf the Liver Sausage: “I saw the stupidest minds of my generation sink into even greater madness…” etc etc.


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